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Wu Qi sat cross-legged in a chamber which he had ordered somebody to prepare for him in the City Lord Mansion. He was practicing the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, the Song of Gale, the Dark Yin Water Scripture, the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture, and many other mystic techniques simultaneously, while a dense layer of purple mist was clinging to his skin as it kept squeezing into his body through the pores. Dragon scales could be vaguely seen flickering underneath his skin, and a strong aura of a True Dragon was being constantly emanated from inside of him.

Ao Buzun sat atop Wu Qi's shoulder with his body coiled up, staring at his Master's face with a triumphant smile. "I've found myself a monster as a Master! Tsk, it feels really good to have a strong backing! Henceforth, I can bed all the girls I want, and the blades that come after will be handled by the Master! What more can I ask for?"

Upon hearing that, Wu Qi reached out his hand and threw Ao Buzun away with a light flick of his finger. The little dragon flew whistling across the chamber, plunging headfirst into the rock wall and having almost half of his body stuck in it. He twisted and wiggled like an earthworm, and managed to struggle himself free only after a long while.

He waved his claw at Wu Qi in frustration, then coiled his body up on the ground and began to practice the Dragon Transformation Script in a serious manner. He had known all the techniques of the script, and he had a rich experience in practicing them. On top of that, as he had formed the body of a Chaotic Black Dragon, the speed of him practicing the script now was one thousand times faster than when he had just begun to practice it many years ago!

"Mm, it seems I will be able to wield my spear and conquer the enemies sooner than I thought!" While practicing the script, Ao Buzun stared into the ceiling and murmured under his breath, "So many years have passed, I wonder how many of my bedmates in those years are making me a cuckold? Tsk, let me think... How many females was I having an affair with? Tsk... I suppose they are all married now, eh? I wonder which scoundrels had picked up my leftovers?"

And so, Ao Buzun began to mutter the name of his bedmates. If anyone were to hear those names, he would definitely be scared to death!

The daughter of some Celestial Lord, the granddaughter of some Immortal King, the great-granddaughter of some Great Emperor, the betrothed of some Crown Prince...

Crisp cracking sounds could be heard coming out from inside him without an end, as his body grew up at a noticeable speed. Even as that was happening, Ao Buzun gnashed and ground his teeth with a twisted face, reaching out both front claws into the sky and murmuring again, "Just you wait... I'll not commit the same mistake again! Tsk, I'll definitely learn all of Master's innate escape arts. Then, we'll see how those lapdogs of Western White Emperor can discover me peeking on his little princess taking a bath!"

Wu Qi did not pay any attention to Ao Buzun, who was vowing for revenge right next to him. He had devoted all his mind in cultivating and strengthening his cultivation base.

After forming the innate Chaotic Spirit Body and having the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique upgraded to the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, everything for him had gone through an extremely magical transformation. Now, he could absorb natural energy of any characteristics, including the Yin energy, evil energy, ghost energy, fiend energy, and transform them all into the chaotic energy. Since everything in this universe was born from the chaos, it was natural for them to return to chaos.

Wu Qi's spirit body was not as strong as it could be at the moment. Therefore, he couldn't endure too powerful negative energies, and was cultivating mainly with ordinary natural energy. Common Immortal cultivators could only absorb natural energies of a specific characteristic and transform them into their cultivation base. But, as Wu Qi could absorb everything, it made his cultivating speed many times faster than the others.

He did not need to split the energy, and he did not need to purify and refine them. So long as the natural energy entered his body, it would be immediately transformed into chaotic energies and be stored in different parts of his body. As he did not have a Gold Core or Nascent Soul, and inside of him was a chaotic space which had yet to be opened up, he could store the chaotic energies in any place he liked. Also, his body no longer had any vital parts, and thus, he did not have any physical weakness that were found in most people.

As he was cultivating the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, he was also cultivating the Song of Gale, the Dark Yin Water Scripture, the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, and the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture.

Gusts of green wind, white cold mists, black fiend energies, and clouds of various colors were swirling inside his body. They were born amidst the chaotic energy, then dissolved where they were born. Cultivating in this way would not improve Wu Qi's cultivation base, but it allowed him to understand the miraculous principles of the few techniques, merging them with the chaotic space inside him.

As a result, various principles of the heaven and earth were gradually branded onto the chaotic energies that filled his body. With them, Wu Qi could exercise various divine abilities faster and better, and when he was facing enemies, he could cast spells at a faster rate.

Concurrently, the Mystic Eyes of Universe, the Dao of Primordial Runes, the Magnetic Grand Magic, and many other powerful mystic techniques which he had either stolen or robbed were being exercised inside him. As his Spirit Chaotic Body could contain almost anything, all the mystic techniques were being exercised simultaneously without hindering each other. Everything went as smooth as a flowing stream. With every heavenly circle the various techniques took, he would gain a deeper understanding of their divine abilities.

His cultivation base was climbing up at a steady rate as the various divine abilities and mystic techniques kept rotating inside his body. Gradually, the innate Chaotic Divine Soul inside his spiritual ocean took the shape of a golden figure, emanating an immense golden light. All the principles of the heaven and earth, as well as his understanding of the Heavenly Dao, were flowing into the golden figure in an endless stream. The realm of his cultivation base was elevating at a frightening rate, one tier at a time.

Thirty-sixth Tier, Thirty-fifth Tier, Thirty-fourth Tier, Thirty-third tier...

Both the realm of his cultivation base and the level of his energy were surging by leaps and bounds. After forming the Chaotic Spirit Body, Wu Qi's intelligence had reached an inhuman level, and when coupled with the detail descriptions of the various Dao of the heaven and earth which he obtained from all the cultivation techniques, he was able to easily break through the first nine tiers of Heaven Immortal realm, having his overall strength standing firmly in the realm of Twenty-Seventh Tier Heaven Immortal.

At this point, he had finally encountered his first bottleneck. The chaotic energies that skyrocketed suddenly and sharply washed his fleshly body with a swelling pain. He let nature take its course and stopped rotating all the cultivation techniques, but kept the tempering of his fleshly body going on.

The Chaotic Spirit Body could contain anything under the heaven. It had devoured the wisp of aura emanated when Wu Qi had broken through the realm of Heaven Immortal. As a result, he was not greeted by any Heavenly Tribulation, even though he had broken through all the way to Twenty-seventh Tier Heaven Immortal realm. From today onwards, he was a spirit who wandered in the Heavenly Dao, undetectable unless he did something that even the Heavenly Dao could not forgive.

What the Scroll of Stealing taught him was not only to steal the various cultivation techniques and precious treasures, but also to steal the slim chance of survival from the Heavenly Dao. It was, in fact, the most profound secret of the Scroll of Stealing!

He had stopped the cultivation of the various cultivation techniques in his body, but the cultivation of his fleshly body was progressing steadily. Inside his spiritual ocean, the innate Chaotic Divine Soul kept waving his hands to draw countless big and small profound runes, each containing a very powerful force, and branding them onto the various parts of his body.

Attracted by these runes, the mysterious purple energies were rushing into his body from the surroundings, improving the strength of his fleshly body like there was no end to it. Finally, when the level of the energy in his body reached the realm of Twenty-seventh Tier Heaven Immortal, the strength of his fleshly body also reached the limit. The True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture had catapulted his fleshly body to the level equal to a body cultivator of Twenty-seventh Heaven Immortal Realm!

At the same time, the cultivation of Dragon Transformation Script had also reached to the same limit!

The unique characteristic of Chaotic Spirit Body had allowed him to cultivate both the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and the Dragon Transformation Script at the same time. They had given his fleshly body the suppleness and agility of a human warrior, and the ability to control all the natural phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder, electricity, the ability that was found in the body of a dragon. The combination of both cultivation techniques had made Wu Qi's fleshly body stronger when compared to him just cultivating either one of these techniques.

Two streams of white mists sprayed out of his nostrils as his stiffened body suddenly stirred. Wu Qi's eyes flicked open, and a cluster of chaotic starlight could be seen swirling in each of his eyes. A powerful suction force drew all the natural energies in the chamber into his Mystic Eyes of Universe, or what was now called the Chaotic Divine Eyes.

Then, his body swayed ever so slightly, and the chaotic energies inside him began to spin rapidly like a nebula, emanating a strange aura that could devour and destroy everything, yet could unleash and create everything. It was a miraculous aura that felt like the two opposing forces of the Taiji diagram, and it changed according to his thoughts. So mysterious, magical and beyond imagination!

His body was covered in a layer of dust. The secluded cultivation had taken three months of time.

Wu Qi gave his body a shake and absorbed the dust, which was quickly devoured and transformed by the chaotic energy. As he was now practicing the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, his fleshly body could absorb and transform anything into chaotic energy as long as he could endure it. Other than those mighty attacks or poisonous items which could kill him in an instant, he could absorb anything that came attacking at him.

"The Scroll of Stealing is really powerful! I can finally taste the joy of cultivating at this point in time, after I began practicing the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique!"

Wu Qi laughed inwardly. He knew that as long as he continued to study the profound secrets of the chaos, he would be able to keep improving his cultivation base. He could already see a golden road that led to a bright future stretching ahead of him. As a matter of fact, the Scroll of Stealing did mention that once he reached the level of Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, his cultivation base would advance at a tremendous pace. It would no longer be as laborious and tough as when he was practicing the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique.

He withdrew the chaotic energies and had them hidden deep inside his body. Then, he casually extracted a wisp of the energy, transformed it into a Nether Inferno Fiend Nascent Soul, and shrouded himself in a faint layer of fiend aura. He was once again the Fiend cultivator with a cultivation base of peak Nascent Soul realm, the Daoist Black Dragon.

A strange laugh was heard coming from his heel. Wu Qi lowered his head and saw Ao Buzun, who had grown from the size of a mudfish into an eel. Although he looked like an eel which had yet to fully develop, he did grow larger in size, and his cultivation base had broken through the Heaven Immortal realm. Apparently, he had been working hard, and he had surprised Wu Qi with his latent potential and the power of understanding, as he restored his cultivation base of Heaven Immortal in just three short months!

Wu Qi grabbed Ao Buzun and placed him on his shoulder. After that, he flung open the door and walked out slowly.

Heavy snow was falling, turning the entire Six Rivers City into a vast expanse of whiteness. After pondering for a brief moment, Wu Qi suddenly shouted, "Somebody, bring me to the Seniors. I wish to know if they have any orders for me."

Two burly men answered the call and came to him. They gave Wu Qi a fierce glare before bringing him to the back garden.

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