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In the most murderous manner, the jade-colored beam that had the shape of a butterfly smashed towards Wu Qi's forehead as it drew a curved trail in the air.

With a strange smile on his face, Wu Qi clung himself tightly against Yu Hehuan's back and raised him up before him, using him as a living shield. As Wu Qi had his stature shrunk a moment ago, and Yu Hehuan was a man with an extra burly figure, the entirely of Wu Qi was well protected behind him.

Abruptly, the jade-colored beam took a sharp turn, nearly brushing against Yu Hehuan's face as it bypassed him and continued flying towards Wu Qi's temple with an ear-splitting whistle.

Wu Qi snorted coldly. With a twist of his body, he moved backward one-foot in an instant, and naturally, Yu Hehuan was pulled backward one-foot as well, since he was still in Wu Qi's hand. The jade-colored beam hit precisely onto his face, impaling his left cheek and coming out of the right side. A miserable shriek burst out from his mouth. Now, not only was there a huge indentation on his nose, there were also two bloody holes on his face. Together with the jade-colored beam, fragments of his facial bone and teeth splatted from his right face, flying in all directions.

"What a daring lunatic!" Yu Zong cried as he made his appearance with a somber expression. Above his head was a thin, swirling cloud, amidst which, a huge jade butterfly could be vaguely seen flapping its wings. Even as he arrived, he stared at Wu Qi with his bloodshot eyes, then spewed out a sentence from his tightly clenched teeth, one word at a time, "Let go of my son!"

Wu Qi still had his hand tightly clutched on Yu Hehuan's neck, and the joint of his middle finger was pressing against the neck bone. With just a little effort, he could crush Yu Hehuan's skull at any time. Yu Hehuan, as well as those armored-soldiers of the Flying Leopard Army, didn't cultivate their souls. Instead, they maintained a coexisting relationship with a beast soul, borrowing the power of the beast soul to battle. Therefore, once their fleshly bodies suffered some untreatable injuries, there was a high chance that they would die. Compared to Immortal cultivators who could always seize another body to reincarnate even if their original fleshly bodies were ripped to shreds, Yu Hehuan and his army, as well as Yu Zong, had a very fragile life.

Having absolute control over Yu Hehuan's life, Wu Qi looked at Yu Zong and said with a smile, "Let him go? Hehe, first let's discuss the conditions!"

Yu Zong bellowed, "You are not qualified to talk about conditions with me!"

Even as his bellow was still reverberating across the square, Wu Qi grabbed Yu Hehuan's left arm and pulled it off his shoulder. The sound of bone breaking and flesh tearing could be clearly heard by everyone, as fragments of bone and flesh splattered everywhere. Holding the broken arm in his hand, Wu Qi sneered and said, "The first condition!"

Yu Zong gave his howling son a look, then looked at the broken arm in Wu Qi's hand, and finally, fixing his gaze on Wu Qi's face. He was memorizing Wu Qi's visage and stature, which had been slightly adjusted. He roared furiously through the tightly clenched teeth, then suddenly charged into a shop located at the side of the square. Before long, a dozen tragic howls were heard coming from the shop. In that brief moment, Yu Zong had already killed every single person he found in the shop, before rushing back out with his body bathed in blood. A very strong murderous aura was being emanated from him as he pointed at Wu Qi and said with a cold grin, "Fine, what is your condition!"

While sneering, Wu Qi pointed at all the teleportation formations built on the square and said, "Destroy all the teleportation formations, except those connected to Pangu Continent, and bring me all the immortal stones that are used as their cores... mm, I also want the jade slips that record the usage of all teleportation formations!"

Yu Zong was struck dumb, and he immediately realized Wu Qi's intention - Wu Qi feared that Yu Zong might inspect the teleportation formation he used to come here, and then find out where he came from. After all, in order to visit Yu Hua Heavenly Realm, one had to use the major teleportation formations constructed by the Heaven. As long as Yu Zong went through the visitor records according to the time Wu Qi arrived, he could roughly lock down Wu Qi's origin.

But, if all the teleportation formations were destroyed, who could tell what the time that Wu Qi arrived on was?

While Yu Zong had his eyes darted from side to side, trying to think of an excuse to reject the condition, Wu Qi threw Yu Hehuan's broken arm to the ground, then placed his left palm on top of Yu Hehuan's left eye. "How many sons do you still have, who I can treat them the same way like this?" Wu Qi said with a hideous smile on his face.

A heat rushed up to Yu Zong's chest as he nearly coughed blood. Yu Hehuan was the only son he had now. Although he still had a few daughters, they could not inherit his clan property, and could not produce any descendants for him. Under the ruling of the Human Emperor, all major clans had attached an utmost importance to the legacy of their clan and the continuity of their bloodline. If Yu Hehuan were killed, Yu Zong had no idea when he could have another son.

Yu Zong waved his hand helplessly and cried out, "Destroy all the teleportation formations save for those connected to Pangu Continent, remove all the immortal stones, and give them to him... and give him the jade slips that record all the usages of the teleportation formations!"

Not saying a word, all the armored-soldiers from the Flying Leopard Army slammed their right chests with right fists, preparing to destroy all the teleportation formations under the order of Yu Zhong.

Right at this moment, a beam of golden light shot up into the sky from within Yu Hua Immortal Abode, and soon, an Immortal landed on the square. He was clad in a crane's coat, with a layer of swirling green light around him. He had a rat face, with eyes that kept darting from side to side. Everything about him shouted witty. After arriving, the Immortal cupped his fist while facing Wu Qi, then smilingly turned to give Yu Zong a nod, "Marquis Jian, the Heaven constructed all the teleportation formations here, and they cost a huge amount of resources to be built. How can you dismantle them as if they are yours... Haha, I know that Marquis Jian is a wealthy man, so maybe the building cost count nothing for you, eh? Compared to that, the safety of your son is more important, right?"

Then, he clicked his tongue a few times as a sign of praising, turned to give Wu Qi a smile, and said, "Fellow Daoist, I am San Yu… haha, the chief that is in charge of everything in Yu Hua Heavenly Realm! Aye, listen to me, fellow Daoist. This man is Marquis Jian, and he only had four sons and nineteen daughters. Ah, haha, but not long ago, three of his sons were killed by someone. The one in your hand now is the last son of Marquis Jian!"

Yu Zong's face fell instantly. Even as he was about to interrupt Heavenly Lord San Yu, the latter struck quicker than him. With a casual pointing of his finger at Yu Zong, Heavenly Lord San Yu cast an immortal spell: the 'Mute Spell'. Yu Zong felt his throat became stiff instantly, and he could not even utter a single word. "The Human Emperor of Great Yu has issued a decree that any ministers without a son will have his title of nobility reduced by one tier for every one hundred years! Fellow Daoist, don't sell your token at a cheap price!" Heavenly Lord San Yu said quickly.

Wu Qi's brows pricked as he immediately had a very good impression of Heavenly Lord San Yu!

The Human Emperor had issued a decree that if any of his ministers did not have a son, for every one hundred years, the minister would have his title of nobility reduced by one tier? As governed by the Heavenly Dao, the stronger a living being became, the harder it was for that being to produce offspring. With Yu Zong's overall strength that was as strong as a Twentieth Tier Heaven Immortal, if he wished to have another son, not only he had to be very hardworking, he had to be very lucky to find a girl who could endure his prime Yang energy and breed a child. If he were unlucky, he might not have a son for several thousands of years!

Despite how prestigious the title he was holding in Great Yu currently, after several thousands of years, Yu Zong, Marquis Jian, would have most probably already become an ordinary civilian!

Wu Qi laughed. Without hesitation, he produced a bottle of medicinal powder and messily sprinkled them onto the wounds on Yu Hehuan's shoulder and face. Just like the medicinal paste he concocted before, the medicinal powder had a very strong effect. When they touched Yu Hehuan's skin, it felt as if someone was pouring acid onto his internal organs. The severe pain made him shriek hoarsely at the top of his voice, while cold sweat with a pale-red tinge sprayed out from all over his body. The intense pain caused his heart to race rapidly, and eventually causing all the capillaries under his skin to burst.

When that happened, Yu Zong managed to remove the mute spell from him, and he bellowed after witnessing what happened, "Impudent Daoist! How dare you?!"

Wu Qi simply pulled out a dagger and placed it above Yu Hehuan's private part, then turned to look at Heavenly Lord San Yu, smiled and asked, "Has the Human Emperor mentioned what would he do if he finds out the son of Marquis Jian is actually a eunuch?"

Heavenly Lord San Yu hid both of his hands under sleeves, narrowed his eyes, and answered smilingly, "A eunuch? How can that thing be considered as a son?"

Wu Qi issued a few strange laughs, tilting his chin up at Yu Zong as he said, "I want one hundred pieces of immortal stones. This is the second condition!"

Heavenly Lord San Yu narrowed his eyes into two fine lines as he cried out, "Also, if all the teleportation formations really have to be dismantled, he has to compensate the material and labor costs it took to build them, as well as the fees to keep those Immortal Monarchs' mouths shut after the connections between Yu Hua Heavenly Realm and the rest of the heavenly realms are cut off! It is an expense that costs a lot of immortal stones!"

Yu Zong's body swayed and nearly fell to the ground. He stared at Heavenly Lord San Yu and bellowed, "San Yu, you better not push things too far! What is the use of immortal stones for us, the human race? That thing does not provide any help whatsoever in the cultivation of the human race!"

Heavenly Lord San Yu refuted with a cold grin, "Do you dare to say that there are no immortal stones in your warehouse? The warriors of the human race do not require immortal stones to assist their cultivation? What nonsense are you talking now?"

With a sneer and without making a sound, Wu Qi pushed the dagger downward. It cut away a patch of Yu Hehuan's pant, and its sharp edge sliced through his skin and flesh, pushing slightly into his private part. A very tiny stream of blood flowed across his skin and dripped onto the ground. Yu Hehuan cried with great terror. An even greater stream of fluid poured down - he peed uncontrollably because of the fear.

Feeling disgusted, Wu Qi retracted his left hand and said with a cold smile, "What are you waiting for?"

Yu Zong trembled, and he growled immediately, "Dismantle those teleportation formations and hand him all the things he wants! B*stards, are you all dead now?"

Numerous beams of immortal light soared up into the sky from within Yu Hua Immortal Abode. Soon, a group of over thirty Heaven Immortals arrived on clouds and landed on the square. Smilingly, they lined up in a straight line behind Heavenly Lord San Yu. Stretching out his right hand, Heavenly Lord San Yu rubbed his thumb and middle finger a few times[1], then chuckled and said, "Marquis Jian, you have yet to reach a compensation agreement with me! Apart from eighteen major teleportation formations connecting to Pangu Continent, there are a total of eighty-one teleportation formations linked to the other heavenly realms. Tsk, they are all going to be dismantled, so who is going to pay for the construction and labor cost, as well as the fees to shut those Immortal Monarchs' mouths? Eh?"

Yu Zong's eyes were shot with blood as he clenched his jaws tightly and said, "San Yu, I'll pay you! But, you better stop stirring up sh*t now!"

Heavenly Lord San Yu smiled indifferently, moved a few paces back and said, "Since you are willing to pay, things can be easily settled... Oh right, Marquis Jian, don't run around when you are free in the future. It's hard for me to explain to my superiors when some officials of the Heaven are beaten and wounded!"

Finally, Wu Qi understood why Heavenly Lord San Yu was extorting Yu Zong. Not only did he want to get himself some extra income, he was also helping Immortal Chuan and the others vent their resentment. Without reason or rhyme, Yu Zong traveled all the way to Puluo Heavenly Realm and attacked them, even nearly killing Immortal Chuan. As the direct superior of Puluo Heavenly Realm, how could Heavenly Lord San Yu not initiate a counterattack when there was an opportunity lying before him?

In just fifteen minutes, eighty-one teleportation formations that could travel to various heavenly realms were completely dismantled. The immortal stones used as the cores that drove these teleportation formations, as well as the materials used to construct them, anything that Wu Qi regarded as useful, he would have them shoved into a storage bag with a huge volume hanging on his waist. As he was traveling in the outside world, it was better for him to not expose his wealth. The appearance of Black Dragon Spirit Ring was overly attractive. Thus, he had it and the Spirit Breeding Ring hung around his neck with a string, and did not wear them on his fingers.

Immediately after that, one hundred pieces of lower-grade immortal stones, each as large as a fist and emanating a very strong immortal energy, were brought over by one of Yu Zong's subordinates. Heavenly Lord San Yu kept staring at them fixatedly with wide eyes.

Wu Qi suspected that, if not because he had an absolute control over Yu Hehuan's life and death, and the fear of killing Yu Hehuan accidentally during the process, Heavenly Lord San Yu might have already robbed him for the sake of these immortal stones. One hundred pieces of immortal stones was the kind of wealth that could easily arouse the covetous nature in anyone's heart. Even Wu Qi himself could not help but take a few deep breaths when he saw them.

Hastily, he shoved all of them into his storage bag. After that, he said coldly, "Third condition: I'll bring Yu Hehuan with me to Pangu Continent. Once I've arrived at a safe place, I'll set him free!"

Yu Hehuan had to follow Wu Qi to Pangu Continent?

Yu Zong waved his arms as he roared furiously, "You can never do that!"

All of a sudden, a sharp sword appeared behind Wu Qi. Without making a noise or stirring anything, it thrust straight towards the back of Wu Qi's head.

[1] It is a gesture of counting money.

It is a gesture of counting money.
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