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"Are you serious?"
Ronragruk had difficulties believing Yale's words.
"I am serious."
Yale felt normal that Ronragruk didn't trust his words directly because becoming a Law God was something extremely difficult or at least the common sense considered it in that way.
"Can't you tell me that before I agree to your conditions? I want to believe you, but you should know that not everyone had a bloodline powerful enough to become a Law God without problems, and it is difficult for me to imagine the method."
Yale smiled as at least he picked Ronragruk's interest.
"First you must agree to my conditions because if you reject them, it will be impossible for you to become a Law God. That is the first step; if you are unable to do it, there is no reason for me to tell more because that would be a loss of time."
Ronragruk didn't know what relationship both things had, but since Yale was insisting on that, he decided to agree even if he wasn't willing in his heart. In the end, the allure of becoming a Law God made him change his stubborn mindset.
"I agree to your conditions."
It was extremely difficult for Ronragruk to say those words because those conditions were compromising him to take care of the lizardmen permanently even if they didn't want to become members of the Dragon Race.
He had promised his predecessors to take good care of the Dragon Race and follow the rules imposed from ancestry to the divine dragons that acted as protectors to the Dragon Race but allowing the lizardmen to be treated equally was against such rules.
Ronragruk had modified traditions and went to travel instead of entering seclusion, but in the end, it was for the benefit of the Dragon Race. The new traditions were a good motivation for them, and if traveling was better for Ronragruk to turn stronger, then it was better than training in seclusion.
He wasn't orthodox in his means, but he had never broken the rules until that moment.
"Very well. Don't worry I will tell you how to become a Law God right now."
Seeing that Yale wasn't planning to hide it more time, Ronragruk was excited.
"If you want to become a Law God you need to start to break those rules binding you."
Yale's words were direct, but Ronragruk wasn't sure if he had understood well.
"By rules, are you meaning the rules of the Dragon Race?"
Those rules had been made by his ancestors and breaking him was considered the utmost disrespect. Although Ronragruk wasn't someone focused on traditions, he still felt deep respect for his ancestors.
"Indeed. Since you were young, you have been carrying with the burden left you by your ancestors, but you hated it with all your heart. Although in the end you ended taking a liking to the Dragon Race after being with them for so long, this isn't something you wanted to do; this is what your ancestors wanted you to do."
Ronragruk was shocked because Yale hit the spot about how he felt at the start.
"I don't understand why following the rules would prevent me from becoming a Law God."

The relationship between both things would be seen clearly by those belonging to powerful factions in the universe, but even for the ancestor of Ronragruk, seeing the connection would have been difficult.
"Do you know that the most powerful factions of our universe don't take care of their children and let them become strong on their own without sheltering them nor putting too many burdens on them? Even it isn't strange sending them to foreign worlds as soon as they start training."
Ronragruk didn't know why Yale was saying those words, but he shook his head as he had never heard about that, and in fact, Yale didn't know about it either until a moment ago when that information appeared in his mind when thinking in how to explain it easy enough to let Ronragruk understand it on his own. After all, comprehending something by yourself was better than having the comprehension explained by others.
"There are two main reasons for that. The first is that powerful entities can affect the fate of others with just the slightest interaction and that can be bad to the children."
Even Liye's father had acted like that because although he created a world for his son, both of them didn't interact too much. As for Liye's mother, as far as Yale could remember, Liye had never met her before. Moreover, based on the information that appeared on Yale's mind, she was even stronger than her husband, so her influence to fate was far higher.
Of course, Yale guessed that at least she should have been there when Liye was still a little kid, but Yale doubted that even before reincarnation he was able to remember that.
"The second one is that growing in a sheltered environment or with a preset objective will hinder the development of the soul, which would become a huge problem when trying to reach higher levels of power. It is considered of utmost importance that the children take their own decisions and forge their own way until becoming strong."
When Yale finished explaining that part, Ronragruk's face changes as he finally comprehended the meaning of breaking the rules.
"Because I have always been following the duties left me by my ancestors, my soul is too weak and is hindering my advance..."
Yale smiled when he heard Ronragruk's mutter.
"You are right, but your soul is also weak because you relied on your bloodline too much, you need to experience some hardships to increase its power. However, it is impossible for your soul to improve as long as you are still shackled by the orders of your ancestors."
Having a weak soul for relying too much on the bloodline was a huge problem, but not an unsolvable one as long on put effort on training, but the other problem needed to be solved or the soul would never be able to strengthen correctly.
"Then, what I should do? I doubt that just by breaking the rules a bit my problem would be solved. Are you suggesting that I must kill all the tribe to break my relationship with them completely?"
Ronragruk couldn't agree to that since even just thinking about it made him feel bad. After all, he had lived with them for a lot of time, and he had taken a liking on them, so even if he could kill anyone else without any hesitation, he would only kill a member of the Dragon Tribe if that member committed a crime that deserved death based on the rules of the tribe.
"You don't need to jump from one extreme to the other... If you try that you may end turned into a mindless monster that slaughters everyone on his way, that isn't your objective."
Ronragruk sighed in relief and felt a bit embarrassed for having thought about that possibility. After all, he had just heard how Yale was planning to protect the lives of the lizardmen with his conditions, and it didn't fit that after asking for that kind of thing, he asked Ronragruk to slaughter the Dragon Race.
"You must leave the Dragon Race alone once you have ensured their safety. Not going out to train, leaving them. You need to travel among different worlds and temper your mind but worrying about them all the time would hinder your progress."
Those rules made by the ancestors had been hindering the dragons protecting the Dragon Race from a long time, and they had never been able to surpass the limits of their bloodline due to that.
The ancestors of Ronragruk had great problems having children, so they created the Dragon race, that although they weren't true dragons, they still have their bloodline, and in that way, they created a powerful faction on their world.
"Leaving them... I wonder if they would be able to survive without my protection..."
Yale sighed after hearing Ronragruk because he could understand his worries. After all, even Yale wouldn't have dared to leave behind Wyba to start traveling, as he would have worried by her too much, but fortunately, the Storage Space saved him from that problem.
"You don't need to act immediately, first should be the integration of the two tribes and the improvement of bloodlines for the lizardmen. Besides you, there are three Law Masters in the tribe, if some more appear, they should be able to resist by themselves. Moreover, you should make them have some real experiences on battled to make them improve."
Although the other three Law Masters were far weaker than Ronragruk, a great part of the reason was that their battle experience was far too lacking in comparison.
"You are right. I have waited for a lot of years, I don't care to wait some more, but once they are ready, I will depart. Now we should focus on improving those bloodlines."
At that moment, Ronragruk felt relieved as if he had got rid of a great burden in his heart.
Protecting the Dragon Race for all his life, while his own lifespan was unlimited, was a huge burden that had been on him since he was born, and he finally saw the end of that.
"Let's go outside and explain it first to the Dragon Race and the lizardmen that come with me. After that, you will make a short trip with me to the lizardman tribe."

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