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Chapter 18 – The Burglary

Ae-er stabbed his other hand with the dagger, then the dagger started to suck out his blood and turned into a bright shining bloody red color. Ae-er’s skinny body trembled violently, and he became even skinnier after his blood was sucked, looking like a skeleton wrapped in skin.

The dagger emitted a several foot long red light and was thrust toward Wu Qi’s chest, shattering all the ropes of wind in its path. The speed of it was so fast that Wu Qi couldn’t evade it at all. He merely twisted his body, then got his shoulder slashed by the red light. A fountain of blood shot out from his shoulder.

Letting out a pain filled cry, Wu Qi extended his hand and grabbing at the red light. Layers of blue energy covered over the dagger. Wu Qi dashed forward and positioned himself in front of Ae-er, then he kicked out his right leg and hit Ae-er right in the crotch.

*Bam* Ae-er was kicked a few feet away, then he spit out a stream of blood and died.

Wu Qi clenched his palm forcefully on the dagger, which was flying past, then he screamed and fell to the ground with his face upwards.

Before anyone could see what happened, Wu Qi’s arm muscles began to move, like a flow of water, pushing and moving this mystical dagger into a secret pocket underneath his shirt.

Lu Chengfeng stood up slowly, gazed at Yi Xing, who was smiling, and, with a cold voice, said, “Fine! So you even have a right-hand man who knows how to use a magical item. Everyone, Lu has learned a lesson today!”

With a sneer, Lu Chengfeng walked over to Wu Qi, who has ‘unconscious’, picked him up, and marched out of the hall.

The plump and pale Yi Yan raised up his wine glass and slowly drank up the wine in it. Staring at Lu Chengfeng’s back, Yi Yan claped his hands and, with a joyful voice, said, “General Lu has left, but we can’t waste these delicacies and fine wines. Everyone, let’s feast!”

Light music came from the back of the hall abd dozens of female dancers, who were wearing the skimpiest of clothes, came out, dancing. The waving ribbons and the lotus fans in their hands filled the hall with a joyful and seductive atmosphere.

All the officers of Little Meng City cheered and clapped, raising their wine glasses and proposed their toasts to Yi Yang and his siblings.

Hearing the cheering and music came from his back, the elegant face of Lu Chengfeng, was strained and grim. He carried Wu Qi and walked passed different courtyards, although there were guards, maids and serving ladies everywhere he passed, but, it was like there’s only he and Wu Qi left in the world, a lonely and quiet atmosphere was covering them.

After walking past three courtyards, when they were almost back to the General’s Residency, Wu Qi suddenly opened up his eyes, blinking at Lu Chengfeng.

Lu Chengfeng was startled, nearly dropping Wu Qi.

Wu Qi hissed hurriedly to stop Lu Chengfeng, then with a soft voice, he said, “Wait, pretend I am still unconscious. Young master, please bring me back and let everybody know that I was seriously wounded by that lower tier magical weapon. It should take me a few days to recover and walk again.”

Without having many changes in his expression, Lu Chengfeng continues walking while carrying Wu Qi and, at the same time, asks, “What is this all about?”

Wu Qi let out a dry laugh, took a glimpse at the position of his secret pocket, and, in a soft voice, said, “A lower tier magical weapon, I’m sure it is worth quite a lot?”

Lu Chengfeng was startled again, then burst out laughing, “Indeed. I think it was Yi Xing who gave this lower tier magical weapon to Ae-er. If he really is so shameless and asks us to return it to him, that would be troublesome.”

Wu Qi laughed, then he closed his eyes and pretended he was still fainted. He murmured, “Young master, why is your identity, being that of the eldest son of Lu family, useless here. I thought the Yi family and the Lu family had been friends for many generations? Why are they provoking you, as if they were not worried about offending the Lu family?

Lu Chengfeng kept quiet and then, after some time, when they were reaching the room arranged for Wu Qi, said, “You are right, the Lu family and the Yi family were friends for many generations, they are even related to each other by marriage. But none of this had anything to do with me.”

Shouting out loud and asked for Laohei and Xiaohei to find some medicines and water for Wu Qi, Lu Chengfeng spoke softly, “Why would the eldest son of the Lu family come here, to a remote, tiny little city to become a General? The reason for this... I’ll let you know one day! If you regret your decision, just leave Lu here, go and find your fortune elsewhere.”

With his eyes closed, Wu Qi’s lips moved slightly, said with extremely soft voice, “Helping one when they have nothing means much. Helping one when they have everything means little... I bet you will be wealthy one day!”

Lu Chengfeng dumbfounded, then he breathed out a long sigh.

Laohei and Xiaohei had quickly come in with few maids that Lu Chengfeng had brought here. These maids were slaves that Lu Chengfeng bought and raised since they were young.As opposed to those guards, who arranged by Lu family for Lu Chengfeng, these maids were the only people he could trust here.

After cleaning Wu Qi’s wound on his shoulder and applying a thick, secret formulated medicinal paste, Lu Chengfeng left Wu Qi’s room and let him rest. He also arranged for two maids to stay with Wu Qi so they can take care of him.

In the eyes of the maids and serving ladies arranged by Yi Yan, Wu Qi was badly wounded and can’t get up from bed anytime soon. Therefore, their focus was now on Lu Chengfeng alone.

After a few restless hours, midnight arrived.

The suite Wu Qi was staying in had two bedrooms, including a small living-room and a study. Right now, Wu Qi was staying in the inner bedroom, while he two maids of Lu Chengfeng were staying in another bedroom. These two maids can’t stay up late at night, although Lu Chengfeng ordered them to take good care of Wu Qi, but both of them had fallen asleep on a soft bed now.

Wu Qi, who was ‘unconscious’, stood up nimbly and walked out of his bedroom quietly. He softly pressed a few acupuncture points of the two maids. This would make sure they slept until the morning.

Back to his own bedroom, Wu Qi opened a window that lead to a garden full of exotic flowers and rare plants. There was a door at the corner of the garden that lead to a training field outside the General’s Residency, where many subordinates of the General were staying nearby.

Throwing an examining look around, Wu Qi circulated some of his innate water energy into his eyes and checked the surrounding area, making sure there was no one hiding nearby.

With a peace of mind, Wu Qi stepped out of the window and grabbed a cloth and covered his face. At the same time, he covered his body with a thin layer of innate water energy, then, with a flip of his body, faded water vapor appeared and hovering around him, making him became blurry and very difficult to see, even if you were standing three feet away.

The Scroll of Stealing contained all sorts of things. For example, the ‘Innate Water Energy Shift’ in the ‘Source of Water Chapter’, is a unique skill. Although Qu Qi had only the cultivation level of peak Houtian, and he can’t travel more than hundred thousand miles, like what was stated in the Source of Water Chapter, but gathering some water vapor and surrounding his body with it was easy enough for him to do.

Leaping forward nimbly, with the cover of the water vapor, Wu Qi soon went across many rooftops and, eventually, came to Yi Yan’s mansion.

It was midnight. Besides from those guards who were on duty, everyone else had gone to sleep. The strongest guard on duty only had the cultivation level of thirty to forty years’ stage, how could they find out Wu Qi’s traces?

Not even mentioned all the skill provided by the Scroll of Stealing, with just the experience Wu Qi gained in the Darkhand Sect, he could be a great thief. Under the cover of water vapor, Wu Qi actually walked right in front of those guards several times, but none of them ever saw him.

As if he is was the king of this place, Wu Qi had crossed all the lines of defense easily and, eventually, he arrived at Yi Yan’s bedroom.

Yi Yan’s bedroom was huge and luxurious, decorated with all kinds of jewels and gemstones. Just the his bed alone had impressed Wu Qi. He simply can’t describe how astonished he was.

The bed was a few feet in length and width and made entirely from pure gold, with a thick layer of silk and cotton on top of it. When Wu Qi stared at that huge solid gold cube, he felt his hands become itchy, and wished he could just move the entire pure gold cube away.

After spending a few days with those villagers in Meng village, Wu Qi knew how precious gold was to this place. Ordinary people don’t even know what gold looks like. A gold coin can be exchanged for a hundred silver coins, and a silver coin can be exchanged for three hundred to a thousand ordinary coins, and, head of a barbarian only worth one hundred ordinary coins.

The huge gold bed of Yi Yan was worth countless gold coins!

“This damn pig, how dare he to claim the tax collection was not enough to fix the city wall? I’ll steal everything from him. Everything!”

Wu Qi kept staring at this bed made of pure gold, his mind, eyes and hand became so excited. But too bad, this bad weight a ton, how could Wu Qi move it away? There is a kind of magical storage ring and storage bag recorded within the Scroll of Stealing. It was said that it could store a huge amount of items within it. It is also said that the highest level of storage rings can even store a planet within them.

But Wu Qi had just entered into the world of cultivation, so he didn’t even know how what the world looked like. How would he know where to find this kind of treasure?

The Scroll of Stealing did mention a method to make storage rings and storage bags, but, first, the raw materials were very difficult to obtain, and second, Wu Qi didn’t have a sufficient cultivation level to make them. Without a high level of energy and skills, there was no way he could make this kind of storage treasure.

Breathing out a long sigh, Wu Qi slowly walked closer to the bed and then pointed and pressed softly on Yi Yan’s body, making him fall into a deep sleep.

Beside the huge and chubby body of Yi Yan, there were four petite and beautiful serving ladies. They were all naked and looked tired. Obviously they had gone through a tiring battle with Yi Yan before they fell asleep. Wu Qi looked at the fat body of Yi Yan, then he turned around and looked at those serving ladies, whose combined waists were still smaller than Yi Yan’s waist. He wondered how these serving ladies could survive Yi Yan’s weight. [TL note: ahem... women on top.]

Pointing his fingers at these four petite serving ladies, Wu Qi made them fall into a deep sleep.

After some struggles in his mind, Wu Qi pushed away the blanket that covered them, then he caught a glimpse of Yi Yan’s crotch.

Quickly looking at the bodies of those four serving ladies, Wu Qi covered them back up with the blanket, rubbing his hand while letting out a weird laugh.

“Wow. These girls have nice bodies!”

Yi Yan’s purple gold headwear. Took it. Yi Yan’s ring. Took it. Yi Yan’s belt. Took it. Those jewels and gemstones used to decorate the room, Took them. Inside a cupboard at a corner, were a large amount of golden bars. Took them all away.

Having grown up in the Darkhand Sect, Wu Qi had the vision of an eagle. With just one look, he knew the exact values of all these jewels and gemstones. Wu Qi only spent around fifteen minutes, yet he had taken away all of the most valuable things in the room.

After stealing all the visible treasures in the room, Wu Qi started examining the other parts of the room. From the memories of Le Xiao Bai, in his soul, he soon found two hidden mechanisms. Moving away two deer shaped incense burners in front of the bed, Wu Qi stomped on a tile on the floor, then a wall at one corner of the room slid open, revealing a secret chamber.

Rubbing his hands excitedly, Wu Qi ran into the secret chamber.

Soon, a satisfying laugh burst out from the secret chamber, like a mouse who had just found a huge wheel of cheese[A]! All the top quality resources of the past two years produced in Little Meng City were stored within this secret chamber by Yi Yan. Gemstones, jades, all kind of precious treasures, all pilled up in fifteen big crates inside the secret chamber.

Wu Qi kept running back and forth between Yi Yan’s bedroom and the woods outside of the city. With the help of his Innate Water Energy Shift, he can run swiftly and it only took him fifteen minutes for each trip. After nearly an hour and a half, Wu Qi finally emptied all of Yi Yan’s belongings.

After digging out a deep hole within the woods and burying all these treasures, Wu Qi went back to General Residency while whistling.

He was thinking about a very important thing: Where can he find a magical storage item?

After some satisfying thoughts, Wu Qi fell into a sleep filled with sweet dreams.

Early the next morning, the huge Mayor’s Mansion was almost flipped over by Yi Yan’s wild and loud roars.

“My money, my money, all my money! Which bastard had stolen all my money!!!!!!”

[A] - So, apparently, mice like rice in China. This formerly said ‘rice jar’ as opposed to ‘wheel of cheese’.

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