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Chapter 31 – Beheaded


They were a special trained deathsworn soldier, fielded by wealthy and influential families within the Great Yan Dynasty. Talented orphans were chosen and trained with cruel and brutal techniques, fed with all kinds of medicines, and taught a wild, crazy, and unique evil skill. All of these things had turned them into the ultimate killing machines.

Every single assassin sweared their loyalty to the chief of the family, and they would do anything the chief commanded them to do.

Right before these four new assassins jumped into the battlefield, they had swallowed the forbidden pill that gave them ten times their normal strength. Their bodies expanded in an instant. Like four dark clouds, they thrust themselves towards the three barbarian leaders while making ghostly howls.

Wu Qi kept staring at the battlefield from the slope. He could tell that, although these four assassins were pretty strong, if they didn’t risk their lives to attack those three barbarian leaders, who had lower tier magical weapons, they would just get themselves killed. Just like the four assassins who got themselves killed by Lu Chengfeng’s Grand White Gold Dagger Formation.

Their strength had increased by ten times, and their speed increased by, at least, three times.

The sudden appearance of these assassins had caught the three barbarian leaders off guard, and they only had the time to command the blade lights to cut off a leg of an assassin. Blood was splashing around, and with the loud shouting command of a barbarian leader, the blade light flew back and chased behind the four sprinting assassins. However, all the four assassins, including the one had his leg chopped off, were all sprinting forward crazily, without caring about the threat from the blade light.

Finally, the freezing breeze swept across the four assassins, making them tremble and slowing their speed down by a third. The ear-splitting ghostly howl hit them at the same time, and the assassin whose leg was chopped off and bleeding badly became the first target. In an instant, his head exploded. The freezing breeze had covered his entire body, sucking out all of his blood and making him turn into a mummy.

All nearby barbarians were cheering and yelling crazily, with excitement, they all began to turn around and look in the direction of their leaders.

The blade light struck again. The barbarian leader who was controlling the blade spit out a mouthful of blood onto the blade to ignite it, doubling its speed. It slashed down onto the body of another assassin at lightning speed. A huge amount of blood splashed everywhere, and the assassin’s body was cut in half, falling to the ground while screaming horribly.

Following the deaths of the two assassins, the other two assassins had finally gotten up to a very close distance from the barbarian leaders. Without saying anything, their bodies inflated at an incredible speed. The next second, both of them exploded into thousands of tiny chunks of meat and blood. This dark meat and blood splattered everywhere and reached at least thirty feet away, three barbarian leaders, who suffered from the intense explosion at such a close distance, died on the spot, having their bodies torn apart and being blasted everywhere.

The dark blood splashing around had hit all the barbarians and guards of the Yi Family. It was like an incredibly strong acid and immediately corroded their bodies, causing their muscles to melt and dropped off. These victims could only scream in pain, struggling and rolling on the ground. In just a few seconds, all of them had died.

Wu Qi, who witnessed this, had his face twist in disgust. He was wondering what kind of evil skill these assassins practiced in, killing others with suicide, in such evil and brutal way. Shaking his head, he brought his men and came down from the mountain quickly. Soon, they had arrived at the side of the road.

After the deaths of the four assassins, the strongest fighting force defending Yi Yan and his brothers was gone. Under the protection of dozens of elite guards, the Yi brothers kept yelling and screaming while retreating towards the rocks in the field. Those barbarians had started raging when they saw their leaders were killed in such a brutal way. With a very fast speed, they killed the rest of the people in the parade, howling angrily and chasing after Yi Yan and his men.

More than a thousand barbarians were attacking the few dozen elite guards. While these well-equipped guards were mid-level practitioners, they couldn’t resist this endless attack. In just thirty minutes, while they were still a hundred feet away from the rock field, the number of guards had been reduced by half.

When these barbarians started raging, they simply attacked without bothering for their own lives. They blocked the blades and pikes of those guards with their bodies, pulling them off from their rides by force. Once a guard was pulled down from his ride, dozens of barbarians would storm in and strike him with their heavy blades and axes, like and endless spattering of rain they killed the guards in the cruelest and most brutal ways.

Yi Yan was completely terrified, his pale white meat kept wobbling like there was no tomorrow. He made a sorrowful howl and said, “Oh my dear Heavens, what sin have I done? Why are these barbarians attacking us? Oh dear Heavens, dear Earth, please hurry and send some help!”

Suddenly, a barbarian threw out a hand axe. The rough hand axe was made of black iron, and the edge was not sharp at all. However, the barbarian who thrown it was quite strong, and the axe flew across the air with a loud swooshing sound, forcefully chopping into Yi Yan’s left shoulder.

An inhuman howl shook the land as Yi Yan’s left arm was chopped off his shoulder. His blood was splashing out, like a fountain. Yi Xing, Yi De, and Yi Cu shouted out in disbelief at the same time. Without hesitation, they immediately hid behind Yi Yan’s back. With Yi Yan’s mountain-like body, he was the best option to be a human shield. The trio had completely forgotten about their ‘brotherhood’ and ‘familial bonds’.

Yi Yan’s body trembled violently and he roared at those family guards crazily, “You useless fools! If you can’t kill all these barbarians, what is your value to my family? You all are just pieces of shit! When I return to my family, I’ll definitely sell all your wives and family members off to be mining slaves!”

Yi Yan’s curse had ignited the wild side of these guards. Tens of these guards leapt forward at the same time, unleashing their internal energy at full force. Three foot long, greenish sword light shoot out from the tips of their weapon, carrying with them an ear-splitting swooshing sound as they slashed toward those barbarians.

The greenish sword light was invincible, no matter whether it was a blade or a pike, or even armor, it was unable to defend from it. These guards swung their weapons and attacked any enemies in front of them, chopping off heads, arms, and even the legs of those barbarians, flooding the place with blood and human bodies.

With the energy of mid-level practitioners, the sword light could last for, at most, ten minutes. In just this short period of time, the guards were able to kill several hundred barbarians. Their internal energy was finally depleted, and they had been surrounded by barbarians, no doubt they were going to get killed soon.

“Use the ‘Bloody Battle Pill’, I will make sure your family members live decent lives!” The leader of the guards from the Yi Family shouted out and suddenly gave an order.

Tens of Yi Family guards, who had depleted their internal energy, shouted ‘understood’ at the same time, then they all took out a bloody red colored pill and put it into their mouths. In the next second, their bodies inflated like the four assassins, and a massive amount of energy was unleashed from within their bodies, like an explosion. With that, all of them raised their weapons up again, but now a six-foot long sword light shot out from the tip.

Wherever the sword light passed, everything in its way was shattered. These guards leapt forward while laughing out loud, soon there were another three hundred barbarians that were killed by them. After that, blood started to flow out from their seven apertures, and their bodies exploded.

The leader of guards took a cruel glimpse at his dead subordinates, then turned around and waved his hand to the other group of guards, saying, “Use the Bloody Battle Pill!”

“Understood!” The group of guards clenched their teeth tightly and took a look at the barbarians around them, which had been significantly reduced, then they took out the pill and swallowed it. Another round of suicide attacks, another over two hundred dead barbarians. In the blink of an eye, more than half of the over a thousand-strong barbarians had been killed. The blood and dirt on the ground had mixed up and become a foot-thick black mud.

The spirit of the barbarians was weakening. No matter how brutal and cruel these barbarians were, they could feel fear too. Looking at the dead bodies of their friends, and looking again at the over twenty surviving Yi Family guards, these barbarian’s courage fled them.

Staring at each other in panic, these barbarians shouted at the same time, and turned around and fled into the nearby woods.

Holding left shoulder with his right hand, Yi Yan let out a nearly insane laugh and said, “Chase after them abd kill them all! Damn bastards, they not only hurt me, they also killed the emmisary! This will be a big problem. All of you must help me kill all of them!”

The emmisary was killed, someone had to get the blame for it. Among all the people here, Yi Yan who had lost an arm, was the best candidate to take the blame. He was crippled by losing an arm, and the Yi Family couldn’t use him anymore. Using him to take the blame was the best option for them.

Thinking about his miserable future, Yi Yan clenched his teeth tightly, cursing aloud, and ordering his guards to kill more barbarians.

Yi Wei, who was the leader of the Yi Family guards, had red eyes too. He was not doing his job well, and the man he supposed to protect had gotten his arm chopped off,. Even if he could return to the Yi Family safely, his position in Yi Family would definitely be affected. It was all due to the trouble caused by these barbarians, these damn barbarians!

Taking off his helmet, Yi Wei roared angrily. Then he left behind a few guards to protect Yi Yan and his brothers, before raising his sword up high and charging forward to persue those barbarians. He circulated his internal energy, and a dark blue, watery light shot out from the tip of his sword. It was a six foot long sword light.

The peak of the Houtian level. Yi Wei had reached this level. He could unleash a six-foot long sword light for at least fifteen minutes. This was more than enough time for him to kill a few hundred barbarians.

When Wu Qi saw the watery light on Yi Wei’s sword, he smiled. Yi Wei was cultivating with a water elemental skill. Of course his internal energy would be of the water element! Not only this, it was a rare divergence of the water element, an ice skill! These types of skills had a subtle internal energy and a higher purity than ordinary elemental skills! Besides, he was a peak Houtian practitioner!

Screaming at the top of his voice, Wu Qi rushed out from the woods while riding on a single horned deer. The six hundred men from Meng Village, and the five hundred elite soldiers of the third battalion followed behind him and strucke at the same time.

The thunder-liked sound of their charge had scared those fleeing barbarians and Yi Yan’s group, making their faces turned pale in and instant.

The men from Meng Village sprinted forward like wildfire in a field. They separated into smaller groups and struck at those fleeing barbarians, chopping off their heads like they were chopping some onions. This filled them with so much fear that they turned around and ran in Yi Yan’s direction.

The five hundred elite soldiers of the third battalion were all wearing all black armor. Like a silent iceberg, they marched ruthlessly and efficiently forward in a neat formation. They were moving like a running mountain, crushing everything in its path. No matter if it was the fleeing barbarians, or the Yi Family guards who were pursuing the barbarians, all of them got crushed and killed in front of this giant mountain.

Yi Yan scream out loud in extreme terror, “Help, Yi Wei, save me!”

Yi Wei, who had just beheaded over thirty barbarians, turned around hastily, he suddenly realized his mistake. He had just ditched the person who he was supposed to be protecting and came out this far!

With a loud shout, Yi Wei, who had his mind disturbed, turned his ride around and sprinted toward Yi Yan.

Wu Qi had hidden among the men from Meng Village, and gotten close to Yi Wei. When Yi Wei retreated, Wu Qi had immediately thrown out his lower tier magical dagger, after injecting a large amount of internal energy into it, with a loud whooshing noise, the dagger cut through the air at an incredible speed, impaling into Yi Wei’s body from behind.

The lower tier magical dagger was razor sharp, and it had took away Yi Wei’s life in an instant. However, his internal energy was still flowing within his body.

Without hesitation, Wu Qi leapt forward and placed his palm onto Yi Wei’s dantian. A huge amount of water elemental energy was sucked out by his palm and immediately became part of his innate water energy. In just two seconds, Wu Qi had absorbed all of Yi Wei’s internal energy. With a kick, he sent his body flying.

He let out a satisfied laugh, and, without wasting any time, he ran swiftly and came to be in front of the Yi brothers.

“In your next life, don’t get in my way!”

His palm was like a razor sharp blade, gently swiping through the neck of the Yi brothers.

Blood shot up high into the air, like a fountain, as four heads flew up into the sky.

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