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It appeared on the surface that he had produced his Dark Yin Celestial Tower and had it swallow the Jade Armor Dark Turtle flying ship, which carried Huang Liang and his ten thousand soldiers. But in fact, he had moved the ship into his interstitial world, and as he did that, he knocked all those aboard unconscious with magic. Then, he opened his mouth and blew out a stream of purple mist to bring the pitch-black celestial tower back into his stomach. When done, he turned to look at the prince.

"Tan Lang is ready, Prince!"

Chang Qin smiled, then nodded and said, "Although I'm quite confident that this trip will be a success, there are always risks. It doesn't make sense for me to ask you to take the risk without any reason. I know you have a Supreme Tower, and it has given you incredible offensive and defensive strength. The True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture you are cultivating is also one of the most amazing body-tempering techniques in the universe, while the Dragon Kill brings you the ability to fight both close and long-distance battles..."

He considered for a moment, then said, "Take this…It will protect you!"

With a wave of his hand, he threw out a square jade medallion, which fell into Wu Qi's palm while emitting wisps of bright light.

It was one foot and eight inches long, six inches wide, and three inches thick. White as snow, the medallion was carved with the patterns of water, fire, wind, storm, lightning; and even the sun, moon, and stars. Its glittering and translucent material made these patterns look as if they were moving…as if they were real. And even with his enormous divine sense, Wu Qi could not count how many patterns there were.

A clear divine will entered Wu Qi's mind, and he immediately understood the origin and usage of this medallion.

It was the 'Natural Phenomena Medallion' crafted by Emperor Zhuanxu, who was one of the ancient Great Emperors. It contained endless mysteries, and an incredible power that could contain the universe and evolve the primal. As one of the secret treasures of the human race, the medallion could only be activated with Pangu Sacred Energy. If an immortal dared to inject immortal energies into it, the poor fellow would be struck by a backlash and disintegrate into ashes.

The medallion contained every phenomenon of the universe. As long as the bearer had a sufficient cultivation base, he or she could attack the enemy or defend himself or herself by conjuring all kinds of natural forces with the medallion. If strong enough, the bearer could even conjure a world with it and construct a formation of natural phenomenon, which could trap or kill the foes at the conjurer's will.

As the direct descendant of Emperor Zhuanxu, the medallion was given to Chang Qin when he was little, so that he could protect himself. But, his cultivation base was stronger now, and he had the Mirror of Kunlun as he was stationed in Kunlun Heavenly Pass. So, the Natural Phenomena Medallion was of little use to him. But to Wu Qi, it was undoubtedly an incredible treasure.

After branding the various incantation gestures of activating and controlling the medallion in the depths of his divine soul, Wu Qi put it in his body, then bowed deeply and respectfully to Prince Chang Qin. Although the medallion was not a natural treasure and was crafted by Emperor Zhuanxu, the materials used were all extremely rare innate spirit objects, giving it a quality that was not inferior to Wu Qi's Blood Centipede Sword, and making it a rare Innate Spirit Artifact.

Dark Yin Celestial Tower was a treasure that Wu Qi nourished with his natal energy, so he could not rashly use it to fight against his enemies. The Blood Centipede Sword was a lethal weapon, and could cut down enemies like weeds when unleashed. But, although it was powerful, its murderous aura was too strong. On the other hand, the Natural Phenomena Medallion contained endless mysteries; it could kill, trap, attack, and defend at the same time. And when used properly, it was much stronger than the other treasures he owned.

Although he knew Prince Chang Qin had given him such an extraordinary treasure as a reward for delivering the message, Wu Qi felt that he owed the prince a great favor all the same. He felt he was obliged to do all that he could to deliver the message to Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan and Emperor Haozun.

A great plume of smoke burst out of the Mirror of Kunlun, and countless star charts spun rapidly to form a vortex of starlight in front of Wu Qi, emitting a deafening rumble. He sent a thread of divine sense into the star charts, and the various situations of all 840 million mortal worlds the prince had grasped rushed into his spiritual ocean immediately like a torrent. Had Wu Qi not formed his innate Chaotic Divine Soul, and his divine will had not been strengthened a few times, the immensity of the information would have crushed his divine soul.

Even so, his divine soul was shivering violently as the information poured into his spiritual ocean. He felt an excruciating pain washing through his divine soul; cold sweats were breaking out from all over his body, and the pain made him nearly shriek. Just then, a stream of silver light that looked like water sprinkled down from the mirror, gently blanketing him. Wu Qi felt like he was soaked through by a cool and refreshing breeze as a mysterious force penetrated his divine soul, whilst he also noticed that his divine soul had become tougher, and the pain was gone.

He gave Prince Chang Qin a glance, and realized that the prince must have activated some mysterious function of the mirror, using a mysterious force containing rich innate energy to cleanse his divine soul. It must be a huge burden even for the prince, judging from how he performed a double-handed incantation gesture with a red flush spread from his face to his neck.

Wu Qi could not help but sigh with emotion in his heart, 'Prince Chang Qin is such a kind and honest man, so much so that I feel kind of embarrassed."

He buried the prince's kindness deep in his heart. Under the flickering silver starlight, Wu Qi's divine soul became many times more agile and active than usual. Soon, he had found the Earth, where he was born, easily in the ocean of information, and was delighted to discover that there were four red dots blinking on it—there were four intact teleportation formations!

He had his divine sense locked down on the tiny planet, and the information that came after that made him understand that the planet once had seven teleportation formations. Two were destroyed about a thousand years ago, and one about ten years ago; currently there were four still functioning as normal.

Wu Qi was not concerned about the two that were destroyed a thousand years ago, but he knew the formation that was destroyed about ten years ago should be the one that sent him to Pangu Continent. Of the remaining four, two were situated near the Antarctic Pole and the Arctic Pole, one at the depths of Pacific Ocean, and the last one was buried deep in a cave filled with underground fire and poisonous gas beneath Mount Emei.

After making up his mind, Wu Qi cupped his fist and bowed to Chang Qin, then injected his divine sense into the vortex of starlight within the Mirror of Kunlun. Immediately, beams of silver starlight swirled about him as an immense suction came pouring out of the mirror; in the next moment, Wu Qi's body turned into a fine beam of silver light and shot into the mirror, disappearing without a trace.

The prince was sweating all over as he staggered a few steps backward and put down his hands, his body trembling. Looking at the mirror that was calming down gradually, he muttered under his breath, "Stay safe, Marquis of Dong Hai Province!"

Slowly, he strode out of the great hall, looking up at the faint dark clouds and black mists blanketing the sky overhead. His long brows twitched slightly as he suddenly cried out in a low voice, "Somebody, send my command: strike the thunder drums thirty thousand times and chase away all the eyes and ears in the surroundings!"

Before long, a deafening rumble echoed out from within Mount Kunlun. As the immense sound wave spread far and wide, the air rang with jarring and unpleasant screams and shrieks. Countless shadows could be seen rushing out of the air around the mountain, scurrying in all directions with their ears covered by their hands.

In a dark hall on a mountain deep in the Ghost Realm, thirteen Great Heavenly Ghost Kings and four hundred Ghost Saints sat cross-legged on a cluster of black stone pillars of varying heights. When Wu Qi was pulled into the Mirror of Kunlun, several Ghost Kings' suddenly flicked open their eyes and let out deep hisses.

But a short while later, one of the Ghost Kings suddenly laughed and said, "He is not going for Pangu Continent, so why waste our efforts to intercept him? Don't you see that none of those three could stop him?"

As the ghosts in the dark hall burst into laughter, three Buddhas sitting on three glistening lotus thrones in the void outside the Ghost Realm had their faces turned extremely unsightly. They stared blankly at the Ghost Realm, which was surrounded by boundless black mists and thick clouds; their dignified and benevolent faces stacked with ugly, embarrassed smiles. A faint light blinked in the far distance before vanishing, and three huge golden palms could be seen hovering before the three Buddhas. Something had broken the index finger of one of the palms, and pale golden light was emitting from the wound.

After a long moment of silence, one of the Buddhas cried out in a low voice, "Order all the Guardians in the mortal worlds to intercept and kill this man! We can't let him return to Pangu Continent through the mortal world!"

Just now, when Wu Qi was flying in a beam of silver light, he felt pressure weighing down on him as an immense suction came at him from all directions. But suddenly, his speed was boosted, allowing him to escape the suction. Then, a great sheet of golden light swooped down on him, and a terrible pressure nearly crushed him to pieces. Fortunately, the silver light shrouding him lit up abruptly, tearing through the golden light and pushing him further into the distance in just the blink of an eye.

A few seconds later, the silver starlight around him suddenly disappeared, and Wu Qi felt a gust of cold air wash up his face. He looked around and found that he was surrounded by thick blue ice. It was a rounded ice cave with a diameter of about a few thousand feet; a teleportation formation constructed of hundreds of huge jade plates was suspended in the middle of a cave, with all the plates flashing with a pale light.

This was the Earth where Wu Qi was born.

The teleportation formation was the one buried deep under the Antarctic. As long as he changed the destination in the formation to one of the thirteen coordinates on Pangu Continent according to the information he obtained from the Mirror of Kunlun, he would be able to return to Pangu Continent.

But, Wu Qi did not seem to be in any haste to do that. Instead, he swept the entire planet with his divine sense, and in the next moment, he vanished from where he stood.

As the light faded away, he emerged in the sky above some small island of Indonesia. This was where the headquarter of the Underhand Sect used to be, and the place where he had spent his teenage years; a place that was etched deep in his memory, a place he once called 'home'.

The island was heavily guarded. Armed burly men could be seen walking back and forth among the green foliage. Strange-looking vehicles roamed the island, with mobile missile launch pads dragging behind them. There were even a few radar antennas looming atop the mountain in the middle of the island.

Instead of looking like the headquarter of an underground society, the island now appeared to be a heavily guarded military base.

Wu Qi's face flickered before he moved, and in a flash, he was standing before the building that was once the heart of the Underhand Sect.

It was still the same ancient building with green glazed tiles and bricks. On the plague that hung from the lintel, the characters 'Underhand Sect' written with gold paint on a black background looked as striking as ever. They looked like some arrogant and fierce dragons coiled about the plaque.

Wu Qi chuckled and threw his palm out. With that, the pitch-black door in front of him vanished.

"Master Uncle, I am back!" he cried out in a low, deep voice.

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