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The violent impact did not cause any damage to the outer shell of the Jade Armor Dark Turtle flying ship; the shell of this ancient beast did not disappoint Wu Qi. However, many metal decks and cabins built inside the ship by the Military Court were twisted, and some of the energy transmission lines were also destroyed. Energies were rapidly leaking from these damaged lines, causing the light barrier outside of the ship to gradually fade away.

Wu Qi cursed under his breath. Shaking his somewhat dizzy head, he walked across the uneven deck and came before the energy core. There, he landed a strong blow on the thick metal plate wrapped around the core, and his fist went deep into the tough plate forged of the same material as Heaven Immortal artifacts. The air rang with a sharp, unpleasant tearing noise of metal, and the ten-feet-thick plate was soon torn open, revealing the same twisted core of energy that was reacting violently.

360 rune arrays were colliding with each other in the energy core that was three miles in diameter. When functioning properly, they should be suspended in fixed positions within the core rather than colliding with each other as they did now. As they slammed into each other, flashes of light were produced, which fell onto a heap of immortal stones and energy stones suspended in the middle of the energy core, causing a vast amount of energy to splash in all directions like water.

Wu Qi sucked in a cold breath. The impact had destroyed the lines that were supposed to carry these energies to the rest of the ship, resulting in the accumulation of energy in the core itself. If Wu Qi had not come here immediately after the ship crashed, it probably would not have taken long for the energy core, with a heap of immortal stones and energy stones as high as a hill, to explode.

Of course, an explosion of this magnitude would not cause any damage to the outer shell of the ship, but it could easily kill Huang Liang and the soldiers in the cabins.

He muttered another curse and waved his hand, putting this heap of energy stones that was constantly releasing energies into his interstitial world. Then, he opened his mouth and drew in all the energies that had been released into the air. These energies were roughly equal to all the energies of 300 ordinary Heaven Immortals; but for Wu Qi, who was already a fifth-tier Gold Immortal, they were just enough to replenish the energy he had just lost.

Wu Qi strode out of the control chamber as he silently converted the energies into his own chaotic energies.

He came to a cabin near the bridge, where Huang Liang and some officers were sprawled across the flood. While frowning, Wu Qi gave Ao Buzun a slap on the head. The black dragon laughed and opened his mouth to spray out a gush of foul black liquid. As the stinking liquid washed over Huang Liang and the others, they woke up with a start and jumped to their feet, screaming and coughing the foul liquid that had poured into their mouths.

A loud shout from Wu Qi stopped the clamor. Although the cabin was dark as all the immortal stones and energy stones in the energy core were taken away by him, everyone was able to see things around them with the faint glow of the precious pearls embedded in the swords and blades carried by the officers.

Clearing his throat, Huang Liang cautiously came next to Wu Qi and asked, "What happened, my lord?"

Wu Qi shook his head and said with a frown, "We've been set up. Someone ripped open the void with a magical artifact and threw us into this damnable place. I was worried that you couldn't protect the ship, so I rushed into the control chamber to control the ship. I don't know where we are now."

Stamping his foot, Wu Qi said in a low voice, "Anyway, get everyone out of here. The ship has been damaged and cannot be used again without repair. We need to board another ship, find out where this place is, and then figure out how to get out of here."

Huang Liang hesitated, but he soon shouted out orders and instructed all the soldiers to march out of the cabins.

Wu Qi was the last person to leave, after which, he put away the damaged ship. After walking for a while along a huge, hundreds of miles long tunnel that the ship bore out in the mountain, they were greeted by a strong gust of wind. Under the blood-red moonlight, a wild land appeared before all eyes.

The crowd stood at the entrance of a huge cave, which was the result of the crashing of the ship. Above them was a black mountain with its peak towering into the clouds, and below them a tens of thousands of miles deep abyss. The soldiers and the military officers, including Huang Liang, could only see hundreds of blood-red moons of varying sizes hanging high in the sky and the black fog that blanketed the surroundings. Apart from that, they could not see anything else.

But, Wu Qi could see more things through his eyes. With a casual glance, he could even see a grain of sand hundreds of thousands of miles away. So, even though the place was enveloped by hazy black mists and thick black clouds, they could not obstruct his vision.

The surface of the mountain where they crashed into was smooth like oiled glass. It was a strange kind of rock, as if it had been washed with some invisible force, which made it so smooth and reflective that it could be used as a mirror. Wu Qi sent his divine sense into the mountain and found that these black rocks were highly resistant to divine sense. With his current overall strength, his divine sense could only go less than a mile into the mountain.

The mountain was only a part of an enormous mountain range. Wu Qi spread his divine sense out in all directions and saw on a vast range of mountains that stretched for miles and miles the other side of the mountain. He could not cover the entire range even with the current strength of his divine sense.

And in front of them was a black desert as far as Wu Qi's eyes could see.

He saw black sand dunes scattered across the vast expanse of the black desert, and a few quietly flowing dark-yellow rivers. Countless carcasses of monsters could be seen sprawling along the riverbanks. The appearances of these monsters were bizarre, unseen even in the Records of All Unusual Beings within the Scroll of Stealing, not to mention in Pangu Continent.

Not far away from the foot of the mountain, a few monsters were attacking a giant monster. The hunters had the appearance of a wolf, but their bodies were far larger, about three hundred feet long; instead of skin and hairs, they had smooth green shells, fully covered with sharp needles. Their prey was a creature that looked like a giant caterpillar; its body stretched over four thousand feet long, and also covered in a thick layer of black shell.

The giant caterpillar was squirming its body forward while the wolf-like monsters were racing and looping around it, tearing at its body with their sharp claws from time to time. Whenever a wound was made on its hard shell, black blood spurted out, which was highly corrosive. Wu Qi saw several boulders emanate thick white smoke as the blood stained them, dissolving into pools of liquid in just the blink of an eye.

Along the centerline of the caterpillar's body was a queer line of patterns that looked like tiny human eyes. Whenever its shell was torn open, plumes of toxic smoke would spray out of a few of them, quickly spreading across the air. The hunters seemed to know how deadly the smoke was; so every time it came out, they raced away nimbly to keep a distance, avoiding confrontation with the giant caterpillar.

Wu Qi shook his head as he studied these giant monsters with his divine sense. Although their bodies were enormous, their cultivation bases were extremely low with none reaching the realm of Gold Core. They were just ordinary wild beasts, far from even becoming demon beasts. In any case, they had great physical strength, probably comparable to that of Nascent Soul cultivators who specialized in body-tempering techniques. The random attack of those wolf-like monsters had hundreds of thousands of kilograms of force.

"What an awful place!" Wu Qi grumbled under his breath. There was no natural energy that could be detected in the air here, only a ghostly evil energy that seemed to contain a bizarre vitality, which felt vastly different from the various life forces he knew. Nothing could be seen in the sky apart from the few hundreds of blood-red moons; and under the ground was no energy vein, only pitch-black caverns scattering sparsely with the same ghostly evil energy tumbling within.

After pondering for a moment, Wu Qi waved his hand and threw out a ball of black flame, from which, a Jade Armor Dark Turtle flying ship flew out in perfect condition and hovered in front of the crowd. "All aboard the ship at once! Huang Liang, distribute the weapons King Yue Feng gave us to every soldier and order everyone to be on the highest alert. Heaven knows what this place is! We need to find a way out of here!"

Huang Liang shouted a response, and all the soldiers began to quickly board the ship. In the warehouse of this ship were stored a large number of armaments given by Ji Ao, including a variety of bone talismans, crossbows, and even tens of thousands of suits of heavy armor with amazing defense. Wu Qi ordered all the soldiers to put on these heavy armors which Ji Ao had obtained through private connections, and were only distributed to the imperial army in Liangzhu. The heavy armors calmed the restless minds of the soldiers, because at least their safety was guaranteed with them.

They were protected by the ship with amazing defense from the outside, and were clad in strong armors that were only given to the imperial army in Liangzhu. Coupled with all kinds of powerful bone talismans, crossbows, and other weapons, they should be able to handle any situation, no matter where the hell this place was…or so they thought.

After the soldiers closed all the hatches of the ship, leaving only a few windows open so they could see outside, Wu Qi stood on the bridge and gave the order to take off.

The ship was advancing carefully at an altitude of just slightly over a mile from the ground. In such a strange place, Wu Qi would rather have his soldiers deal with dangers from the ground than face the enemy high up in the sky. After all, not many of the ten thousand soldiers were capable of flying in the air, so it would be very dangerous if they were to fight enemies in the sky.

After a day and a night's flight, when they were about a hundred miles from the nearest yellow river, Wu Qi finally found out where this place was.

Several giant heavenly ghosts Wu Qi had seen in Great Yan's capital city on Myriad Immortals Planet raced across the sandy ground off in the distance, chasing after a fleeing monster. They seemed to be hunting for food.

"Hell, they sent us to the Ghost Realm!" Wu Qi's face turned extremely unsightly.

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