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Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 7 – Provocation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu was thinking about the matter of refining the Magnificent Lotus Clone and the golden bead as he walked on the street. Unwittingly, he had already walked for a while now. Suddenly, he heard a beautiful laughing sound coming from ahead.

"Mn?" Qin Yu suddenly stopped from his thinking and looked ahead.

What he saw was a group of beautiful women with bright eyes. These women were chatting and laughing with each other without the slightest care. Within their amusement, they had not paid attention to their surroundings at all. Like that, these ten plus women walked side by side down the street and occupied over half of the entire street. Even the Heavenly Deities that were walking on the street had walked to the side of the road to get out of the way. Evidently, the majority of the people were somewhat fearful of this group of women.

"Princess Jing, who are those women?" Puzzled, Qin Yu asked.

Huangfu Jing was surprised. Why did Qin Yu address her as 'Princess Jing?' Back in the Utmost East Sage Emperor's Palace, he had called her 'Princess Huangfu Jing' because of etiquette.

However, Huangfu Jing also didn't mind it. She glanced ahead and then frowned. She said. "That group of women consists of the disciples of the Hundred Flowers Palace. Although my aunt is a Godking, she is extremely pampering of her disciples. This has caused this group of women to be extremely arrogant. I reckon that other than the Godkings and the Three Great Palace Masters, they would not care for even I, a princess."

Huangfu Ling's tiny and beautiful nose also wrinkled. Discontented, she said. "Those women are relying on the fact that my aunt pampers them. They are truly an arrogant bunch who do not know about the immensity of heaven and earth. Among my aunt's disciples, only the earliest group of disciples are better off."

QIn Yu and Hei Yu glanced at each other. They did not say anything.

They had just arrived at Mount Dazzling Gold. Thus, they did not want to antagonize too many people right after coming.

"Aiyoh, Princess Jing, Princess Ling. How come the two princesses have the refined and elegant attitude of mind to come to the western city district?" A voice so sweet that it caused one's heart to shiver was heard. This was the voice of a charming looking red clothed woman.

The western city district was the location where the Hundred Flowers Palace was located. In the western city district, the disciples from the Hundred Flowers Palace could be considered as tyrants that no one dared oppose. The pamperness and backing that the Hundred Flowers Godking had for them was something that everyone knew about.

Before Huangfu Jing could say anything, another green clothed girl spoke. "Ah, Princess Jing is with several men. Could these men be the rumored grandmaster of formation arrays Qin Yu and his group? Who among them might be the grandmaster of formation arrays, Qin Yu? Hmm?" As she said that, her pair of alluring eyes looked to Qin Yu and Hei Yu.

"I am Qin Yu! Ladies, this Qin Yu has some important matters to return to my mansion for. Ladies, please excuse me." Qin Yu cupped his hand indifferently and said.

"Excuse? We aren't even blocking you all." That charming red clothed woman that led the group shot a side-eye glance at Qin Yu. With a smile on her face, she said. "If you want to leave, can't you walk from the side?"

With these ten plus women standing next to each other, the either sides of the roads only have about two to three meters of width left.

To have the two princesses and the grandmaster of the formation arrays that the Utmost East Sage Emperor personally invited over to walk through the side of the road, these women were truly arrogant.

Huangfu Ling immediately humped coldly and was about to say something. After all, she was a princess.

"Princess Ling, there is no need to quarrel with them." Qin Yu lightly smiled and then proceeded to walk towards the side of the road.

The Hundred Flowers Palace's disciples that were giggling and waiting for Qin Yu and them to get angry, upon seeing that Qin Yu didn't plan to fight with them, their smiles instantly disappeared. That green clothed woman even rudely and unreasonably said. "Stop!"

Qin Yu and his group of people stopped. Even Qin Yu started frowning. Qiuzhong Fu who had been silent the entire time also had his eyes shrink as he turned his head over to look at the rude and unreasonable woman.

"Shut up!"

Huangfu Ling violently turned around. Her little eyes were opened wide and round like a ball. "You, a mere disciple, dare act so arrogant? You must know that Qin Yu is a grandmaster of formation arrays that my Imperial Father has personally invited over. You, mere disciples, dare act so arrogant. Good, then today, I shall personally teach you spoiled women. Let me see how my aunt shall protect you all!"

As Huangfu Ling said that, she took out a green whip. Her entire person turned into a silhouette. Her green whip covered a space of several tens of meters.

Among this group of disciples, that green clothed girl was the weakest. She was merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity. As for Huangfu Ling, she was a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. Merely, the green clothed woman was usually loved and pampered by the Hundred Flowers Godking, that was why she was so arrogant.

"Stop!" A shout sounded. A white clothed and long haired woman extended the sword in her hand to stop the whip. The sword managed to stop the whip. However…


The whip coiled around the sword. A section of the whip suddenly extended and ruthlessly whipped the green clothed girl's face. As for the green clothed girl, she just stood there and took on the whipping to her face. It wasn't that she didn't want to move. Instead… she was unable to move! At the same time Huangfu Ling attacked, she had also used her 'Spatial Domain' to bind this woman.

The sound of the whip was extremely sharp and clear. A lash mark appeared on the face of this green clothed girl. Blood started flowing down her face.

"You, you…" That green clothed girl pointed at Huangfu Ling angrily. Her tears were rolling in her eyes. It was as if she were about to cry.

"Me what? What about me?" At this moment, Huangfu Ling had already displayed her crafty and unruly nature. Her chin was slightly raised as she arrogantly looked at that green clothed girl. "In the past, although you all were arrogant, you were not arrogant to such a level. Today, I, my older sister and Qin Yu are all together. Yet, you all still dare to act so arrogant. If I were to not whip you, then who should I whip? Even if my aunt were here, it would still be hard for her to help you all!"

At this moment, the red clothed charming woman pulled on the hand of the green clothed girl. She said via voice transmission. "Little Shuang, Huangfu Ling and Huangfu Jing are after all the nieces of our Lady. You must endure it."

The green clothed girl could only slightly nod her head and then say no more.

Who among this group of women wanted to anger these two princesses? In the past, although they were not very respectful toward the two princesses, they would also not dare to threaten them like so.

As for today, they had come to especially intercept them. Their goal was to help their big sister Xue Yu and teach that Qin Yu a lesson. That was the reason why that were acting so arrogantly.

"Princess Jing, Princess Ling, we still deeply respect the two princesses. Merely, when I saw this Qin Yu, I was extremely confused… If my guess was correct, this Qin Yu ought to be a Low Level Heavenly Deity whose Divine Energy hasn't even finished transforming to Heavenly Divine Energy, right? A Low Level Heavenly Deity like that, how could he possibly be a grandmaster of formation arrays?" Said the red clothed charming woman coquettishly.

The smile on Qin Yu's face finally disappeared.

He finally understood now. This group of women had come to create trouble for him.

It was likely related to that disciple of the Hundred Flowers Godking Xue Yu.

"We've heard that he also wants to become the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace. Oh how revered the Four Great Palace Masters are. The Black Wind Palace Master, the Heaven Desolate Palace Master and Palace Master Liejun, who among them does not possess exceptional strength and great military service? A mere Low Level Heavenly Deity like him also wants to become a Palace Master?" The red clothed charming woman humphed.

A purple clothed woman beside her also humphed and said. "I've heard that his formation array is very powerful. However, what use is there for his formation array to be powerful? His strength is that weak, how could he possibly convince the masses?"

"A mere Low Level Heavenly Deity who hasn't even finished transforming his Divine Energy to Heavenly Divine Energy, I reckon that perhaps even Little Shuang could easily defeat him."

Seeing how much of a clamor this group of women was making, Qin Yu can't help but frown.

"Princess Jing, Princess Ling, let's go. There is no need for us to bother with this group of crazy women." Qin Yu called out for Huangfu Jing and Huangfu Ling. He then proceeded to walk away.

Seeing that Qin Yu did not attack even after all that they said, the group of women grew anxious.

"Qin Yu, you want to become the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master, but you don't even have the slightest amount of gu…"

Qin Yu who had walked halfway suddenly turned around. His eyes burst forth like lightning. In a cold voice, he shouted violently. "Shut your mouth!" His voice sounded like a Divine Thunder. At once, he had stunned those women.

Those ten plus women were pretty powerful. There was even a High Level Heavenly Deity among them. The majority of them were Mid Level Heavenly Deities. They never had expected for a Low Level Heavenly Deity to dare act so arrogant.

Qin Yu coldly looked to this group of women. He originally didn't wish to bother with this group of women. However, they were truly excessively noisy.

"As to whether I, Qin Yu, will become the Palace Master of the Misty Mystic Palace or not, it is not something that people like you all get to decide. It is something that His Majesty the Utmost East Sage Emperor decides. Furthermore… whether my strength is powerful or weak, it is also not something that people like you can determine. If you anger me, do not blame me for not knowing how to be soft on women!" Qin Yu's voice was extremely cold.

Qiuzhong Fu immediately stood next to Qin Yu. His cold gaze was cast toward that group of women. He also wanted to fight them.

"You want to teach us a lesson?" That red clothed charming woman immediately burst out into a rage.

"I am invited here by the Utmost East Sage Emperor. Not only the Utmost East Sage Emperor, the other Seven Great Sage Emperors including even the Asura Sea, Dual Domain Island and Mount Blood Demon have sent invitations for me. Remember, I have come to the Utmost Eastern Region's Mount Dazzling Gold through my own ability. I do not wish to provoke others. However, I also do not wish to be provoked by others. Understand?" Qin Yu said coldly.

He then looked to Hei Yu beside him. "Xiao Hei, let's go."

Huangfu Jing and Huangfu Ling both looked to Qin Yu with excited expressions. If Qin Yu were to truly teach this group of women a lesson, then although the Hundred Flowers Godking pampers them, she was also an individual who knew of the greater good. Thus, she would definitely not make things difficult for Qin Yu. After all, Qin Yu was a talent that all the major powers wanted!

"A Low Level Heavenly Deity dares act so arrogant!" That group of women had grown angry. They had not forgotten the purpose they came out today was to intercept Qin Yu!

Humiliate Qin Yu!

The eyes of red clothed charming woman who led the group started to narrow. She then violently burst forth. A silver spear appeared in her hand. The spear was pointed at Qin Yu.


With the roar of a dragon, the surround space of the spear started to ripple.

"Impudent!" Huangfu Jing, Huangfu Ling, Qiuzhong Fu, Hei Yu and them all saw the spear silhouette. Only Qin Yu seemed to not have seen it at all and continued to have his back facing towards the silver spear.

There was nothing that could escape Qin Yu's observation in the range that the Universal World's Spatial Energy covered.

"A mere Mid Level Heavenly Deity wants to handle me?" Qin Yu shook his head in his heart.

Huangfu Jing's eyes grew cold. She was the first one to attack! As the attendant of Qin Yu, the fan that Qiuzhong Fu held was also opened and threw out!

As for Hei Yu, he also shot out the black spear in his hand like a black dragon.

That red clothed woman's expression changed. Her attention was immediately fixed upon Huangfu Jing and Qiuzhong Fu. These two people were too powerful.



As if soaring through the space and time, a black spear actually arrived before Huangfu Jing and Qiuzhong Fu's attacks and directly hit the silver spear and slanted it. At the same time, the black spear had instantly arrived before the red clothed woman.

"Ah, impossible!"

The red clothed woman only felt that the black spear before her was extremely strange. She was only able to rapidly escape with her Nascent Soul and Jade Blood Golden Pellet. As for her body, over a dozen holes had instantly appeared within it.

After recalling the black spear to his hand, Hei Yu was still standing beside Qin Yu.

The red clothed girl's Nascent Soul and Jade Blood Golden Pellet had returned back into her body. Then, through consuming a large amount of Heavenly Divine Energy, she restored her body.

"You, you are a Low Level Heavenly Deity?" Said the red clothed woman with an unbelieving expression.

Although she had not used her Spatial Domain, Mid Level Heavenly Deities were generally much faster than Low Level Heavenly Deities. She never imagined for herself to be defeated like this by a Low Level Heavenly Deity.

The reason why she did not use her Spatial Domain was because Huangfu Jing and Qiuzhong Fu were beside Qin Yu.

Huangfu Jing looked to Hei Yu with a shocked expression. At the same time, she asked Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, he is your brother? He's only a Low Level Heavenly Deity?" Even Qiuzhong Fu were looking at Hei Yu with a shocked expression.

The spear strike from earlier was too strange.

When the spear was thrown, Hei Yu had done it even slower than Huangfu Jing and Qiuzhong Fu's attacks. However, at the next moment when they noticed Hei Yu's Cloud Piercing Spear, the Cloud Piercing Spear had already broken apart the silver spear and seriously injured that Mid level Heavenly Deity.

"Xiao Hei, is that the Flowing Light Spear Path?" Qin Yu looked to Xiao Hei.

Hei Yu lightly nodded. "This is using the fundamentals of the Flowing Light Spear Path."

If one were to ask who managed to see that scene most clearly, then it would be Qin Yu! Qin Yu clearly saw that the region surrounding Hei Yu's Cloud Piercing Spear seemed to have isolated itself from the rest of the space. In a state when the Cloud Piercing Spear's speed had reached its limit, the Cloud Piercing Spear strangely increased its speed by several tens times more!

It was extremely strange.

"What are you all doing here?!" A mild yet imposing voice sounded. A yellow dressed woman floated over.

That red clothed charming woman promptly said. "Big Sis Xue Yu, we've heard that there was someone that's going to compete for the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master position against you. Thus, we came to see if he possessed the strength…"

"Enough." That 'Xue Yu' frowned. At once, those ten plus women all grew silent.

Qin Yu looked to that 'Xue Yu.' So this was the woman that was going to compete for the Misty Mystic Palace's Palace Master position with him? She appeared to be a pretty amiable person.

"Princess Jing, Princess Ling, I suspect this is the grandmaster of the formation arrays, Qin Yu, right? I have already heard about the renowned Mister Qin Yu from my Lady. For Mister Qin Yu to accomplish such success in the formation arrays, this Xue Yu truly admires that!"  Xue Yu smiled as she looked to Qin Yu. She had instantly determined who Qin Yu was.

"Qin Yu greets Miss Xue Yu." Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"It is my sisters who are in the wrong today. I wish Mister Qin Yu will forgive them." Xue Yu's attitude was extremely modest.

"Of course, it's merely a trivial matter." Qin Yu said with a smile.

Volume 16 – Marriage - Chapter 8 – Temporal Law?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Xue Yu slightly smiled to Qin Yu. She then looked to that group of women. "You all only know how to create trouble. Let's go and return quickly. You must not be rude to Mister Qin Yu in the future." As she said that, a cold light flashed through Xue Yu's eyes. The coldness of her eyes was so cold it seemed as if she could penetrate through the bottom of one's heart.

Xue Yu had her back toward Qin Yu. Logically, Qin Yu shouldn't be able to notice that.

However, Qin Yu's surroundings were covered by the Spatial Energy from his Universal World. Qin Yu was able to clearly see the change in Xue Yu's expression.

"Mister Qin Yu, Princess Jing, Princess Ling, farewell." Xue Yu turned around and slightly smiled to Qin Yu. She then left leading that group of women.

"Xue Yu?" Qin Yu looked to Xue Yu's back.

Huangfu Ling said. "Clearly they are of different levels of quality. Big Sister Xue Yu has followed my aunt for a long time. She's much better off compared to that group of arrogant spoiled women."

"Big Sis Xue Yu is indeed a very good person." Huangfu Jing also added.

Qin Yu remained silent. He merely felt that the battle for the position of the Palace Master a year from now would not be that easy. Regardless of whether it was that Xue Yu that he had just met or that Dong Hou who he had yet to meet, neither of them would be easy to deal with.

"Princess Jing, Princess Ling, let's bring me to my mansion first. Even now, I still don't even know where the mansion is at." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Huangfu Jing 'ah'd in surprise and then smiled and said. "Let's go. We're not far away from where your mansion is."

Qin Yu proceeded to walk alongside Huangfu Jing. Sure enough, it was just as Huangfu Jing said, the mansion was not far away. In merely a short moment, Qin Yu already managed to see a simple and unadorned mansion…. the Flowing Cloud Mansion!

The Flowing Cloud Mansion occupied a very large area. Usually, one would always have to walk around it.

"This Flowing Cloud Mansion is the place where my Imperial Father would occasionally stay when he comes out to rest. Of course, the name Flowing Cloud Mansion is also something that my Imperial Father gave. After you take over the mansion, you can change the name of it." Said Huangfu Jing as she pointed at the mansion. "There are over a dozen servants in the mansion. According to the rules, these dozen plus servants all belong to my Imperial Father. After you take over the mansion, the servants ought to leave. However, I see that you do not have many people beside you. Thus, if you want these servants, I could talk to my Imperial Father about it. There would definitely not be a problem."

Qin Yu shook his head and said. "There's no need, I have some people."

Even Huangfu Jing didn't know that Qin Yu had that many Heavenly Deity servants in his Jiang Lan Realm.

"You have?" Huangfu Ling was instead surprised.

"I possess a Spatial Divine Artifact. For the time being, my servants are all staying in there." Qin Yu did not bother to conceal this. After all, this was something that they'd come to know soon enough.

"Spatial Divine Artifact?" Huangfu Ling and Huangfu Jing were both surprised.

Qin Yu did not speak anymore, instead he started walking directly over to the Flowing Cloud Mansion. When the servants of the Flowing Cloud Mansion saw Qin Yu, they immediately shouted. "This is the Utmost East Sage Emperor's…"

"As per the order of my Imperial Father, from today on, this Flowing Cloud Mansion shall belong to Mister Qin Yu." Huangfu Jing said in an official tone.

The two gate guards of the Flowing Cloud Mansion were startled. They then immediately bowed to Qin Yu and the two princesses. They did not believe that the two princesses would dare to falsify an order from the Sage Emperor.

Huangfu Jing had the dozen plus servants leave the Flowing Cloud Mansion and after bidding farewell to Qin Yu, there were only Qin Yu and his group of people remaining in the Flowing Cloud Mansion. Qin Yu instantly brought out all of the hundred plus Heavenly Deity servants.

"Uncle Fu, you can be in charge of what they shall do. Qiuzhong Fu, you are to assist Uncle Fu." Qin Yu ordered.

"Yes, master."

Said Uncle Fu and Qiuzhong Fu respectfully.

In an instant, the entire Flowing Cloud Mansion had grown lively. For over a hundred people to suddenly appear within the mansion, it indeed caused the place to be bustling with noise and excitement. Those Heavenly Deity servants were also very shocked to find out that they had arrived at Mount Dazzling Gold.

On a courtyard of the Flowing Cloud Mansion. This was Qin Yu's residence. At this moment, Qin Yu and Hei Yu were here.

"Xiao Hei, I plan to refine the Magnificent Lotus Clone. What about you?" Qin Yu said as he looked to Hei Yu.

Hei Yu said. "I planned to enter the Jiang Lan Realm and continue training. I feel that my Flowing Light Spear Path is merely at the beginning stage. There is still need for more training."

"Xiao Hei, what sort of principle does your Flowing Light Spear Path follow?" Qin Yu asked curiously.

Hei Yu grew silent for a moment. He blinked his eyes a couple times and then said. "How should I explain it? After you created your Universal World, I merely casually thrust my spear within the Jiang Lan Realm. However, at a certain moment, I suddenly entered an exotic state of mind. It seemed as if I managed to touch something. After that, I immersed myself within it and started to thrust my spear unceasingly and contentiously sense that sort of state of mind."

"As time passed, I gradually became familiar with that exotic state of mind. Furthermore, I also sensed a sort of strange rule." Hei Yu grew silent for a moment. "That sort of rule was tangled together with the spatial energy. However, I was able to sense it. As I immersed myself deeper into the sensing of this rule, I ultimately ended up becoming able to slightly use it. That was how the Flowing Light Spear Path came to be."

"Rule?" Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu with a confused expression. "As far as I know, other than the all sorts of energies and their rules, there only exists the Spatial Law and then the highest Temporal Law."

"The strangeness of your Flowing Light Spear Path, could it be the Temporal Law?… No, impossible." Qin Yu shook his head repeatedly.

Qin Yu understood very well that the strongest Temporal Law was something that one could only comprehend after reaching the Godking level. It was simply impossible for one to comprehend the Temporal Law unless one managed to achieve complete comprehension of the Spatial Law.

In the history of the Divine Realm, only Godkings were able to comprehend the Temporal Law. This was the iron law of the Divine Realm.

"Actually," Hei Yu grew silent for a long while and then continued. "I also feel that… I am able to slightly change the flow of time in the surrounding space of my spear."

"Flow of time?" Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu in shock.


To change the flow of time meant that Hei Yu possessed slight comprehension of the Temporal Law. However, how was that possible? Even High Level Heavenly Deities did not possess any sort of understanding of the Temporal Law.

Hei Yu smiled bittered and helplessly said. "I also do not understand why this Flowing Light Spear Path of mine is like this. I also do not believe I am able to comprehend any part of the Temporal Law. After all, I have only reached the level of comprehension for the Spatial Law that allows me to fly. However, I am indeed capable of changing the flow of time in the surrounding area of the spear."

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

"Well then, Xiao Hei, from today on, you should continue to research the Flowing Light Spear Path. However, do not use the Flowing light Spear Path unless it is during the moment of crisis. Although High Level Heavenly Deities might still be unable to detect the profoundness of your spear technique, Godkings should be able to tell. If a Godking were to find out, then it might become problematic." Qin Yu frowned.

Godkings, after they completely comprehended the Spatial Law, they would start researching the Temporal Law unceasingly.

Hei Yu nodded. "Big brother, you can rest assured. I will not casually use the Flowing Light Spear Path."

Qin Yu patted Hei Yu's shoulder and laughed heartily. "However, if you have to use it, then use it. It is also not something overly serious. If there were to really be any Godking that would want to research you, I would directly sent you into the Universal World. Let me see how the Godkings would be able to find you then. After I refine the Magnificent Lotus Clone, I would be able to easily escape from the hands of even Godkings."

Qin Yu was extremely confident.

After that, Qin Yu took out the Jiang Lan Realm and placed it directly on the floor of this courtyard's house. At this moment, the Jiang Lan Realm turned into a speck.

"Xiao Hei, you can go and train in the Jiang Lan Realm first. It's better for me to leave the Jiang Lan's Realm in the Divine Realm. If I were to leave it in the Universal World, then Wu Lan and them would be unable to sense their Divine Tribulations again." Qin Yu smiled and said. "After a year, they will have spent a hundred years in the Jiang Lan's Realm. By then, it would also be close to their time of their Divine Tribulations."

Hei Yu nodded.

"Oh that's right. Xiao Hei, I still have four High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Including that Divine Sword Scarlet Blood, which High Level Heavenly Divine Artifact do you want?"

With a flip of Qin Yu's hand, four High Level Heavenly Divine Artifacts appeared before him. Among them, one had the form of a spear.

Hei Yu instead didn't care. He smiled and said. "For the time being, I do not need one. The Cloud Piercing Spear suits me very well. Even now, I do not know about what sort of thing this Cloud Piercing Spear is made out of. Its hardness is pretty strong. It is definitely as hard as a High Level Heavenly Divine Artifact. Merely, it does not have any amplification effect."

Regardless of whether it were Divine Artifacts or Heavenly Divine Artifacts, they both possessed the effect of amplifying one's strength.

However, Hei Yu's Cloud Piercing Spear and Hou Fei's Black Stick were weapons they had used since back in the Mortal Realm. These two weapons possessed only a single characteristic… hardness.

"That's good too. Just tell me if you change your mind." Qin Yu lightly nodded. He then sent Hei Yu into the second layer space of the Jiang Lan Realm. As for Qin Yu himself, he entered the Universal World.

Inside the Universal World.

Qin Yu was standing in the air. Before him floated a Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus. The Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus was covered in a layer of black light. Especially its black lotus core, the black light was the most dazzling there.

Next to the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus floated a golden bead.

Between the golden bead and the black lotus core was an uninterrupted transmission of energy. It was an incomparably peculiar scene.

"Last time around, this golden bead almost froze my soul. This time around, it should be a lot better." Qin Yu directly spread out his Divine Awareness and covered the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus and the golden bead.

Frigid cold. The freezing coldness was penetrating the soul!

Qin Yu's Nascent Soul started to shiver. Fortunately, it was merely trembling from the cold and had yet to instantly freeze like last time. His Nascent Soul was still capable of bearing the coldness.

"Eh?" Qin Yu looked to the black lotus core with surprise.

Not only was the golden bead extremely cold, the black lotus core was also extremely cold. Merely, in terms of coldness, the black lotus core was slightly less cold. However, the black lotus core possessed a soul aura.

That was the 'soul body' that the black lotus core birthed.

"This world is truly filled with extraordinary things. Even a plant can possess a non-conscious soul body." Qin Yu gasped.

In an instant, two drops of blood flew out from Qin Yu's fingertip. As the fingers were connected to the heart, the blood from the fingers was the blood of the heart.  Those two drops of blood landed on the golden bead and black lotus core respectively. The golden bead and the black lotus core both absorbed the drops of blood.

Bone record~~~ [TL: no idea what this is supposed to mean.]

The black lotus core rolled down from the lotus seed head. After that, the black lotus core and the golden bead actually started to illuminate each other and started to wind around one another.

"Could it be?" Qin Yu had a thought. He then shook his head and said. "Forget about it, let's first try absorbing the flour paste energy."

Qin Yu, the black lotus core and the golden bead both suddenly disappeared. As for the Nine Petaled Magnificent Lotus that had already lost its lotus core, it was placed at a certain secret location in the Universal World by Qin Yu. That location was a place that Qin Yu had especially created to place his materials.

The reason why the Universal World was unceasingly increasing in size was because it was absorbing the flour paste energy. At this moment, Qin Yu had arrived at the border of the Universal World.

How large was the current Universal World?

Even a hundred thousand Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms combined was unable to compare with the size of the Universal World. Thus, one could tell how boundless the Universal World was.

At the border of the Universal World.

Qin Yu was standing at the edge of the land. Before him was a membrane layer. Outside this membrane layer was the boundless flour paste space. This layer of membrane, other than Qin Yu, no other people, regardless of how powerful they were, would be able to break through it.

"This flour paste energy and that Dark and Yellow Energy are both so strange. The Dark and Yellow Energy cannot leave the Universal World. This flour paste energy is the same." Qin Yu felt extremely helpless.

Otherwise, he would've long since transferred the flour paste energy and the Dark and Yellow Energy into the Jiang Lan Realm.

However, he cannot.

The flour paste energy originated from the flour paste space. As for the Dark and Yellow Energy, it seemed to be closely related with the Universal World.

The black lotus core and the golden bead that had been winding around each other nonstop were rotating like the Taiji. Qin Yu controlled a ray of flour paste energy and brought it over. In an instant, it was sucked in by this Taiji.

[TL: Taiji is the Yin and Yang ball thingy. Basically the two of them were rotating around each other and winding around each other. I think ren just made a post about daoism a while back. The Universe stage is literally Qiankun stage.]

"Chi Chi~~~"

With an astonishing speed, that ray of flour paste energy was absorbed by the black lotus core and the golden bead, after merely about a day's time.

"That fast?" Qin Yu was shocked.

Back when he was refining the Refining Flame Wristband and the other Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, it took them several tens of years to finish engulfing the small amount of flour paste energy.

The flour paste energy was practically boundless. The Universal World, that had now grown to an astonishing size, absorbed a shocking amount of flour paste energy at any given moment. Thus, Qin Yu would naturally not be stingy about the flour paste energy.

"A single ray of flour paste energy has allowed me to refine them by fifty percent. Let's have another ray of flour paste energy." Although Qin Yu did not understand the cause, he also did not bother to study it.

Another ray of flour paste energy flew over.

At this moment, the Taiji that the black lotus core and the golden bead formed through their rotation, gradually began to absorb the flour paste energy at a slower pace. After spending a month, over half of the flour paste energy was absorbed. When Qin Yu reached a refinement of eighty percent, this Taiji stopped absorbing the flour paste energy.

"It stopped absorbing the flour paste energy?" Qin Yu had a sort of sensation in his heart.

This black lotus core and the golden bead seemed to be saturated. They were no longer capable of engulfing any more flour paste energy. Merely, neither one of them were completely refined yet.

At the same time, the speed at which the black lotus core and the golden bead were interchanging their energies grew faster and faster.

The black lotus core started to contain a trace of golden color.

The golden bead started to contain a trace of black color.

This sort of transformation was still persisting.

"The black lotus core is no longer the black lotus core. This golden bead is also no longer its former self. Then, will the Magnificent Lotus Clone that I end up refining in the future remain the same as the one that was recorded in the golden scroll?" Qin Yu instantly started having a headache.

The unknown caused the most worries.

Qin Yu also started worrying. The Magnificent Lotus Clone that he was looking forward to, if he were to refine it through using this transformed black lotus core, what sort of thing would it turn into?

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