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"The Fury of Vajra, evils begone!"

Hidden Heart's eyes twitched when he saw the pinkish sword beams shot out by the pair of man and girl, looking extremely evil and even sending forth a filthy scent. Without hesitation, he changed his right fist into a half-lotus-flower incantation gesture. Five beams of white light shot out of his fingers and smashed forcefully onto their chests.

As if a thunderbolt had just struck them, the pair became sluggish instantly, and were pushed several dozens of feet backward, only to collapse to the ground and lose all of their ability to move. With one clean move, Hidden Heart grabbed the two pinkish sword beams, and a faint Buddhist light radiated from within his palm. Immediately, both sword beams issued a sharp screech as a vast stream of pinkish smoke burst out from them, coupled with an exotic smell containing both fragrance and stench, that dissipated in the breeze.

In the end, what was left in Hidden Heart's grip were two flying swords, each measuring three inches long and being as wide as a willow leaf, glinting brilliantly with a white light as they kept twitching incessantly.

A bright gleam shone from Wu Qi's eyes. He could tell that both flying swords were pretty decent in quality, obviously being upper-grade magical treasures. However, the pair had deliberately refined them with an evil technique, causing them to look horrible, and even having their power greatly reduced. They could be likened to two winged steeds who were forced to pull a few thousand kilograms of scrap metals, and be ridden by a few old farmers. How were the two winged steeds going to perform what they were truly capable of?

Wu Qi stared at the flying swords, shook his head, and said with a sigh, "This is the perfect illustration to the proverb- 'cook the crane for meat and burn a stringed instrument for fuel'. What a waste of excellent treasures! Oh, and they are actually crafted using Frozen Dark Gold? Tsk, too bad that an inferior crafting technique is used. The Frozen Dark Gold is the best cold element material to craft a flying sword of magical treasure grade!"

Hidden Heart hefted the flying swords, then strode towards the few men and girls.

Meanwhile, Guarding Heart had already called upon all the big and small monks in the temple, took out a few strings of his robe, and tied up the five men and girls with the weakest cultivation base. After wrapping them up like five rice dumplings, Guarding Heart recited an incantation and pointed his finger at the robe. Instantly, the robes shone with a dazzling golden light and looked as if they were made from gold. It was a minor restrictive technique from the Buddhist Sect, a technique used by traveling monks to put down any evils. It contained various magical techniques, and most of them had very practical usages, not just some fancy techniques.

For example, although Guarding Heart only possessed a cultivation base of early-stage Gold Core realm, he could turn a robe into a golden robe with just the pointing of his finger, using that to shackle a mid-stage Gold Core cultivator. It was indeed a very powerful and magical technique from the Buddhist Sect. As the group of five men and girls were only at Xiantian realm, they could no longer move even a little after being bound by the golden robes.

Meanwhile, the arrogant man and the green-dressed girl were personally handled by Hidden Heart. With both palms forming a Buddhist incantation gesture, he carefully branded it onto their dantian, chest, and finally forehead. With every branding of the incantation gesture, there would be a golden swastika entering the pair's bodies. With that being done, the pair of man and girl twitched convulsively, having both their cultivation base and mobility completely confined.

Qi Tian, who had just been woken up by someone, brought out a basket of robes angrily and tied up the pair into two mummies. But, that was not enough to stop him, as he even requested Guarding Heart to turn the robes into golden robes.

The man with a pair of triangular eyes shut his mouth and did not utter a single word, but the green-dressed girl kept struggling violently as she snapped sternly, "Bald donkeys, don't you dare to even touch a single hair of mine! Min clan of An He City is not something that you can afford to offend! Quickly release us now and demolish the temple! Or else, once our Patriarch is here, all your bald heads will be broken into pieces!"

Wu Qi still had a fist-sized bun held in his hand. Qi Tian was not a good cook, as the inside of the bun still had a clump of wet dough. It was not thoroughly cooked. Wu Qi pinched and squeezed the dough and shaped it like a small cucumber. After that, he rose and came before the green-dressed girl, taking the opportunity when she was cursing to shove the dough into her mouth. It instantly stopped her from spewing out nasty words that seemed to never end.

Wu Qi downed the remaining porridge in the bowl, then with a casual slap he split the bowl into two pieces. With the sharp edge of the bowl pressing against the artery near the neck of the young man, Wu Qi said cruelly, "I'll only count to three. Tell me everything about the Min clan! You will die if you refuse! THREE!"

Wu Qi called out the number 'three' straight away. In that instant, a bad smell came wafting out from the man's lower body, and a stream of fluid sprayed out from between his legs. Although he was very arrogant a moment ago, the man now screamed with a hoarse voice, "Please spare my life! Fellow Daoist, Senior, Master, please! I am Min Hua, the fourth generation eldest grandson of Min clan, and she is my ninth younger sister, Min E. Our Patriarch, Reverend San Le, is a disciple of the Euphoria Heavenly Palace. His cultivation base is at the early-stage of Nascent Soul realm. He just finished his apprenticeship one month ago, and was sent to An He City to build his own foundation."

Without too much of forcing, Min Hua had already told Wu Qi everything about Min clan.

The Euphoria Heavenly Palace was an evil sect that focused specifically on the practice of dual-cultivating technique between men and women. Their base was built on the Blissful Peak, which was one hundred thousand miles eastward of An He City. After forming his Nascent Soul, Reverend San Le was ordered by his Master to develop their influence in An He City. Apart from looting money and various cultivation materials, his primary objective was to abduct more handsome men and beautiful girls for Euphoria Heavenly Palace, serving as cultivation vessels.

An He City was one of the biggest cities within a radius of one hundred thousand miles. A long time ago, it was a county under the rule of the Human Emperor. However, as the power of various immortal sects expanded and grew stronger, Great Yu now only possessed a nominal sovereignty over An He City and the lands around it. In reality, it had become a self-governing city, with its City Lord kept changing every few hundreds year.

This time, it was the Euphoria Heavenly Palace who launched a long-distance ambush. With the price of having their Master, Lady Qiao, severely wounded during the battle, they managed to kill the abbot of Jade Pagoda Temple located on the Iron Basket Mountain eighty thousand miles westward of An He City, Ning An the monk. After that, Reverend San Le brought all his clan members and rushed into An He City, killing Grandmaster Jing An, who assumed the duty of City Lord under the order of Jade Pagoda Temple, and finally occupied the city and seized the position of City Lord.

Using the sharp edge of the bowl, Wu Qi carved a fine turtle on Min Hua's face, and let the blood to flow and drip freely off his face. Intentionally, Wu Qi showed Min Hua, who was now trembling violently with fear, the blood in the broken bowl. He asked smilingly, "I need to know Lady Qiao's cultivation base, as well as the number of experts under her. Mm, you don't have to mention those Nascent Soul cultivators. I just want to know the number of Nascent Divinity, half-Immortals, and Heaven Immortals!"

Min Hua opened his mouth hesitatingly, but quickly and carefully revealed Euphoria Heavenly Palace's overall strength.

The Master of Euphoria Heavenly Palace, Lady Qiao, was a Thirty-sixth Tier Heaven Immortal, and under her were only four Nascent Divinity cultivators! It was an insignificant overall strength, but Lady Qiao had numerous bedmates, among whom, many were Heaven Immortals with an extremely powerful cultivation base. Some were important ministers in Great Yu, who held high positions with incredible power in hands. There was even someone whose identity could not be revealed having secret relationships with her. As a result, Euphoria Heavenly Palace became a power that no one dared to offend within a radius of one million miles, apart from the Jade Pagoda Temple.

And, it was because of an incredibly powerful weapon that Lady Qiao was able to kill the abbot of Jade Pagoda Temple, Grandmaster Ning An. Recently, one of her bedmates crafted a batch of Yin thunders, which had the power to severely wound lower-grade Heaven Immortals. For the sake of pleasing Lady Qiao, right after the Yin thunders were produced, the man gave her three as a gift. Relying on the power of Yin thunder and the price of having herself severely wounded, Lady Qiao managed to kill Grandmaster Ning An, and massacred the entire Jade Pagoda Temple.

As a matter of fact, Jade Pagoda Temple had a very profound background of Buddhism. Even so, Lady Qiao still had the courage to exterminate them. Obviously, some of her bedmates had contributed much from behind the scenes.

Min Hua stared fearfully at Wu Qi, sobbing as he said, "It is said that when Palace Master was attacking the Jade Pagoda Temple with a few Elders, a few Senior Heaven Immortals who were on friendly terms with her had sealed off the entrance to the Golden Pavilion Temple, preventing the few Elders of Golden Pavilion Temple from leaving. Therefore... therefore, we were able to kill those bald... Grandmasters in Jade Pagoda Temple!"

Upon hearing that, Hidden Heart shook his head and said with a sigh, "Amitabha! Grandmaster Jing An had been struck by an evil calamity! All the Grandmasters of Jade Pagoda Temple are eminent monks who had attained an unfathomable cultivation in the Buddhist doctrine. What a pity!"

Wu Qi gave Hidden Heart a look, whose face was gloomy, and said in a deep voice, "What exactly are you trying to achieve by coming to Temple of Hidden Heart?"

Min Hua looked around at the monks that surrounded him, put on a long face, and said, "We are really here to build a summer garden. We learned that the Temple of Hidden Heart is managed by a group of stray monks who don't have any backing, all itinerant cultivators. If they were the disciples of Jade Pagoda Temple, those Elders of Euphoria Heavenly Palace would have long come attacking them. Since they are just itinerant cultivators, we could just chase them away. Why should we further provoke the Golden Pavilion Temple?"

Wu Qi nodded his head silently. It seemed to him that the Euphoria Heavenly Palace did not behave in a totally vicious and unrestrained way, as they only wanted to chase away the monks in Temple of Hidden Heart, so as to not further provoke the Golden Pavilion Temple.

Wu Qi threw away the broken bowl, turned to give Hidden Heart a smile, and said, "Grandmaster, I am done with the interrogation. Tsk, it is up to you now to settle this matter!"

Wu Qi patted Min Hua's face, then turned to whistle frivolously at Min E, who had her face turned blue with anger. After that, he went to squat next to Lao Ai and laughed under his breath, "A formidable foe is at the gate. Tsk, tsk, too bad that Prince of Changxin and his disciple have their cultivation base gone completely. They are even weaker than ordinary mortals! Although they wish to flee, they are incapable of doing so!"

With his face turned pale, Lao Ai touched his own fingers angrily and bellowed in a low voice, "Jing Ke, I am not finished with you! If not because he smashed my storage ring with his Sun-piercing technique, how would I have fallen into such a desperate situation?"

After roaring a few times in a low voice, Lao Ai bowed his head slightly, gave Wu Qi a gaze and said with a sneer, "Why are you so happy? We are in the same boat now!"

While thrusting his lower body back and forth, Lao Ai laughed wildly and said, "Lady Qiao from Euphoria Heavenly Palace? Hehe, as long as I can climb up to her bed, all her foundation and properties will be mine!"

Wu Qi immediately gave Lao Ai a relentless blow, "All your meridians are broken now, and you can't use any of your cultivation base. However, you have a huge amount of energy essence stored in your body, and have even formed your Nascent Divinity. Tsk, if Lady Qiao really throws you up to her bed, do you think it would be you who seized her foundation and properties, or would merely be bringing her a great tonic?"

Lao Ai's face fell instantly. In a great panic, he gave Madman Xue a glance.

Madman Xue shook his head hastily, pointing at his own face as he said in a hurried tone, "Master, I have an ugly face, I'm sure that Lady Qiao will never take even a single look at me. But Master, you are a burly and mighty man with extraordinary bearing. Furthermore, you have one good weapon down there, and your energy essence is extremely concentrated. You are simply an excellent decoction of great nourishment!"

On the other side, Hidden Heart knitted his brows into a tight frown as he ordered Guarding Heart and Qi Tian to bring the few men and girls into the temple. He was seen murmuring to himself, and had a hesitant expression, as if he were having a hard time making a decision.

All of a sudden, he cried out, "Junior Brother, also, Guarding Heart, Qi Tian, all of you, leave this place at once! I'll face this evil calamity alone! Go now, all of you! Leave now and only come back after forty-nine days!"

Wu Qi laughed complacently. Patting on Lao Ai's shoulder, he said, "Even the old monk is getting ready to face his death. Tsk, Prince of Changxin, I can see there is a bright future lying in front of you!"

Lao Ai gnashed his teeth as he stared at Wu Qi. "Wu Qi, what exactly do you want?" he asked fiercely.

Wu Qi stared at Lao Ai, then chuckled and said, "I want you to consume a timed-poison which I have concocted with a secret formula, then be my assistant in the future!"

Lao Ai glared at Wu Qi in utter exasperation, showing a look as if he could not wait to put his teeth into Wu Qi's neck and rip a large chunk of muscle away. However, before he could do anything, a wave of fragrance suddenly came wafting across the air. An old Daoist, clad in a pinkish Daoist robe and having his triangular eyes narrowed into two fine lines, was seen approaching on a cloud with a group of several dozens of men and girls following behind him. All of them were clad in Daoist outfits. Swollen with arrogance, they arrived and stopped above the valley.

"What a bunch of nasty bald donkeys! How daring are you to have hurt my grandsons and guests? Today will be the day of your death!"

The old Daoist sneered, then casually pointed his hands downward. Ten pinkish sword beams shot out of his fingertips, thrusting down disorderly as they struck straight towards the Temple of Hidden Heart.

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