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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 29 – The Message Left By the Master of the Bewitching God Temple

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

This was a beautiful valley. It was the intoxication of a beautiful spring day. The water of that several thousand foot tall and close to a hundred foot wide waterfall, was falling from high above. If was as if there was a curtain of white pearls hanging down from the sky. Under the sunshine, the waterfall's splashes appeared like pearls as they radiated a touching luster.

Qin Yu was standing in front of this pond of water.

The waterfall was falling unceasingly. Behind the waterfall was a steep and extremely straight rock wall.

"There's actually no danger here at all." Qin Yu was shocked to discover that the Bewitching God Painting displayed that all of the routes were safe. Evidently… there was no danger whatsoever in this valley.

Qin Yu carefully looked everywhere. There were flowers and plants filled with vitality, clear lake water,  a warm breeze… everything had signified that there was nothing special here. However, why then did the master of the Bewitching God Temple hide this room?

"Wu Lan, I've entered a hidden room. I opened it by chance. However now, I am unable to find anything special about this room." Qin Yu once again sent a Mind Voice Transmission and asked Wu Lan.

With Wu Lan here, if Qin Yu didn't ask him and instead let his imagination run wild, then he'd truly be an idiot.

Ever since the first time Qin Yu asked Wu Lan about the Bewitching God Temple after entering it, Wu Lan had stopped his training. He knew that Qin Yu might ask him again at any moment. Hearing Qin Yu's question, Wu Lan pondered for a moment. He then said via Mind Voice Transmission.

"Qin Yu, I had never seen any hidden room like the one you spoke of, while I was still living in the Bewitching God Temple. However, according to my understanding of the master of the Bewitching God Temple, he is not a senseless person. As he has concealed the room, there must definitely be an important reason for him to do so. Oh, that's right, what does the Bewitching God Painting show?"

"Nothing, the Bewitching God Painting shows that everything here is safe." Qin Yu replied. He was still carefully inspecting everything with his eyes. At the same time, he had slowly spread out his Divine Awareness.

"The Bewitching God Painting actually displayed that everything's safe. Qin Yu, you should explore the area carefully. You must also carefully examine even the things that are unremarkable. You might even be able to obtain a pleasant surprise." Said Wu Lan while smiling.

Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu walked forward slowly. He was looking through his surroundings. His Divine Awareness was also carefully inspecting everything in this valley.

"Mn?" Qin Yu's moving gaze suddenly locked on to a location… the waterfall! To be more exact, it was the mountain wall behind the waterfall. The mountain wall was yellow but Qin Yu clearly saw that there was a cyan colored wall behind the waterfall!

With how accurate Qin Yu's sight was, he instantly determined that there was a cave behind the waterfall!

"There's actually a cave behind the waterfall. Had I not carefully inspected my surroundings, then I suspect I wouldn't have been able to spot the cave when it showed up for an instant." With a step, Qin Yu's body flickered and shot toward that waterfall.

After passing through the waterfall, Qin Yu sensed that the scene in front of him had changed.

Refreshing. This was the first sensation Qin Yu felt when he entered the cave. The entrance to the cave was about four meters wide. After merely walking three or four steps, Qin Yu had entered the cave dwelling. The arrangement of the cave dwelling was extremely relaxed and natural.

A ancient dark black colored wooden table was in the middle of this cave. Beside the table was a chair.

There were some swaying hammocks in the cave too. It was likely that when the master of the Bewitching God Temple grew bored, he would rest on those hammocks. There was even a bend of creek water in the cave.

Crawling mountain plants were on one wall of the cave. The other wall of the cave was covered in a scarlet red color. It was like a red-heated boiler. There was unexpectedly a row of words on that scarlet colored wall.

"To have come to my cave dwelling, it seems fate has brought us together. The things that I left behind in the Bewitching God Temple, you can have however many you'll be able to obtain. I am not afraid that you'll take too much, all I'm afraid of is that you won't be able to take them with you…

Written by Che Hou."

"Che Hou?" Qin Yu was slightly startled. "Che Hou seems to be a name. Chehou is also a family name. Is the master of the Bewitching God Temple called Che Hou or is his family name Chehou?"

Back in the Hidden Dragon Continent, Qin Yu had indeed came across the surname Chehou. Although it was very rare, but there were still people with that surname. However… it was hard to tell whether or not there are people with this surname in the Divine Realm.
[TL: Hidden Dragon Continent = Qianlong Continent]

"Was this row of words written using his fingers? His calligraphy is actually pretty good." Qin Yu walked to this scarlet colored mountain wall. However, on the bottom of the scarlet wall was a stream of water. Qin Yu was unable to get very close to the wall.

After being separated by a the stream of water, Qin Yu stood merely a few meters away from the wall. Using his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu carefully inspected this row of words. Qin Yu knew that he cannot let anything slip by in here.

"I do not believe that this hidden room's purpose is only to leave a series of words for me." Qin Yu carefully inspected the words with his Divine Awareness. Not only the words, Qin Yu was also carefully inspecting the scarlet wall. After inspecting for a long time…

The expression on Qin Yu's face started to change. Initially, he had a confused appearance. However, slowly… he displayed a pleasantly surprised expression.

That scarlet wall was slowly trembling at an almost invisible speed. Space ripples were passing through and forth the surface of the wall.

"So it's like this." Qin Yu took out a Divine Sword. He held it in one of his hands and then suddenly jumped. The Divine Sword started to draw on the wall. A flamboyant carving. Soon after, a word appeared on the wall.


This Yuan that Qin Yu wrote covered almost the entire wall.

"Buzz!" The space inside the cave started to vibrate. Suddenly, the entire space appeared to have been immersed in a layer of gold color. A dazzling white light shot out from the Yuan that Qin Yu carved.

The white light that shot out suddenly turned into a person.

This person was very handsome. Merely, the hair on his temples was already white. He appeared to be forty years old. However, his handsome face appeared to be only twenty or thirty years old. His gaze was extremely deep and serene. An indifferent expression was on his face the entire time. It seemed that nothing could change his expression.

"Hello, I am called Chehou Yuan." Said the man with white hair on his temples.

"Chehou Yuan, so he's actually called Chehou Yuan." Qin Yu came to an understanding. However, Qin Yu had a feeling… that this man in front of him ought to be an image that was left behind and not a part of the Bewitching God Temple.

Chehou Yuan continued. "This is an image I left behind. For you to be able to discover the barrier I left behind, signifies that your soul's level is pretty decent and could be comparable to pretty powerful Deities. For there to be an expert like you in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, it is truly surprising."

Qin Yu was confused. If someone from the Divine Realm were to descend to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, wouldn't they be able to enter here just like he did?

"Although I, Chehou Yuan, do not possess great strength, this Bewitching God Temple of mine possessed a barrier effect toward those from the Divine Realm…. Even if a Godking wanted to enter it, he'd have to spend a large amount of energy. Furthermore, if the Bewitching God Temple were to encounter some of the Godking level expert intruding upon it, it would also self destruct." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently.

Qin Yu was excited.

Although he did not know how strong the level 'Godking' was, for them to be able to become 'Kings of Deities,' they were most definitely extraordinary.

"Since you've found this location and also opened the image I left behind, you shall become the sole person with the opportunity to obtain the greatest treasure of my Bewitching God Temple. Of course… as to whether or not you'll obtain it, will depend on your luck as well as your ability." Chehou Yuan continued.

Merely by listening to Chehou Yuan's words, Qin Yu had already had a favorable impression towards him.

Although there was no smile on Chehou Yuan's face, his speech gave off an amiable sensation.

"For you to be able to come here, you could also be considered a genius in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Now then, before everything else, let me introduce the Divine Realm to you." Chehou Yuan continued. Qin Yu instead grew puzzled.

For what purpose did this Chehou Yuan leave behind a hidden room and this image?

Merely, the curiosity Qin Yu had for the Divine Realm had caused him to continue paying close attention and listen. After all, Wu Lan was merely a low level character in the Divine Realm and didn't even know a lot of the fundamental stuff about the Divine Realm.

"Divine Realm is a Cosmic Space of an even higher level than your Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. If my guess is correct… the Divine Realm ought to be the peak of all Cosmic Spaces!"

Chehou Yuan said slowly. "The Divine Realm contains within it 'Divine Spiritual Energy' and gives off an extremely strong oppression toward those who ascend to it. Usually, the Deities that have just ascended, upon entering the Divine Realm, would be oppressed by the Divine Spiritual Energy to a level where they would barely be able to walk."

Qin Yu was startled.

This Divine Realm was truly a bit too astonishing. This Divine Realm was much stronger than the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Even Deities that have just ascended to the Divine Realm would barely be able to walk.

"The experts of the Divine Realm, to put it simply, are separated into Two Great Stages. The first stage is the Deity Stage. The second stage is the Heavenly Deity Stage! The Deity Stage was separated into Low Level Deity, Mid Level Deity and High Level Deity. Above that are the Low Level Heavenly Deity, Mid Level Heavenly Deity and High Level Heavenly Deity!" Upon reaching this part of his speech, Chehou Yuan slightly stopped. It was as if he knew that this information would stun Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was indeed somewhat shocked.

"So the Divine Realm's experts are actually separated into different levels like this!" Qin Yu had a relaxed sensation. The most frightening thing was the unknown. In the past, he didn't know anything regarding the Divine Realm. However now, he finally knew that the people in the Divine Realm were primarily separated into the Deities and Heavenly Deities.

"The soul of Deities is the 'Golden Soul Pellet' stage whereas the soul of Heavenly Deities is the 'Embryo Soul' stage. At the same time… the energy the Deities use is merely Divine Energy whereas the energy Heavenly Deities use is Heavenly Divine Energy." Chehou Yuan continued.

Qin Yu frowned.

From what he had heard, it seems like the gap between Deities and Heavenly Deities was pretty great.

Suddenly, Chehou Yuan's mouth was slightly raised. It was as if he had a feeling of disdain. "In the Divine Realm, although one's strength and soul is important, but other than those, weapons are also very important."

"Weapons are divided into Low Quality Divine Artifact, Mid Quality Divine Artifact and High Quality Divine Artifact; and above those are the Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact and High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts for a total of six great grades." A slight confidence suddenly appeared on Chehou Yuan's face. "Divine Artifacts are usually used by Deities. Divine Artifacts are merely very ordinary weapons. Ordinarily, anyone possessing strength would be able to take one out. Upon pouring one's Divine Energy into the Divine Weapon, one would be able to exhibit a formidable power. As for Heavenly Divine Artifact, they are generally used by Heavenly Deities… a good Heavenly Divine Weapon was capable of allowing one to skip past levels and kill those above."

"Of course, the power of the weapon is not all there is to it. With a good stratagem, a good method, or a good sneak attack, Deities can still kill Heavenly Deities." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently.

Qin Yu was instead a bit puzzled.

Deities were divided into Low Level, Mid Level and High Level. Heavenly Deities were divided into Low Level, Mid Level and High Level. The Heavenly Deities possessed both stronger strength and soul than Deities; so how would a Deity be able to kill a Heavenly Deity?

"The reason why Heavenly Deities are powerful, is mostly because of their ability to control the space. Their levels are divided into Low Level Heavenly Deity, Mid Level Heavenly Deity and High Level Heavenly Deity according to their ability to control the space." Once Chehou Yuan finished these words, Qin Yu suddenly came to a realization.

So it turns out that Heavenly Deities were actually ranked like that.

"The Deity and Heavenly Deity that I spoke of earlier are only the major levels. I myself am a High Level Heavenly Deity." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently. Only now did Qin Yu know of the strength of the master of the Bewitching God Temple.

The strongest amongst the Heavenly Deities!

"Above the High Level Heavenly Deities is another level." Chehou Yuan continued. "That is the Godking level! Godkings are practically unequalled existences in the Divine Realm. Godkings are people who have completely comprehended the spatial laws!"

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

Heavenly Deities experts were differentiated through their comprehension of the spatial laws. However, the Godkings have completely comprehended the spatial laws. Their strength was almost unimaginable.

"In the Divine Realm, to a certain degree, the Godkings are the strongest existences. Merely… all of the Divine Realm experts know that there is actually another level above the Godkings! An omnipotent existence that could split the heaven and earth apart…. Exalted Celestial!" Upon reaching this point, Chehou Yuan's expression had also slightly changed. It seemed as if he grew a bit excited.

Qin Yu felt that his heartbeat had suddenly stopped.

Exalted Celestial?

Merely the title of Exalted Celestial had already gave Qin Yu an oppressive sensation.

"After completely comprehending the spatial laws, one will become a Godking! Although there are only so many Godking level experts in the Divine Realm, those Godking level experts still seek a higher level. They seek to comprehend and control an even higher law… the temporal laws! Upon completely comprehending the temporal laws and the temporal laws, one would become a Exalted Celestial."

Chehou Yuan gasped. "Legends say, that Exalted Celestials are able to split the heaven and earth apart and bring about the apocalypse. Even if their soul were to be destroyed, as long as their True Spirit remained, the Exalted Celestials are able to come back from the dead. This is the power of Exalted Celestials; the absolutely unequalled, absolutely supreme power!"

Qin Yu felt as if he was unable to breathe.

Merely this Chehou Yuan had already given him an incomparably oppressive sensation. However, the Godkings were even stronger. To have completely comprehended the spatial laws, just thinking about it was already scary. Yet, above it… was the Exalted Celestial.

Exalted Celestial! In front of an Exalted Celestial, everyone was just powerless ants. With a wave of his hand, the entire world would crumble!

"Even with my status in the Divine Realm, I have still only seen extremely exceptional Godkings. As for Exalted Celestials… I was lucky to have a chat with a Exalted Celestial. However unfortunately, I was unable to see this Exalted Celestial's face the entire time." Sighed Chehou Yuan.

Qin Yu had a speculation in his heart.

This Chehou Yuan ought to not be an ordinary High Level Heavenly Deity. According to what he had said, Exalted Celestials are practically people of legends in the Divine Realm. However, Chehou Yuan was actually able to have chat with a Exalted Celestial. Even though they have not met, it was still a shocking thing.

"I have told you all this to allow you to have a rough understanding of the expert levels in the Divine Realm. Actually, in the Divine Realm, as long as you can reach the Heavenly Deity level and not offend anyone, you'll be able to walk with your head up. After all… the Divine Realm is extremely boundless and there are only that many Godkings. With their status being that high, Godkings would not randomly come and handle a nobody like you." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently.

Qin Yu understood very well about what Chehou Yuan's intention was.

It was likely that it would be extremely hard for him to meet a Godking, much less a Exalted Celestial.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 30 – A Spear

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Chehou Yuan paused for a moment before slowly continuing. "Junior, having heard all that I've said, I suspect your heart has also grown excited. However, you'd best not have excessive expectations."

"That is because it is truly extremely difficult to increase one's comprehension of the spatial laws!" Chehou Yuan took a deep sigh. "Usually, when one ascends to the Divine Realm, one will require tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years in order to grow from Low Level Deity to a High Level Deity."

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

Zuo Qiumei had left behind the Meteoric Tear and the comprehension of the spatial laws for him, but even with that advantage… after spending three thousands years comprehending those spatial laws, his soul was still only at the Golden Soul Pellet stage.

Clearly, Qin Yu's comprehension of the spatial laws was inferior to even the Low Level Heavenly Deities.

After all, when one's soul reaches the Low Level Heavenly Deity level, it will turn into an Embryo Soul. Qin Yu had spent three thousand years but regular Deities might not even attain his accomplishment even after spending thirty million years.

Reaching the level of Low Level Heavenly Deity? That's difficult.

Qin Yu did not have any excessive expectations. He merely wanted to continue walking the path of cultivation, step by step.

"Back then, I was a child who was unable to even train in the Internal Techniques and was only able to train in the External Techniques. Yet now, I've reached a strength that could move about unhindered in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm! What then would there be that's impossible to be accomplished in the world? Although I'm weak now, as long as I continue to try hard and train, I will definitely succeed one day."

Qin Yu was extremely resolute. Toward the endless and limitless path of cultivation, Qin Yu had never once been fearful.

"In the Divine Realm, as long as you become a Low Level Heavenly Deity, you'll be considered an expert. As long as you don't offend others, no one would go and cause trouble for a Low Level Heavenly Deity." Chehou Yuan consoled.

Qin Yu had a bitter smile.

Low Level Heavenly Deity? Qin Yu did not wish to offend others, but with that cousin of Li'er, Zhou Xian, for example, Uncle Lan had said that there are many people in the Divine Realm who wished for Li'er's hand in marriage. He is someone who needs to defeat that group of people. If he did not have sufficient strength, how would he possibly be able to defeat them?

Chehou Yuan had merely left behind an image, so naturally he didn't know what was going on in Qin Yu's head.

Chehou Yuan grew silent for a long time.

"I am an Artifacts Craftsman!"

Out of nowhere, Chehou Yuan, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly said these words.

Qin Yu was startled. He then started smiling.

Qin Yu had already made some guesses regarding the identity of this Chehou Yuan. Merely by looking at the large amount of scattered Divine Artifacts located outside the Bewitching God Temple, where even High Quality Divine Artifacts were thrown away like garbage, he was able to guess a bit about this Chehou Yuan.

Chehou Yuan continued. "Earlier, I mentioned that weapons are separated into Divine Artifacts and Heavenly Divine Artifacts. Usually, High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts are the peak of the refining of artifacts. However, within the Cosmic Space, there is another kind of treasure. It is called the 'Grandmist Spiritual Treasure!'" Chehou Yuan's eyes suddenly started shining brightly.

[TL: Grandmist Spiritual Treasure → Hong Meng Spiritual Treasure. Ren said to call it Grandmist when I initially thought to call it Great Cheat lol]

Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?

At this moment, Qin Yu didn't dare to think about anything else. He had firmly remembered everything that Chehou Yuan said. After all, everthing that Chehou Yuan had said would be helpful to him after he ascends to the Divine Realm.

"The Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are separated into Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Amongst them, the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are products of nature. Almost every one of the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure possessed exceptional remarkable ability. The strongest amongst them was even able to bring about the destruction of the world or revive its user from the dead!" Said Chehou Yuan slowly.

[TL: Innate → Xiantian; Acquired → Houtian]

"Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure? Products of nature?" Qin Yu was stunned. This boundless Cosmic Space could actually produce spiritual treasures? After all, in all these years, the powerful weapons that Qin Yu knew of were all man made.

"When comparing the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures with Heavenly Divine Artifacts, which one would be stronger?" Qin Yu suddenly started guessing in his heart.

Chehou Yuan seemed to know that Qin Yu was puzzled, he said. "The power of Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are very hard to tell. That is because there are second and third-rated Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures as well as first-rate Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. The inferior Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were so weak that they're inferior to even ordinary Heavenly Divine Artifacts."

Qin Yu understood it now.

The Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures only signified that they are products of nature and does not necessarily mean that they would be stronger than Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

"However, being the products of nature meant that they would still possess miraculous characteristics. The first-rated Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are so powerful that their strength is beyond reasonable limits. When compared with High Quality Heavenly Divine Weapons, they are much more powerful… as for the Spiritual Treasures that the Exalted Celestials possessed in the legends, it was told that they possessed the power to bring about the destruction of the world. Those Spiritual Treasures are known as Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure." Chehou Yuan's eyes were blazing.

Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasures, the peak amongst the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

"The Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are divided into 'Innate' and 'Acquired.' I have already explained the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for the Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures… they are those that are refined by man!" Said Chehou Yuan slowly.

Upon hearing this, Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, although they're man made, they're still very powerful.

"There is no difference between the might of Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures and Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. They are still separated into third-rated, second-rated and first-rated. The only difference is that one is a product of nature whereas the other is man made. In the entire Divine Realm… there are not many people that are capable of refining Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. However, I, am one of them." Chehou Yuan had a confident expression on his face.

It was a kind of confidence that one came to possess after reaching the peak of comprehension.

"As far as I know, the legendary Exalted Celestials are capable of refining Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Amongst the Godkings, there also seems to be one or two that are able of refining Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for the Heavenly Deities, only I know how to refine Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!" Chehou Yuan's voice was powerful and resounding.

Qin Yu's heart grew slightly excited.

If he was to be able to learn the methods of refining 'Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasures,' then it would likely be helpful to his journey in the Divine Realm.

"Do you know why the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are called 'Grandmist' Spiritual Treasures?" Chehou Yuan asked. After a short moment, Chehou Yuan spoke of the reason himself. "That is because the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures contain within them Grandmist Spiritual Energy!"

Qin Yu grew puzzled. "What is the Grandmist Spiritual Energy?"

In Qin Yu's mind, he knew of the Mortal Realm Worlds' Spiritual Energy, Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm's Elemental Spiritual Energy as well as the Divine Realm's Divine Spiritual Energy that Chehou Yuan had just told him about.

However, this Grandmist Spiritual Energy was a complete mystery to Qin Yu.

"This 'Grandmist Spiritual Energy' is something that every Grandmist Spiritual Treasure possesses. Grandmist Spiritual Energy is something that can be discovered but not sought. Even in the Divine Realm… it is very hard for even Godkings to acquire some Grandmist Spiritual Energy. One can only obtain Grandmist Spiritual Energy by chance if one's lucky." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently. "Back when I was in the Divine Realm, I was once asked by a Divine King level expert to help refine a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure for him. He had given me ten parts of Grandmist Spiritual Energy. Usually, I would save three parts Grandmist Spiritual Energy for myself."

Qin Yu snickered in his heart.

This Chehou Yuan was truly treacherous.

"There are two ways to obtain Grandmist Spiritual Energy. The first method is to try one's luck and search for it all over the place. The second method is to destroy an old Grandmist Spiritual Treasure and obtain the Grandmist Spiritual Energy within it."

Chehou Yuan shook his head and sighed. "In my entire life, I once refined a first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. However, my greatest desire is still to refine an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure."

Qin Yu heart jumped.

The target of this Chehou Yuan was truly far-reaching. He wanted to refine the strongest 'Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.'

"When solely comparing one's ability to refine artifacts, then in the entire Divine Realm, even the Exalted Celestials are inferior to me." Chehou Yuan suddenly said.

"Truly arrogant!" Qin Yu was unable to avoid laughing.

"That is because even the legendary Exalted Celestials are only able to refine first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. As for the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasures, they are all products of nature, the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. They were not refined by the Exalted Celestials… Although they controlled both the spatial laws and the temporal laws, they were still only able to refine first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. Yet I, a mere High Level Heavenly Deity, was also able to refine first-rate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. When comparing the ability to refine Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, one could tell by a single glance who's better and who's worse." Said Chehou Yuan confidently.

Upon hearing what Chehou Yuan said, Qin Yu was also unable to refrain from admiring this Chehou Yuan.

"Having researched the path of refining artifacts for all these years, I suddenly realized something not long ago… actually, it is not true that the better the material the better the artifact. In order to refine an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, it is not enough to merely use Grandmist Spiritual Energy and other top notch materials of the Divine Realm. That's why I decided to come to the Lower Realm." Chehou Yuan continued. "I have passed through numerous Cosmic Spaces searching for some fantastic materials that would help with my refinement."

"Junior from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, by the time you see this image of mine, I will have long since left the Bewitching God Temple." Chehou Yuan's eyes started shining. "That is because not long ago, while I was searching for the materials to use for refinements, I unexpectedly reached a higher level of comprehension. I think I should be able to refine an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure."

Qin Yu felt as if his brain had started buzzing.

Refine an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure?

This Chehou Yuan was that powerful?

"Of course, this is merely a possibility. However, as there is a possibility, I will definitely make an all-out effort to make the possibility bear fruit. That's why I've left here. I have to devote my heart and soul into refining that Spiritual Treasure."

After saying all this, an extremely rare smile appeared on Chehou Yuan's face. "This time around, I do not know whether I'll be able to succeed. Furthermore, I have a feeling… that the day that I succeed in refining an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure might be the day of my death."

Qin Yu frowned.

"You won't be able to understand this. Your comprehension of the heavenly mysteries should still be very low." Chehou Yuan said with a disappointed and frustrated tone. "However, even if it will result in my death, I still want to create an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from admiring this Chehou Yuan.

This sort of person who was willing to sacrifice his life for his ideals was someone who's worth being admired.

"Junior from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, you have still not ascended to the Divine Realm yet. Even though your soul's level is very high, I reckon your body's strength is still not up to much. I suspect… with your current strength, you're simply unable to enter the Artifacts Palace and Refining Flames Palace, the locations where the true treasures are located." Chehou Yuan suddenly said.

"Senior Chehou Yuan, you might've underestimated me." Qin Yu muttered.

"Since you've found this place and also saw the image that I left behind, I also cannot let you return empty-handed." A slight smile appeared on Chehou Yuan's face. "The Bewitching God Temple has a total of four palaces and a shared courtyard. When you exit the Front Palace and enter into the courtyard, you should be able to see a spear sticking beside the flower terrace."

Qin Yu was overjoyed.

It would appear that he was still able to obtain a powerful treasure.

Chehou Yuan's gaze turned fuzzy. "That spear is not a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It is a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact!"

"Not a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure?" Qin Yu felt a bit disappointed. According to what he had heard, the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures seemed to be very powerful.

Chehou Yuan continued. "The spear does not contain Grandmist Spiritual Energy, that's why it's only a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact! However, that spear was something that I refined through gathering the rare materials of the Divine Realm and spending three entire years. It is the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that I am most proud of. Although it does not have Grandmist Spiritual Energy within it, when comparing its might, then it surpasses ordinary Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!"

No matter how calm Qin Yu might be, he still grew excited.

So it turned out that the spear that Chehou Yuan was giving him was actually the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact that he was most proud of.

"When you've reached the courtyard and see the spear, you merely need to write 'Yuan' on the shaft of the spear to break the barrier placed on it. The spear would then be yours to keep." Said Chehou Yuan.

Qin Yu firmly remembered it.

"Well then, you can leave this room now." Said Chehou Yuan indifferently. Following that, his figure started to slowly disappear.

"Senior Chehou Yuan, thank you." Qin Yu gave a proper bow.

Although he knew that what stood in front of him was an image and not the real person, Qin Yu still grew to admire a genius like Chehou Yuan and his determination to create an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure even with the risk of him losing his life.

Qin Yu exited the cave. He flew past the waterfall and left the room.

"Gaga~~~" Right after Qin Yu left the room, the wall of the corridor once again descended back down. The room was once again hidden.

This time around, Qin Yu did not explore all the rooms one by one. That was because he came to know from Chehou Yuan's words, that even if there were treasures in these rooms, they would still not amount to much. The true treasure was that High Quality Heavenly Divine Spear that Chehou Yuan prided himself in.

After coming out from the corridor, Qin Yu entered another corridor. After reaching the end of this corridor, Qin Yu saw a tunnel.

That tunnel leads precisely to the courtyard.

"I'm about to reach the High Quality Heavenly Divine Spear now. I'd best not be too careless and end up like Immortal Emperor Ni Yang." Qin Yu laughed at himself. He spread out his Divine Awareness to completely cover the area ten meters surrounding him. Actually, even if Qin Yu were to be poisoned by that Divine Realm's poisonous bug's poison, he would still not end up like Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

Back then, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's soul's level was merely that of a level eight Immortal Emperor. Qin Yu, on the other hand, had already condensed his soul into a Golden Soul Pellet. His soul was even stronger than ordinary Deities. Furthermore, Qin Yu also possessed… the Meteoric Tear.

Having exited the tunnel, Qin Yu finally entered into the courtyard.

This courtyard was very spacious and empty. There was only a single large tree in the entire courtyard. This large tree is so large that it required three to four people to encircle it. Its height was around twenty meters. However, the treetop covered an extremely large area, over a hundred meters in diameter.

There was a long stone bench located in the courtyard. Beside the stone bench was a row of weapons. Swords, spears, staffs, clubs, and all kinds of exotic weapons were all present. According to Qin Yu's knowledge, he suspected that those weapons were all above High Quality Divine Artifact level. They ought to be at the level of Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

"Was that the poisonous bug that caused the death of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang?"

Qin Yu saw that in front of that row of weapons were actually several tens of bug carcasses.

"Ni Yang from back then, after he threw Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor off and came to the courtyard, did he get too excited and want to obtain the weapons without paying attention to the bugs under his foot?" Seeing the scene in front of him, Qin Yu was able to imagine what had happened back then.

After a moment, Qin Yu's gaze was cast toward the left side of the courtyard, toward a simple and unadorned spear located beside the flower terrace.

"Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, how could you have known, that this ordinary looking spear was actually a weapon more precious than that entire row of weapons." Qin Yu proceeded to walk towards that spear.

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