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The Military Minister of Hai Province Military Court, Tan Lang, was unfortunately cursed by Fiend immortals during his battle with the Myriad Immortal Alliance, and his soul was trapped by evil spirits. As no medicine or magic could cure him, he was sent back to Dong Hai City to recover after receiving a letter of commendation, along with some gold, silver and jewels...

Wu Qi's injuries were so strange that even the Sun Oracles who served Bo Yunting could only sigh in despair after examining his condition. His soul and the evil spirits had been all mixed up. If the soul of an ordinary man were as large as a bucket, his was only as small as a fist. Furthermore, the flame of his soul, suppressed by the evil spirits, was so dim that it looked as if he might die at any moment.

There were all sorts of mystic arts relating to souls in the Directorate of Celestials, but when facing Wu Qi's strange condition, where his soul and the evil spirits were fused into one, those Sun Oracles could only shake their heads. None of them dared to treat him, fearing that they might crush his seriously damaged soul during the process and render him incurable.

As for those Supreme Oracles with mighty cultivation base, who were many times stronger than Sun Oracles and could have cured Wu Qi... For one thing, Bo Yunting did not have the face to ask for their help. And secondly, Wu Qi was just a little third-grade general, an insignificant Military Minister of a ninth-grade province. He was not important enough to be treated by those supreme existences.

Therefore, Wu Qi was eventually sent back to Dong Hai City with his strange injuries, as well as the huge amount of gold, silver, and jewels Bo Yunting had rewarded him.

After leaving a puppet in Dong Hai City to play dead, Wu Qi, who looked perfectly healthy, changed his appearance together with Princess Zhang Le and went straight to Puluo Heavenly Realm, using a super long-distance teleportation formation located in one of the third-grade provinces.

The millions of evil spirits that had invaded Wu Qi's spirit ocean had been imprisoned by the cage he had made with the Divine Flame of Order, and were being slowly refined and absorbed by him. These spirits were transformed from the souls of mortals, each with a soul power more than ten times that of ordinary mortals. If he absorbed all of them, his divine soul would grow to an incredible level.

A strong divine soul represented a strong divine sense, as well as a better understanding of the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao was like a complex mathematical problem, and a cultivator's divine soul was the computer, while the cultivation techniques practiced by the cultivators were the algorithms. Wu Qi already had very brilliant algorithms, such as the Song of Gale, the Dark Yin Water Scripture, and the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, all of which were excellent cultivation techniques that pointed straight to the Heavenly Dao. If he were to absorb all these millions of evil spirits, his divine soul would grow to an incredible level, and his understanding of the Heavenly Dao would surely augment many times faster.

A spatial tunnel entirely made up of colorful light stretched into the far distance where even the eyes could not reach. Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le sat cross-legged on the silver lotus throne, their palms clasped tightly together. The chaotic energy in Wu Qi's body and the innate divine energy in Princess Zhang Le's body were connected together, constantly communicating and transforming into each other. The five-colored divine ray shrouded both of them while driving the lotus throne forward through the tunnel.

Whenever the five-color divine ray was in full bloom, the lotus throne would bring them forward with a teleportation and traverse a long distance, which usually took an ordinary immortal a few days to travel.

As Wu Qi's chaotic energy injected into Princess Zhang Le's body, it merged with her innate divine energy and gradually transformed into five-colored divine rays, while smearing the energies in her body with his chaotic aura. Her energies became more and more concentrated, mysterious, and unfathomable. Before long, a very ancient aura, as if it were originating from the very beginning of the heaven and earth, gradually spread out of her body, and a holy, majestic look appeared on her face.

At the same time, the five-colored divine rays were injected into Wu Qi's body and gradually merged with his chaotic energy. Each wisp of the divine ray contained the Ancient Gods' understanding of the Heavenly Dao. When Heaven and Earth were created, the most primitive and pure Heavenly Dao was exposed right in front of all the innate creatures. Therefore, all the innate creatures possessed very powerful divine abilities at the moment of birth. Although Princess Zhang Le, who inherited the legacy of the Ancient Gods, had not fully understood those Laws herself, her five-colored divine rays contained all those mysterious Laws.

Princess Zhang Le had to work hard to guess the profound knowledge and understand the Laws through the five-colored divine rays. It was like looking at the moon through a mirror. However, by devouring the divine rays with his chaotic energy, it was so much easier for Wu Qi to understand the Laws, like eating and drinking to directly absorb the nutrients.

Contained in the five-colored divine rays were the Dao of Nature, including wind, thunder, rain, snow, earth, water, rain, seasons, earthquakes, volcanos, and all sorts of wonderful Laws. As Wu Qi gradually digested the divine rays sent over by Princess Zhang Le, his aura that was already ethereal and unpredictable became even vaguer. It was as if he would become completely invisible in the void at any moment, and merge entirely with this universe.

A hazy cyclone appeared in the five-colored divine ray behind Princess Zhang Le. It seemed to have no color, but it also seemed to contain all the colors under the heaven; it looked like it had no fixed shape, but it also seemed to contain all the shapes that existed under Heaven; it looked as if it could devour and destroy everything under Heaven, but it also looked as if it could give birth to everything.

The profoundness of the chaotic energy could be clearly seen at a glance in Princess Zhang Le's five-colored divine rays, and it had made the rays, which already contained a variety of powerful divine powers, look even more amazing.

Wu Qi's entire body was covered with several inches thick chaotic energy, in which, one could vaguely see countless strange visions flashing. There were volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, thunderstorms, blizzards, and all kinds of natural phenomena emerging in it. His body seemed to have become a miniature world, full of mysteries.

The silver lotus throne feasted on the wonderful energies from Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, gradually becoming colorful and taking on a hint of innate aura. The root of the lotus throne was already very strong, and after

being smeared by the source aura of the two sitting on it, it was gradually transforming into an innate spirit treasure.

From time to time, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le would utter their understanding of the Heavenly Dao, and the lotus throne would wave its petals happily like a living creature. There was a saying that true dharma words could make the inveterate stone nod, and it was true that Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le's explanation of the Dao in the spatial tunnel had given the lotus throne endless benefits. In the core of the lotus throne, a strand of innate sentience had gradually formed, and was slowly taking the appearance of a human. Influenced by Princess Zhang Le's aura day and night, this strand of innate sentience instinctively made a template of her face and adjusted its appearance.

Time passed day after day. On one particular day, the clothes of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, who were immersed in the cultivation, suddenly vanished, and in the next moment, both of them were tightly connected together. Wu Qi laid on the lotus throne with his hands locked into an incantation gesture before his chest, while Princess Zhang Le sat on his body. Her expression was calm as she locked her hands into an incantation gesture before her dantian.

Chaotic energy and innate divine energy gathered and exchanged with one another at the spot where their bodies were connecting. After having maintained the same position for forty-nine days, a strong light burst out from where they were connected suddenly. Their energy essences sprayed out and merged into one, combining with the chaotic energy and innate divine energy to form two immeasurably small objects that flew back into their bodies while emitting a terrifying heat.

Wu Qi was struck with a sudden enlightenment. He realized that this was the real foundation of the Great Dao for both of them, and all he and Princess Zhang Le could accomplish in the future was here. Without hesitation, he pressed his hand incantation gesture on her breast, and she also pressed her incantation gesture on his brow.

For a moment, their souls and bodies became one, and the surrounding aura turned into a perfectly rounded halo, glinting brilliantly with purple mist rising endlessly with them at the center. Infinite Heavenly Secrets poured straight down through the top of their heads, and the immeasurably small objects in their bodies abruptly exploded with a boom, evolving into two little worlds.

All cultivators, as long as they cultivated to the realm of Heaven Immortals, would have the ability to create their own interstitial world. All Heaven Immortals, whose cultivation base was strong enough and had understood the Heavenly Dao, would create their own interstitial world and use it as a cave abode for secluded cultivation, or transform it into a Daoist rite temple to recruit disciples. And all Heaven Immortals, who had strong backings and owned advanced cultivation techniques, had created their own worlds.

However, creating an interstitial world was a very mysterious ability. If ordinary Heaven Immortals did not inherit a complete legacy, the likelihood of them understanding the mystery was rare even if they cultivated to the peak of Heaven Immortal realm. In the outer heavenly realms, there was usually only one out of ten thousand Heaven Immortals who could create his own world.

The interstitial world of Heaven Immortals must rely on the natural underground energy veins to remain stable, and it was very difficult to carry it around without an extraordinary treasure to suppress it.

When an immortal reached the Gold Immortal realm, he could create the interstitial world within his body and evolve it into a complete world. The Buddhist Kingdoms in the palms of eminent monks, as well as the heavenly realms created by the almighty experts of the Dao League, were all evolved from such interstitial worlds.

With their souls and bodies united in cultivating, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le had unintentionally created their own interstitial worlds. Although they did not have the overall strength of Gold Immortals, because of the chaotic energy and innate divine energy, they temporarily entered the realm of Gold Immortals.

Wu Qi's interstitial world was a primordial void; it looked extremely small, but at the same time, it seemed to look extremely vast. Natural phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder, water, fire, and many others materialized in this void according to his will; it was full of endless changes.

Princess Zhang Le's interstitial world was a beautiful landscape. It was only about a foot in diameter, but inside it was a miniature world. There was a hill, a river, and a few clouds floating in the sky, with a breeze gently blowing by.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le opened their eyes at the same time and smiled at each other. Suddenly, a powerful suction force erupted from the small worlds inside them and began to rapidly absorb the infinite energies in the surrounding void. Ravished with joy, they immediately converted the energies into their own through the small worlds. The lotus throne was suddenly covered with a great power, and then abruptly vanished in a flash.

Two months later, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le returned to Yu Hua Heavenly Realm.

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