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Wu Qi was lying quietly in a small boat, floating on a small lake at the back garden of Duke Yan Le's Mansion.

He had memorized the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements thoroughly, and had begun to cultivate it. Using his heart, liver, lung, spleen, and kidney as the cores, five vast streams of energy were flowing through all his eight extraordinary meridians and twelve principal meridians.

The so-called Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements was actually the most orthodox method of laying the foundation for cultivators. By cultivating essence of flesh and blood into innate energy, nourishing five vital internal organs and breeding the five elements, they could give birth to innate energy of five elements and strengthen the innate foundation of cultivation, which hid among all five vital internal organs. Then, using the innate energy of five elements to trigger the foundation of cultivation and grown the innate Spirit Seed into Spirit Sprout and Root, it would eventually become the foundation of advancing into the realm of Immortals.

If any other Xiantian realm warriors wanted to cultivate the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, they would have to modify the path of innate energy circulating in their meridians, and it would be a huge trouble. It was because, for those warriors who had cultivated to Xiantian realm, the circulating path of innate energy in their meridians had formed into a specific pattern, and had even merged into their bloodline and spirit. Thus, in order to change the formed circulating path, it would be like trying to change the route of a high-speed train, extremely difficult injurious.

Thus, normal Sects that cultivate immortal would only accept those who hadn't cultivated before as their apprentice, and a warrior of peak Houtian realm was the limitation for being accepted into a Sect. For a Xiantian realm warrior like Wu Qi, if not because of Princess Zhang Le, Nie Baihong would never accept him as an apprentice. Putting aside everything, if a Xiantian realm warrior wanted to cultivate with the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, it would take him at least three to five years of hard work.

That was the reason why Nie Baihong left straightaway after he gave Wu Qi a script of cultivating. Because he simply had no hope in the future regarding Wu Qi's cultivation. He was just showing due respect to Princess Zhang Le by accepting Wu Qi as his apprentice. As for what kind of result would Wu Qi bring out? He wasn’t concerned at all.

However, it was not a problem for Wu Qi. Before this, he was cultivating with the technique from Scroll of Stealing, and the core meridians cultivated by him were the Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians located in both arms. As a result, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians and Twelve Principal Meridians in his body didn't contain any innate energy. By just absorbing a little bit of natural energy according to the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements and using his divine sense, which was many times stronger than ordinary cultivators, to circulate the energy in his meridians for thirty-six rounds, he had already established a firm foundation.

The meridians in Wu Qi's body were unobstructed, the width and the toughness was a couple dozens of times as compared to ordinary people. Although he only cultivated with the technique for a few days, the result was comparable to those who had cultivated for over thirty years, and he had achieved a basic balance of minor five elements in his five vital internal organs.

With the nourishment from the innate energy of five elements, through his divine sense, Wu Qi could vividly sense a vigorous life force breeding and growing in his five vital internal organs. As long as his cultivation in Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements could break through Xiantian realm, he would be able to make the innate Spirit Seed in his five vital internal organs to grow into Spirit Sprout and Root, and establish his foundation of Immortal and pursue his Dao.

But honestly, judging from Wu Qi's knowledge and experience, although this Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements could allow those who cultivate it to reach the peak of Xiantian realm, it was a rather crude and basic technique. No matter it was the quality of the innate energy cultivated using the technique or the speed of accumulating innate energy and the effectiveness of nourishing and breeding five vital internal organs, the result was extremely inferior. Compared to the technique found in the Water Chapter, this Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements was simply rubbish, rubbish that had been soaked in the toilet for dozens of years.

"So, this is the elementary technique of cultivating that made Heaven Breaking Sword Sect feel so proud?"

He laughed mockingly and casually shoved the small booklet into his storage ring. After that, Wu Qi took out the longsword Nie Baihong gave him.

The blade of the sword took a light green hue and shone brightly like rippling water under a dazzling sun. It looked razor sharp. The length of it was three feet and six inches. The usual size of a flying sword was three to five inches, or at most, one foot long. Thus, this flying sword was considered a big guy among them.

However, although this flying sword had a big size, the quality of it was still of a lower tier magical item, and was no different with a few smaller flying swords owned by Wu Qi. It was made with ordinary hundred years old black iron, that was mixed with a little bit of undersea black copper, thus giving its inferior quality. In addition to that, the arrays engraved inside the sword were the most commonly found arrays among lower tier magical items - Wood Elemental Spirit-Wind Flying Array and Metal Elemental Iron-Chopping Array.

Of course, as the body of the sword was huge, there were a total of twelve flying arrays engraved in it, an extra of nine arrays compared to ordinary flying swords of the lower tier. It also had six Iron-Chopping Arrays, three more than an ordinary flying sword. As a result, when this flying sword was unleashed, its flying speed was thirty percent faster than an ordinary flying sword, and the sharpness of it was at least fifty percent more.

Yet, with such a tiny bit improvement in its property, it still couldn't change the fact that it was a lower tier magical item.

If Wu Qi's cultivation reached a sufficient level where he could produce Fire of Samadhi in his body and use his divine sense in carving array within the flying sword, then, with the knowledge he inherited from the Scroll of Stealing, he would be able to carve 108 advanced arrays in this 'huge' flying sword. With that, he could forcefully improve the quality of it to the degree of at least upper tier magic item.

"Hmph, using a mere lower tier flying sword as a gift? Did he think I had never seen anything good before?"

Wu Qi narrowed his eyes and recalled the moment when he was inheriting the Scroll of Stealing, where he saw a vast variety of arrays and approaches that used specifically in producing all kinds of magical items. He couldn't help himself but sigh. The fire of Samadhi, that was an ability that was only possessed by a Human Immortal!

Carefully, he raised the sword to his face and licked the edge of the blade using the tip of his tongue, then spat and sprayed a mouthful of blood essence on it, sending a thread of his divine sense and branding into this flying sword named 'Autumn Water'. He formed a profound and complicated seal with his finger and pointed at the flying sword. A sword cry rang through the air as the flying sword sprung up, bringing a short tail of shivering beam behind it while flying up in the air. It then made three circles above Wu Qi's head.

For a warrior of Meridian Cultivating tier, it was considered not bad if he was able to make the flying sword float up in the air. With the strength of Wu Qi's soul, which was many times stronger than others, he was able to make the flying sword perform spinning and piercing movements within a range of two hundred feet. Thus, it provided him a certain degree of combative strength, and made him looked like a qualified Sword Immortal.

At the end of the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, Wu Qi found three most basic techniques of controlling the flying sword, and three elementary sword styles: Stab, spin, slash. He didn't put these petty sword controlling techniques and styles in mind. What he used now was a sword controlling technique he learned from Scroll of Stealing, a technique that was way more advanced than those found in the Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements.

After wielding the flying sword in the air for some time, Wu Qi placed the Autumn Sword back into his storage ring. He then swallowed another innate water pill, using its strength to strengthen the innate energy cultivated by Qi Circulating Technique of Five Elements, making it grow by another thirty percent. When everything was done, he closed his eyes satisfyingly and took a nap.

Lu Chengfeng was sitting leg-folded at a pavilion beside the lake. He opened his eyes, staring admiringly at the sword trail left in the sky by Wu Qi's flying sword, and breathed out a soft sigh. Carefully, he took out a few Earth elemental materials from his storage bag, then slowly burned and purified them with his Little 25th Lamp. He was wondering if he should make use of the connections he had and join an Immortal Sect as well.

But among all thirteen Sects of Great Yan Dynasty, which one was expert in arrays and formations? Lu Chengfeng decided to ask about this information.

A few days had passed. It was the first day of the month. Wu Qi recalled what Nie Baihong told him when they met. He was required to visit the Heaven Breaking Sword Sect at Mount White Sun and listen to a lecture. Currently, everything concerning Lu Chengfeng was being carried out in an orderly fashion. Thus, Wu Qi's absence would not cause any difference. Therefore, he took a day’s leave from Lu Chengfeng, borrowed a guide from Yan Bugui, and proceeded towards Mount White Sun, which was located outside Ji City.

Ji City was surrounded by a vast flat field with small hills that spanned across tens of thousands of miles, and only a handful of magnificent mountain ridges were erected across this land. In this world where mountain ranges could easily stretch tens of thousands of miles or even hundred thousand miles, these mountain ridges outside Ji City could only be described as small pebbles; insignificant and unattractive.

But as the old saying went 'an Immortal makes a mountain, not its altitude', Mount White Sun was located two hundred and seventy miles southward of Ji City. The highest peak was merely three thousand feet tall, the circumference was a little bit over one hundred miles, and it only consisted of seven to eight peaks. Yet, Mount White Sun was considered one of the famous mountains in Great Yan Dynasty.

Six hundred years ago, the Founding Patriarch of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect, Nie Yaonu, was fortunate enough to encounter an immortal fate in Mount White Sun, as she found a cave left behind by an Immortal, and inherited his legacy. With the legacy, she established the Heaven Breaking Sword Sect. And with the history of only six hundred years and relying on its formidable overall strength, this newcomer had caught up from behind. It was now sitting firmly on the position of the number one Sect among all thirteen Immortal Sects of Great Yan Dynasty.

Originally, Mount White Sun was a famous spot where those wealthy and free people of Great Yan Dynasty spent their time on outings. But since Nie Yaonu established Heaven Breaking Sword Sect in the place, it had become a restricted area and the territory of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect. At present, Mount White Sun was enshrouded in a white mist, as a protective spell formation had tightly enveloped the entire mountain range that spanned across one hundred miles.

Led by the guide, Wu Qi rode on a single-horned deer and arrived in front of Mount White Sun's main gate.

A rugged stone slab path and a simple gateway made purely from wood, this was the main gate of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect. Behind the white mist, four young men, clad in a white robe and wearing a proud expression, were seen sitting on a long bench below the gateway. Their legs were crossed, and they seemed like they were chitchatting.

Because of the formation, the voice of these men couldn't be heard from the outside. Thus Wu Qi had no idea what were they talking about. However, he saw a strange smile on their face. It was a smile that any man could understand the meaning behind. It made him realize that they were not talking about anything innocent and pure.

He coughed and leaped off his mount. Wu Qi came in front of the gateway, standing at a distance of ten feet away as he cupped his fist and bowed towards the four young men in white robes.

"My fellow apprentices, Wu Qi offers greetings! Can you please let me in? I'm here to attend the lecture."

The young men felt surprised and rose to their feet together. They cast their eyes straight at Wu Qi's face. One of them took out a jade token and waved his hand. The white mist flickered in front of Wu Qi, revealing a passage that allowed him to pass. Four young men came out from behind the formation and started survey Wu Qi from top to toe.

After nearly the time it took to finish a pot of tea, the young man who opened up the formation let out a cold laugh while saying, "You are that Wu Qi? The hanger-on who works for Duke Yan Le? The one who killed Taba Qingye and wounded Taba Haofeng?"

Wu Qi noticed the man's words were hostile. He smiled mildly, nodded his head and said, "Yes, I'm that Wu Qi. But, it was against my will for killing Taba Qingye and wounding Taba Haofeng."

The young man stretched his arm forward hurriedly and stopped Wu Qi from continuing. He sneered while saying, "Don't explain to us, we are not interested in hearing that, and you have no qualification to let us listen to your explanation! Whether Taba Qingye and Taba Haofeng are dead or alive, that has nothing to do with us. But, are you the one who hurt Haoying Fenglong?"

Wu Qi startled again. They knew Haoying Fenglong? As a matter of fact, it was Lu Chengfeng who hurt Haoying Fenglong. Yet, with the friendship between Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng, there wasn't any difference on whether it was he or Lu Chengfeng who did that. He laughed, nodded his head and said, "Yes, it was Wu Qi who hurt Haoying Fenglong. Is there anything the four of you want to let me know?"

Four young men in white exchanged a glance, then let out a cold laugh altogether.

*Clang* Sound of swords drawing rung through the air. Four flying swords dashed and flew up in the sky. Four young men sneered and said, "If you want to enter the mountain and attend the lecture, you'll have to defeat us!"

Not allowing Wu Qi to say anything, four flying swords made a turn and thrust towards him.

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