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Inside a planetary ship, which measured less than ten feet long and roughly four feet wide, Jiangcheng Zi, anguished and feeling like crying, cursed hoarsely at the top of his voice, "Han Xiao you old b*stard! You are considered a grandmaster of the generation, but you're so shameless that you sneakingly attacked me, a junior, from behind! Y-yo-you...!"

Jiangcheng Zi stood eight feet tall, was clad in a green Daoist robe, and had a visage as handsome as the ornamental jade on the cap. But right now, he was having a very miserable look, as if he were a poor teenage girl that had just been raped by one thousand perverts. His left arm was broken, and tiny fragments of pale white bones could be found all over himself. There was a bowl-sized hole opened up on his right chest. Through the hole, his pinkish lungs could be seen wriggling and pumping rapidly.

The severely wounded Jiangcheng Zi was holding a small spirit flag in his hand, while he kept unleashing spirit lights into the planetary ship one after another, controlling it to sail forward through the vast expanse of space at top speed. After spending two thousand years cultivating meticulously, Jiangcheng Zi currently had the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, and he was just one step away from breaking through Nascent Divinity realm, which he could do it without too much of effort. As a result, his Master and sect had rewarded him this planetary ship, which allowed any cultivators below Heaven Immortal to travel across the space, serving as his transportation.

A planetary ship could sail across the space, traveling from one planet to another. The distance between planets was usually hundreds of millions to billions of miles apart. Thus, the speed of a planetary ship was at least one hundred times faster than an ordinary escape beam. In order to craft a planetary ship, not only did it require a crafting skill at the minimum level of grandmaster, it also cost a huge amount of rare and expensive materials. All the sects found in Liyuan Galaxy, which was also the remotest galaxy in the Minor Heavenly Circle Realm, usually possessed not more than twenty planetary ships.

If not for the fact that Jiangcheng Zi was an expert in recognizing various spirit medicines and herbs, and had been busy running about all year long, finding a great amount of spirit herbs for his sect, perhaps even if he finally formed his Nascent Divinity, he would not be given the privilege to enjoy this tiny little 'Shadowcloud' planetary ship. Its speed ranked amongst the top five fastest ships back in 'White Cloud Immortal Sect', the sect where he came from, and was usually in the possession of sect elder in the past.

"Han Xiao you old bastard... you're such a shameless old fool... Serves you right for... for... dying without a son, and having all your descendants killed!" Once again, the Shadowcloud trembled violently, as several tens of layers of defensive spells behind it were ripped to shreds by the five-colored flowers that came shooting at it viciously. Jiangcheng Zi panted, then hurriedly injected the last bit of his energy into the spirit flag and drove the planetary ship to fly forward with a greater speed.

About one hundred miles behind Shadowcloud, a vague, pale green figure was seen chasing it at high speed. Shockingly, in this vast expanse of space, this figure was actually flying with pure fleshly body. Compared to Shadowcloud, the speed of his escape beam was just slightly slower. To be able to fly across the space with one's Dharmic powers, it would require divine abilities of a Heaven Immortal. Furthermore, since the speed of the escape beam was able to match with the planetary ship, this man must be a mighty existence among all Heaven Immortals.

The pursuit went on for another distance. Suddenly, a large sheet of dazzling five-colored light burst out from the palm of the green figure. Amidst the blinding light, countless colorful flower petals shot out, spinning at high speed. Very quickly, these petals caught up the ship and exploded violently. Amidst of the strong light generated by the explosion, there were numerous diamond-shaped light balls that kept spinning at an incredible speed. They crazily tore and ripped at the ship's defensive spells like cutting wheels. With that, Shadowcloud swayed, and its speed suddenly reduced significantly. But soon, it sped up again, and continued fleeing forward in a very sorry state.

But with this slight delay, the green figure had shortened the distance by tens of miles, and he was now less than one hundred miles away from Shadowcloud.

Jiangcheng Zi coughed out a mouthful of blood. He turned and looked at the green figure over his shoulder and roared furiously, "Han Xiao, you old b*stard! Aren't you afraid that my Patriarch will come kick you’re a*s later? You... although you are a peak expert among all Heaven Immortals of Thirty-Sixth Tier, my Patriarch will soon make the breakthrough and become a Heaven Immortal of Thirty-Fifth Tier. His Dharmic power is at least ten times stronger than you! Are you really going to offend us, White Cloud Immortal Sect?!"

The green figure laughed insidiously and said, "Stop uttering that bullsh*t! Once I have killed you, I'll destroy your corpse and cover all the traces. So, who will know that it was me who did this? Since White Cloud Immortal Sect is brave enough to kill my only son, then you should be prepared for my revenge! Hehe... Throughout all these years, I've killed at least one hundred White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples. So, it doesn't matter much by killing another one today!"

Jiangcheng Zi gasped with terror as he cried out in a great rage, "So it is you who did that? All White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples who died outside throughout all these years were killed by you?"

The green figure said coldly, "Yes, I am the one who did that. So what? My poor son! He had merely taken a fancy to a female disciple who just entered White Cloud Immortal Sect, and abducted her to be his cultivation vessel for three days. Yet, he was brutally killed by the people from White Cloud Immortal Sect because of that! I hate you!!! I don't have any disciples or apprentices, and he was my only son. I loved him more than my own life! Since you have killed my only son, I'll annihilate the entire White Cloud Immortal Sect to vent the grief of losing my beloved son!!!"

Then, he pointed his finger forward, casting out another large sheet of blinding five-colored light, brutally hitting on Shadowcloud and violently shaken it. Jiangcheng Zi coughed out another mouthful of blood and nearly passed out right inside the ship.

While sighing, Jiangcheng Zi produced a forced smile on his face. Then, he turned and looked in front of him abruptly, seeing a crimson red nebula hanging, emanating an ominous aura. It was the 'Flaming Nether Ocean ', an infamous region with a notorious reputation in the Liyuan Galaxy of Minor Heavenly Circle Realm. The crimson red nebula contained the Acquired Red Yang Gas of Death, which no cultivators could absorb. Once it entered a cultivator's body, it was like a mortal drinking a barrel of diesel and then swallowing a mouthful of raging flame. His entire body would immediately be kindled and burned to ashes in no time.

Every now and then, a very powerful flame - the Reverse Tri-Yang and Soul Shattering Heavenly Fire, would burst out from the Flaming Nether Ocean. Its high temperature could melt down gold and iron, and when a person was rolled up by this flame, even if he were wearing a defensive gear of excellent quality, he would still be immediately turned into ashes. Worst of all, this Soul Shattering Flame was very effective in wiping out cultivators' Nascent Divinity. Even a Gold Immortal with profound cultivation base and incredible divine abilities licked by this Soul Shattering Flame would get killed immediately by having his soul shattered and disintegrated.

On top of that, the Red Yang Gas of Death could isolate the probing of divine will sent out by any cultivators. Even when a Heaven Immortal entered this region, his divine will could not go beyond ten miles of distance. In this boundless Flaming Nether Ocean which nearly occupied half of the space in Liyuan Galaxy, having only ten miles of probing range was no different from being blind. With just a minor careless mistake one would easily lose his way amidst the vast Red Yang Gas of Death, and be completely trapped within.

Looking at this infamous region of death, a place where all the cultivators in Liyuan Galaxy would turn pale at the mention of its name, Jiangcheng Zi, who was pushed into the most desperate situation clenched his jaws tightly, screaming crazily as he drove the Shadowcloud and plunged right into it. *Splash!* A large amount of Red Yang Gas of Death splashed and rippled like water, while Shadowcloud was immediately devoured by the crimson red nebula, disappearing without a trace.

The green figure, of which Han Xiao was taken form with, halted, then roared out furiously, "Even if you flee into nether hell today, I swear I'll still hunt you and kill you! Flaming Nether Ocean? Do you really think I will be scared by it? Hahaha… Eight hundred years ago, I was lucky to find a drop of Innate Heavy Water, and now, it has come in handy!"

A glittering and translucent tiny blue speck shot out from Han Xiao's mouth, and in a blink of an eye, it transformed into a layer of thick and dense blue glow that wrapped around him. Biting cold air burst out rolling from the blue glow, turning a large patch of Red Yang Gas of Death before him into ice cubes. Han Xiao snorted coldly, then fished out a Star Path Positioning Disc from under his sleeve, shaped like Eight Trigrams, clenched his jaws and plunged straight into Flaming Ocean of Nether.

While traveling less than three miles after plunging into Flaming Ocean of Nether and taking out pills to heal his wounds in a great flurry, Jiangcheng Zi suddenly heard a loud boom coming from behind his back. He raised his head and turned around, immediately seeing Han Xiao wrapped in a blue glow while approaching him. Jiangcheng Zi screamed with fright, quickly waved the spirit flag and sped away with Shadowcloud in any path he could, without heeding which direction he chose, turning into a white trail of cloud that shot straight ahead.

Jiangcheng Zi did not expect that Han Xiao would really come hunting him into this region, the infamous region of death in Liyuan Galaxy. He opened his mouth and swallowed a few pills to replenish his energy, then kept driving the ship to flee at high speed while shouting and screaming, "Han Xiao, you b*stard!!! Y-yo-you... you will even get yourself trapped in this region of death just for the sake of killing me? Fine, fine... I am ready to risk everything as well. So, let both of us die in this place together!"

After making up his mind, Jiangcheng Zi roared and yelled while fleeing wildly with the ship. He had exercised a mystic technique of White Cloud Immortal Sect and began burning his own blood essence and Nascent Soul, turning them into powerful energy and channeling it into the ship. With the supply of the powerful energy, Shadowcloud, which had almost depleted all its energy to fly further, suddenly had its speed boosted. As Han Xiao did not travel on a planetary ship, the distance of fewer than three miles between him and Jiangcheng Zi was quickly spaced out.

Jiangcheng Zi's Nascent Soul was now enveloped in a dense white flame. His cultivation base was dropping gradually, from peak-stage to late-stage, then from late-stage to mid-stage, and it just kept dropping. He tilted his head up and looked into the sky with anguish. The cultivation which he spent over two thousand years in accumulating, the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, was now forcibly burned off by the mystic technique of his own sect - the 'White Burning Sky Escape Art'.

Nevertheless, after being supplied with the powerful energy came from the burning of his Nascent Soul and blood essence, Shadowcloud's speed was boosted to a few times faster, and soon outdistanced Han Xiao as it continued flying straight ahead. Amidst the dense Red Yang Gas of Death, Jiangcheng Zi's divine will could no longer function properly, and it caused him to lose his orientation. He just fled straight into the direction he could without knowing the destination.

When Jiangcheng Zi's cultivation base dropped to early-stage of Nascent Soul realm, and nearly had his Nascent Soul collapsed and fallen back to Gold Core realm, the Red Yang Gas of Death before him suddenly disappeared, revealing a small galaxy consisting of several tens of stars and several dozens of planets.

All the planets here were desolated, with not even a blade of grass growing, except one that hovered right next to a humongous star. The planet was enormous in size, at least several tens of thousand times larger than all the other planets in the galaxy. It was shrouded in a dense layer of atmosphere. It had wide flatlands, oceans and lakes, a planet full of life.

In a trance, Jiangcheng Zi drove Shadowcloud and flew right towards the planet, then plunged into the planet's atmosphere.

The Red Yang Gas of Death behind him rippled, as Han Xiao, shrouded in a bright blue glow and emanating a biting cold air, thrust out from it and continued pursuing his target.

One after another, both men entered the planet, while Shadowcloud drew out a long and slim white trail of cloud in the atmosphere, stretching several hundred of miles long. Meanwhile, Han Xiao was following closely behind him as he kept casting large sheets of colorful light to attack the ship, causing it to sway back and forth.

The ship streaked across the sky, and just happened to sweep past above Wu Qi and the people around him.

Han Xiao's unrestrained, enormously powerful immortal pressure immediately alarmed all cultivators of Xiantian realm and above, together with all demons and fiends that lived in this part of ocean and land.

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