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Chapter 47 - (Chapter name at the end)

Seeing Liu Suifeng trying to seize the stone tablets, Yan Bugui frowned and yelled out, “Damn it, stop!”

Yan Bugui felt anger and a little bit of panic. There were countless barbarians chasing behind them right now. Within this vast forest, those barbarians were like fish in water, having their combat capabilities almost doubled. On the opposite side of this fight, the peoples of the Great Yan Dynasty performed better outside of the forest. Once they were in the forest, it would be great if they could use even half of their combat abilities. Therefore, everyone should work together and escaped from this forest. Only then they would have the chance to receive their rewards. By attempting to usurp the reward for himself, this Liu Suifeng would get them all killed!

Wu Qi’s response was extremely fast.Just as Liu Suifeng struck, he jumped up and rolled forward, kicking backward with his full force.

The kick slammed hard onto Liu Suifeng’s chest, casuing him to cry out in pain as blood dribbled out of his mouth. He was sent nearly a hundred feet away by the powerful kick, and had his head knocked against a huge tree. He was lucky to survive the collision.

Lu Quyuan let out a shrill shout, “Wu Qi, you dare to hurt the Marquis?”

Wu Qi glared fiercely at Lu Quyan and, without saying a word, continued running fast while carrying Lu Chengfeng.

A few of the guards of Liu Suifeng hastened to the rescue of their master, who had fainted after being knocked into the huge tree. At the same time, nearly thirty personal guards of Liu Suifeng raised up their nine-bolt crossbows and aimed at Wu Qi, preparing to pull the triggers. Wu Qi, on the other side, was moving his body swiftly. Just as those guards were raising their crossbows, he quickly jumped and hid behind a huge tree.

Zhang Hu and Hu Wei were following closely behind Wu Qi. Both of them had a same nine-bolt crossbows in their hands, and were aiming back at those personal guards of Liu Suifeng.

After the bloody fight back at the barbarian encampment by the lake, many of Liu Suifeng’s guards had been killed. Seeing this opportunity, Zhang Hu and Hu Wei had grabbed nine-bolt crossbows for themselves.

Looking at what happened, which would escalate into infighting soon, Yan Bugui unleashed a globe of green light behind him, and the Wind Breaking Wolf, which had appeared on his back, let out an angry roar into the air. Yan Bugui snapped, “Whoever dares to start a fight at this point and time, I’ll abolish all the titles of his family. I, Yan Bugui, am a man of my word!”

Wu Qi extended his hand and pressed down on Zhang Wu and Hu Wei’s hands. He laughing loudly, saying, “Master Yan, Wu Qi is a man who always follow the rules! Heaven as my witness, I have done nothing wrong! I did as you said, risking my life to snatch these three stone tablets from the barbarian altar!”

The seven Scouting Officers standing beside Yan Bugui released their Wind Breaking Wolves unleashed on their backs, standing in a straight line behind Wu Qi. These Scouting Officers blocked the path of Liu Suifeng’s personal guards. Yan Bugui snapped again, “What Wu Qi said was correct, the stone tablets were snatched by him from those barbarians. Liu Suifeng, if you dare to act so absurdly again, I, Yan Bugui, will kill you right now!”

When Yan Bugui showed his temper, Liu Suifeng immediately lost his courage. He hastily ordered his guards to lower their weapons. After that, he proceeded to running tamely behind Yan Bugui. A few Scouting Officers were following closely beside Wu Qi, preventing any possible assault from Liu Suifeng.

Suddenly, Wu Qi felt a soft yet continuous force was pushing his palm from below. He looked and saw a faint flow of Qi was spiraling around Lu Chengfeng’s body. Even an average human could see the faded white Metal energy and yellowish Earth energy that was slowly floating around Lu Chengfeng’s body.

After getting the help from the energy and blood essence that Wu Qi injected into his body, Lu Chengfeng, who had been stuck at the peak of the Houtian realm for years, finally broke and entered into the Xiantian realm. Judging from the natural energies his body had started actively absorbing, he was actually cultivating with a double elemental skill, those elements obviously being the Earth and Metal elements. Also, his body had the properties of Earth and Metal as well.

Liu Suifeng and Lu Quyan’s expressions became dark. Now Lu Chengfeng had become a Xiantian level cultivator? Putting aside Liu Suifeng, Lu Quyuan had thought of something suddenly: Would the Liyang Lu Family change their attitudes towards Lu Chengfeng because of this? Will the status of Lu Quhai, the real eldest son of Liyang Lu Family, and also the elder brother of Lu Quyuan, be threatened because of this?

On the other side, Yan Bugui felt extremely happy for this. There were countless barbarians chasing behind them right now. This time, all these barbarians would definitely use their full strength and all available approaches to kill them. In this critical moment, having an extra Xiantian level cultivator, even if he was only at the Embryonic Breath tier of the Xiantian realm, would be an extra safety net for them!

“Young master Lu, congratulations! Breaking through to reach the Xiantian realm is a great achievement!” Yan Bugui immediately expressed his admiration to Lu Chengfeng.

All the other Scouting Officers were looking at Lu Chengfeng with envious looks. Although they were all beast warriors, since they had joined with the souls of Wind Breaking Wolfs, and, thus, were able to possess combat capabilities equal to the Respiration tier of the Xiantian realm, but their own cultivation level was still at the peak of the Houtian realm. They could, at most, be considered Pseudo Xiantian realm cultivators. It was totally different compared to Lu Chengfeng, who was a real Xiantian realm cultivator.

Lu Chengfeng let out a few loud laughs, he then held his fist and bowed deeply to Wu Qi, saying, “Brother Wu QI, from now on, you are my blood brother!”

Wu Qi grabbed Lu Chengfeng forcefully, also carrying the stone tablets, and started to sprint forward immediately. While running wildly himself, he shouted, “Stop acting so strange. If you want to be my blood brother, so be it, but we better run for our lives quickly. It sounds like something dangerous is approaching!”

Lu Chengfeng turned around and listened carefully, and then his expression changed. He immediately grabbed Zhang Hu and Hu Wei, and sprinted forward, running for his life.

Now that Lu Chengfeng had broken through to the Xiantian realm, there was no more blockage in his meridians.Internal energy could now flow freely and continuously through his body. At the same time, natural energy from the surrounding area kept flowing into his body, replenishing his consumption. Therefore, even though he was carrying two adult men while running as fast as he could, he never felt tired. With a simple light breath, it was as if he was breathing in a river of energy. With a simple step forward, he could travel dozens of feet away. He felt as if he was running on the wind.

While enjoying the boost in strength and speed brought to him by breaking through to the Xiantian realm, Lu Chengfeng laughing out loud and said, “Wu Qi, from now on, I will share all my wealth with you!”

Yan Bugui glared fiercely at Liu Suifeng and Lu Quyuan, giving them a sharp glare. Only after that did he bring all the men and continue on their fleeing journey.

Not far behind of them, the angry roar of beasts were getting closer and closer. After about fifteen minutes later, three barbarian fighters who had black smoke rising from their bodies, caught up with them. They were riding on weird beasts, which could run above the ground by jumping and swinging from tree branch to tree branch.

The three weird beasts looked similar to the Raptors which Wu Qi was familiar with, but they were covered with dark black scales and had five razor sharp horns on top of their heads. Their muscular back legs had three toes only, but the nails were two feet long and shone brightly, like sharp blades.

The weird beasts were quickly advancing, as they used their back legs and kicked on the tree branches few feet above the ground, bouncing themselves forward. They would leave countless holes on the trees they passed. These beasts quickly approached the fleeing group, looking like three wild whirlwinds.

Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng had grabbed Zhang Hu and Hu Wei and were running at the front of the group. The ones in the back were the weakest personal guards of Liu Suifeng.

The three weird beasts leaped down from above at an extremely fast speed. They opened their mouths and spit out three jets of dark water. The pungent dark water jets spilled onto these slow personal guards. No one knew what was contained in the dark water, but it was far more corrosive than any acids they were aware of. These personal guards could only let out a few horrible screams. After that, all their skin and flesh were melted by the dark water, turning into some poisonous liquid. In an instant, they became a pile of bones and internal organs, sitting in a pool of poisonous liquid.

The weird beasts had shown their strength. The three barbarians howled at the same time, their voices shrill, like the hissing sound of some poison snake.

The howling of the three barbarians was like some sort of signal. At this point in time, countless strange and exotic bugs started falling down from the huge trees above Wu Qi and others. Poisonous snakes, colorful caterpillars, scorpions. There was even a bug that looked like a stick insect, but was spitting out poisonous substances from its mouth. There were beetles who could shoot out deadly poison; centipedes covered with thorns, and a poisonous moth as big as a huge bucket. There were at least two to three thousand different kinds of poisonous bugs raining down from the sky.

Among these frightening bugs, there were two poisonous serpents that were over forty feet long.

Lu Quyuan, who was fleeing in disorderly manner, let out a frightened scream. A poisonous serpent dropped right on his back. In an instant, it coiled the tail around Lu Quyuan’s body. With a powerful squeeze, Lu Quyuan’s bones immediately produced some cracking sounds, and a few of his ribs were broken on the spot.

Luckily, Yan Bugui came to the rescue, swinging of his sword and unleashing a ray of light that cut the poisonous serpent into a few pieces. Before the head of this ferocious serpent fell onto the ground, its razor sharp fangs cut slightly on Lu Quyuan’s left shoulder, making a tiny cut. In an instant, Lu Quyuan’s left shoulder expanded like a balloon, turning black and shining under the reflection of the sunlight.

Yan Bugui shook his head helplessly. Wwithout saying anything, he chopped off Lu Quyuan’s shoulder straight away. After that, he grabbed Lu Quyuan and threw him to Lu Chengfeng, “Young master Lu, please take care of your brother.”

Extending his hand and grabbing Lu Quyuan, who had lost his left arm and was screaming in extreme pain, Lu Chengfeng shook his head, then pressed on few acupoint near Lu Quyuan’s shoulder. The blood spewing from his shoulder slowed down to a trickle in response to this.

While waving his sleeves and slapping away those poisonous bugs, Wu Qi turned around. With an odd expression, he sneered at Lu Quyuan, saying, “Sixth young master of Lu Family, you better be obedient and show some respect to my young master, or else we just might feed you to those huge serpents!”

Lu Quyuan was so scared that his face turned pale. He grabbed onto Lu Chengfeng’s hand and, with a nearly hoarse voice, said, “Elder brother, I’ll listen to what you tell me from now on and do whatever you say!”

Yan Bugui, together with his subordinates, unleashed their green Wind Breaking Wolves, bolting toward the three barbarians behind them while swinging their swords.

The three weird beasts leaped a few steps forward, once again opening their mouth and spitting out three jets of dark water. With a wave of his arm, Yan Bugui unleashed a few beams of sword light from his sword, countering and forcing these three dark water jets back to where they came from, which made them spill and splash all over the three weird beasts and the barbarians riding on their back.

The dark water had no effect on three weird beasts, but the three barbarians, who were riding on their backs, let out a horrible howls, instantly turned into piles of poisonous meat.

The weird beasts roared angrily and leaped forward, striking their razor sharp horns at Yan Bugui and his men.

A loud banging sound resounded throughout the place, and the three weird beasts had their skulls crushed into a complete mess by the sword attacks. At the same time, Yan Bugui and his men were forced back by the massive force of the impact, making the scene become very chaotic.

A cruel bright light shone in Wu Qi’s eyes. He took a look at Liu Suifeng, who was hiding behind his guards, shouting at them, and then snapped his fingers. A tiny bug with black poisonous hairs all over its body was falling down from above.Wu Qi snapped his finger and pushed the bug, shooting it out at a lighting fast speed and making it fall into Liu Suifeng’s ear.

The poisonous hairs of this tiny bug shot out from its body and penetrated Liu Suifeng’s skull. The deadly poison took effect immediately, and Liu Suifeng fell to the ground without making a noise.

All his personal guards cried out in alarm, “Young master!”

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes while flashing a toothless smile. Now, no one else would try to take away his contribution.

Chapter Name: Killing the Marquis
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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