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With his cultivation base improved by leaps and bounds, the Mystic Eyes of Universe allowed Wu Qi to easily scan every single blade of grass and tree on the entire landmass. Just as what Immortal Chuan had said previously, he did not manage to find anything of value here. All the flowers, grasses, and trees growing in this place were ordinary species, and not even a single ginseng could be found. As they were just ordinary plants, even if they did absorb much of the natural energies throughout the years, it would not turn them into something extraordinary.

Besides, these plants did not really absorb too much of the natural energies. Sure enough, the landmass was enshrouded in rich natural energy, but the energy on the landmass itself was very thin. Through his Mystic Eyes of Universe, Wu Qi saw right through to the core of the landmass, which was also the source of the powerful restrictive forces lingering around the entire place. A grayish-white light was constantly absorbing the natural energies found on the landmass.

The restrictive formation found on this ancient mansion of the human race was very magical, as it could transform the chaotic airflows into natural energies of five elements, then release them into the atmosphere. However, a great deal of them was being absorbed by the grayish-white light. It seemed that the grayish-white light had given birth to a very basic sentience, as it kept the absorbing speed at a constant rate, which would not affect the normal function of the ancient mansion's restrictive formation, allowing it to keep expanding the spherical space.

As the spherical space expanded further, it would have a larger surface area to contact with the chaotic airflows, thus, allowing more chaotic airflows to be absorbed and transformed at the same time. The grayish-white light was very clever, as it only absorbed seventy percent of the energies transformed by the restrictive formation, leaving twenty percent to maintain the functioning of the formation, and ten percent to expand the space.

Wu Qi's heart raced when his Mystic Eyes of Universe glanced over the grayish-white light. It was the pure Yin energy from the two contrary innate forces, or sometimes referred as the innate Yin and Yang forces. It was the root of all Yin energies under the heaven.

It was a known fact that the Innate Chaos transformed into two contrary forces, the Yin and Yang. And surprisingly, the grayish-white light was the innate Yin force of the two contrary forces, which was also the Yin energy required by Wu Qi if he wished to cultivate the next level of Seven Foundation Establishment Technique, the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique.

The Scroll of Stealing did record some locations that would produce innate energies. However, they were either too far away from Puluo Heavenly Realm, where Wu Qi could not travel to with his current ability, or they were in some very dangerous places, where Wu Qi would perish instantly if he did visit the place. Therefore, being able to find a thread of innate Yin energy here made Wu Qi so happy that he nearly screamed out loud.

But, with over one thousand Heaven Immortals exercising their magical powers and watching every single movement of Wu Qi and the rest of the people, having their divine wills locking down on everything on the landmass, how could he have any chances to harvest the thread of innate Yin energy?

Yet, without the innate Yin energy, how was he going to cultivate the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, which was the next level of his cultivation technique? As of now, his three spiritual and seven physical souls had given birth to ten innate Nascent Souls. He had to use the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique to break all Nascent Souls, then fuse them with innate Yin and Yang energies, eventually forming his innate Nascent Divinity. He had to get the innate Yin energy by all mean!

With his eyes darting left and right, Wu Qi held Princess Zhang Le's soft palm and landed on the ground.

The location where the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect landed was right next to a small lake. It was a place with plenty of water and lush grass, a decent place to set up their camp. They were all from White Cloud Immortal Sect, with seventy percent of them from the Jiang clan. As they were all relatives to each other and guided by an Elder of Jiang clan, they moved in order. Very quickly, they started to deploy all sorts of defensive mechanisms near the lakeside, setting up various formations and traps.

In the meanwhile, at a location several hundred of miles away, the disciples of Huiling Sect had divided into five distinct factions, each led by a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator. They were quarreling among each other, and did not do anything for a full fifteen minutes after landing on the landmass. Eventually, instructed by a Nascent Divinity cultivator who was supposed to be their leader, they began to slowly deploy various restrictive formations. However, it was clear that there were conflicts between the disciples of five factions, as the cooperation between them was sloppy, which resulted in a very poor efficiency.

High up in the sky, Daoist Chi nodded his head pleasingly as he said with a smile, "Now it looks like we have seventy percent chance of winning!"

Reverend Huilin's face turned extremely unsightly. He fiercely glared at Immortal Ke He, who stood right next to him and was having a similar expression, then scolded the latter with a voice transmission, "So, these are the disciples you found for me? Mm? Look at them, then look at the disciples from Yuan Hua Sect! If not because I have the confidence to defeat that old twerp Yuan Hua, wouldn't this just make that planet with energy stones slip away from our hands?"

Immortal Ke He pulled a long face as he bowed his head helplessly. He was really curious as to why those Yuan Hua Sect's disciples were so obedient. Why was everyone carrying out their own tasks properly under the lead of one single cultivator, as if they were a group of filial sons and grandsons working under the instructions of their ancestor?

Little did he know that his guess was indeed correct. The leader of Yuan Hua Sect's disciples was Jiang Xiaoxiao, a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator who also referred as Daoist Xiao. Seventy percent of Jiang clan members were all his sons and grandsons. As for the remaining thirty percent of disciples who were not from the Jiang clan, most of them had the surname Lu. However, Jiang Xiaoxiao's spouse, Lu Yiyue, was the ancestor of these disciples of Lu clan, and she was also one of the ten peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators. With her around, it was natural that all cultivators from the Lu clan would listen to their instructions.

In just less than two hours, while Huiling Sect's disciples were still slacking, under the instructions of Daoist Xiao and Lu Yiyue, Wu Qi and the rest of the disciples had already constructed a small fort of soil, measuring about one mile in both length and width. They densely surrounded it with countless restrictive formations, and set up a powerful defensive and warning system.

After everything was done, Daoist Xiao, who wore a big smile on his face all the time, shouted, "Disciples of Yuan Hua Sect, set up your own tent, exercise your cultivation technique and regulate your breath! Three days later, we will wage a life-and-death battle against the disciples of Huiling Sect!"

Everyone answered in uniformity. Then, they tamped out at the center of the soil fort right on the flat land, pulled out their own white tents, and set them up according to the position of Eight Trigrams. After that, they went into the tents and began to exercise their cultivation technique and regulate their breath, trying their best to adjust themselves to their best form possible.

All the Immortals hovering high up in the sky shook their head, moving their attention away from Yuan Hua Sect's disciples and staring at the 110 disciples of the Huiling Sect with a smile on their faces. Those disciples were still deploying formations and traps lazily, and there were even gaps between the formations, so large that horses could easily gallop through. No one knew if these restrictive formations were really useful against their opponents.

Some unkind Immortals suddenly broke out into a loud laughter. They did not give Reverend Huilin any face by pointing at Huiling Sect's disciples and making caustic remarks. There were also some mean Immortals who simply pulled their disciples over, using the completely different performances of the two sects' disciples as an example to teach their disciples, telling them to maintain a friendly and harmonious relationship with their fellow disciples, be smart and capable like Yuan Hua Sect's disciples, and never behave like those useless fools from Huiling Sect.

As a result of all that, Reverend Huilin's face turned even uglier. Gradually, his eyes were shot with golden-colored blood as he stared furiously at Immortal Ke He.

If he knew earlier that these disciples would bring shame to him, he would have let only the disciples of Huiling Sect participate in the match. However, as all Huiling Sect's Nascent Divinity and Nascent Soul disciples were severely wounded in the battle against Yuan Hua Sect, he had no other choice but to let Immortal Ke He bring this group of disciples back, who were the disciples of Huiling Sect's outer sect disciples. In fact, the team that participated in the match was made up by the disciples of four outer sect disciples, and a group of over twenty cultivators led by a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator from Huiling Sect itself.

Evidently, a team consisting of the disciples from so many fractions could never be superior to the Yuan Hua Sect's disciples.

"Jiang Yun? How did that little fellow bring up a group of disciples so capable and obedient?" The question weighed heavily on Reverend Huilin's mind. He was a little pessimistic about Huiling Sect's future for the first time. By having a group of capable and smart, obedient and organized disciples, Yuan Hua Sect was showing a sign of flourishing. On the other side, no matter how he looked at Huiling Sect's disciples, they were just portraying a look of decay!

Meanwhile, those Heaven Immortals from the other top ten immortal sects in Puluo Heavenly Realm were observing the performances of the disciples from both sects. Their eyes were flickering, and they had thoughtful expressions. Obviously, their attitudes toward Huiling Sect and Yuan Hua Sect would experience some subtle changes in the future.

Wu Qi dragged Princess Zhang Le and squeezed into a spacious tent. After that, he hugged her without saying a word and gave her a deep kiss. His eyes were flickering as Princess Zhang Le stared at him with wide eyes. She knew him very well, and with a roll of her eyes, she pushed her warm, little tongue over and tangled with Wu Qi's.

Their intimate behavior made a few divine wills that were lingering around them to withdraw quickly. As all the Heaven Immortals here were persons with prestigious status, they would never peek at a pair of juniors doing intimate things. Even if some of them with odious conduct did like peeking, they would never expose their ugly faces before so many people with similar status as them.

Therefore, with just a deep kiss, Wu Qi had created himself a very excellent situation.

With a sway of his body, he took a step back, squeezing into the ground like a stream of water. Then, a celestial fiend puppet jumped out, disguised as Wu Qi as he sat cross-legged on the ground and began to discuss some very basic knowledge relating to the Dao of talisman with Princess Zhang Le. Princess Zhang Le came before the puppet and sat down cross-legged as well, pretending she was very serious in the discussion.

Exercising an innate escape art, Wu Qi smoothly avoided nineteen layers of defensive formation as he quickly approached the core of the landmass, where an underground cave abode was found. It was the cave adobe which Immortal Chuan failed to open.

Indeed, the last few layers of defensive formation were very powerful and complicated. Although Wu Qi could understand how they worked, he did not have the ability to open or break them. He reckoned they must be deployed by someone with an overall strength of upper-grade Gold Immortal realm.

It was as if Wu Qi did know that he could break a rock wall with dynamites, but the strength he had was only equal to one to two grams of dynamites. He could use that to shatter some small boulders, but he could not inflict a sufficient damage to the rock wall with a thickness of one thousand feet. If he wished to break such powerful defensive formations, he would need an equally powerful cultivation base!

He took a deep breath and carefully hid right outside a powerful defensive formation. After that, he unleashed a little bit of his innate five elements aura!

The innate Yin energy hiding at the core of the ancient mansion stirred. It transformed into a beam of white light, piercing through multiple layers of defensive barrier easily and coming before Wu Qi. Then, after briefly sensing the aura unleashed by Wu Qi, it fused into him without the slightest hesitation.

Immediately, Wu Qi felt a cold stream circulating within his body. He took a deep breath and exercised the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique, guiding the innate Yin energy into the innate Yin meridians in his arms, and making it stay there.

Right after the innate Yin energy fused with his innate Yin meridians, all the energies in his body began to surge like rioting mobs.

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