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King Yang Qiu's field headquarters, the cloud platform, was stationed in the Greenwood Plains.

It was a vast expanse of swaying green grass, measuring more than a hundred million miles wide. A myriad of animals lurked in the neck-deep sea of grass while countless colorful wildflowers, each as large as a pot, bloomed beautifully across the seemingly boundless plain. At a glance, it seemed like numerous rainbows were stretching across a bright green canvas, making the place a wonderful scenery beyond comparison.

There were no other trees on this spacious plain except one, which stood a thousand miles tall right in the center of the vast expanse. At its trunk near the ground, the diameter of the tree was over tens of miles. It had a bark that was smooth as a mirror, with bright green lights emitting out of it and reaching thousands of miles away. There were only dozens of branches stretching out from its massive trunk, on top of which, thousands of huge leaves, each measuring several miles wide, were swaying gently in the breeze. No matter it was the branches or the leaves, they looked as if they were carved out of jades, almost transparent, and with no impurities.

The name of this tree was 'Shadowless Greenwood'. Just like its name, it did not have a shadow, even when the sun was shining at its brightest. Since the Great Saint Pangu transformed himself into Pangu Continent, this divine tree had been growing in Greenwood Plain, quietly absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon for days and nights. It was the most famous ancient divine tree across the land of Great Yu.

Every day at midnight, it would produce about a thousand drops of Greenwood Divine Liquid that was as sticky as glue and fragrant, with each drop weighing up to five thousand kilograms. The divine liquid was well-known for its magical effect of strengthening the muscles, bones, and internal organs, replenishing the vitality, as well as stabilizing the soul. If a warrior of Great Yu, whose level of cultivation was at the peak of the Nine Stars Realm of the First Pangu Heaven, could consume a drop of this divine liquid, he could break through to the realm of the Second Pangu Heaven steadily overnight. And if a warrior, whose prowess was in the realm of the Second Pangu Heaven, could consume a few drops, the strength of his fleshly body would certainly be pushed into the next star realm.

It was not hard to tell how precious the Greenwood Divine Liquid was. Therefore, only a general who had rendered rare meritorious service was qualified to make camp in Greenwood Plain. During the period, the general was given the right to freely distribute the divine liquid to any of the military officers under him.

Making camp in Greenwood Plain, bringing an army straight into You Xiong Plain, and eventually entering Liangzhu to receive rewards from the Human Emperor…this was the grandest award ceremony of Great Yu for generals who rendered meritorious services. According to the size of the credit, the time a general was allowed to station in Greenwood Plain varied between three days, six days, or nine days. However, King Yang Qiu's cloud platform had been stationed in Greenwood Plain for thirty-six days, the longest duration in nearly an aeon!

Measuring over a hundred million miles around, the entire Greenwood Plain was magically sealed by Great Oracles of the ancient Directorate of Celestials. Although it was situated right on Pangu Continent physically, it was isolated into a pocket world, and only generals who had rendered great meritorious services and the military officers under them were allowed to enter.

The stunning credit of killing the Sovereign, capturing Li Qinghua, and escorting him to all parts of Great Yu over the last year, causing Myriad Immortal Alliance to fall apart; forcing countless immortals to commit suicide; and leading to the nearly complete destruction of all the powers of itinerant cultivators on Pangu Continent had earned King Yang Qiu the right to station in Greenwood Plain for thirty-six days.

In the sky above King Yang Qiu's field headquarters, Yu Gu's Supreme Tower was hovering atop a large cloud. The Human Emperor was greatly pleased when he heard that Yu Gu had assisted King Yang Qiu in the killing of the Sovereign, and that he was rewarded with the Virtues of the Heavenly Dao. Without even guessing, when Yu Gu returned to Liangzhu, he would be handsomely rewarded by the Human Emperor directly, and certainly would hold an even greater power in the Directorate of Celestials. Happily, Yu Gu simply followed King Yang Qiu's army around and cooperated with Wu Qi to wipe out the alliance's numerous strongholds and slay countless immortals.

A feast of celebration was taking place in the Supreme Tower at the moment. In a great hall, King Yang Qiu and several of his confidants were having a wild time with a group of teenage girls from the clan of feathermen. If they were in the field headquarters, King Yang Qiu, as the chief commander of the army, would not have dared to be so licentious. But inside Yu Gu's Supreme Tower, he could let go of his restraints and enjoy whatever he wished.

Screaming and panting, naked girls were running about the hall while King Yang Qiu and his military officers, including Yangqiu Fengbo—who were equally naked—were laughing and chasing after them. Whenever a girl was caught by one of them, a sweaty body-to-body battle immediately unfolded on the spot. In one corner of the hall, dozens of teenage girls from the mermen clan sat in a pool, playing with instruments or singing the infamous enchanting tune of the mermaids in low voices to spice up the atmosphere. The air was filled with the aroma of dragon saliva incense meticulously formulated by Yu Gu, which had a very strong aphrodisiac effect, causing King Yang Qiu and his confidants to quickly immerse themselves in fierce battles with those teenage girls.

There was a small door in another corner of the hall, behind which was a dimly lit secret chamber. Yu Gu, rejuvenated by now, was fighting another fierce battle on a bed with dozens of teenage girls from a variety of clans. Like an old wolf who was in heat, he threw his head back and howled, then threw himself into the heap of fleshes that was the teenage girls. He was embarrassed to mess around with King Yang Qiu and the other juniors, but in this relatively closed secret chamber, he was able to fully unleash the anger which he had held back for tens of thousands of years; thus, making him unstoppable.

In any case, these licentious scenes had nothing to do with Wu Qi. At the moment, he was in a secret chamber at the deepest area of the Supreme Tower, sealing the surrounding void with ancient divine runes found in the Book of Ancient God, so that he could completely isolate himself from the outside world.

King Yang Qiu had spent a year to put down Myriad Immortal Alliance. During the year, apart from helping him wipe out the alliance's strongholds in various places, Wu Qi spent most of his time in refining all kinds of materials. As he was King Yang Qiu's current favorite confidant, as well as one of the three persons who was awarded the Virtues of the Heavenly Dao for killing the Sovereign, the power he held in his hand became extremely mighty. As a result, he could freely take out a great amount of rare and precious materials from King Yang Qiu's armory, and nobody was going to say anything against it.

Originally, the small secret chamber was about a hundred feet in both length and width. But after Wu Qi sent the ancient divine runes into the walls, it immediately expanded into a space that was a hundred miles from edge to edge, and with a height of about ten miles. At the moment, countless materials could be seen piled up into small hills in this vast expanse of space. They were all the rare and precious materials Wu Qi had taken out of the armory over the year. In addition, he had meticulously refined them with the Divine Flame of Great Tranquility, and the result was that all the impurities in them were completely gone.

Sitting cross-legged in the middle of the secret chamber, Wu Qi gave the countless materials placed around him a satisfied glance, then carefully scanned the surrounding void with his innate divine sense. After making sure that he was safe from prying eyes, he opened his mouth and spat out a freezing hassock and its item spirit, the soul of the Great Ocean Splitting Beast!

Having been nourished by the water-elemental energy supplied by Wu Qi for years, the soul of the Great Ocean Splitting Beast had now grown to a height of about thirty feet, and looked corporeal as if he had taken a physical shape. Forty-nine streams of water swirled about him like white dragons, giving him an awe-inspiring air. As soon as he was taken out of Wu Qi's spiritual ocean, he lazily opened up his eyes, waking from his deep slumber.

Shaped like a seahorse with six transparent wings, the soul of the Great Ocean Splitting Beast, who called himself 'Hassock', smacked his lips. His wings brushed against each other as he gave Wu Qi an airy glance. "What!" He suddenly jumped up and cried out in shock, "I thought I've only been sleeping for a few years! How come you already possess the cultivation base of a Gold Immortal!"

Wu Qi looked at Hassock with a smile on his face as he unleashed the treasure blade he had crafted and was called Starshark while speaking indifferently, "I have a better luck than others, because of which, I killed a Primordial Immortal and was awarded with the Virtues of the Heavenly Dao, which pushed my cultivation base to the current level...Well, we'll talk about that later. The time has come for you to fulfill your promise! I am going to craft a Prime Magical Artifact, which I call the Supreme Tower. I need you to be the item spirit of my Supreme Tower!"

Years ago when Hassock met Wu Qi, he promised that once Wu Qi became a Gold Immortal, he would submit to him without any condition. And now, he could sense that Wu Qi's level of cultivation base had reached the fifth-tier of Gold Immortal realm, which was much stronger than his previous master, Lady Dark Gold Water. Thus, he gladly agreed to fulfill the promise.

Indeed, Wu Qi was so much stronger now. With just a pinch of his fingers, he crushed Starshark, then asked Hassock to devour its remains as well as the soul of the Green Dome Shark. After that, he shattered Hassock's physical form, the Dark Yin Hassock, with a palm strike and sprayed out a stream of Divine Flame of Great Tranquility from his palm, using it to burn Hassock's soul and the fragments of the Dark Yin Hassock.

A miserable shriek could be heard coming out of Hassock's mouth. It sounded painful, but at the same time, filled with immense excitement and joy. As the divine flame kept burning off impurities in his soul, wisps of chaotic energy were being constantly supplied into it, which made his soul cleaner and denser while gradually transforming him from the state of acquired to innate.

Tumbling like a sea, the Divine Flame of Great Tranquility poured out of Wu Qi's body, melting down the countless materials which had piled up like small hills around him. Under the control of his powerful divine sense, these materials began to fuse with each other according to specific ratios in mid-air. Emitting colorful bright lights, numerous streams of molten metal slammed and fused with one another, sending dazzling sparks all over the place.

In just the blink of an eye, a Supreme Tower was taking shape over Wu Qi, shaped like a pyramid with a pitch black surface. Using his enormously powerful divine sense, he then sent countless ancient divine runes into this tower and connected them up into a massive, complicated formation of divine runes that worked perfectly as a whole.

When he was done, he produced the three hundred and sixty Star Pearls which he took from the heart of the formation laid out by Lord Wandering Immortal, and sent them one by one into the tower to lay out a complete Celestial Killing Formation. As these pearls were personally crafted by the Sovereign, each of them had the ability to attract the great force of the stars, thus giving them an incredibly strong power.

For a full year, Wu Qi had been preparing for this precise day. He made the green divine flame engulf everything, then opened his mouth and sprayed a mouthful of blood onto the tower. With a flip of his palms, he sent the soul of the Great Ocean Splitting Beast and the fragments of Dark Yin Hassock into the tower, fusing them as one with the Celestial Formation.

Immediately, a boundless cold air spewed out of the tower, and was followed by a colorful aurora that was formed by the starlights. Although the pitch black tower did not glow by itself, it was surrounded by the lights of all the colors in the world, making it look extraordinarily mysterious and magnificent.

Wu Qi nodded and smiled in satisfaction; with a casual pointing of his finger, he retracted the tower and placed it inside his spiritual ocean, using his own energy to nourish it.

King Yang Qiu had mentioned that he intended to cultivate Wu Qi into a Supreme Oracle—not an ordinary one, but a Supreme Oracle who cultivated both magic and fleshly body. Although Great Yu's Directorate of Celestials would craft a Supreme Tower for each of the Supreme Oracles, Wu Qi did not need their help, because he could craft himself one that suited his heart the most.

'Dark Yin Celestial Tower' was the name Wu Qi gave to the supreme magical artifact he had crafted for himself, which was a monster that combined the artifact crafting techniques of both the immortals and Oracles, fused with his chaotic energy, and capable of upgrading itself by devouring foreign artifacts!

As he was sensing the tides of energy generated by the Dark Yin Celestial Tower while absorbing chaotic energy in his body, Wu Qi's heart suddenly pounded a few times.

The omen drove him to perform divination with his fingers, and the result put a cold smile on his face.

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