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While Wu Qi was about to kill Lu Buwei, a bright light sparked from his body in the twinkling of an eye. A broken Soul Replacement Puppet fell from midair, and Lu Buwei was nowhere to be found.

Wu Qi stamped his feet. Damn it! He totally forgot that Lu Buwei also had a Soul Replacement Puppet. And yet to his surprise, the Spirit-Restricting Rope failed to stop the Soul Replacement Puppet from taking effect.

Wu Qi looked at the place where Lu Buwei vanished annoyingly, then tapped the Spirit-Restricting Rope with his finger.

"Why did you fail to capture his true form?" Wu Qi was rather upset with Spirit-Restricting Rope. As an immortal item, it actually let Lu Buwei escaped with a Soul Replacement Puppet? He was angry for its poor performance.

"You don't have sufficient power to control me!" The message transmitted from Soul Replacement Puppet was loud and clear. As an immortal item, it did have a mighty power. However, the power of an immortal item largely depended on the person who used it. Greater the immortal energy it was supplied with, the stronger would the power it could unleash be. If it were used by a true Heaven Immortal, even if Lu Buwei could escape his death once with Soul Replacement Puppet, he would still be captured again by the Spirit-Restricting Rope from a distance of several thousand miles away.

"An immortal item is indeed very powerful, but it is not as strong as a true Heaven Immortal!" Spirit-Restricting Rope responded coolly, "There are two reasons why an immortal item is called an immortal item. First, an item spirit has attained the cultivation base of Item Immortal by itself, and second, only a true Immortal can unleash the full power of an immortal item. With your current cultivation base, you should be proud for being able to bring one in ten thousand of my power into play. At least, that power is sufficient to imprison any cultivators below the realm of Heaven Immortal, and even a Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal can be trapped for some time if caught unprepared. You better be contented!"

Wu Qi shook his head. That was right, he should be contented.

He bent over and picked up all the storage rings that once belonged to the cultivators of Lu clan, who had now turned into nothingness by the Cold Electric Mirror, then transferred all the energy stones and everything he found into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. After that, he handed all the rings to a celestial fiend puppet and asked him to hang them with a string around his neck. Wu Qi dared not to take away the storage rings belonging to Great Zhao's generals and cultivators, as he feared that might give himself away. But since he had already offended Lu Buwei, taking away their belongings would not make any difference in their relationship.

When that was done, he retracted all the celestial fiend puppets back into his body, transformed into a stream of yellow mist, and sneaked into the Spirit Pills Pagoda. As he expected earlier, all the spirit pills in the pagoda had turned into ashes, and he did not find any pill that was still useful. Nevertheless, he did find several thousand pill bottles that could be used to contain various pills. After being nourished by the copious amount of immortal aura in this place, the quality of these pill bottles had improved significantly than before the last two Great Apocalypses. With their current quality, perhaps they could be used to keep supreme-grade spirit pills.

He shoved all the pill bottles into his ring, as they were considered a pretty decent wealth.

Satisfied with the finding, Wu Qi left the Spirit Pills Pagoda and continued his looting mission elsewhere. Wherever he went, the place would almost turn completely empty. Anything that caught his eyes, anything that he could bring away, he would loot it and spare nothing behind.

In the meanwhile, more and more restrictive spells in the immortal abode were broken by the six Heaven Immortals and the emperors and ministers of six dynasties. With more regions connected without restriction, the dead bodies of generals and cultivators from various dynasties were soon discovered. The bloody words left near the dead bodies - I, Lu Buwei, killed these men!- made the six Heaven Immortals fume with rage. Their hearts were filled with shock, as they did not understand why Lu Buwei would perform such inhuman deeds.

Instinctively, the six Heaven Immortals thought Lu Buwei was trying to establish his might by killing so many people. Although their cultivation in Dao was profound and their divine abilities were extraordinary, their characters were rather simple and unadorned, honest and kind. They had a Heart of Dao as pure as water, which some called as the pure heart of a newborn baby. That was why they became so angry when they saw the words left behind by Wu Qi, and ordered their disciples to quickly bring Lu Buwei to them, as they would like to question him face to face.

Yet, the emperors and ministers of six dynasties were seen exchanging glances, bowing their heads slightly, and not saying a word. They were all shrewd and crafty fellows, slippery like eels smeared with oil. Therefore, they knew Lu Buwei was framed by someone right at the moment when they saw the large characters. However, nobody stood up to defend for Lu Buwei, not even Yan Dan. As a matter of fact, they felt delighted to see this situation, as Lu Buwei had become a stick that was used to beat the bush. The emperors and ministers of six dynasties wished to use this opportunity to probe how strict or loose the sect rules of the two great immortal sects were.

If this matter were thoroughly investigated, the culprit and murderer was found and seriously punished, then the emperors and ministers of six dynasties would take heed in dealing with their businesses when they were still under both immortal sects. But if Lu Buwei really took the blame at the end, and was punished by both immortal sects, that meant... the emperors and ministers of six dynasties would have to begin to plan something. There were only a total of six Heaven Immortals in both immortal sects, and yet, among the people from six dynasties, many of them actually had a very high chance of making a breakthrough soon and becoming Heaven Immortals. For these people, the oath of never deceiving and murdering their Masters did not come with any binding force. Yes, it was true that they could never deceive and murder their Masters, but there were still plenty of people in the six dynasties' territory who they could use to achieve what they wished.

While the emperors and ministers of six dynasties were filling their minds with crafty thoughts, Wu Qi was still roaming aimlessly under the ground in the immortal abode. Unknowingly, he had come to the southwest corner of the immortal abode, underneath a completely isolated flower garden. The garden did not occupy a big land, only about several acres wide. There was a pond dug out in the center of it, filled with dark-green water, with numerous wisteria and flowers densely grown at its perimeter. The water was piercing cold, and the wisterias were purple-green in color. Although the garden was small, it made people felt like as if it were a Nether Hell, making people's heart race uncontrollably upon looking at it.

Actually, it was by accident that Wu Qi found this place. He found a little energy vein when he was wandering aimlessly in the ground, and he followed it, which eventually led him to this little garden, a place completely isolated from the rest in the immortal abode. When he sensed the incredibly abundant cold air in the pond, he immediately turned and plunged in, reaching the depth of nearly one thousand feet.

The water was piercing cold. Although Wu Qi had already circulated innate energy of five elements to protect himself, he could still feel the coldness that kept pinching his skin like needles.

This pond with dark-green water had been accumulating underground Yin energy since the last two Great Apocalypses. The amount of energies accumulated was so rich they had even taken a corporeal shape. The greenish Yin energies transformed into the shape of a human, sailing back and forth at the depth of the pond, while emitting a threatening coldness wherever they went. At one point, a stream of Yin energy drifted across Wu Qi from several tens of feet away, and the extreme coldness that came suddenly made Wu Qi shudder, and his brows and hairs got covered in frost.

Although he had protected himself with innate energy, he still could not endure the extreme coldness emitted by these Yin energies. Wu Qi was struck dumb with amazement.

He dared not to stay for too long in the water, as he felt his body, his meridians, and everything about him slowly turn stiff. Carefully, Wu Qi left the pond. Why was a pond filled with Yin energies built in Cang Ao Immortal Abode? Wu Qi took a round along the pond's bank with his mind filled with questions, then found a furnace used for item crafting inside a wisteria rack, and an underground fire source which had been sealed off. Only then he realized that this pond was used for quenching. Nevertheless, as there were currently Yin energies which had taken their corporeal shape in the depth of the pond, he wondered what level of magical treasures could withstand the incredibly cold temperature.

He wormed through the ground and took a few rounds around the pond, getting ready to harvest a few threads of Underground Yin Energy for future use. Suddenly, the air above the pond began to ripple violently, and a little fist smashed through the air abruptly. Clad in a blood red palace dress, Yuji strode out from the rift which she just ripped apart. It seemed she had just gone through a fierce battle, as her hair were messy and her dress was drenched with sweat, and she panted and looked in a very sorry state.

Immediately after that, a large sheet of golden light burst through the entrance of the garden. The door was then pushed open, and Yuyao walked elegantly through it and into the garden, clad in a dark palace dress. Next, a large patch of wisterias at the west wing of the garden was sliced through by a razor-sharp blade beam, together with many restrictive spells, and through the opening, Li Yueyan came rushing in. Her face was smiling as her hand grasped a crescent blade.

Three ladies stood facing each other, and Li Yueyan chuckled suddenly, "What a coincidence! Are both sisters here to find some treasures as well?"

Yuji took a deep breath and said deeply, "Yuji does not know what treasures are here to be found. I was chased by a poisonous bug, and it drove me here. It is a very mighty bug, the Snare Scorpion, which has become extinct since the times of great antiquity. I have no clue as to how did it survive until now…It has an awe-inspiring overall strength!"

With a faint golden light emitting from her body and an array map waving ceaselessly behind her back, Yuyao said in a flat tone, "I found the location of this garden in the master map of Cang Ao Immortal Abode. This is a secret place where Cang Ao Immortal used to craft magical items in those years. Therefore, I come here to see if I can find something useful."

Yuji gave Yue Tan a glance with her amorous eyes, then giggled and said softly, "Elder sister, among the three of us, you have the most profound cultivation base. If you do manage to find some good treasures, can you give them to Yuji and Yue Tan? Elder sister, you loved us the most in those years, and I believe you will definitely keep all the good treasures for us, right?"

Hiding underground, Wu Qi's pupils constricted upon hearing that. Yue Tan? Li Yueyan? Yue Tan? He nodded his head thoughtfully, then exercised the Mystic Eyes of Universe and cast his glance around and further down into the earth. Since this place was where Cang Ao Immortal used to craft items, no matter it was a finished or half-finished product, there should be some good items left here. Two bright beams shot out from his eyes, turning all the dirt, sand, and rock transparent like crystals. Nothing could stop him from looking further.

While he was peering and searching for any possible treasures, he suddenly heard Yuyao's voice coming from above, "Don't ever mention the sisterly love between us again. Foreign Heaven Immortals have arrived at Myriad Immortals Planet. Though we've enjoyed a leisurely and carefree life for over two thousand years, we are going to face the bloody battles again. We can only depend on ourselves to struggle through the chaos. If we manage to survive, we might still have the chance to return to our clan. But if we failed, we'll have to turn into ashes with the man we chose to aid!"

She sneered, then continued in a cool tone, "Therefore, be it an immortal item or a magical treasure, they will belong to those who are fortunate enough. Although we are sisters from the same clan, that doesn't mean..."

Yuji sighed lightly and said, "Elder sister, you are heartless."

Li Yueyan sighed bitterly as well and said, "It is not Elder Sister Yuyao being heartless, but it is... it is... he... he is the heartless one. Why can't he just give us a little bit more time, allowing us to cultivate to Heaven Immortal realm, and only then let those foreign Heaven Immortals come to Myriad Immortals Planet?"

While Li Yueyan ended her words with another sigh, Yuyao and Yuji immediately shouted at her, "Shut up, Yue Tan! Do you want to get yourself killed?!"

Deep under the ground, Wu Qi felt his hair standing at the end! Li Yueyan and the others were sisters from the same clan? There was someone else behind their back? The unintentional discovery of Myriad Immortals Planet by Jiangcheng Zi and Han Xiao Immortal was purposely controlled by someone? Perhaps this was what people always said, producing clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another - one could do almost anything with a mighty power… But, what was that person trying to achieve? What exactly did he or she want?

Then, he associated the mysterious reincarnation of Yan Dan and the others in Myriad Immortals Planet, which made him feel a tingling sensation creep across his scalp. It seemed he just discovered something incredible. It was no wonder Jiangcheng Zi, being pushed into a desperate situation, could travel through Flaming Nether Ocean smoothly and arrive at Myriad Immortals Planet. Perhaps, even if he were fully naked, he could still arrive at Myriad Immortals Planet safely.

He narrowed his eyes and pondered for a brief moment, then grinned coldly.

Six dynasties had developed to a pretty strong stage, so maybe it was the time to set them loose so they could wreak some havoc on the outside world?

It was not tough to imagine how many mighty and formidable heroes were there in the six dynasties, and how great a commotion they would stir up when they left Myriad Immortals Planet and entered the outer space. Yet, could there be no secret agreement between the person, or maybe the group of people who sent Yan Dan and the others to Myriad Immortals Planet, and the people involved?

Or perhaps, Yan Dan and the others had long been secretly controlled by someone, and they themselves were not aware of that!

An indescribable sense of danger suddenly invaded the ladies. Yuyao's eyes immediately shone with a blinding golden light, and she gave the surrounding a glance.

"There is someone else here!"

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