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It was said that the Emperor of Great Yan Dynasty, Yan Dan, had one hundred sons and more than thousands of grandchildren. And, the one hundred sons of Emperor Yan were also the Clan Leaders of one hundred Imperial Clans of Great Yan Dynasty.

Although Yan Buji was an unruly man, he was the genuine grandson of Yan Dan's ninth son, thus, making him the blood great grandson of Yan Dan, and the clan leader of the Ninth Imperial Clan of Great Yan Dynasty. On the other side, the ancestor of Yan Jiuhui was a concubine's son of Yan Dan's ninth son. As a result, it placed him under the sovereign of Duke Yan Le, the Clan Leader of his clan.

After Lu Chengfeng's identity was confirmed, it was natural that he would inherit the title of Duke Yan Le, the governmental post of West Supervisor, and the position of the Clan Leader for the Ninth Imperial Clan. In terms of his position in the clan's hierarchy, Lu Chengfeng was the genuine patriarch of Yan Jiuhui and Yan Bugui.

At the present time, Yan Jiuhui was over one hundred years old. So for the time being, he still couldn't put away his face and talk with Lu Chengfeng. So, while Yan Bugui confirmed Lu Chengfeng's identity and started to help him in handling all kind of archives, official documents, and handing over all sorts of seals and tokens, Yan Jiuhui pulled a long face and strode away.

However, Yan Bugui was a true grandson by rank. Although Yan Jiuhui could run away for now, he had no choice but to stay back obediently, waiting to serve his new patriarch. In fact, it was not only today that he had to do this. Yan Jiuhui had told him straightaway, that as Lu Chengfeng had yet to have any dependable subordinates in Ji City, Yan Bugui was required to bring a group of men and serve Lu Chengfeng, fulfilling all his orders.

After a restless night, the handing over procedure had finally completed. In just one night, Lu Chengfeng had become one of the members of the Imperial Family, Duke Yan Le of Great Yan Dynasty, and the West Supervisor. With great hospitality, Yu Xuan brought Lu Chengfeng and all his hanger-ons to the official Mansion of Duke Yan Le. It was a luxurious mansion which ranked thirtieth in Ji City, occupying a land of nearly one thousand acres.

After Lu Chengfeng settled a few urgent issues and had all persons-in-charge of different levels in Duke Yan Le Mansion gathered together, noon had already arrived. The rainstorm last night was like a nightmare, leaving no traces behind on this second day. Currently, the sun had climbed up to the middle of the sky, and was pouring its heat down onto the main courtyard of the mansion, making a few hundred persons-in-charge sweat all over their bodies.

Wearing a chiffon cloth, Lu Chengfeng sat under the eave, throwing a cold gaze at these persons-in-charge who had respectful and cautious expressions.

When the hot sunlight nearly made these subordinates faint, only then did Lu Chengfeng say lightly, "Well, never mind. From now onwards, keep your mind on the work and do them diligently. Everything will follow the same rules and orders like before. I'm not an unreasonable Master. As long as you persevere and have respect for me, it is not necessary for me to pick a few unlucky fellows, kill them in front of you and teach you a lesson."

Wu Qi was leaning against a pillar, watching at these persons-in-charge smilingly. Actually, Lu Chengfeng was doing a right thing by letting these people expose under the hot sun. As he was a new Master to these people, if he didn't teach them a little bit of a lesson, perhaps these people would cause some messy problems for him in the future.

By lightly tapping on these people’s head, it would make Lu Chengfeng's life easier when he really took control of the massive legacy of Yan Buji. Not to mention how much of power the post of West Supervisor held, just with the two provinces of fief under the name of Yan Buji, how much would they yield him annually? And how many properties in these two provinces belonged to Lu Chengfeng? He would need people to help him in managing all these things.

By just looking at this group of over four hundred persons-in-charge in the Duke Mansion, it wasn't tough to imagine how enormous the family property was.

The sound of jade pendants knocking each other was heard as Tie Yuewu brought a few serving ladies, followed by the savage looking Crimson Blue Snake, and came over to the scene. Her face was melted in a smile.

"Chengfeng, my dear son, this is the first time you came to Ji City. I'm sure you're not familiar with almost anything. In addition to that, there are many affairs that need to be handled in this Duke Mansion, and I think you don't have a suitable candidate to help you. Don't worry, your mother has brought quite a few of capable and smart men here, they can share your burden!" Tie Yuewu kept smiling and her eyes nearly narrowed into a curve line. Lu Chengfeng had become the Duke of Great Yan Dynasty. How much of benefit could that bring to her, his mother?

Wu Qi laughed. He was looking at Lu Chengfeng, wanting to see how the man was going to answer to his mother.

If he allowed those stewards brought by Tie Yuewu to interfere with the affairs of Duke Yan Le Mansion, most probably, after some time, Lu Chengfeng would have nothing to do with this Mansion anymore. On the contrary, though Lu Chengfeng wasn't familiar with these persons-in-charge of Duke Yan Le Mansion, but after all, they were the servants that served Yan Buji before, thus, making them more reliable and trustworthy.

Expressionless like a calm surface of the water, Lu Chengfeng stared at Tie Yuewu. After some long moments, he sighed under his breath.

"These are just trifling matters. I don't think mother should worry about them. Yan Fu, prepare some gifts that are worth three million gold coins, and send the Maiden out from the Mansion. Also, give some gold and silver coins to the men the Maiden brought here. After all, they had traveled so far to Ji City. We can't let them return with empty hands!"

Among many stewards in the courtyard, four old men were standing at the forefront. One of them with a white beard took a step forward hastily and answered respectfully.

Tie Yuewu's face darkened immediately. With malevolent eyes, she glared at Lu Chengfeng and cried, "Chengfeng, how dare you!"

Lu Chengfeng looked at Tie Yuewu indifferently, then said with a soft voice, "No matter what, you are my mother. So, your son will make sure the entire clan of Marquis Yuanyang stays wealthy. Whatever Marquis Yuanyang wishes to do, just send someone here and let me know. But, your son has no relation or whatsoever with Lu Clan!"

Tie Yuewu rolled her eyes. Her darkened face suddenly bloomed with a bright smile like the spring flowers. "Oh dear son, why are you scaring your mother like that? You don't want to relate yourself with Lu Clan? I understand now. How about this, after mother returns, I'll divorce with Lu Wenruo?" Tie Yuewu said with a big smile, yet she was meticulously peeking at Lu Chengfeng's expression.

Lu Chengfeng pondered, then said lightly, "Well, I think mother should handle this for yourself. After all, this is mother's own affair. How could your son interfere with your decision?"

Tie Yuewu remained quiet for some moments. Carefully, she asked, "Then... mother will divorce from Lu Clan after the return? And... mother will pay more visits to my dear son, Chengfeng?"

Lu Chengfeng nodded his head slowly and smiled. "In the end, mother is still Chengfeng's own mother. When you're free, it is natural that we have to visit each other more frequently. However, for the people of Liyang Lu Clan, if there isn't anything necessary, they better not appear in front of me."

He paused briefly, before continued saying gracefully, "If grandfather and my maternal uncles wish to come to Ji City, it will be nice as well."

The smile on Tie Yuewu's face became stronger, and she answered with a crystal clear voice.

They continued their discussion for some time, and only then did Lu Chengfeng wave his hand and dismiss all the stewards from the courtyard. When all of them were finally gone, Lu Chengfeng continued saying with a respectful manner, "Once I've taken a firm stand in Ji City, let my maternal uncles send some men here. As Tie Clan was built on the foundation of the military, I'll find a way and get a batch of specially made armors and weapons in Ji City for them."

Again, Tie Yuewu was melted in a smile and had her eyes narrowed into a curvy line. She sat affectionately beside Lu Chengfeng and touched his head intimately. After Lu Chengfeng was born, never once had Tie Yuewu shown him so much of affection. As a result, although Lu Chengfeng was an adult now, Tie Yuewu's action still made his eyes turn slightly red.

Standing aside, Wu Qi was seen twitching his lips. If what Lu Chengfeng just said was heard by others, perhaps the monarch of Lu Kingdom would be the first one who would rush over to Ji City and argue with him.

Tie Clan had controlled nearly half of the army in the Lu Kingdom. Yet, Lu Chengfeng was planning to send a batch of military equipment specially made by Great Yan Dynasty… What did that mean?

Obviously, Lu Chengfeng was telling Tie Yuewu that, if his grandfather and maternal uncles wished to revolt, then they could just slaughter the entire clan of the monarch. After all, Lu Chengfeng still had a grave grudge with Princess Yingchuan and Lord Puyang. It was better to settle their score before it was too late.

At last, Lu Chengfeng breathed a long sigh and said, "Mother, you better make the return as soon as possible. It is better for you to broke the connection with Lu Clan. As for mother's award, once mother has settled the matters with them, your son will ask Duke Yu Xuan to announce it."

Just like what had been mentioned before, after Lu Chengfeng inherited the title of Duke Yan Le, as his birth mother, Tie Yuewu would also be bestowed with a new title, and became one of the supreme ladies in Great Yan Dynasty. However, without any question, as long as Tie Yuewu was still the chief lady of Lu Clan, Lu Chengfeng would never let her receive her new title, and all rights and interests related to the title.

Wu Qi felt it was really funny. Lu Wenruo was such a pitiable guy. Although he had provided a great help by deploying his Cuirasses Cavalry and protected Lu Chengfeng all the way to Ji City, yet Lu Chengfeng didn't feel grateful for what he had done. Once Tie Yuewu cut off all her connection with Lu Clan, this clan of Liyang would be destined to fall into decay. It was all because the Lu Clan had pushed Lu Chengfeng too hard in the past, and they couldn't blame him for returning their favor in such a manner.

After a long-winded talk with Tie Yuewu, the lady finally departed the Duke Mansion satisfyingly.

Lu Chengfeng would use the biggest force he had in taking revenge against the Liyang Lu Clan, but he could never cut off his connection entirely with his mother and his maternal family. Instead, he needed to use all his ability in nurturing and growing the power of his mother's clan. Or else, he was like a rootless tree in Ji City. Without any dependable helpers, how could he gain a firm stand in this place?

After sending Tie Yuewu away, only then Lu Chengfeng looked at Wu Qi with a helpless expression.

"You have heard what my mother said just now. I have no capable men helping me right now. Although those stewards are the family servants of Duke Yan Le, I'd at least need someone to manage them. Wu Qi, tell me, what should I do?"

While looking at Wu Qi, Lu Chengfeng's eyes were filled with weariness and helpless. He only had a few hanger-ons with him, and they were all from Little Meng City. Although they were experts in committing murder and arson, if they were placed in the position of managing administrative tasks and finance, Lu Chengfeng would go bankrupt completely in just less than three months.

Wu Qi stared back at Lu Chengfeng, stretched out one of his fingers and said, "Young master, you've made a promise to me. I want to join a Sect that cultivates Immortality."

With a deep voice, Lu Chengfeng said, "Help me for half a year, let me gain a firm stand in Ji City… Then I'll refer you to a Sect that cultivates Immortality in Great Yan."

After a brief pause, Lu Chengfeng quickly added, "Even after you have joined them, you'll still be the chief hanger-on of the Duke Mansion. You can't just wash your hands off me!" Lu Chengfeng had a great trust and confidence in Wu Qi's ability, and he needed his help. He really feared that Wu Qi would just focus all his mind in cultivating Immortality, and never again bother this old master of his.

Wu Qi had obtained Lu Chengfeng's promise. Thus, in return, he also promised to continue providing him advice and suggestion, and wouldn't just focus on cultivating Immortality.

In all sincerity and frankness, both men discussed further the current issue they faced. In the end, Wu Qi gave Lu Chengfeng a suggestion.

As Lu Chengfeng's foundation was too shallow, he didn't have any men that were worth trusting, nor did he had any men that he could make good use of. However, he still had many good friends back in the Lu Kingdom. In the event of scheming against Yi Yan, these good friends of his had provided him a great help. They were all sons of concubines or love child of some influential clans in the Lu Kingdom. Although they did receive the education deserved for all sons of the noble clan and had possessed some abilities of themselves, yet their status in the clan was just as awkward as Lu Chengfeng’s in the past.

And these men were the best candidates for Lu Chengfeng.

"Just call all of them to Ji City and ask them to help young master in managing various affairs. They do have the ability for the tasks. Young master can promise them, that after three to five years, once young master has nurtured a group of capable men, you'll help them in seizing the power of their clan."

With a casual smile, Wu Qi gave Lu Chengfeng his final advice.

"With that, not only young master can solve this pressing issue, those young misters would also establish their own connection in Ji City. And after going through the training of a few years, they would become a group of capable men who young master can put to good use. Once they return to the Lu Kingdom, and once young master helps them in seizing the power of their respective clans, young master would have built great supporting arms in those vassal kingdoms!"

After listened to what Wu Qi said, Lu Chengfeng was struck with wild joy and kept praising the advice, nearly jumping up to his feet.

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