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Chapter 592: Evil Masters

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After Zhang Ruochen walked out of Wuwang Inn, he immediately left Cyan Cloud County.

As informed by Duanmu Ya, Blood Cloud Sect was looking all over for Zhang Ruochen. Besides, Blood Cloud Sect was a powerful and influential sect in Cyan Cloud County, therefore it would be dangerous for Zhang Ruochen to spend the night in the county.

Although Zhang Ruochen was powerful, he would still have a hard time if Blood Cloud Sect were to send the Defender Array to fight against him.

However, Zhang Ruochen could sense that someone had been following him closely ever since he left Cyan Cloud County.

Zhang Ruochen could have easily shaken them off with speed.

However, he had other plans. He wanted to teach Blood Cloud Sect a lesson.

After all, what really counted within the territories of Eastern Evil Land was true ability. The Blood Cloud Sect would stop only if they were defeated. To run away from or give in to them would only create more trouble.

Zhang Ruochen purposely slowed down his pace and lured them to a deserted open field, and then he stopped in his tracks.

The Evil Warriors of Blood Cloud Sect seemed eager to strike. A hundred and thirty of them were riding on savage beasts and approaching Zhang Ruochen in at high speed. Eventually, they surrounded Zhang Ruochen.

One of them was a cyan-robed old Taoist who was riding an Argali Beast. He said to Zhang Ruochen coldly, “Leave the Holy Stone behind, lad. That way, I may spare your life.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the cyan-robed old Taoist and said, “Are you from the Moon Worship Demonic Sect?”

Duanmu Ya and Mu Lingxi were the only people who knew of the Holy Stone transaction in Wuwang Inn. If these people were here for the Holy Stone, they must be from the Moon Worship Demonic Sect.

The cyan-robed elder seemed confident that he could take down Zhang Ruochen, therefore he smiled and said without hesitation, “So, I see that you have acquired the Holy Stone from Moon Worship Demonic Sect. That means you are not a good man, after all. It would therefore be reasonable for me to take it away from you.”

Zhang Ruochen frowned. The cyan-robed elder’s words made him no longer certain that these people were from Blood Cloud Sect. It seemed that they were neither from the Blood Cloud Sect nor the Moon Worship Demonic Sect.

Could there be a third strong power apart from the two super powers?

As Zhang Ruochen observed, these people were all clad in robes.

Apart from the elder who spoke to Zhang Ruochen, the rest were a group of good-looking young men.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen came to a realization. “Are you from the Yin and Yang Sect?”

The disciples of Yin and Yang Sect were about the only other people who dared to walk around Eastern Evil Land and Eastern Holy Land without any fear. This was because they neither belonged in the imperial court nor to the demonic sects.

Furthermore, the power of Yin and Yang Sect might not necessarily be weaker than that of the imperial court or the demonic sects. The imperial court and the demonic sects usually avoided offending them.

In terms of family heritage, even the Chens’ could not be compared to that of the Yin and Yang Sect.

Among them, a handsome young man in his twenties in a blue robe rode a white dragon horse. With a steady voice, he said, “That’s right, we are the disciples of Yin and Yan Sect. How are you, being evil, fit to use the Holy Stone? Hand over the Holy Stone, and I will spare your life.”

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the young man and nodded gently. He said, “It’s not easy for a man as young as you to have reached the Completion of Heaven Realm.”

Standing beside the young man was a younger girl, about the age of sixteen or seventeen. Her egg-shaped face and big, round eyes were very pretty.

However, she looked furiously at Zhang Ruochen and said, “Elder brother Lin Yue is a master whose name is on the ‘Heaven Board’. He has excellent abilities and a high level of cultivation. What right have you to judge him?”

Apparently, elder brother Lin Yue was an outstanding youth in the eyes of his juniors.

Hearing Zhao Han’er singing praises about him, Lin Yue became arrogant. He started to look upon Zhang Ruochen with contempt.

Was it not natural for a superior whose name was on the ‘Heaven Board’, and who had reached the highest level in Martial Arts, to display some air of arrogance?

“Junior sister apprentice, let’s keep a low key now that we are in Eastern Evil Land. After all it is not a big deal to be on the ‘Heaven Board’. Let’s not be conceited,” Lin Yue gently rebuked Zhao Han’er in pretense.

Zhao Han’er cast a enamored look at Lin Yue and said with admiration, “Although elder brother apprentice Lin Yue’s name is on the ‘Heaven Board,’ he is still so humble. Who wouldn’t be filled with admiration for him?”

The rest of the lady disciples were casting looks of admiration on Lin Yue. They looked ready to throw themselves at him.

The cyan-robed old Taoist let out a dry cough and said, “Lin Yue, your name has been up on the ‘Heaven Board’ for some time now. Today is a chance for you to fight with that Evil Warrior and gauge his cultivation level. Just be careful not to fall to his evil plot.”

“Rest assured, Junior Uncle Master. What harm can a mere Evil Warrior do to me? I am sure I can defeat him in three moves.”

Lin Yue drew a long spear out of its sheath and charged his dragon horse towards Zhang Ruochen.

The cyan-robed elder said to the remaining disciples, “Lin Yue’s level of cultivation is the highest among all of you, and he also has the most experience fighting battles. Watch and learn from how Lin Yue takes down his opponent.”

All the young disciples of Yin and Yang Sect opened their eyes wide, getting ready to observe how their elder brother Lin Yue would kill the Evil Warrior.

“Storm Spear Technique.”

Lin Yue thought to impress with his moves, so he twirled his long spear and kicked up a whirlwind.

He thrusted his long spear forward in a skillful manner. Instantly, twenty-seven spear shadows appeared in the whirlwind. They were each directed towards one of Zhang Ruochen’s twenty-seven vital points.

Lin Yue thought that he should still move elegantly, even in the act of killing.

Zhang Ruochen shook his head gently, lifted his palms to condense a ball of lightning, and quickly pushed it forward.


The spear shadows shattered and disappeared into thin air.

Lin Yue let out a cry of agony the moment the ball of lightning hit him, and he immediately fell backwards.

Lin Yue landed with a loud thud on patch of grass 100 feet away. He was completely discombobulated. His entire body had been badly scorched. His eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

If Zhang Ruochen had not shown mercy, this ‘Heaven Board’ master Lin Yue would have been reduced to a wisp of smoke.

All the young disciples of Yin and Yang Sect were petrified and stupefied.

How was it possible for someone as powerful as elder brother Lin Yue to be defeated by an Evil Warrior with just one move?

Zhang Ruochen mocked them by saying, “Yin and Yang Sect is after all the leader of all sects in the Eastern Region. Why have you become bandits who go around robbing? You bring shame upon your ancestors.”

Yin and Yang Sect had long maintained a cordial relationship with Saint Ming Central Empire. So much so, that Emperor Ming, as a youth, was once an apprentice to the masters of Yin and Yang Sect.

For this very reason, Zhang Ruochen did not wish to make enemies with Yin and Yang Sect.

The cyan-robed old Taoist said coldly, “We, the Yin and Yang Sect, have always been forthright in our ways. However, we don’t need to defend our principles to evil warriors like you.”

Zhang Ruochen could only shake his head and sigh. He could not be bothered to continue arguing about who was upstanding and who was a bandit. All he could do was convince himself that it was inevitable to meet some black sheep among the Yin and Yang Sect’s numerous disciples.

Zhang Ruochen said, “I wonder, how did you know the Holy Stone was with me?”

“It won’t be too late for you to ask me this question again after you defeat me.”

The cyan-robed old Taoist turned into a stream of cyan light and charged towards Zhang Ruochen.

“Sun Meridian Ripple.”

He mobilized Genuine Qi and condensed its power onto the tip of his left thumb. With that, he wielded a Sword Wave from his thumb and directed it towards Zhang Ruochen’s heart.

Apparently, he was able to tell that Zhang Ruochen was a Master of Spiritual Power. For this reason, he resorted to using short-range attack techniques to mitigate the chance for Zhang Ruochen to counterattack.

Sword Ripple of Ten Channels was a martial technique developed by Yin and Yang Sect, so, naturally, the cyan-robed old Taoist was familiar with it.

The cyan-robed old Taoist had reached a high level of cultivation. In fact, he had already attained the Fifth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm, and he was able to transform Genuine Qi into thin Holy Qi. Therefore, he could wield the powerful Sun Meridian Ripple.

His finger tip emanated forceful sword Qi that was like a jet of dragon’s fire.

“Wind and Thunder Finger.”

Zhang Ruochen mobilized Spiritual Power onto to his finger, which in turn ejaculated a beam of electricity forward. The beam of electricity collided with the Sun Meridian Ripple.

In an instant, the power of the Sun Meridian Ripple was subdued. It turned into sword Qi and dispersed.


The Wind and Thunder Finger struck the cyan-robed old Taoist’s chest and pierced through it, leaving a shotglass-sized bloody hole in his chest.

Lightning shot out and wrapped itself around the cyan-robed elder.

The cyan-robed elder shuddered and his legs gave way. With a thud, he collapsed onto the ground like a heap of burnt coal.

The disciples of the Yin and Yang Sect were stunned to realize that even their Junior Uncle master was no match for Zhang Ruochen.

Zhao Han’er was especially terrified. Her face went as pale as if she had seen a ghost.

Lin Yue, who was lying on the floor, had came to his senses by then. He witnessed how Zhang Ruochen had defeated his Junior Uncle Master with just a finger.

He quickly buried his face in the mud on the ground and pretended to be dead.

Zhang Ruochan walked up to the cyan-robed old Taoist and squatted down beside him. “Now, tell me how you knew that I carry the Holy Stone.”

Although the cyan-robed elder was severely injured, he had not lost consciousness.

He snorted coldly and turned his face away from Zhang Ruochen. He did not intend to reply.

Zhang Ruochen laughed and said coldly, “Do you believe I can kill all the Yin and Yang Sect disciples here, right now? Including elder brother Lin Yue, who is pretending to be dead.”

“Kill us, and the Yin and Yang Sect will come after your life,” threatened the cyan-robed old Taoist.


As Zhang Ruochen stood up, he turned to stare at the Yin and Yang Sect disciples, pointed at each of them and said, “You have enraged me now, so all of you have to die. Let’s start from elder brother Lin Yue.”

Lin Yue was so petrified that he quit pretending to be dead and got on his knees in front of Zhang Ruochen, saying, “Don’t kill me, I’ll tell you… I’ll tell you… you could go look for it on Junior Uncle Master… you will find… you will definitely find it.”

Zhang Ruochen sighed silently in his heart. “Seems like the demonic sect people could really strike terror in people’s hearts. It is no wonder that so many people desire to join the demonic sects.”

The ways of the demonic sect were ruthless and brutal. They instilled fear in people’s hearts.

It was normal for Lin Yue to be afraid.

However, elder brother Lin Yue had shown himself a coward by bowing down to Zhang Ruochen before he even struck him with a heavy hand.

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