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Drifting immortal clouds and waves of fragrance had occupied the Greenwood Mountain in the outskirt of An He City. Over one hundred white cranes wheeled gracefully in the sky, while several rainbows rose from a lake in the mountain and arched across the sky, sprinkling down a colorful light and illuminating the entire mountain.

Daoist Yun Zang stood before the entrance of Greenwood Mountain, his face beaming with intense color and his expression complacent. As Reverend Li Yang came descending on a white cloud, he went down on his knees and kowtowed reverently. Loud greetings burst from his mouth, and the many disciples of Euphoria Heavenly Palace followed suit, dropping to their knees and kowtowing as they yelled the greetings at the top of their voice. The handsome, otherworldly-looking Reverend Li Yang laughed a hearty laugh, stroking his beard with one hand proudly while saying a few words to the six Elders of Green City standing next to him. He then stepped forward and helped Daoist Yun Zang up.

The current Palace Master of Euphoria Heavenly Palace, who was also the disguise of one of Wu Qi's celestial fiend puppet, Lao Ai, was waiting respectfully next to Daoist Yun Zang, bowing and greeting to Reverend Li Yang with his face melted into a smile. Besides him stood another celestial fiend puppet, who Wu Qi had sent back here to disguise as Daoist Greed, and he too was smiling and offering a greeting to Reverend Li Yang.

The seven Gold Immortals, including Reverend Li Yang, gave the two puppets a deprecating glance. They did not emanate a strong aura; one was a Nascent Soul cultivator while the other was Nascent Divinity cultivator. In these mighty Gold Immortals' minds, Lao Ai and Daoist Greed were just the tools they used to control An He City. They were even less significant than ants, and did not deserve too much attention.

The many Immortals from Green City were only happy about one thing: they had finally owned a property on Pangu Continent, having the entire An Le County now become their base. And, what pleased them the most was that it did not cost them any effort to obtain this property. It was almost as if the pie had just fallen down from the sky and into their hands. What could be better than this?

In recent years, it had become tougher to dig out a land from the stubborn and conservative Great Yu's Imperial Court. Nobody could request even a mountain from Great Yu without going through a bloody struggle, as well as intense communications and bargains, let alone a land that stretched across the entire province.

Daoist Yun Zang had done it beautifully, having the land of a province fall into his control without costing anything. And who was his Master? Reverend Li Yang! The tremendous contribution had crowned Reverend Li Yang with glory, filling his heart with joy! Such contribution would definitely bring him an enormous benefit. For the very least, his words now carried a heavier weight in Green City.

All the Immortals from Green City were grinning from ear to ear. With great hospitality, Daoist Yun Zang, Lao Ai, and Daoist Greed welcomed the company of over one hundred Immortals into Greenwood Mountain, bringing them to tour the various buildings and decorations in this Green City Manor.

Wu Qi had spent a great effort to decorate Green City Manor. Thus, everything here was magnificent and perfect. Led by Daoist Yun Zang, Reverend Li Yang toured the entire facility, and he could not help but keep praising all the way. The six Elders of Green City too were awed by the splendid sight, all having the same conclusion that this Green City Manor was splendidly built, a true match to Green City's prestigious reputation.

While Greenwood Mountain was surrounded in a lively atmosphere, Wu Qi had prepared to strike in the mine under the Northern Ocean. After tidying up his clothes and bringing his belongings, ordering all the Yakshas to keep guard in the mine and not to leave without permission, he strode out of the mine.

He left the mine and entered Miao Ying Palace through its main entrance, striding through the palace with a bone medallion held in his hand. Before long, he arrived before a spacious hall. It was the storehouse used to store all of the purified Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper, now holding all the final products from the last two years.

With its strange characteristic of absorbing all natural energies within a radius of one mile, no Immortals would carry Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper with them at all times. Its unique characteristic made it a big problem for all Immortals.

Six pale-faced disciples of Miao Ying Palace clad in black Daoist robes stood before the storehouse, their eyes fixed on Wu Qi's face. Two of them took a step forward, reaching out their arms to stop Wu Qi from going further.

Wu Qi pulled out the bone medallion and waved it before their faces. "Goddess has ordered me to count all the Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper in the storehouse. A Grand Bodhisattva's disciple will finish his apprenticeship in just a few days. Goddess wants to prepare a gift for him."

After giving the bone medallion a careful examination, six disciples took a few steps backward at the same time and opened the door to the storehouse.

Goddess Miao Xin had maintained a good relationship with many almighty experts from outer heavenly realms. Since the mining operation started after being suggested by Lu Buwei, the rare minerals had become the best tool for her to make new friends. It was always a huge favor by just giving a few grams of them to someone's disciple who had finished their apprenticeship.

The medallion was not a fake one. It was one of the many medallions that belonged to Goddess Miao Xin. Only those who were running errands for her would be given one. With it, as well as the excuse of preparing a gift for her, who would dare suspect Wu Qi's true motive?

Wu Qi swaggered into the storehouse. A table was placed right in the center of the spacious hall, on top of which was neatly placed a heap of metal ingots, each measuring about the size of a palm and rectangular in shape, shining brightly with a splendid strong light that was a mix of aqua blue and fiery red. They were the purified Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper pieces.

He shoved all of them into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, leaving only one on the table. After that, he flicked his sleeves and strode out of the storehouse, shutting the door backhandedly. Miao Ying Palace had a very strict rule, so when he was inside, none of the six disciples dared to turn around and give him a glance or peep with divine will. It had allowed Wu Qi to bag all the invaluable minerals which could be used to craft Gold Immortal items without any problems.

He wrapped all the metal ingots with a thread of innate Earth element energy, temporarily isolating them from absorbing the natural energy.

With hands clasped behind his back, Wu Qi swaggered off without uttering another word to the six disciples.

Cold sweats broke out of his back when he was one-mile away from the storehouse, after passing a few halls and pavilions. He hefted the medallion and murmured with a faint smile, "Hehe, I'll have to thank Lao Ai for this. If he hadn't spent the last two years tangling Goddess Miao Xin on the bed, he wouldn't be able to steal this medallion for me. Sometimes, a man does make for a good weapon against women!"

Without further delay, Wu Qi strode towards the other few storehouses in Miao Ying Palace.

Apart from the Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper, the Yakshas who worked for Miao Ying Palace had hunted and killed many ancient giant beasts in the Northern Ocean, and found many rare and precious aquatic treasures. These treasures were properly sorted and stored in Miao Ying Palace, and with the medallion, Wu Qi was able to loot them all without alerting anyone.

But, it was a pity that the number of treasures found in those storehouses was far fewer than what he had expected. It was true that they could make an ordinary Heaven Immortal a wealthy man overnight, but the savings of more than ten thousand years should not be so little. But, then Wu Qi recalled something that Lord Long Yang had told him once. Perhaps, most of the precious treasures in the storehouses had become the military expenditure for King Zhang Qiu.

After looting all the treasures he found in those storehouses, Wu Qi went straight to his next target, the storehouse which stored the several hundred Heaven Immortal items. In the same fashion, he showed the guards the medallion and entered the storehouse without any obstacles. And with the incantation gestures which Miao Feng taught him when he was here taking away the Myriad Spirit White Bone Armor and Enchanting Skulls Flag, he managed to smoothly put away all the immortal items into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

There were a total of four hundred and thirty seven immortal items of decent quality. After putting the last one into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, it meant he had looted everything in Miao Ying Palace. Apart from the belongings of Goddess Miao Xin and the rest of the disciples, he had taken away every single thing he could find in all the storehouses.

Fully satisfied and contented, Wu Qi left the storehouse, locking it before striding away from the crime scene.

Patriarch Miao Ying had never paid any attention to these miscellaneous things, and apart from Goddess Miao Xin, nobody else in the entire Miao Ying Palace had the right to enter these storehouses. However, as she was now indulging in the ultimate pleasure with Lao Ai, how could she have the time to take notice of these things?

When Wu Qi had just left the storehouse with a faint smile on his face, he had not even gone far enough from those Long Bo people's glances when an executing-disciple clad in a green Daoist robe suddenly came out from behind a nearby flowering shrub. Wu Qi knew this guy. He was Lu Buwei's most trusted subordinate in recent years. He was originally one of the coolies working in the mine. But, as he was hardworking and good at talking, knowing how to please others and employ smart approaches in handling matters, he had become one of the most capable subordinates who worked for Lu Buwei.

Wu Qi's heart sunk when he saw this guy.

The executing-disciple peered toward the storehouse with surprise, then put on a flattering smile as he bowed to Wu Qi and asked, "Supervisor Wu Wang, have you just come out from there? Tsk, how did you manage to get the medallion from Goddess Miao Xin?"

Wu Qi felt a chill rushing down his spine. Nobody would come to these storehouses on normal days, but why had he bumped into one of Lu Buwei's subordinates today? He could see a doubtful look flickering in the disciple's eyes. He knew that if not because he had been purposely maintaining a good relationship with Lu Buwei over the last year, which made the disciple not able to determine his true motive, perhaps the disciple would not have waited here, but would've gone straight to Lu Buwei to report what he saw.

Wu Qi did not make any contact with Goddess Miao Xin in recent years, so it was absolutely impossible for him to obtain the medallion and enter those storehouses. Although the Fiend cultivators only recognized the medallion but not those who carried it, Lu Buwei would definitely smell something fishy out of it.

Reverend Li Yang had already arrived in An He City, and some arrangements which Su Qin had long prepared for were about to launch. In just a couple more hours, everything would carry out according to Wu Qi's plan. Could all the few years of waiting be ruined by this guy?

His pupils constricted, and his right arm suddenly thrust forward, cutting through the man's chest and slicing the heart with his sharp nails.

His inferno hell energy surged, rushing out of his body and wrapping the disciple, turning him into a dried corpse in just a flash.

Finally, he snorted coldly and shattered the dried corpse, then tilted his head up and cursed under his breath, "Who are you? How dare you offend me?"

Assuming an arrogant manner and with both hands clasped behind his back, Wu Qi walked slowly away.

The few Long Bo men standing in front of the storehouse stared at Wu Qi's back as he departed, their faces full of gloating smiles. They were completely unaware of what had happened.

Meanwhile, in the side hall which Lu Buwei used as his residence, a soul jade slip placed next to his bed shattered suddenly.

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