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After sending off Princess Zhang Le and arranging all the affairs in Star picking City, smoothly expanding the internal space of Spirit Breeding Ring and bringing ten thousand Long Bo people with him, Wu Qi alone stepped into a teleportation formation and returned to Meng Fortress. Then, he stepped into another teleportation formation, which transported him to the border between Great Wei and Great Zhao, inside an enormous mountain range which was no smaller than Meng Mountains, yet having a steep terrain that was much more dangerous, the He Mountains!!

Right at the heart of He Mountains was a huge lake, which measured roughly one thousand miles in circumference. Although it only measured one thousand miles in circumference, it had a shocking depth of over twenty-seven thousand miles. It was like a deep well, and the force of nature could never create such an unreasonable landmark. It could only be a man-made wonder.

At the depth of twenty-seven thousand miles, the water pressure was so immense that it went beyond anyone's imagination. Only Earth Immortals with peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivation base, and the protection from defensive magical treasures of excellent quality, could walk and breathe freely like a mortal in this realm. However, in order to fight a battle, compete with magical spells, or send out flying sword to slaughter the foes, that would require the cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm.

At the deepest level of the lake, the water was no longer ordinary water one could find on the surface. It had turned into acquired water element essence, sticky like glue, pitch-black like ink, and several times heavier than mercury. Such acquired water element essence was a rare natural treasure, and it was an excellent material for crafting magical treasures. Yet, in the deepest level of this nameless lake, it covered an area of over one thousand miles in circumference, up to the height of nearly ten miles from the bottom.

Right at the center of the lake was a light spot shimmering with a silver light, about one hundred feet in circumference. It was actually a silver beam shooting up from the bottom of the lake, right from the front gateway of Cang Ao Immortal Abode. From the source, it measured merely several tens of feet in circumference, but it expanded to over one hundred feet upon reaching the surface of the lake. Traveling through this silver beam down twenty-seven thousand miles, and bypassing over one hundred large and complex restrictive formations, one would reach the entrance to the Cang Ao Immortal Abode.

Right next to this huge lake was several hundred acres of grassland, and there stood a city. The Emperor's Flags of the six dynasties were waving in the breeze above the city. Above these flags were another two flags: a plain white flag embroidered with clouds that represented the White Cloud Immortal Sect, and a plain green flag embroidered with a lotus flower that represented the Tranquil Vimalā Sect. Shockingly, these two flags were upper-grade magical treasures. Nevertheless, they did not possess any defensive or offensive ability, as the only function was to radiate a blinding ray and clouds, so that both the flags could be clearly seen even at a distance of several tens of thousands of miles away, even by an ordinary mortal.

This was a supposed emblem for any immortal sect. Hovering above the teleportation formation in the city and looking around, Wu Qi paid no attention to such exaggeration.

Obviously, Wu Qi was just a small potato among all six dynasties, and supposedly, he should not attract too much attention. However, right after he walked out from the formation, he was immediately greeted by many hostile glances. Some of them did not even conceal the killing intent in their eyes. Judging by the number of glances he received, there were at least over one thousand men who could not wait to crush him to shreds.

It was especially true for two Xiang clan generals, Xiang Ta and Xiang Zhuang. Bringing with them a troop of elite soldiers, they just rode into the city on a bronze chariot, with many animals hunted by them piling up in the chariots, still dripping with blood. When they saw Wu Qi, their eyes immediately shot with blood. Both men exchanged a glance, then under countless gloating glances from the surroundings, they suddenly turned the chariot and began to charge towards Wu Qi.

Wu Qi gazed at Xiang Ta and Xiang Zhuang coldly. Suddenly, he pulled out an immortal talisman that was glinting brightly with green rays from the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, and lightly tapped one of its tip with his finger. Immediately, an immense immortal pressure surged from the talisman, which made the rhino that pulled the chariot to halt its wild charge instantly. It dropped to all four legs, with his body trembling endlessly. Burning with a frenzy of rage, Xiang Zhuang gave the rhino a round of fierce beating with a whip, yet the rhino refused to get back up again.

When it could no longer stand the pain from the beating, the rhino, who appeared to have formed its Demon Core, turned its head back and roared furiously at Xiang Zhuang, "General Xiang Zhuang, it is because of the agreement signed between my ancestors and Great Chu's emperor that our people help you in the war. We are not here for a worthless death! That young lad is holding an immortal talisman, a talisman made by a Heaven Immortal! If you want to seek your doom, please do it yourself! For the sake that we've been working together for so many years, I'll help to collect your corpse later!"

Xiang Ta and Xiang Zhuang's faces turned blue with rage, while some people in the crowd suddenly laughed in a mocking manner.

Among the people laughing at them, there was a very loud and unpleasant voice. It was coming from the fatty Huang Xie, who sat comfortably in a lounge chair and was enjoying a gentle massage from Li Yueyan. Patting on his big belly, Huang Xie put no effort to restrain his laugh as he said, "Generals, why are you stopping? Aye, I thought you will risk having yourself ripped to shreds just to avenge an insult for your nominal Lord and his mistress!"

Xiang Ta's muscles were tensing up, but he could still maintain his reasoning.

But, Xiang Zhuang could no longer keep his clam. He roared and drew his sword, drawing out a blood-red trail in the air as he sprung and thrust the sword right towards Wu Qi's chest. While thrusting the sword with his right hand, he clenched his left palm tightly into a fist and smashed it viciously into Wu Qi's forehead. The punch stirred up a fierce wind, shrouded in a layer of blood red energy. Obviously, he intended to crush Wu Qi's head with the punch.

A cold gleam shone from Wu Qi's eyes. While he was about to activate the immortal talisman and kill Xiang Zhuang on the spot, a white beam came shooting from a corner suddenly. A ringing of weapon clashing was heard. Xiang Zhuang's sword was splintered by the fist-sized white beam, while it continued to pierce a see-through hole in his body armor.

Xiang Zhuang howled miserably, and immediately flew backward with blood spraying out from the wound. His blood and flesh were seen creeping rapidly near the wound, as they began to quickly heal the large hole. However, there was an extremely sharp gold element murderous energy clinging to the wound, preventing his body from healing up. Xiang Zhuang fell to the ground with his body covered in blood, and he slid on the ground for several thousand feet. He could only stabilize himself when his head slammed into a bronze flagpole.

The white beam dissipated, from which Jing Ke made his appearance. Coldly, he gazed at Xiang Ta, who had drawn his sword and was prepared to strike. With a flat tone, he said, "Great Chu and Great Yan are allied to each other. If you two do not wish to stir up a conflict between the two dynasties, you better restrain yourself. Also, the Emperors of both dynasties are now White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples, and by attempting to murder Duke of Tianyun, who is also White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciple, don’t you think that you've nearly committed a crime of deceiving the Master, trying to rebel against the sect? Could it be that you are trying to make His Majesty Qu Ping go back on his oath which he swore when he joined the sect, so that his soul would be completely shattered and disintegrated?"

In a violent wrath and nearly going berserk, Xiang Zhuang struggled to his feet, and was about to join Xiang Ta to continue the fight. It was at that moment that he heard Jing Ke's reproach and exchanged a glance with Xiang Ta. Cold sweat suddenly broke out from their foreheads. Then, a fat figure came blinking into the scene, as the fatty Huang Xie left his chair and hovered right before Wu Qi. Smilingly, he yelled at Xiang Ta and Xiang Zhuang, "It is exactly as General Jing Ke said. Duke of Tianyun is Patriarch Jiang Yun's direct disciple, yet both of you are trying to murder him right in front of us. Are you trying to make His Majesty Qu Ping a man of disgrace? Could it be that you're trying to get His Majesty Qu Ping killed for dishonoring his oath?"

Huang Xie's turn up instantly killed off Xiang Ta and Xiang Zhuang's last hope. Both men snorted, then Xiang Ta supported the severely wounded Xiang Zhuang and left, seeking a quiet place to doctor his wound.

Huang Xie nodded his head at Wu Qi with a big smile on his face. He turned and gave Li Yueyan a look over his shoulder, then teleported back to her and threw himself into the chair. Wu Qi turned back to look deeply at Li Yueyan as well, his eyes filled with a barely noticeable sneer. 'Perhaps by changing your visage, you can prevent other people from recognizing you. But how could I, Wu Qi, fail to smell the scent of your body?'

He was a qualified thief, and it was natural that he would not let even the faintest scent escape from him.

Jing Ke greeted Wu Qi, then he said in a low voice, "She is Great Chu's... well, that lady has a very complicated background. Do not provoke her unnecessarily. I think she is Great Chu's Prime Minister, Li Yuan's younger sister, Huang Xie, the King of Chun Shen's..." Twitching his lips, Jing Ke used a rather rude term to describe Li Yueyan, "B*tch."

Wu Qi laughed. Shaking his head, he followed Jing Ke and walked into the main meeting hall located right in the center of the city.

Right when Wu Qi entered the hall, all the emperors and ministers from six dynasties immediately turned to look at him surprisingly. After that, a few men who bore enmity with him were about to scold him- how could a mere Duke of Tianyun from Great Yan Dynasty, who did not own any actual power in the imperial court, be eligible to participate in such an important meeting?

Of course, Wu Qi could clearly sense the hostility from these people's glances. He laughed, then slowly walked right next to Patriarch Jiang Yun, dropped to his knees, and bowed his head. "Master, with the help from three senior brothers, everything in Star picking City is progressing smoothly. I've handed over all my tasks to other people, and from now on, I can always accompany Master and listen to your teaching." said Wu Qi.

Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded his head pleasingly, then waved his hand and said, "Rise, my disciple. Your cultivation base is still weak, so you really need to learn more from me. Do not hesitate to come and meet me whenever you have any doubts about your cultivation. Hmm, these days, you can just stay with me... Hmph…" He snorted at the end of his words, and at the same time unleashed an enormous immortal pressure. Immediately, every single emperor and minister in the hall had their hair standing on end, as they suddenly recalled that although Wu Qi was Great Yan's minister, he was also Patriarch Jiang Yun's direct disciple. The level of favor he received from the superior was far greater than any one of them here!

Very quickly, all the hostile glances disappeared. Wu Qi smiled, then he strode to stand right behind Patriarch Jiang Yun and the other Heaven Immortals. Casually, he turned to look at Lu Buwei, and saw the old fox looking back at him with a smile on the face, as if nothing were wrong.

Wu Qi even saw a look of benevolence in Lu Buwei's eyes, just like a kind grandpa looking at his own obedient grandson.

Wu Qi felt a chill surge up in his heart. Sure enough, this treacherous old fox was not someone that easy to deal with. If Wu Qi did not have a witty mind, he could have been fooled by the seemingly friendly glance.

He glared at Lu Buwei, and only then turned to look at a group of men kneeling in the center of the hall, who appeared to be restrained by some talismans on their bodies. These men had very old faces, and their old age left them with only skin and bones. From the way they breathed, it seemed they could die at any time. However, the aura of their soul was extremely powerful, and vaguely, there were various beast souls drifting and hovering behind their back. Among these beast souls, the strongest was a white horse with a pair of wings on its back. It was showing a sign of breaking through peak-stage of Nascent Soul realm.

Standing right next to them, a Nascent Divinity cultivator from Tranquil Vimalā Sect cupped his fist and bowed at the six Heaven Immortals, then said, "Ancestral Masters, this group of 135 men are the Clan Leaders and Flamen from 72 strongest barbarian clans in both He Mountains and Meng Mountains. Ancestral Masters, you can ask them any questions that you would like to know the answer."

Wu Qi's eyes shone with a bright gleam, then he cast a surprised look at these old men.

They were the leaders of the strongest barbarian clans in both He Mountains and Meng Mountains?

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