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Volume 17 – Godking's Blood - Chapter 23 – East Sea's Old Ghost

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu was frowning. He was filled with doubt in his heart. "This Zuo Qiulin was extremely cold and fierce. According to the attitude that she displayed toward Li'er and me originally, she did not hesitate to try to kill us at all. How is it that she would agree to help us just for a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure now?"

Truly suspicious!

Although second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were precious, they were not that precious. After all, this Zuo Qiulin had not mixed herself into the struggles of the Divine Realm for countless years now. Yet now, she was willing to do so for just a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?

Zuo Qiulin was sitting cross-legged on top of the lotus flower throne with a cold expression. She coldly cast a glance at Qin Yu. "Why is there no reaction from you? Could it be that the majestic new Craftsman God is unable to take out even a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure? To be this insincere, it's better for you to quickly leave then."

Qin Yu was immediately woken up from his train of thought.

He immediately displayed a smile and said. "Senior Zuo Qiulin, I of course have second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. I was merely overjoyed by the fact that Senior Zuo Qiulin had suddenly agreed to help us."

Zuo Qiulin humped indifferently. "Do not try to worm your way into being friends with me. I am merely suffering from not having a good second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Let me ask you, do you have any binding type Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? It's fine as long as it could bind others for a short period of time. Do you have any?"

Qin Yu began to think.

Binding type?

Qin Yu had crafted a total of seventy two second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Among them, there were seven or eight of them that were capable of binding. The most important aspect was, there was still another one….

"The scepter Ten Thousand Willows. That scepter is a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. At the same time, it also possesses the ability of binding. Should I give that to her?" Qin Yu began to ponder.

Currently, the only ownerless first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure that he possessed was this scepter. Although that Fire Origin Spiritual Pearl could also be considered as being ownerless, Qin Yu had already planned to give that to his and Li'er's child. As for this scepter, should he give it to Zuo Qiulin?

"Brother Yu."

Jiang Li suddenly said to Qin Yu via voice transmission. "I am also suspicious as to why this Zuo Qiulin's attitude took a huge change. After thinking for a long time, I managed to think of a possibility for it."

"Oh, what sort of possibility?" Qin Yu asked via voice transmission.

Jiang Li promptly said. "According to the memories that Aunt Zuo Qiumei had of Zuo Qiulin, after I carefully analyzed them, I determined that Zuo Qiulin possesses a cold and detached personality. Although she was hostile against Aunt Zuo Qiumei, she had never tried to harm Aunt Zuo Qiumei. From the way I see it… this Zuo Qiulin ought to belong to the 'cold exterior and warm interior' sort of people. Although she appeared to be unconcerned of Aunt Zuo Qiumei, I reckon that she actually deeply cared about her sole relative."

Qin Yu's heart moved.

"That's very possible. Only this could explain why Zuo Qiulin's attitude took a huge change and even purposed by herself that she only wanted a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure."

"What's wrong? Do you not have it?" Zuo Qiulin's expression had suddenly became colder.

Qin Yu did not reply right away. He merely looked at Zuo Qiulin's expression. Although Zuo Qiulin's expression changed, she did not immediately rebuff Qin Yu.

Just from this, Qin Yu determined that this Zuo Qiulin had lightly only requested for a second-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure so that she can have a means to lower her grounds and not be seen as to help them because of her younger sister.

"This Zuo Qiulin is truly helping us because of her younger sister. Then…"

Qin Yu had made his decision. He immediately flipped his hand and took out that scarlet scepter. Zuo Qiulin looked at the scepter in Qin Yu's hand with a confused expression.

"Senior Zuo Qiulin, this scepter is called Ten Thousand Willows. It is a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It also possesses the ability of binding others." With an intention from Qin Yu, the scepter floated over to Zuo Qiulin.

Zuo Qiulin was slightly startled.

The scepter Ten Thousand Willows floated over to Zuo Qiulin. Zuo Qiulin did not look to the scepter, instead she was staring at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you're willing to give this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure to me? Do you know how precious a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure is?"

"As I am the new Craftsman God, how could I possibly not know how precious the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are?" Qin Yu replied with a smile.

"If you do not wish to regret your decision in the future, it's best that you take it back." Zuo Qiulin said with her hoarse voice.

Qin Yu merely smiled indifferently. "Senior Zuo Qiulin, didn't you mention earlier that you wanted a Spiritual Treasure? What's wrong? Why is it that you do not want the Spiritual Treasure even after it arrived before you?"

"Humph." Zuo Qiulin coldly humped. She then directly grabbed this scepter Ten Thousand Willows with her hand and coldly cast a glance at Qin Yu. "Boy, I've given you the opportunity to take it back but you didn't. In the future, there will not be an opportunity for you to take it back even if you want to."

Seeing that Zuo Qiulin had taken the scepter, Qin Yu immediately clasped his hand and began to laugh. "Senior Zuo Qiulin, let's set off now, is that alright?"

"Going back? Going back to the Divine Realm's main continent?" Zuo Qiulin looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded.

"I can't do that yet." Zuo Qiulin directly refused Qin Yu. Qin Yu's expression dropped. Jiang Li who stood beside him also started to frown.

Qin Yu became even more worried. "Could it be that I've misjudged her? Could this Zuo Qiulin be refusing to leave with us after obtaining a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure? No, that doesn't seem like it." Qin Yu was confident in his judgement.

Let alone…

If this Zuo Qiulin truly wished to cheat him, then it would be her who was stupid. After all, Qin Yu had yet to display his true strength.

"Senior Zuo Qiulin, if we cannot return now, when can we?" Qin Yu restrained the dissatisfaction in his heart.

Zuo Qiulin sneered and said. "It's very simple. Long ago, I was defeated and seriously injured by a Godking. He made me promise him that before I can defeat him, I am not allowed to return to the Divine Realm's main continent. I am only allowed to be in the boundless oceans that surrounded the Divine Realm."

"Qin Yu, although I've received your gift, but I must keep my promise too. Before I can defeat him, I am not allowed to return to the Divine Realm's main continent. Thus… I am unable to go back right now." Zuo Qiulin directly said. "Of course, as I've obtained this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, I am confident that I will be able to defeat him. Merely, I will need quite a bit of time to refine this first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure."

Qin Yu and Jiang Li glanced at each other.

The two of them both began to recall the legend that the High Level Heavenly Deity Bai Yiju of the ice island had told them at the end… the legend had it that this Zuo Qiulin had once killed a Godking and then later seriously injured by another Godking. It would appear that this legend was real.

Qin Yu began to feel a bit of anger.

If he had to wait till this Zuo Qiulin finish refining the first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, how long would he have to wait? Why didn't she inform him about this earlier?

"Humph, you all can rest assured." Zuo Qiulin coldly humped and said. "I would not deliberately delay the time. Back then, when that Old Ghost made that promise with me, I had added another clause. That is, if I were to ask helpers to defeat him, it would also be considered as having completed the promise. However… In the entire Divine Realm, I reckon only the Asura Godking would have absolute certainty in defeating that Old Ghost. Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with the Asura Godking and also do not want to owe him any favor."

"Ask helpers to defeat him?" Qin Yu's heart started to move. He looked to Zuo Qiulin. Qin Yu had began to have a slight understanding of what Zuo Qiulin's intention was.

The corners of Zuo Qiulin's mouth was raised. It seemed that she was 'smiling.' However, her face was still cold and indifferent like cold ice. "What you're thinking is right. I want you to help me out. I had already experienced your strength earlier. Your strength, especially after adding on that spear of yours, is indeed more powerful than mine. Furthermore, adding on the information of the Divine Realm that I know, I've deduced that it is possible for you to defeat that Old Ghost."

Qin Yu smiled helplessly.

It seemed that he had been played by this Zuo Qiulin.

"Of course, you can also choose not to go. If you do not want to go, you merely need to wait several tens of years for me to go myself. I'll create a space that accelerate time by ten thousand times and maintain it for several tens of years. In several tens of years, I would be able to completely refine a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Oh… this is a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. In that case, I'm not certain how long it'll take for me to refine it. I've never refined such a 'high level' Grandmist Spiritual Treasure before." Zuo Qiulin was in no rush.

Several tens of years?

Qin Yu did not have the patience to wait that long.

"Okay, I'll go and accompany you and see this 'Old Ghost' that once seriously injured you. I'll see for myself how powerful this mystery man is." Qin Yu had made his decision.

Standing beside Qin Yu, Jiang Li was not worried about him in the slightest.

From where Jiang Li stood, she believed that… those Godkings of the Divine Realm, even if there was anyone that was capable of defeating Qin Yu, they would at the very most make him retreat. It was completely impossible for them to kill Qin Yu.

"Good, you got guts." Zuo Qiumei clasped her hand and said. Her hoarse voice sounded through the underground palace.

Zuo Qiulin stood up and said coldly. "In that case, let's set off now." Qin Yu and Jiang Li also nodded with smiles on their faces. After that, the three of them disappeared from the dark palace hall.

At the same time, a hoarse voice sounded through the entire Ice Cave Palace.

"Your palace master is going out for a relatively long time. Bai Ye, you all continue to stay in the palace hall and wait for my return." The hoarse voice startled the twelve maids of the Ice Cave Palace. Immediately after, these maids were overjoyed.

Without their lady present, they are capable of loosening their hearts and fooling around.

A layer of mist covered the surface of the ice island. That mist was the cold air from the hundred of millions of years old cold ice. In the countless years, the residents of the ice island would never depart from the ice island.

That was because if they leave the ice island, they would receive the 'cordial greeting' of the Godking of Death.

Yet at this moment, three figures flew out from the cold air filled sky above the ice island. Two of them were wearing white and the third was wearing black. It was Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin.

"Senior Zuo Qiulin, where in the Divine Realm is that 'Old Ghost' that you mentioned of located?" Qin Yu asked.

Zuo Qiulin said indifferently. "That Old Ghost lives in the Eastern Sea Region of the Divine Realm. His expertise is in Life Energy, the same as that of my younger sister. Merely, his research of the soul is inferior to my younger sister's. However, even though this was the case, I am still not match against him." Zuo Qiulin straightforwardly admitted her defeat. She did not bother to mask over it at all.

"Divine Realm's Eastern Sea? Life Energy?" Qin Yu's mind started to move.

His New Cosmos's Spatial Energy had covered the entire Divine Realm. There were indeed three hidden Godkings in the Eastern Sea Region of the Divine Realm. Among these three hidden Godkings, one of them possessed a very obscure aura. Had it not been for Qin Yu's Spatial Energy covering the entire Divine Realm and carefully observing the region, he might actually not have discovered this Godking.

"Brother Yu?" Jiang Li looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu knew what Jiang Li wanted to ask. He merely smiled and nodded. "There's indeed a Godking there. He's at a location roughly several tens of trillion miles eastward from the coast of the Divine Realm's Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold."

"You've discovered that Old Ghost?" Zuo Qiulin raised her eyelids. She looked at Qin Yu with a shocked expression. After that, she said coldly. "I originally thought that you would only have fifty to sixty percent chance in defeating that Old Ghost. However, it would appear now that there should be a seventy to eighty percent chance."

Those Hidden Godkings were all people who had hidden their aura and even used some special methods to conceal themselves. It was practically impossible for other Godkings to discover them. For Qin Yu to be able to easily discover the Old Ghost, this had raised the status of Qin Yu in Zuo Qiulin's heart by quite a bit.

Qin Yu did not bother to explain how he did it.

"Let's teleport over there." Qin Yu said that. After that, the three of them disappeared from the airspace surrounding the ice island.

The Eastern Sea Region of the Divine Realm was extremely vast. It was many times bigger than the Divine Realm's main continent. There was naturally countless islands scattered about the Eastern Sea.

On a very regular little island. This island only possessed a circumference of several hundred miles. On this island was a small mountain range and countless different flowers and plants. This island was a world of flowers, plants and trees. When arriving on this island, one would feel the endless amount of life force radiated from the island.

Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiulin appeared in the sky above the island.

Zuo Qiulin coldly pointed to the island and said with her hoarse voice. "Qin Yu, this island is that Old Ghost's headquarters. You should be careful. I reckon that he had already discovered me when I arrived here."

"Zuo Qiulin, you've actually dared to come to my place. Could it be that you have the certainty to defeat me? Oh, there's two young people with you. Could it be that you believe they would be able to defeat me?" A beautiful and gentle voice sounded through the horizon.

"Old Ghost, do not look down upon these two young people. Who knows, you might actually not be able to win against them." Zuo Qiulin's hoarse voice did not resign to being inferior, it too sounded loudly.

"Haha, in that case I shall test it out for myself!"

Right after that gentle voice landed, the countless flowers, plants and trees of the island began to frantically grow. Countless giant branches frantically rushed toward them like tentacles. In an instant, they had completely covered Qin Yu, Jiang Li and Zuo Qiumei.

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