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Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 4 – The Floating Slate

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu tried to spread his New Cosmos' Spatial Energy. However, what shocked Qin Yu was that when he spread the New Cosmos' Spatial Energy to the location where the cyan light originated from, the Spatial Energy was unable to approach it.


It was the first time Qin Yu discovered something that was actually capable of blocking the spread of his New Cosmos' Spatial Energy.

"Appeared? Uncle Lan, what appeared?" Qin Yu could only ask Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan looked to Qin Yu and smiled. "Qin Yu, were you trying to find the source of that cyan light with your Divine Awareness only to find that your Divine Awareness was unable to approach it?"

Hearing these words, Qin Yu came to understand quite a bit

The place where that cyan light originated from seemed to be able to isolate energies. It did not allow other energies to approach it at all, regardless of whether it were the Spatial Energy or one's Soul's Energy.

"That is a floating slate. It could also be described as the… 'Rules Slate'. Written on the slate are many rules. Those rules are all the ones that we must abide by in the Exalted Celestial Mountain. Only by abiding by the rules might one be able to obtain the opportunity to become an Exalted Celestial." Jiang Lan said with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"Little Yu, come, let's go and check it out. I am truly curious as to how the rules will be different compared to the rules last time." Jiang Lan said with a light smile.

Qin Yu held Li'er's hand. The two of them followed Jiang Lan and began to fly toward the peak of the mountain.

At the peak of the Exalted Celestial Mountain was a hundred meter radius platform. At this moment, more than thirty Godking were all gathered in this small region. Practically all of the Godkings had their heads raised as they looked at the floating slate above the platform.

"A floating slate."

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Jiang Lan had also flown to the platform. Qin Yu's gaze was fixed upon that floating slate. It was completely black in color. There were words written on the surface of the slate. Each of the letters was carved three inches into the slate.

Furthermore, they were all radiating a faint golden light

The material of this slate was very special. Regardless of what sort of energy it was, they were all unable to touch it. Everyone present could only read what was written on it with their eyes.

"1. The Relief Sculpture Tunnel is the only entrance and exit to the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

Damaging any of the relief sculpture within the Relief Sculpture Tunnel is a capital offense.The method of becoming an Exalted Celestial is… either obtain an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure or comprehending the Temporal Laws. This Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure ought to be the new Exalted Celestial's weapon.The Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure is located in the center of the Exalted Celestial Mountain's Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron.The Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron cannot be destroyed. Every ten years or so, a portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure would fly out of the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron. A single Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure is separated into three portions. From beginning to the end, it would take about thirty years.Each of the three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure possesses a portion of the Temporal Laws. If a genius Godking is somehow capable of comprehending the Temporal Laws through only a single portion or two portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, then that person shall become the New Exalted Celestial. At the same time, the other portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure would automatically fly into that person's hands.If one is unable to completely comprehend the Temporal Laws through the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure's portions, then… whoever ends up obtaining all three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure would become the New Exalted Celestial."

Seven rules.

These seven rules had caused Qin Yu's heart to jump.

"These seven rules, they're truly…" Qin Yu was able to guess the purpose of the person who made these rules. "Battle, fight to the death, furthermore, he even purposely split a completed Exalted Celestial Spiritual Treasure into three portions in order to make the battle even more intense." Qin Yu gasped in his heart.

The rules were clear.

If one wished to become an Exalted Celestial, then one would need to obtain all three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.

If one were able to completely comprehend the Temporal Laws through only a single portion or two, then that person would also be the new Exalted Celestial. However, completely comprehending the Temporal Laws was extremely difficult.

From Qin Yu's point of view… it was likely that only the first method would allow one the success of becoming an Exalted Celestial.

That was, by obtaining all three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.

There was a possibility of success through this method. Merely, one could imagine how intense and bitter the battle would be. To obtain a single portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure would already cause others to lust after it. To obtain all three portions… one would be fighting against all of the Godkings in the Divine Realm.

"Brother Yu, these rules, they're truly…" Jiang Li also shook her head.

Jiang Lan smiled and said. "Li'er, there's no need to gasp. The birth of a new Exalted Celestial will bring with it the deaths of many Godkings. This is something that's extremely normal. There are currently a lot of Godkings here. However, who knows whether half of them will still be alive by the time the new Exalted Celestial emerges."

Jiang Lan's voice was not loud. However, practically all of the other Godkings in the surrounding hundred meter range had heard him.

"Half of the Godkings surviving? It would already be pretty good if half of the Godkings managed to survive. Life and death will be dependent upon each person's own ambition. If one's ambition is too great, then one's life might end." An aged voice sounded from beside them. A black haired black bearded old man was speaking. "Jiang Lan, do you still remember the Nine Secluded Godking who possessed strength comparable to the Asura Godking? Back then, the Nine Secluded Godking blocked the entrance of the Floating Void Tunnel and was able to hold up against ten thousand enemies by himself. Oh how grandeur that was. However, in the end, didn't he also end up being killed by the joint attack of other Godkings?"

"Nine Secluded Godking…" Jiang Lan seemed to have also recalled what happened back then. He nodded his head.

The Godkings that survived from the last Exalted Celestial Mountain had begun to chat. As for the other Godkings, they were carefully listening to what was being said in hopes of gaining experience.

"Blocked the entrance of the Floating Void Tunnel?" When Qin Yu heard about what the black haired old man said, he had an idea in his heart.

The surroundings of this Exalted Celestial Mountain were covered by a red membrane. This red membrane was called the Godking's Cage by the Asura Godking and them. From this, one could conclude that it would be impossible to break through this red membrane.

Furthermore, Qin Yu was able to sense the dangerous aura that was being emitted by the red membrane.

"The most important matter is that among the seven rules written on the floating slate, there was one that stated that entering and exiting the Exalted Celestial Mountain can only be done through the Relief Sculpture Tunnel."

Qin Yu understood in his heart that although those seven rules were called rules, they were actually seven pieces of information.

Those were seven pieces of information that told everyone how to become an Exalted Celestial and gave those Godkings that had not experienced the previous Exalted Celestial Mountain to have an idea.

"Of the seven pieces of information, the second one is extremely peculiar." When thinking of that second piece of information, Qin Yu was surprised.

'Damaging any of the relief sculpture within the Relief Sculpture Tunnel is a capital offense.' Toward this piece of information, Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Although the final relief sculpture had stunned Qin Yu's heart.

However, the number of relief sculptures within the Relief Sculpture Tunnel was truly too great. Especially the relief sculptures at the beginning. In terms of the artistic talent, it was likely that any Deity would be able to create much better relief sculptures. Such 'crappy' relief sculptures, yet if the Godkings were to damage a single one of them, they would be committing capital offense. The lives of Godkings were truly of little value before the person who had written those rules.

While chatting, the Godkings began to consciously group up in groups of two or three, and formed many small groups. On the eve of the battle to contest the three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, all of the Godkings were able to anticipate how bitter of a battle it would be. For the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, it was likely that the majority of the Godkings would all coldly slaughter the others.



Before the opportunity to become an Exalted Celestial, they were all jokes. No one would care about their faces. Everyone was putting their lives on the line. They all knew that only a single person would be able to become an Exalted Celestial but, for that single opportunity to become the person, they were all willing to risk their lives.


Suddenly, the entire Exalted Celestial Mountain began to violently tremble. The Godkings at the summit of the Exalted Celestial Mountain had all flown to the sky. The Exalted Celestial Mountain began to tremble even more intensely.

A crack appeared on the summit of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

In a flash, the crack turned into a wide gap. The wide gap that appeared at the summit of the Exalted Celestial Mountain actually started to cause the Exalted Celestial Mountain to split from the top to the bottom. It continued to split apart. When the split finally reached a length of several hundred thousand miles, the Exalted Celestial Mountain finally stopped trembling.

Tranquility was resumed.

However, the appearance of the Exalted Celestial Mountain had been greatly changed. The single summit had now turned into two peaks. At a single glance, it seemed that there were two mountains. Merely, the two mountains were separated at the top but at the bottom they were still connected. As for that floating slate, it was currently floating between the two mountain peaks.

In the depths of the ravine between the two mountain peaks was a faint movement.

"Hff!" "Hff!" "Hff!" …

One by one, Godkings appeared within this ravine. All of the Godkings had discovered the peculiarity of this location…

The surface of the ravine that was faintly shaking began to cave in. Soon, an enormous cauldron slowly appeared. This cauldron was extremely simple and unadorned. On each of the four sides of this cauldron was a different encarved totem. Those totems were all exotic spiritual beasts that Qin Yu had never seen before.

"It's the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron!" The Asura Godking said with a light smile on his face.

During the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain last time around, the Asura Godking and them had already seen the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron before. Thus, they were able to easily recognize it. As for the various other Godkings who had never seen the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron before, after hearing what the Asura Godking said, they began to turn their gazes towards the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron.

The Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure was separated into three. As for those three portions, they were all going to be flying out from this Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron in succession!

"This Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron." Qin Yu tried to use his New Cosmos' Spatial Energy to approach the Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron. However, this Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron possessed a similar energy to the Floating Slab. It caused Qin Yu's Spatial Energy to be unable to touch it at all.

Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron, an Origin Cauldron that could produce an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.

Seeing this cauldron, Qin Yu gasped with admiration in his heart.

"This sort of crafting ability is no longer at the same level as the primitive crafting method that I use." Qin Yu gasped in his heart. Without being able to carefully research this Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron, Qin Yu was unable to comprehend why this Spiritual Treasure Origin Cauldron was capable of creating Spiritual Treasures and Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure on top of that.

"A portion will fly out every ten years. Furthermore, it's separated into three different portions." Jiang Li was shaking her head.

"Li'er, to be exact, a portion will fly out in around ten years time and not exactly ten years." Jiang Lan said. "It is precisely because of the fact that it's around ten years and not exactly ten years, that all of the Godkings won't dare to be distracted in the slightest. Otherwise, they would end up regretting if the portion of Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure were to fly out and be snatched by someone else."

"Although the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure is separated into three, once one obtains a single portion and becomes its master through dripping blood on it, the might displayed by each portion is comparable to that of a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Furthermore, each portion contains a portion of the Temporal Laws."

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

The attractiveness of any single portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure was extremely great to the Godkings.

"Brother Yu, let’s return." Jiang Li suddenly said to Qin Yu.

Seeing Jiang Li's expression, Qin Yu smiled and said. "We've only been here for a short moment, why are you in a rush to leave?"

Jiang Li shook her head and said. "I merely feel that the surrounding atmosphere has turned heavy. Many of the Godkings are on guard against the others so that they would not be sneak attacked." Jiang Li was frowning.

Qin Yu smiled.

That was indeed the case. Although all of those Godkings were now on guard, none of them dared to create troubles for Qin Yu.


Qin Yu suddenly glanced at Jiang Fan in the distant. Ever since the arrival of Qin Yu, that Jiang Fan had been in the corner with Zhou Huo. He did not bother to approach Qin Yu at all, nor had he tried to greet him.

"Li'er, let's return." Qin Yu nodded and said.

"Uncle Lan." Qin Yu turned around and looked at Jiang Lan. "Li'er and I have already discussed this. After we finished establishing the Fog City, we planned to prepare for the birth of our child. Through the use of time acceleration… our child will definitely be born within a year. Uncle Lan, how about you all return to the Fog City first. It wouldn't be too late for you all to return to contest for this portion of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure after the birth of our child."

"Li'er's ready to give birth?" Jiang Lan's eyes immediately started shining. "Although it's said to be around ten years, it's generally only seven or eight years. At that time, I reckon your child would be able to climb mountains and swim in the sea."

In Jiang Lan's eyes, the child between Qin Yu and Jiang Li was more important than the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure."

"I'll also return." Yi Feng said.

When Zuo Qiumei died, her two drops of Soul Tears of Life had selected Qin Yu and Jiang Li. Now that their child was about to be born, how could Yi Feng possibly not be present?

Soon after, Qin Yu, Jiang Li, Jiang Lan, Yi Feng and even the silent Zuo Qiulin all set off to return. The five of them left the Exalted Celestial Mountain and returned to the Fog City.

In that ravine within the Exalted Celestial Mountain, Jiang Fan took a glance at Qin Yu and them. He still had an indifferent expression on his face.

The rapid emergence of Qin Yu, furthermore, Qin Yu had displayed strength more astonishing than the last, every single time. It goes without saying that Jiang Fan was shocked deeply. In the hearts of many Godkings, Jiang Fan had become a laughing stock.

Merely, toward this, Jiang Fan had been keeping his silence the entire time.

"Exalted Celestial! Of the three portions of the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, one of them is definitely going to be mine. I am definitely going to become an Exalted Celestial this time around." Jiang Fan possessed a boundless longing for the status of Exalted Celestial.

And his greatest trump card was the fact that the Thunder Punishment Exalted Celestial would help him.

After seeing Qin Yu and them leave, Jiang Fan closed his eyes. He began to sit cross-legged at the corner of the ravine. Time continued to flow like this…

Volume 18 – Exalted Celestial Mountain - Chapter 5 – The Girl, 'Zi Xia'

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations(sorry)

The Fog City was enveloped by dense fog all year round. Within the floating mansion above the Fog City, the Purple Mystic Mansion, Qin Yu and the other four Godkings had all returned.

Purple Mystic Mansion, Inner Lake.

That inner lake with a circumference of a hundred miles was covered with boundless water. Following the light breeze, the surface of the water slightly moved up and down. There was a small boat on this inner lake that was slowly drifting. On the small boat was Qin Yu and Jiang Li. Just like that, they were sitting on the small boat and allowing it to drift.

Furthermore, in the area where this small drifting boat was located in, the time flow was a hundred thousand times faster than ordinary regions! With Qin Yu's current strength, it was extremely easy for him to use Time Acceleration in the Divine Realm.

"Brother Yu, to accelerate time by a hundred thousand times, doesn't that mean that Uncle Lan and them would only have to wait several months for the child to be born?" Jiang Li was lying on Qin Yu's chest as she said that in a low voice.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "That's right, what we need to do now is to enjoy these leisure years." As he said that, Qin Yu began to gently caress Li'er's beautiful hair with his right hand. As for his left hand, he placed it on Li'er's stomach.

"Mn." Jiang Li lightly nodded. Her face was blushing from happiness.

"Oh, that's right, Brother Yu, what should we name the child as?" Jiang Li suddenly asked.

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

The name?

At this moment, Qin Yu began to recall the time when he went to search for the Mirage Spirit Mirror and what he had saw from the Mirage Spirit Mirror. At that time, he had once experienced the life of being married to Li'er and having children together.

"Qin Si, regardless of whether the child is a boy or a girl, the name would still be Qin Si. What do you think?" Qin Yu voiced the name that he had decided in the Mirage Spirit Mirror.

[TL: Qin Si → Qin , Thinking, recalling…]

"Qin Si, Si, Si…"

Jiang Li mumbled softly. She understood why Qin Yu decided upon this name. She then raised her head and looked to Qin Yu. Her gaze was so determined and soft that it caused Qin Yu to grow completely soft. He too fixed his gaze upon Jiang Li.

Looking at each other, it was like they were passing through time.

When they first met in the Mortal Realm, Qin Yu had fainted and Jiang Li had saved his life.

When they last saw each other in the Mortal Realm, that time, under the power of Zhou Xian, their separation was that helpless and sad.

The various scenes the two of them had experienced began to appear before their eyes.

QIn Yu slightly lowered his hand and kissed Jiang Li on the lips. The two of them both closed their eyes and began to enjoy the happiness and resonance that came from the soul.

"Brother Yu, Fei Fei had not returned after all these years. Where did he go? Do you know?" Jiang Li suddenly asked. She was worried about Hou Fei.

With an intention from Qin Yu, he immediately spread out his New Cosmos's Spatial Energy and covered the entire Divine Realm.


Qin Yu had a smile on his face.

"What's wrong?" Jiang Li promptly asked. From Qin Yu's expression, she knew right away that something interesting must've happened.

Qin Yu looked to Jiang Li and said with a smile. "Fei Fei, it seemed that he had fallen for a girl. He's following behind that girl."

"Are you for real?"

Jiang Li opened her eyes wide with shock. "Fei Fei, that piece of rock who only knows about violence is chasing after a girl?"

"You don't believe it? However, other than that reason, why else would he not come back for so long? He possessed that much curiosity, but when the Exalted Celestial Mountain descended, he did not even bother to check it out. From this, I can reckon that Fei Fei must've truly fallen for her." Qin Yu said with a smile.

"Where is that girl from?" Jiang Li promptly asked.

"I'm not sure where she's from. Merely, that girl is currently strolling around the Yuchi City." Qin Yu said with a smile. "Yuchi City, it seemed that this Yuchi City is pretty related to me."

The descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain had practically shocked all of the Godkings in the Divine Realm. However, the Deities, those largest population of people in the Divine Realm, were still living the ordinary lives. The Exalted Celestial Mountain does not possess any connection with these Deities. It was so much that these Deities did not know at all that the red clouds covering the sky and golden light illuminating the entire Divine Realm was caused by the descend of the Exalted Celestial Mountain.

For the Deities, if someone they know was to become a Heavenly Deity, that would've already been an extraordinary major event.

In these past couple days, Xing Yuan of the Yuchi City was extremely giddily. That was because he had became a Heavenly Deity a couple days ago. After becoming a Heavenly Deity, Xing Yuan's livelihood had immediately changed.

His residence that used to be cold and cheerless had now become extremely lively with the frequent visits from others.

The gazes the surrounding people looked to him with had also turned polite and modest.

However, Xing Yuan had also become somewhat vexed now.

"Brother Xing Yuan, as long as you officially become a member of the Yuchi City's army, then, with your current strength as a Heavenly Deity, you would immediately become a high level personnel among the army. Furthermore, I presume that you have also heard about how well the Yuchi City's Governor treated the toward the troops underneath him…" At this moment, there was a youth across from Xing Yuan who was trying to persuade him with a smile on his face.

Xing Yuan remained silent. He had an appearance of someone pondering deeply. However, in his heart, he was vexed.

To remain in the Yuchi City?

Xing Yuan knew very well that if he were to continue to stay in the tiny Yuchi City, then the treatment he would receive would definitely not be bad. However, what he could achieve…

Seated beside Xing Yuan was his wife Zi Yun.

"Brother Wang, I could carefully consider the proposal from the Yuchi City's Governor. Today, I still have some matters that I must go out and take care of with Zi Yun. Let's talk about this in a couple days later." Xing Yuan tactfully told the youth to leave.

The youth across him stood up with a smile on his face. "In that case, I would wait for Brother Xing Yuan's good news."

Only after the youth left did Xing Yuan stand up and sigh.

Faced with this Yuchi City's Governor's proposal, he felt a major headache.

"Brother Xing Yuan, what are you vexed about? You've already become a Heavenly Deity, a great expert, why are you instead depressed?" Beside him, Zi Yun muttered.

Xing Yuan shook his head and said with a smile. "We are, after all, living in the Yuchi City. We cannot offend the Yuchi City's Governor too greatly. Merely, I do not want to go and become one of the Yuchi City's army. Where I wanted to go the most… is Fog City!"

"Fog City?" Zi Yun's eyes immediately shined. "That Fog City of your good friend Qin Yu? Lord Qin Yu is truly too amazing. I've heard about that major commotion caused by the battle outside the Fog City. Two Great Godkings of the Thunder Punishment City were killed. Furthermore, it was Lord Qin Yu who had killed them. Now, there are many people who wished to enter the Fog City and become subordinates of Lord Qin Yu. The safety they would receive was something that goes without saying."

The effect of the death of Two Great Godkings was truly huge. That world-shaking battle was rapidly spread through the Divine Realm by others.

Like a violent commotion, all those who had paid attention to the Fog City came to know about this matter. Many of the Heavenly Deities had prepared to join the Fog City. Thus, in these days, there were Heavenly Deities arriving to join the Fog City in succession.

"Mn, let's go to the Fog City, let's go to the Fog City." Zi Yun voiced her agreement repeatedly.

From Zi Yun's point of view, Qin Yu was strong and also possessed friendly relationship with them. Thus, going to the Fog City was naturally better than going to other places.

"Good. Let's set off immediately. If we continue to stay here, there would be a lot more problematic things." Xing Yuan stood up and decided to set off right away.

Zi Yun and Xing Yuan were extremely fast in their movements. After they tidied up their residence, they immediately left their residence and proceeded to walk toward the Yuchi City's Conveying Array.

"Zi Yun, you ought to know that Qin Yu had originated from our Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, right?" While on the street, Xing Yuan asked his wife with a smile.

"Mn, what about it?" Zi Yun looked to her husband.

"As far as I know, many of the Heavenly Deities that had came from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm have ran over to the Fog City. For example, there's those three Purple Eyed Ox Demon Kings outside of the Yuchi City and a small amount of Heavenly Deities from our Dark Star Realm. They had all gone over to the Fog City. Once we get there, it'll be extremely lively." Xing Yuan said while laughing.

Having been in the Divine Realm for so long, Xing Yuan had gotten to know a lot of people. For example, he had gotten to know the senior experts of the Dark Star Realm.

In the history of the experts of the Dark Star Realm, the strongest person was only a High Level Heavenly Deity. There had yet to be a single person who managed to become a Godking. After all, it was truly too difficult to become a Godking. That was the reason why there were so few Godkings.

"Brother Xing Yuan, isn't that Hou Fei?" Zi Yun suddenly pointed to the distance and said.

"How is that possible? Hou Fei should be in the Fog City." As he said that, Xing Yuan also looked over to the location where Zi Yun pointed at. Once he looked over, he was shocked.

In the distant, a yellow gowned Hou Fei was accompanying two girls. He would even follow these two girls and laugh and chat while doing so.

"Hou Fei, he's, following girls?" Xing Yuan was shocked.

"Brother Xing Yuan, don't bother looking anymore. He had already walked away. Let's go to the Fog City first and ask Hou Fei about this when we see him next time." Zi Yun smiled and said.

After seeing Hou Fei disappeared into the street following the two girls, Xing Yuan proceeded to continue toward the Yuchi City's Conveying Array with his wife Zi Yun.

On the streets of the Yuchi City.

The two girls that were walking together with Hou Fei, one was wearing a red dress and the other was wearing a purple dress. The purple dressed girl was extremely beautiful and attractive. As for the red dressed girl, she had an ice-cold expression on her face.

"Little Huang Yu, from what you said, it seemed that your big brother is extremely amazing?" Said the red dressed girl with a cold expression in a mocking tone.

Hou Fei had an extremely confident expression on his face. "That's of course. When you two meet my big brother, you'll understand how astonishing his strength is."

"Big brother Huang Yu, that big brother of yours is amazing." The purple dressed girl said with an extremely happy expression.

Hou Fei smiled contentedly. "That's of course. Just look at who I, Huang Yu, am." In the years that Hou Fei had left the Purple Mystic Mansion, ever since he met this pair of sisters, he had started following behind them. These two girls did not dislike Hou Fei and did not drive him away.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu and Qin Yu, their three names, because of Qin Yu's relationship, many of the people in the Divine Realm had came to know their names. Furthermore, due to Hou Fei's secret, he deliberately voiced a false name Huang Yu.

He had originally wanted to call himself Huang Yu to match Qin Yu and Hei Yu. However, the two girls had only been calling him by Huang Yu (fish). Thus, Hou Fei could only allow himself to be called Huang Yu (fish).

[TL: first Huang Yu → Yellow Fish. Second Huang Yu → same Yu as Hei Yu and Qin Yu,means feather]

"Lil Sis Zi Xia, don't allow yourself to be deceived by this oily-mouthed and smooth talking fellow. I reckon he's most likely bragging. If his brother was truly powerful, our palace master would definitely know his name. Little Huang Yu, tell us your big brother's name!" The red dressed girl with the cold expression said.

"Hong Yun, Zi Xia, my big brother has told me to not flaunt his names to others. I have also decided to not rely on my big brother and only rely on myself!" Said Hou Fei as he lifted his head.

"Yoh, seems like you're pretty confident." Hong Yun said.

Zi Xia lightly pushed Hong Yun. "Big Sis Hong Yun, don't say such things. Big Brother Huang Yu's strength is pretty good. A while back, he easily defeated a Low Level Heavenly Deity."

"What could a Low Level Heavenly Deity possibly amount to. If he have the ability, then let us see him defeat a High Level Heavenly Deity." Hong Yun did not care in the slightest. "Even if they're High Level Heavenly Deities, they're still only Heavenly Deities. If you managed to become a Godking, then I, Hong Yun, would definitely look up toward you, Little Huang Yu. So, are you a Godking?"

Hou Fei immediately felt helpless.

"No." Hou Fei appeared to be very dispirited. Immediately after, Hou Fei's eyes shined and said. "However, I would definitely reach the Godking level one day."

"One day? Everyone knows how to say those words." Hong Yun said disdainfully.

Hou Fei cursed in rage in his heart. However, he didn't dare to display that on his face. Ever since he first saw Zi Xia, he had fallen for her. Merely, this Hong Yun…

""Ice cold like an icicle. Had it not been for my Zi Xia, how would I possibly continue to tolerate you? Hell, I'll have already smash you with my stick." Hou Fei continuously cursed in his heart.

"Little Huang Yu, we are planning to eat now. Go and arrange that. You know what Lil Sis Zi Xia and I like to eat." Hong Yun pointed to the restaurant before them and said.

Hou Fei promptly replied. "Please wait a moment." As he said that, Hou Fei rushed into the restaurant. Hong Yun and Zi Xia also walked into the restaurant.

"Silver Dragon Lotus Seed Soup, Tofu Yellow Croaker Stew…" this Hou Fei ordered a large amount of dishes proficiently.

As for Hong Yun and Zi Xia, they were seated at the edge. Hong Yun still have a cold expression. She would even occasionally look to Hou Fei. As for Zi Xia, she was constantly looking at Hou Fei. Her gaze was filled with happiness.

"Fei Fei, the child between I and your Big Sis Li'er is about to born. Could it be that you're still not planning to come back?" A voice suddenly sounded in Hou Fei's mind.

Hou Fei was startled. He became dumbstruck.

Immediately after, he displayed an expression of ecstasy. Merely, after that, he looked to Zi Xia helplessly. He did not wish to part with Zi Xia. But, his big brother's child was about to born.

"Zi Xia, Hong Yu, I need to return first." Hou Fei said helplessly. That Zi Xia and Hong Yu were both shocked.

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