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"Zi Qianyan!" Grasping the sword, the man rushed up to the platform. With a

thrust of his leg, he kicked Lady Qing flying away; with a swung of his sword, he chopped off the heads of a few fierce women, then grabbed Zi Qianyan by the waist with one arm. He turned to look at Zi Qianyan, whose face was pale, and he cried out, "I've told you, I'll die together with you!"

Zi Qianyan's body swayed a little bit, then she suddenly laughed coldly and indifferently, "Li Yifeng, you are a fool! It is easy for you to die, but how about your clan?"

Bathed in blood, Li Yifeng was stupefied. He looked straight ahead with a blank expression, then like a lion that had just gone berserk he, shook his head crazily and yelled, "I don't care! If you are going to die, I'll die together with you! If they want to hurt you, they will have to step over my dead body!"

Xiang Yu and the others walked out from the four private rooms on the sixth floor, and it happened that each group occupied one of the balconies in four directions. Two demon cultivators standing right next to the Third Prince threw their glances at the pair of bitter lovers with a cold expression. They did not show any response to the sudden happening. The taste of demon cultivators had always been different from human cultivators. Apart from some extremely rare demon cultivators, most of them were not fond of girls.

On the other side, Xiang Yu, Lao Ai, and Tian Dan were exchanging glances with bright gleams shining from their eyes. Laughing ferociously, Xiang Yu said, "Stepping over your dead body? Hehe, how hard will that be? Madman Xue, kill that young lad for your Master! Take that Zi Qianyan as your first cultivation vessel! Go, kill that pretty body for your Master!"

Suddenly, a gust of pinkish mist rose from Lao Ai's body, then he slapped his right palm forcefully onto Madman Xue's back, sending a thread of dense pinkish mist into Madman Xue's body. With that, all the bottlenecks in his meridians were broken through.

Amidst a series of rumbling that came from his meridians, Madman Xue's body abruptly expanded and became double in size. Aided by Lao Ai's incredible power, from an ordinary youth who did not know anything about cultivation base, he suddenly turned into a mighty peak Houtian warrior, just one step away from the Xiantian realm. Lao Ai grabbed him up and threw him down into the courtyard, then shouted sternly, "Go, kill that pretty boy, and do anything you like to that girl!"

Madman Xue felt his body was filled with an explosive and endless strength. A scorching hot energy was flowing through his entire body, while faint pinkish mist was diffusing from his pores. Like a celestial fiend that had just arrived at the mortal realm, he roared and howled, thrusting straight down from the balcony on the sixth floor. As the energy Lao Ai channeled into his body came from Great Sun Technique, Madman Xue's little brother had turned erect, and it pushed his green pants and tore a large hole on it, springing out like a fierce creature.

"Ki... kid!! You're dead!!!" cried Madman Xue while his eyes were glued to the delicate and beautiful face of Zi Qianyan. With his body trembling violently, he landed on the platform with a loud thump, and immediately thrust his fist at Li Yifeng's face. The powerful punch generated a loud whistle, and suddenly, a pinkish flame burst out from the fist. It pierced through the air like a shooting star.

Li Yifeng raised his sword to block the punch. *Clang!!* The sword was instantly shattered into splinters by Madman Xue's fist that he punched out without any proper technique, and the fist continued thrusting forward and smashed viciously on Li Yifeng's chest. Sounds of bones cracking echoed out, as at least tens of Li Yifeng's ribs were smashed broken. He opened his mouth and coughed out a stream of blood that splashed onto Zi Qianyan's body, while the punch knocked him tumbling back with a painful cry.

Lao Ai laughed ferociously and said, "I thought you are some expert, and yet you are just a soft and weak pretty boy!!"

Tian Dan smiled lightly and said with a soft voice, "She is one excellent girl. Prince of Chang Xin, why don't you give up and let me have her?"

Lao Ai crossed his eyes and looked askance at Tian Dan. He gave a strange laugh and said, "There aren't many beautiful girls under the heaven, and it is even rarer to find a beautiful girl with extraordinary talents. This girl is the cultivation vessel which I promised my disciple. If you really want her, what excellent things are you willing to exchange with me?"

Tian Dan lightly tapped the railing right before him, then said in a flat tone, "Lao Ai, are you really thinking that you are somebody? Are you really going to fight over this girl with me? Try looking at yourself in a mirror, who are you? You are just a fake eunuch! How dare you compete with me?" With just a few words, Tian Dan had exhibited his noble and lofty manner that came from the background of an imperial clan, degrading Lao Ai into a worthless man.

Lao Ai's face fell instantly, and his eyes shot with blood. Like a rutting bull, he fixed his glance at Tian Dan. Suddenly the two demon cultivators of Great Zhao burst out into a loud laughter and said, "Lao Ai, Tian Dan, why don't both of you have a fair fight? We can be the witnesses!"

While the argument became heated here, on the platform, Madman Xue was impatiently grabbing towards Zi Qianyan. His ugly face was twisting, and he laughed in a near-insane manner, "You are the woman my Master gave me! The only daughter of Minister of Rites, such an excellent quality woman. Although I've been working for dozens of years in Hidden Sword Pavilion, I've never seen a woman with such a noble and prestigious status! I want to f*ck you!"

He grabbed Zi Qianyan by her tiny waist, and impatiently dragged her into his arms. Zi Qianyan's face was blue with fear. However, she had proven herself to be an extraordinary girl. Although Madman Xue was running his hands all over her and kissing her, she still maintained a calm and cold expression, and her face was not panicked or nervous.

Wu Qi walked out from the room and came to the corridor. Quietly, he looked at Li Yifeng, who was coughing blood and lying on the platform, and Zi Qianyan, who was forcibly hugged by Madman Xue. Casually, he threw a huge gemstone to a guard from one of the Prince's mansion, and with a fierce look in his eyes, he gazed at him and asked coldly, "What is the background of that Li Yifeng?"

The ruby that Wu Qi gave him was of the size of a baby's fist. It was a fine and flawless gemstone crafted by some expert hired by Star picking Pavilion, and it could be sold with at least one hundred gold coins in Ji City. Of course, such a natural gemstone was an even rarer and precious treasure here in Tai City. The guard cupped the gemstone with his palms, and his eyes were glued to it. On top of that, Wu Qi had exercised an enchanting power with the Mystic Eyes of Universe when he gazed at the guard. As a result, the guard answered his question with a vacant expression, "Li Yifeng is the son of General Wei Feng, Marquis of Yu Xi, and his mother is the youngest Princess, Her Highness Jin Xuan."

Wu Qi's eyes immediately shone with a bright gleam. While nodding his head, he silently murmured, "So, he does have the bloodline of the imperial clan? And his father is a General who holds the military power? Excellent! A pair of bitter lovers, that's splendid! Now, if you obey my words, I'll help you, the troubled couple, and even place a crown on your head!"

Standing on the balcony on the sixth floor, Xiang Zhuang laughed loudly and said, "Lao Ai, Tian Dan, you don't have to fight with each other! I've said this just now, I want this girl! But she is not for me, as a girl who is an expert in the six arts and skillful in the Art of War is a perfect match for those boys in my clan! Xiang Zhuang, go and seize her! If you succeed, she will be your concubine! To hell with all those bullshit auction rules! A gold mountain? I'll never spend a single coin now!"

A blood red fiendish gleam ablaze in Xiang Yu's eyes, and he turned to glare at the Eldest Prince, who was standing on the opposite balcony. A blood red glow flashed, as Eldest Prince let out a muffled snort and stepped back quickly, as if he had just been struck by a lightning bolt. Blood was dripping down from his lips. Tian Dan flew into a violent rage instantly, as he pointed his finger at Xiang Yu and cried out, "You twerp from Xiang clan! How dare you to be so impertinent?!"

Trying to stir up the troubles, Lao Ai laughed and said, "Hegemon-King of Western Chu, you and my dynasty are allies currently! How about we work together and kill Tian Dan? You can take away all the gold, silver, jewels, and treasures in his clan, and I'll take away all the beautiful girls in his clan. Isn't that something exciting?"

Xiang Zhuang laughed wildly and shouted, "Wonderful! I like that idea of yours, Prince of Chang Xin! Now, get your unworthy disciple to scram back here, as that girl belongs to Xiang Zhuang!" Bright blood red glow shone from his body as he said that. Although Xiang Zhuang was getting ready to follow the rules and participate in the auction earlier, he was putting up a bandit face now, determined to abduct Zi Qianyan by force. Obviously, his fiendish temperament had taken over the control of his mind.

Lao Ai was stupefied. Before he could call Madman Xue, Xiang Zhuang had already drawn his sword and jumped off the balcony. While in the air, he thrust the sword right at Madman Xue, roaring at the top of his voice, "You filthy piece of sh*t, how dare you to touch my woman with your dirty hands?!"

A blood red beam over one hundred feet shot out from the tip of the sword, as it thrust whistling through the air and aiming right at Madman Xue's neck. With Xiang Zhuang's cultivation base of early-stage Nascent Divinity realm, how could Madman Xue escape from his mighty attack? The blood red beam came with a piercing coldness, and sent forth an immense killing intent that felt like a lofty mountain, pressing against Madman Xue and making him unable to breathe. He could not make a sound, and could not move. With a stiffened body, he stood straight on the platform, looking at the approaching blood red beam with a despair in his eyes.

Lao Ai had just managed to find himself a satisfying disciple, who was a man with the same incredible tool as his. How would he let Xiang Zhuang kill this disciple so easily? He roared furiously, "Xiang Yu, don't you dare to hurt even one single strand of my disciple!" A jet of pinkish mist shot out from his head, transforming into a slender arm and grabbing towards Xiang Zhuang.

Suddenly from a corner, a thunderbolt streaked whistling over, smashed and ripped Lao Ai's large pinkish hand to shreds. Showering in a flame of extreme anger Lao Ai turned around and saw the attack had come from Tian Dan.

Su Mei'er snored coldly and flung her long sleeve, shooting out a white beam that pierced through the air with a jarring noise. With that, she was about to pulled Madman Xue and Zi Qianyan back to her. However, right at the same moment, a large sheet of blood red light soared up from Xiang Zhuang's head, as the Banner of Chiyou rolled waving down amidst the howling of the wind, shattering the white beam transformed from Su Mei'er's long sleeve. A blood red light shrouded the entire courtyard, under which, Xiang Zhuang's imposing manner skyrocketed to at least ten times stronger. He swung the sword and thrust it forward like a dragon, hacking straight towards Madman Xue.

On the platform, Li Yifeng, who was knocked down by Madman Xue, was seen struggling up to his feet. He had his left hand pressed on his chest where the bones were broken, clenching his jaws tightly as he pulled out a dagger socketed with golds and jades from his sleeve. Then, he exerted all his strength and threw it towards the approaching Xiang Zhuang. It was true that Madman Xue was abducting Zi Qianyan, but Xiang Zhuang came with the same purpose as well! While coughing blood, Li Yifeng cried out at the top of his voice, "Kill! Die! We'll all die together! Zi Qianyan, even if we are going to die together, I want to die earlier than you!"

Wu Qi threw the wine jar onto the ground. With a twist of his left wrist, several tens of dragon-scale golden beams that weighed over 5000 kilograms shot out while being wrapped in a dense layer of innate earth element energy, and brutally smashed into Xiang Zhuang's body. Xiang Zhuang never expected that someone would sneak attack him at this moment, and hence he was hit by all the golden beams. They ripped and tore his skin and flesh, nearly penetrating his body, and sending large chunks of gores and flesh that shot in all directions.

Xiang Zhuang shrieked painfully. The severe injury threw him down to the ground, and he could not get back up no matter how hard he struggled. The blood-red light emanated by Banner of Chiyou quickly gathered around his body, and nourished by it, his body began to quickly heal up. But he still could not move for a certain period of time.

Wu Qi then exercised the Acquired Magnetic Sword beam, transforming himself into a dark beam as he shot onto the platform. He grabbed Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan, and with a twist of his body, he transformed into a stream of yellow mist, and quickly plunged right into the ground.

As Xiang Yu, Lao Ai, and the others were exercising their divine abilities to tangle with each other, none of them had the time to stop Wu Qi.

Although the two demon cultivators from the Great Zhao saw Wu Qi's movement, when they turned and looked at how Xiang Yu and the others were fighting each other, they lost their interest to stop Wu Qi. Looking at how Wu Qi plunged into the ground unhindered, Xiang Yu, Lao Ai, Su Mei'er, and Tian Dan, the four of them exchanged a glance, and none of them said a word.

Xiang Yu roared furiously. Suddenly the Banner of Chiyou behind his back transformed into a stream of blood river, rolling and rocking as it thrust into the ground and began to pursue behind Wu Qi.

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