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"Vile creatures, how dare you!" Above the valley, the heaven soldiers and generals guarding the Sovereign's chariot roared furiously at the same time, then each exercised a different divine ability while flying toward the sisters who were rooted in the valley. The armors and weapons used by these soldiers were all of the best quality, the best Heaven Immortal artifacts at the very least. After activating their full power, the light from these weapons immediately illuminated the whole valley.

Many beautiful runes emerged on the surface of the armor of a leading Heaven general. They glowed intensely, making him look like a burning flame. With a twenty-six feet long spear in his hand, the general shot out tens of thousands of powerful golden rays, which pierced through the air and went toward the two sisters like a torrential rain.

In the valley, the two dragon pythons had joined their heads and tails to form a circle, a perfect defensive formation. Two streams of endless water and fire-elemental energy were constantly pouring into their bodies, turning into dazzling flames and piercing chills that were rolling and rocking on their bodies visibly. Based on the principle of the compatibility of Yin and Yang, as well as the unique landscape, the two sisters managed to form a very powerful defensive formation. At the moment, blinding golden and silver rays of light swirled restlessly around them, which looked like countless tiny flood dragons swimming in a vast ocean.

The golden rays shot out by the Heaven general brutally smashed the formation that protected the sisters. The air rang with rapid booms as these golden rays quickly faded away. They were all absorbed by the water and fire-elemental energy, while the light around the sisters kept growing brighter and brighter. Curled up, they stared fixedly at the hundreds of Heaven generals and soldiers flying down from the sky with their tyrannical eyes. Scorching flame and piercing chills which had condensed into liquid form were dripping down the corners of their mouths.

Just as the group of attackers was about a thousand feet away from the sisters, they suddenly opened their mouths and shot out countless golden and silver rays. Like a reversed meteor shower, these tiny rays of light pierced through the void as they went to destroy the enemies in the sky. The hundreds of Heaven soldiers and generals with superior-grade protective gears let out miserable howls and wails at the same time. The Divine Beams of Fire and Ice specialized in destroying all weapons and magical artifacts; the hundreds of millions of degrees shift between cold and hot in a split second could be powerful enough to destroy even a Gold Immortal Artifact.

The sound of armor and weapons cracking rang throughout the valley, and the bodies of these hundreds of soldiers were riddled with holes. As pale golden blood sprayed out of their bodies, they fell down miserably from the sky. The dragon-scaled Heaven horses they rode were letting out disheartening cries as well, trying their best to fly back into the sky by flapping their wings. However, as their bodies were also pierced with hundreds of holes of varying sizes, their vitality was fading away at an incredible rate. Before long, they tool fell heavily to the ground.

The two dragon pythons opened their mouths and took a strong breath. A gust of wild wind immediately rolled up the corpses and sent them into the sisters' mouths. Joyfully, they swallowed the delicacies delivered to their door and laughed merrily.

Wu Qi and the others watched the scene with admiring eyes. Although hundreds of Heaven soldiers and generals descended from the sky in a very ferocious manner, their attack was easily and completely destroyed by the two dragon pythons. This showed that the cultivation bases of the two sisters were extremely terrifying. In the face of these two monstrous beasts, the Heaven soldiers and generals the Sovereign brought here were just too vulnerable.

"Oddly enough, why did he let those people die?" With hands clasped behind his back and a cold grin on his face, Yu Qingcheng said, "How could a man like the Sovereign make such an unwise decision?"

The question struck Wu Qi, and then he saw from the light screen that the bodies of the two dragon pythons suddenly began to tremble. Their scales stood up one by one, making them look as if they had tripled in size; blood mixed with saliva streamed down the corners of their mouths. Soon, faint chilly mists began to rise from the golden dragon python's skin, while the silver one had tiny tongues of flame creeping across her body.

"Poison!" said Yu Gu while squinting and laughing, "It's a poison, one that is very peculiar and deadly! The golden python's attribute is fire, so the corpses she devoured had turned into a piercing coldness in her body…The silver python's attribute is ice, so all the corpses she swallowed turned into scorching flames. Hehe…The opposition of two different attributes…The two of them are going to suffer now!"

King Yang Qiu nodded slowly and said, "That's one way to deal with them. With half of the alchemical workshops in the Heaven under him, it's not surprising that the Sovereign can produce a poison specially targeted against the two dragon pythons." At this point, he suddenly laughed coldly, "Hehe, I did not expect that the Sovereign of Myriad Immortal Alliance is actually Immortal Ding Jun, a powerful immortal in charge of half of the alchemical workshops in the Heaven! And yet, with all the resources at his disposal, he failed to gather all the spirit herbs that can save his life! Haha!"

Amidst King Yang Qiu's cold laughter, Wu Qi and others packed up their armor, weapons, and other belongings. With the exception of Wu Qi, the other military officers also counted all sorts of spirit talismans they had brought with them. After a simple yet efficient counting of inventory, the group quickly left the valley and headed cautiously toward the valley where the two dragon pythons were entrenched.

When it was certain that the sisters had been poisoned, a laughter of triumph rang out of the chariot. "Animals are animals! No matter how strong your cultivation bases are, you are still animals in essence!" Amidst the laughter, the purple cloud condensed into a giant hand, grabbing down as fast as a bolt of lightning.

The two dragon pythons struggled to lift their heads as their bodies twitched and twisted violently. Blood and saliva kept dripping from the corners of their mouths, and a deep and helpless hiss could be heard coming out of their throats. They no longer had the strength to respond to the approaching giant hand. Losing their control, the defensive formation of the small shrubs around them was unable to perform their proper defensive function. So, when the giant hand came pressing down, all the shrubs were broken off and the fruits on them were crushed into jam, sent flying in all directions.

Unwilling to accept the fate, the sister let out a long hiss into the sky, then flinched and tried to hide back in the eyes of fire and water. Just then, a rain of golden light came pouring down from the giant hand. A strange force held their bodies in place, making them unable to move at all. Upon seeing that, many immortals beside the chariot chorused in admiration, praising the Sovereign for his mighty magical prowess and his inscrutable powers.

The two dragon pythons floated slowly into the air, their slender and beautiful bodies reflecting in the purple cloud and golden light, looking extraordinarily magnificent. They writhed wildly, but because their internal energy flow had been messed up by the poison in their stomachs, they could not even use their innate abilities which were inherited from their bloodlines. The higher they were brought into the sky, the louder and sharper their howls became. Gradually, a faint madness began to be mixed into their voices.

Amidst the flattery of many immortals, a blood-red gleam of madness flashed through the eyes of the two dragon pythons. The eyes of fire and water in the valley suddenly trembled. In the middle of the cries of the immortals, two streams of energy, one fire and one water, erupted out of the two eyes. Numerous cracks spread out like cobwebs across the ground, and strong water and fire-elemental energies were spewing out of these cracks. Realizing that they were about to be captured alive by the enemy, the two pythons resolutely detonated the two natural water and fire-elemental energy veins under the valley.

Water and fire-elemental energy constantly collided with each other in the air as the two enormous energy veins exploded wildly, producing a dreadful and devastating power. Countless blocks of ice and lumps of lava were being thrown into the sky, while the massive explosion had affected all the energy veins within tens of thousands of miles around the valley. Still in their infant stages, these energy veins began to explode one after another, and caused a frightening chain reaction to happen within the disordered natural energies at high altitudes.

Before long, the whole sky was covered with dark clouds. Although the sun was now behind the thick layer of clouds, magnificent auroras that were a hundred times brighter than sunlight were pouring down from within them. Of the thousand immortals next to the chariot, about two hundred or so were rolled up by the aurora, and in the blink of an eye, their immortal artifacts and bodies melted silently. The aurora produced by the raging natural energy had turned them into nothingness.

After the two hundred or so immortals were killed by the auroras created by the friction of water and fire-elemental energies spewing from under the ground and the violent natural energy in the sky, a dull roaring of thunderclap was heard coming from mid-air. Soon, hailstones, fire rain, snowflakes, and gusts of strong wind began to descend from the sky. These were a part of the unique weather of the primitive land; even a drop of rain had a very terrible lethality. Immediately, the immortals beside the chariot were thrown into utter confusion as they quickly produced their defensive immortal artifacts to protect themselves against the violent and deadly weather.

The purple cloud around the chariot rolled and rocked rapidly, apparently in an attempt to provide some protections for these immortals. However, the unpredictable weather at the high altitudes was so powerful, and the purple cloud seemed a little too weak. As a result, raindrops, hailstones, and other objects easily penetrated the layer of purple cloud and smashed those immortals. Fortunately, the chariot, shrouded in a bright light of four colors, had a very strong defensive strength. Hence, nothing could get near it for the time being.

The two streams of water and fire-elemental energy towering into the sky engulfed the two dragon pythons. Although they were twitching violently, they were groaning comfortably as well. Endless water and fire-elemental energy kept rushing into their bodies, helping them quickly dispel the discomfort caused by the poison. They were the spirits materialized from the fire and water-elemental energy, and as long as they had enough supply of these two energies, they had nothing to be afraid of.

As the fire and water-elemental energies were being madly compressed in their bodies, the two ferocious dragon pythons fixed their gazes on the luxurious chariot. Their wings fluttered behind them, rolling up waves of flames and cold breezes. All of a sudden, they howled sharply as two strong beams of light, one gold and one silver, came shooting out of their mouths and hit the chariot accurately.

The strong light of four colors shrouding the chariot flickered rapidly, and quickly ground the two strong beams of light away like a grindstone. But, the sisters hated the Sovereign to their bones, who had used such a vicious poison against them. So, they frantically absorbed the water and fire-elemental energies from the surrounding atmosphere, regardless of whether their bodies could withstand it or not, and constantly converted it into the divine beams of fire and ice.

The powerful force of the gold and silver beams of light drove the chariot back, and in just the blink of an eye, it was pushed tens of thousands of feet away.

Strangely enough, the Sovereign, sitting in his chariot, never struck again. The purple cloud near the chariot kept rising and rolling, turning into numerous clouds shaped like Ganoderma; the Sovereign was just defending himself. Although all the immortals who followed him here were overwhelmed by the sudden outburst of the violent natural energy, he remained silent and did not react to the fierce attacks of the sisters.

At that moment, Wu Qi, the Yang Qiu brothers, and hundreds of valiant military officers had already broken through the layers of dark clouds and appeared next to the group of immortals. Exercising the Dragon Kill, Wu Qi's body suddenly grew to thirty-feet tall; his skin was covered by three layers of dark dragon scales, and his body was shrouded by a roiling dark Nine Nether Ghost Flame. Like a fierce human-shaped dragon, he plunged straight into the group of immortals.

With a strange laugh, seven dazzling dark beams of light spewed out of Wu Qi's seven orifices, which immediately went into the seven orifices of a top-tier Heaven Immortal in front of him, pinning down his immortal soul. Then, by reaching out his hand and performing a grabbing gesture, a huge, dark ghost claw came smashing down from the sky, ripping the Heaven Immortal's body into six equal portions.

Blood splattered in all directions. The group of immortals was caught unprepared by Wu Qi and the others' surprise attack. They were only about seven hundred immortals, with the strongest only at the peak realm of Heaven Immortals, while Wu Qi's group comprised of hundreds of fearsome military officers whose prowess was equivalent to that of Gold Immortals; it was an absolute slaughter!

Laughing strangely, Wu Qi pointed a finger at the chariot and said, "The Sovereign of Myriad Immortal Alliance, Immortal Ding Jun, come and meet your death!"

However, before his words could fade, a rain of hazy green rays of light came pouring from behind a lofty mountain, ripping everything into shreds along their way. The green rays of light, which nobody knew what they were, blanketed Wu Qi and his company.

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