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Before Xiao He had finished his words, the wine vessel in Liu Bang's hand had magically disappeared. Almost instantaneously, a trace of blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth, and a great deal of blood seeped out of his chest as he rolled his eyes and fell onto the bed. As if his parents were dying, Reverend Li Yang rushed over, clutched Liu Bang's shoulders with both hands, and shouted, "Your Majesty, you must hold on! I have the best spirit pills here! You will be alright!"

He quickly fished out a few shabby-looking pills that nobody knew what they were made of and put them into Liu Bang's mouth. Then, out of nowhere, he pulled out a jade flagon and fed Liu Bang a few mouthfuls of water. The pills soon rolled into Liu Bang's stomach. Before long, some color began to return to his pale face, and his chest was rising and falling slightly, as if he had just resumed breathing.

Xiao He and Han Xin also rushed to Liu Bang's bedside. The two quickly performed incantation gestures and intoned spells, then waved their hands and sprinkled a large sheet of immortal light over his body. It was the 'Spirit Return Spell', which could stabilize a wound so that the soul and body of the Immortal would not be separated. They did everything they could to 'save' him; with sweat streaming down their foreheads, their bodies trembled as they squeezed the last bit of energy out of their bodies, trying their best to stabilize Liu Bang's soul and wound.

Beside them, Zhang Liang was shouting as if he was at the end of his wits, "Somebody, get me the herbs quickly! I want to concoct pills to save His Majesty's life!"

Dull footsteps came into their ears, and the next moment, Fan Kuai, armed with a shield and a dagger while being heavily armored, strode into the tent like an iron wall. Like a sudden thunder on a summer afternoon, he shouted, "Haven't you found Jing Mo and his family yet? I'm going to chop him and his family up, and feed them to the wolves. I'm going to then burn their souls and make them suffer eternally!"

Hiding on Han Xin's shoulder, Wu Qi was deeply amazed by the performance put up by Liu Bang and his companions.

All of a sudden, the strange force Xiao He had unleashed returned to his body. The tent's flap was then lifted, and two men came walking in slowly from outside. Wu Qi withdrew and concealed all his aura, carefully turning his head to look at the two men as they entered.

It was an old man who took the lead. He was about six feet tall, homely in both facial features and temperament. His hair were as white as an ordinary old man's, and the ratio of white and black hair was almost one-to-one. Everything about him gave a sense of reliability and harmony. He was dressed in gray, coarse linen clothes, with a hemp rope wrapped around his waist, and a pair of straw shoes woven with hemp fiber on his feet.

The old man did not emanate any aura, and he looked just like an ordinary old man. But, as soon as his eyes flicked open, Wu Qi was startled by what he saw — there were no eyeballs in the sockets, but two thumb-sized ghost flames. Two green ghost flames whirled rapidly in the deep, dark sockets; from them, a fierce, savage roar of a dragon could be faintly heard while a pair of ferocious, bloodshot eyes were staring ahead.

Wu Qi could not feel any vitality from the old man. This was an old man who had reached the end of his life and relied solely on spirit pills to continue his life. In Wu Qi's perception, he was nothing but a piece of skin, and his internal organs probably had lost their normal function long ago. He continued to live just because he used spirit pills to continue his life and had a powerful beast soul in his body to nourish his soul.

Judging by all that, this old man must be the master of the Supreme Tower that hung over their heads, the Supreme Oracle who was sent to protect Yuaya City.

He was an almighty expert strong enough to fight against the Primordial Immortals of the Heaven, a true pillar of Great Yu's human race. After looking cautiously at him, Wu Qi quickly turned his gaze to the other person and dared not to look again. For an old Oracle like him who had lived for heaven knows how many years, even though Wu Qi had hidden all his aura and divine sense, but a look might make him feel something.

There was pressure in gazes, and perhaps a second look at the old man would have exposed him.

Wu Qi looked at the second man. He was a middle-aged man dressed in a black brocade robe and with a jade belt around his waist; his long hair were hung loosely over his shoulders, and a hair band inlaid with a thumb-sized purple jewel in the middle was tied around his forehead. The man gave an impression of being conservative, obtuse, blunt, and inflexible. He walked as if he were a wooden man; even the distance of each step was exactly the same. In addition, he exuded an air of being on the top, as if an idol being worshiped in a temple had suddenly appeared in front of the public, giving people a very strong pressure.

Wu Qi knew where this kind of person came from. The children brought up by the most traditional and conservative clans in Great Yu were like that. From a young age, they were trained with the cruelest methods, almost to the point of being hellish, which allowed them to possess a great power. They had the right to decide the life and death of others, and with just a word, they could decide the fate of thousands of people. They could get anything they wanted under the heaven, but they did not understand the ways of the world, or had the ability to reason with others. In general, those from the powerful and influential clans of Great Yu were all like this.

But, when Wu Qi looked closely at the man's face, he found him to be very familiar.

After spending some time going through his memory, his body trembled suddenly, and the color of his face alternated between blue and pale. He stared at the man's face, his hands clenched into fists. When Yan Dan told him about how they were brought to Myriad Immortals Planet, he had drawn out the face of the mysterious black-clothed man for him to remember. Little did he expect that he would see this face here.

They might not be the same person though, but they certainly had very close blood ties. The face of this middle-aged man was more than ninety-five percent similar to that on the portrait. However, the man in the portrait looked a little older. Nevertheless, Wu Qi was sure that two men were related. Their expressions were identical, stiff as a coffin plank.

Wu Qi reflected on his main purpose of leaving the Myriad Immortals Planet with Princess Zhang Le — to find a way to solve the restrictive spells that shackled the souls of Great Yan imperial clan. He looked at the middle-aged man and felt that perhaps he could find the remedy through him.

At the sight of the two men, Zhang Liang and others, who were busy in 'saving' Liu Bang, immediately bowed and greeted. "Greetings, Great Oracle Yu Gu! May we know who this fellow Daoist is?"

Yu Gu waved his hand and walked silently to Liu Bang's bed. While frowning, he glanced at Liu Bang, who was lying in bed as if he were going to die at any time. He shook his head and sighed, then pulled out a black pill bottle from his sleeve and placed it on the bedside table. "This is 'Black Blood Powder', a medicine concocted by me," he said hoarsely. "It can remove poisons, stops bleeding, and nourish the soul. If you're not afraid, consume it… Otherwise, you can do whatever you want with it."

With a cold snort, he walked slowly to another bed and sat down, then closed his eyes and said no other words.

The middle-aged man who came in with Yu Gu said dryly, "Great Yu, King Yang Qiu, the East General of Liangzhu. I was in a nearby region wiping out the allies of the treacherous Myriad Immortal Alliance when I heard that Celestial Ambassador was badly wounded by some assassin. So, I purposely came to see him."

Without waiting for Zhang Liang to react, King Yang Qiu grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved him back a dozen steps, almost making him crash into the furnishings in the tent. Then, wearing a sullen face, he made his way to Liu Bang's bed, looking down at the man who seemed like dying.

Reflexively, Han Xin and Fan Kuai took a sideways step to get in King Yang Qiu's way.

King Yang Qiu looked up at Han Xin and Fan Kuai, then said coolly, "I just want to examine the Celestial Ambassador's injuries!"

Han Xin said calmly, "His Majesty's wound is very serious. I hope King Yang Qiu does not come too close. The smell of blood may offend you!"

A faint smile touched King Yang Qiu's lips. "It doesn't matter," he said with a deep voice, "What I love the most is the smell of Immortals' blood. I've led the army in wiping out the rebellions, attacked one hundred and seventy-five gathering places of itinerant cultivators in thirty-six provinces, and personally killed more than four thousand Immortals. There is no other smell better than that of Immortals' blood!"

Taking a deep breath, Fan Kuai brutally slammed his shoulder at King Yang Qiu and snapped, "Get out of here!"

King Yang Qiu grunted coldly, also thrusting his shoulder at Fan Kuai. Amidst a dull thud, a rain of light burst out of Fan Kuai's heavy armor, and a great force shattered the precious immortal armor in just the blink of an eye. With a snort, Fan Kuai spun backward for dozens of steps, then smashed two shelves, broke through the tent, and fell to the ground.

"Death is the only punishment for those who dare to offend me!" King Yang Qiu stared coldly at Han Xin, who was standing in front of him. "I just want to examine the Celestial Ambassador's injuries, and also find out where is Jing Mo, the man who assassinated him! Did you really kill him on the spot? If he's not dead, hand him over! I have an important use for this man!"

Han Xin's face turned pale with anger. Gritting his teeth, he cried out, "Is Your Highness here to provoke us?"

After thinking for a moment, King Yang Qiu nodded and said, "I have no affection for you Immortals from the Heaven. Yes, I have indeed come to provoke you today!"

Grinning coldly, he said, "The best Immortal is a dead Immortal… Don't you think so?"

Han Xin was so furious that he clenched his hands into fists, seeming to want to punch King Yang Qiu to death.

King Yang Qiu gave a sneer and suddenly punched Han Xin in the face.

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