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Lu Kingdom, Liangqiu Province, Liyang City…

At the north side of the city, where the Li river met with the Liangqiu Mountains, the five miles wide Li river gave up its three thousand miles’ raging and surging journey, becoming calm and gentle and even carrying the slight shyness and delicateness of a naive teenage girl. This more gentle Li river had carved out a thirty-miles wide lake near the Liangqiu Mountains. Lying between the mountains and the lake was a land of paradise.

A castle, which was three times bigger than Liyang City, stood within the paradise. Liyang City had a fifty foot tall, thirty-feet wide city wall built entirely from stone slabs. This castle had a seventy-two foot tall, forty foot wide city wall built entirely from granite.

Each side of the castle’s wall was four miles long. Within the castle were vast hills and stream and parks, and countless buildings were hidden among the luxuriant foliage.

At the four corners of the castle, four forts, a mile in width and length, were built. Each of them possessed one thousand two hundred elite soldiers. A total of four thousand eight hundred elite soldiers were guarding the outer perimeter of this castle, but the total number of City Guards in Liyang City numbered only around three thousand.

On top of the four gates of this castle laid a single rectangular black stone tablet, which was three feet in width and length. The square character of ‘Lu’ was written on it neatly. Besides that, no other symbols or whatsoever could be seen on it. The castle, owned by the Liyang Lu Family, was the core of the Liyang Lu Family and was the center of the authority and power of the first family of the Lu Kingdom.


At the north east side of the castle, under luxuriant vines of grape, twenty-four serving ladies were lining up in front of a wall, each holding their breath in deep concentration. All of them were staring at a point three inches in front of their toes, and no one dared to move or make any noise.

Under the frame of the grapes, on a white, fine textured jade bed, laid a lady. She looked to be in her late teens, but with a pair of eyes that looked very mature, and a dignified, yet murderous expression on her face. She was leaning against a soft cushion leisurely, gently stroking a poisonous snake that was coiled in front of her.

This snake had a length of twelve feet, and its body was as thick as an adult man’s arm. It was completely covered in blue scales, and a thin red line ran from its lower jaw to the tip of its tail. Its long tongue kept sliding in and out, producing a hissing sound that would send chills down anyone’s spine.

If there were anyone familiar with poisonous beings in this world at the scene, they would be able to recognize that this poisonous snake was a rare, mid-tier demon beast - the ‘Crimson Blue Snake’. These snakes were born a foot long, and for every hundred years it was alive, it would gain another foot in length. Judging from the length of this Blue Snake, it had lived for around one thousand one hundred years. The Blue Snake moved like a swift wind, and the blue scales covering its body were extremely hard, able to resist almost any physical attack. Its sharp fangs could penetrate the heaviest armor, and the deadly poison contained within it could easily kill any Respiration stage Xiantian Realm warriors. It was definitely a beast meant for killing.

Under the gentle hands of this lady, the Blue Snake, who was known for its deadly poison and being extremely ferocious, behaved like a gentle and delicate kitten. From time to time, it moved its blue glowing body up and lightly rubbed the lady’s palm.

There were four serving ladies, who were all incomparable beauties with extraordinary dispositions, standing beside the jade bed, quietly serving tea to the lady and helping her peel off the grape skins and get rid of the pits, then setting these clean, sweet grapes into the lady’s mouth.

Suddenly, rapid footsteps sounded, as an adult man, who was only in his underclothes and a cape, walked out from behind some blooming roses. He came towards the jade bed with hasty steps, quickly grabbed and threw the Blue Snake nearly a hundred feet away. After that, he laid down beside the lady, hugging her waist with his right arm and rubbing her butt.

The four serving ladies bowed deeply, in a respectful manner. With soft and gentle tones, they called out at the same time, "My lord!"

Lu Wenruo, the current leader of Lu Family and the husband of Maiden Rongyang, thus being the nominal father of Lu Chengfeng... He reached his hand out and squeezed one of the serving lady’s breasts while quietly saying, "Why are you all being so formal. All of you are my little foxes. When have you really treated me as your lord?"

All four serving ladies giggled, their face blushing with lust. They then gave Lu Wenruo seductive looks.

The lady lying on the jade bed was Lu Chengfeng’s mother, Maiden Royang, and her brows were knitted in a frown. She scolded, "You bunch of foxes. Shoo! Don’t come so close to us! Little Blue, Little Blue!"

Following the call from Maiden Rongyang, the Blue Snake, who was thrown far away, immediately sprung back, opening its mouth wide and pretending it was going to attack those serving ladies. The serving ladies instantly turned pale. Without hesitation, they turned around and ran far away. The Blue Snake curled up happily, beginning to slither around the jade bed.

Lu Wenruo laughed. In next second, he set his hand on Maiden Rongyang’s waist, untying her belt. At the same time, he threw his own cape to the floor. He impatiently crawled up to Maiden Rongyang’s body and began to passionately kiss her. "My lady, why are you still jealous of them? Aren’t you the one who agreed to let them come into my room? Hehe!"

Pulling on one side of Lu Wenruo’s ear, Maiden Rongyang narrowed her eyes and sneered, "So impatient. I suppose something good has happened?"

While taking off Maiden Rongyang’s clothes, Lu Wenruo spoke excitedly, "The Liyang, Wenshan, and Xialiang Provinces are now all governed by our families’ brothers. Among all forty-seven provinces in the Lu Kingdom, twelve governors are from Lu Family. Isn’t this enough for my lady to solace her husband?"

Maiden Rongyang twisted Lu Wenruo’s ear forcefully, and said with a sneer, "If you want me, tell me exactly how it happened! What made these three provinces fall into the hands of the Lu Family, into your hands, so fast? What did you use in exchange for that?"

Lu Wenruo impatiently kissed on Maiden Rongyang’s beautiful face and playfully said, "What do you mean by ‘my hands’? My lady, it should be ‘our hands’! You are the chief lady of the Lu Family, aren’t you the one who is in charge of everything in the family? Heh, as for what had I used in exchange for that?"

Blinking his eyes few times in fast, Lu Wenruo didn’t say anything.

Maiden Rongyang let go of Lu Wenruo’s ear, then she gently patted his face a few times.

"No matter what, Chengfeng is my son. All these years, I believe you know how Quhai and his brothers treated Chengfeng. There were a few times where Chengfeng was almost killed by assassins. As for who was behind this, I think you already know."

Lightly breathing out a sigh, Maiden Rongyang raised up her upper body and pushed Lu Wenruo aside.

"Since you used Chengfeng’s life in exchange for the position of governor in three provinces…"

Remaining silent for a moment, Maiden Rongyang finally breathed out a long sigh, "After all, he is my son, but we will gain three provinces! By using my son’s life to help the Lu Family gain such a huge advantage... as his mother, what should I think?"

She raised her brow and spoke without much emotion, "Without my permission, no one is allowed to touch a single hair on Chengfeng’s head. Even if that person is Princess Yingchuan, the bitch who can fuck with anyone, not even she is allowed to hurt him. Although she promised to give you three provinces, I never agreed to give her the life of my child!"

Lu Wenruo narrowed his eyes and stared at Maiden Rongyang. Then he spoke with an indifferent tone, "Yingchuan has sent out the first Heavenly battalion of the Yulin Army."

Maiden Rongyang twitched her lips in disdain, "It is just six thousand Crocottas. If I want, I can make them vanish in a second."

Lu Wenruo frowned. He held down his voice and snorted coldly, "All profit from fishery, salt, and iron businesses of three provinces will belong to your Yuanyang Hou Family. As for the profit from the gold and iron mines, Yuanyang Hou Family will get half. With regards to the energy stone mine, the Yuanyang Hou Family takes ten percent. My lady, are you satisfied now?"

Maiden Rongyang showed one finger, and giggled like a playful teenage girl, "All the Generals of three provinces have to be the old men from my family. All the military funds, equipment will be controlled by these Generals!"

Lu Wenruo nodded his head helplessly, "We will do just as you have said. We are husband and wife. Why must you be so calculative?"

Maiden Rongyang gave him a seductive smile, then ran her finger along Lu Wenruo’s lower jaw and slipped her hand underneath his underwear. "Now you are Ruoyang’s perfect husband! Although we are wife and husband, we still have to separate our own families’ matters. We can’t mix them together at all!"

Two teardrops suddenly rolled off from Maiden Rongyang’s face. While tearing up, she murmured, "Poor Chengfeng, it must have been really tough for him all these years!"

Lu Wenruo was moved by her emotion. He immediately pushed Maiden Rongyang down onto the jade bed and readied himself to plunge in.

Right at this moment, just when two of them were about to start their intimate fight, a teenage girl in black clothes walked out from the back of the vines frame. She was carrying a tiny piece of paper and quickly walked to the front of the jade bed. Then she spoke with a low voice, "We have just received a letter saying that Yan Buji of the Great Yan Dynasty has drowned in a river. He was with a prostitute and drunk during at that time. Yan Buji leaves no children behind, but he had nineteen love children. According to the rulings of the Great Yan Dynasty, out of these nineteen love children, he who is the first to arrive at Ji City will inherit Yan Buji’s title, governmental post, and all of his land!"

Lu Wenruo let out a loud laugh and said, "The biggest playboy of the royal family has finally died? I wonder who will the lucky child be?"

But Maiden Rongyang immediately screamed out and kicked Lu Wenruo off the bed. She roared out, "Yan Buji is dead? The first child who arrives at Ji City will inherit all his belongings?!? Damn it! Damn it! Send my command… Dispatch all the ‘Cuirasses Cavaliers’ now! I want them to get my son Chengfeng safely back!"

Lu Wenruo jumped up in exasperation, and gestured to Maiden Rongyang while shouting angrily, "Tie Yuewu, are you crazy?"

Maiden Rongyang jumped off the bed and screamed, "If that bitch, Yingchuan dares to hurt my baby Chengfeng, I’ll kill her! What are you waiting for? Hurry and send my command to the Cuirasses Cavalry and save Chengfeng! His father- his biological father is Yan Buji!"

Lu Wenruo became stunned by what he had just heard.

Yan Buji, the great-grandson of the Great Yan Dynasty founding emperor, Yan Dan, had been honored with the title of Duke and was the West Supervisor of the Great Yan Empire, responsible for supervising all the political affairs of the thirty-seven kingdoms on the West side of the Empire. He had the authority to judge all conflicts between these thirty-seven kingdoms. He was in charge of two provinces of Great Yan Dynasty and ruled over more than a million people.

Lu Chengfeng was the love child of Yan Buji and Maiden Rongyang? That means, he was qualified to fight for the generous wealth left by Yan Buji?

Lu Wenruo also leaped off the bed. He roared angrily, "Dispatch all the Cuirasses Calvary and proceed to Little Meng City at full speed. If anyone dares to hurt my Chengfeng, I’ll have all his family members killed! Even if the person is that bitch, Yingchuan, I, Lu Wenruo, will rise in rebellion against her!"

All eight thousand private army men of Liyang Lu family, the Cuirasses Cavalry, were dispatched to Little Meng City.

Under the command of Lord Yuanyang, the ‘Bloodshed Army’, who was guarding the border of the Great Yan Dynasty and totaled to eighteen thousand soldiers from all three Heavenly, Earth, and Mortal battalions, were mobilized and followed the Cuirasses Cavalry to Little Meng City.

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