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Near the entrance of the mine, thirty-six Fiend guards were defending the way in and out with high vigilance.

A jet of dark mist suddenly gushed out of the entrance. Soon, Wu Qi showed himself from amidst the dark mist, his face dark and his eyes narrowed. All the Fiend guards gave him a brief glance, then closed their eyes nonchalantly. Strict rules were imposed in Miao Ying Palace. Goddess Miao Xin had only ordered them to keep guard at the entrance of the mine, so they just did as what she had told them, and not mind any other things.

Floating in the water, Wu Qi's body jerked suddenly. Tens of Fiends darted out of his back, issuing forlorn howls as they rushed into the distance in a menacing manner. In just a flash, they traveled tens of miles and clung themselves onto the four executing-disciples. "Detonate!" Wu Qi cried out with one palm clenched into a tight fist. A tragic howl burst from the mouths of the four executing-disciples as their bodies exploded into blood and gore, splattering in all directions and being quickly devoured by the Fiends.

With a grim and heartless grin on his face, Wu Qi gave the thirty-six Fiend guards a glance.

He saw them open their eyes and stare at him with a hideous smile, their glances filled with the lust for blood. For them, seeing Wu Qi killing those executing-disciples was like watching at a group of puny ants fighting against each other. They were too lazy to ponder if there was anything amiss in the incident, and they just watched it with an enjoyable mood.

They were Immortals from the Fiend League who had cultivated for many, many Periods of time. Time had taken away almost all of their humanity. Thus, it was extremely tough to understand their thoughts with the mentality of ordinary people. It was highly possible that they would not be moved at all even if Wu Qi were trying to kill Lu Buwei before their eyes, let alone the fact that whom he had killed were just four unimportant executing disciples.

After all, Wu Qi and Lu Buwei were just Miao Ying Palace's outer sect disciples, supervisors who were just in charge of some miscellaneous tasks. Their life and death did not concern these Fiend guards.

But, cold sweat was breaking out from Wu Qi's back. Actually, he was taking his chance by killing the four executing-disciples, and luckily, he had placed the right bet. These Fiend guards did not mind the death of a few puny disciples at all, and they did not bring any trouble to Wu Qi.

'Lu Buwei, I've to admit that I'm weak in understanding ordinary people's mind. But, you could not beat me in understanding the mind of these Immortals!'

A proud smile emerged on his face as he cupped his fist to the Fiend guards and said, "Please excuse my poor performance, Seniors. I've been holding myself for a long time from tasting some blood."

All thirty-six Fiend guards nodded at his words, sticking out their tongues to moisten their lips with a bloodthirsty smile on their faces. But soon, they shook their heads, looking down at the mine entrance with sad faces. Goddess Miao Xin had ordered them to keep guard at this place, and they had been carrying out their duty diligently over the years. For them, it was almost no different from facing a wall and pondering over their misdeeds, and actually, a grievance was nursing in their heart.

After cupping his fist and bowing to the Fiend guards, Wu Qi transformed into a beam of light and shot into Miao Ying Palace. With Goddess Miao Xin's medallion, nobody was stopping him, and he managed to come all the way to King Zhang Qiu's residence.

A few executing-disciples clad in green Daoist robes were guarding outside of the residence, calling one servant and maidservant after another to bring various fine wines and delicious delicacies into the chamber. The joyful voices of merrymaking between King Zhang Qiu and Lord Long Yang could be heard coming through the door. It sounded like they were having a chess game, and Lord Long Yang was obviously better than King Zhang Qiu, as the latter was laughing and requesting to withdraw his previous move, but Lord Long Yang had denied him from doing that.

The sudden arrival of Wu Qi had caused a small disturbance. The guards who King Zhang Qiu brought here had paid him no heed, only giving him an indifferent glance before moving their eyes elsewhere. But, the few executing-disciples who were sent here by Lu Buwei were exchanging glances in shock. One of them quickly moved his feet and was about to rush into the chamber.

Wu Qi took a step forward, and with just a flash, he had arrived next to the disciple like a ghost. With one swift move, he grabbed the disciple's neck and clenched his fist, twisting it as if he were twisting a dough. Then, he showed Goddess Miao Xin's medallion to the rest and said in a deep voice, "Please do not panic. By the Goddess's order, I'm here to kill the traitors."

Suddenly, the Enchanting Skulls Flag sprung out from the top of his head. Faint ghost howls echoed out as a few wisps of dark smoke shot across the void, wrapping a few executing-disciples who were trying to flee. Amidst the dark smoke, a few human-shaped souls flew out of their bodies and were sucked into the flag in just a blink of an eye. It stirred the dozens of King Zhang Qiu's guards, and as they were about to say something, Wu Qi showed them the bone medallion again. They exchanged a glance, taking a few steps backward together.

But now, none of these guards dared to lower down their vigilance. They had all their attention focused on Wu Qi, and not knowing when, all of them were holding a bone talisman in their palms. From the flickering grayish glow and the unique energy waves, they were clearly spirit talismans produced by some Great Oracles of the human race, which could be used to defend against any attacks from Immortal cultivators targeted at their souls.

As the Enchanting Skulls Flag fluttered, the dark smoke rolled up the few corpses. Wu Qi unleashed a fiend fireball and burned them into ashes, vanishing them into drifting smoke together with all their personal belongings. After that, he cupped his fist and bowed to the dozens of guards standing before the chamber as he said, "I'm sorry for disturbing you. It is unfortunate that someone had planted some spies in our sect, trying to rebel against Miao Ying Palace's authority. Please forgive us."

A ball of colorful light drifted out of the chamber. Lord Long Yang, whose hair were hanging loosely over his shoulder and was clad in a bright red long robe adorned with jade and numerous gemstones, came walking over to them. "What is happening here?" he asked with a soft voice.

Wu Qi offered him a greeting and repeated what he had just said. "Aye, someone is trying to rebel?" His pupils constricted as he cried out shockingly, "It is definitely a matter you should handle with great care! Well, none of us should interfere with it either. It is better for you to settle it yourself! Go now, do not delay it!"

Wu Qi and Lord Long Yang's glances met and parted almost instantly. But in that brief moment, Wu Qi had transmitted a very clear message to him: I'm striking now, take care of yourself!

Lord Long Yang had also responded with a clear message: I'll do my part here for you. You owe me this, and don't forget to repay my favor in the future!

Wu Qi cupped his fist and bowed, then turned into a beam of dark light and sped away towards Goddess Miao Xin's chamber. With the medallion, he went past layer after layer of guards, stopped by noone. When he was about one mile away from the chamber, he managed to catch up with Lu Buwei and the handsome youth in a garden filled with blooming flowers.

Lu Buwei was stopped by Madman Xue and eight exceedingly beautiful female disciples of Miao Ying Palace, whose faces were colored with lust and watery eyes, their clothes in a messy state which exposed many parts of their fair and delicate skins. Many flowers and the grasses in the garden were pressed down to the ground, and some ladies undergarments were scattered everywhere. Obviously, Madman Xue and the few disciples were having a brutal battle here just now, and happened to stop Lu Buwei from going further.

Lu Buwei knew Madman Xue was Lao Ai's disciple.

With his eyes ablaze, Lu Buwei stared at Madman Xue as he gnashed his teeth in anger and said, "I need to see Goddess for an important matter. Now get out of my way!"

Madman Xue had his arms wrapped around two beautiful girls, his hands searching up and down their curvy bodies. "My lovely Seniors, this old fogey wants to see Goddess!" He called out in a strange voice, "Tsk, Goddess is busy now. Where does she have time for him? Haha, should we let them pass, my lovely Seniors? Who would face Goddess's flame of anger should we let him spoil Goddess's pleasure?"

It was clear that these eight female disciples had their lust risen by Madman Xue, and having all their hearts now tied to him. Upon hearing his words, they immediately shifted their anger over to Lu Buwei. One after another, they blamed Lu Buwei for trying to bring someone to see Goddess Miao Xin without permission, and that he was being rude for doing that. They did not like the fact that Lu Buwei had disturbed them from having a pleasant moment with Madman Xue, and kept saying that they would definitely lodge a report against him to Goddess Miao Xin.

A tearing rage seized Lu Buwei. He pointed one finger at Madman Xue and yelled, "This fellow is planning a rebellion. He is..."

Before he could finish his words, Wu Qi had arrived behind him.

Without using the Enchanting Skulls Flag, Wu Qi strode behind Lu Buwei soundlessly and thrust his fist. The punch shook the air and produced a loud whistling noise. Merely three inches into its course, the enormous force had already shattered the air around Lu Buwei, creating a space about one-foot in diameter that was filled with nothing but vacuum.

By just practicing the foundation chapter of True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture for two years, Wu Qi had pushed the overall strength of his fleshly body up to be at par with a mid-grade Heaven Immortal. He could now fight head-on with a Twenty-fourth Tier Heaven Immortal with just pure muscle strength.

As one of the cultivation techniques that the human race used to protect the fortune of their own race, this True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture was a truly amazing technique.

Although the fist had yet to touch Lu Buwei's body, it had already ripped his skin, forcing blood to spray out of his seven apertures. The latent force of the punch had already smashed into his body, nearly crushing his entrails into pieces.

The youth that stood next to Lu Buwei unleashed a sword beam, thrusting it towards Wu Qi. Showing no sign of fear, Wu Qi took a step forward and stuck out his chest, allowing the sword to hack his chest with a boom. He was not hurt by it; instead, the sword was crushed into mere scrap metals by his strong flesh. Taking the opportunity, he landed his elbow powerfully onto the youth's chest, pouring an incredible force together with a dense purple mist into his body, vanishing his soul and fleshly body into nothingness in just a flash.

Lu Buwei gave a painful shriek and cried out at the top of his voice, "B*stard, all my plans are now destroyed by you!"

After killing Lu Buwei's grandson whose name he did not know, Wu Qi continued thrusting his fist onto Lu Buwei's back. Clenching his jaw, he smashed all the force into Lu Buwei's body, shattering half of his body. He came next to Lu Buwei and whispered into his ear, "How could you not lose when you are scheming against Immortals with the methods of dealing with ordinary mortals?"

Lu Buwei's eyes flickered as the Heavenly Ghost Mirror suddenly flew out from within his body, transforming into a beam of blood-red light and wrapping his broken body, before vanishing without leaving behind any traces.

Wu Qi was startled as he did not see how the mirror vanished itself. It was truly a bizarre treasure. He could no longer sense Lu Buwei's aura in the surroundings, and had no idea where the mirror had brought him to.

At that moment, the eight female disciples had finally recovered from the sudden changes. They were shocked to witness Wu Qi, the supervisor of the mine, try to murder Lu Buwei, who was the supervisor in charge of the miscellaneous affairs in Miao Ying Palace. One after another, they scolded Wu Qi and were about to punish him for what he did.

In an attempt to silence them, Wu Qi sprung menacingly towards the eight of them.

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