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Riding on the dark cloud, Ying Zheng and his company had arrived very soon at the scenic place with a romantic atmosphere, which Wu Qi had chosen previously.

The Black Water River took a gentle turn around a lofty mountain, forming a lake with a circumference of several miles at the foot of the mountain. The surface of the lake was calm and smooth like a giant mirror, shining brilliantly like a crystal, and decorated with the reflection of the lofty mountain. It looked like a huge ink painting of mountain and water, which would make one feel completely relaxed and happy upon looking at it, a little bit tipsy just like after a few cups of fine wine. A large sheet of wisterias was hanging and dangling down on a cliff wall of the mountain. Every strand of wisteria looked as if they were decorated by some grandmaster or experts. Every single flower growing on it, the position of how they were placed, looked like the highest quality of art, containing a marvelous aesthetic feeling that could gladden and refresh one's mind.

There was a grassland found right next to the lake. It occupied over thirty acres of land, with tall green grasses carpeting the ground. Each of the grass looked refined and elegant like the greenest jade, and they were clean, without any dirt or dust. They were the background to many colorful wildflowers, making them look extraordinarily splendid and eye-catching. All the flowers formed a huge, complex, and beautiful image. It looked messy and unorganized at first glance, but when one gave it a careful observation, he could find them being well-proportioned. It gave off a sense of security and warmth that made one feel at ease and comfortable, as if he had just returned to his own home.

Across a rocky wall was the stretch of seventeen gorgeous and colorful hot spring pools. The pools of various sizes, some about an acre and some smaller than ten feet in circumference, were interconnected via three small streams. Hot water kept bursting out from underneath the hot springs pools. Wisps of white smoke that came with a very strong smell of sulfur were lingering above the pools. It was as if the white smoke and the pool water had merged into one organic whole, and no one could be parted from the other one.

Yuji and Yue Tan, together with a group of over thirty serving ladies, were lying lazily and leisurely in the hot springs pools, quietly enjoying the rare peaceful time. On the surface of the water, where wisps of white smoke kept coiling up, several dozen jade plates and bowls were afloat, each containing different types of fruits and wine pots. The fresh fruits with bright colors had decorated the multi-colored hot springs pool, rendering it like a spectacular painting. The strong fragrance of wine kept fuming from the wine pots, blending perfectly with the pungent smell of sulfur. Surprisingly, the combination actually sent forth a magical aphrodisiac air.

Hovering aloft and through the distance of over one hundred miles, Ying Zheng and his company had a very clear vision of the situation around the hot springs pools.

The captains and generals that followed them here bowed their heads and closed their eyes, daring not to take even a single glance over the direction. All of those girls were Ying Zheng's preys, and very likely, they would be the imperial concubines of Great Qin in the future. So, as the ministers of Great Qin, how could they steal a glance at the naked bodies of Ying Zheng's future concubines?

Yet, Ying Zheng and Yuyao were peeping at the lovely and gorgeous naked bodies of these girls in an unscrupulous manner. As they were standing aloof, they could see everything. Even the tiniest hair growing at the most private parts of Yuji and Yue Tan's body was very clear and visible to them. Ying Zheng took a deep breath, and his face suddenly turned slightly pale. Then, he abruptly grew taller by about three inches.

"So that girl, who is still virgin, must be Li Yueyan, huh? The Li Yueyan who cultivates the Heaven Breeding Script of Goddess Su? And as long as I can seize her virginity, I'll be able to seize her Innate Yin energy, and attain the fruit of Heaven Immortal?" Ying Zheng asked in a low voice, with a look of unrestrained greed in his covetous eyes. He was fixing his glance straight at Yue Tan, who was now lying right next to Yuji, having a small cluster of grapes placed on top of her breasts.

"That's her! For days and nights in the past two thousand years, Yuyao had stayed together with her. How could Yuyao get the wrong person?" Her eyes shone with streams of bright gleams as she continued coolly, "Yuji has great magic power, and her combative strength is formidable. Li Yueyan is an expert in battle formation, the candidate for charging at the forefront of the army. If Your Majesty can bring both of them under control, and with Yuyao's ability to work out splendid strategies and plans, Your Majesty, that will be a great help to you!"

A couple dozens of twisting dark shadows suddenly dashed out from the surrounding mountain ridges, then quickly merged themselves into the dark cloud underneath Ying Zheng. Sounds of ghosts kept ringing out, then Xu Fu, standing right next to Ying Zheng's chariot, whispered, "Your Majesty, there is no ambush lying in the surrounding mountain ridges. The guards around those girls are the strongest force in this place. As for the troop of several thousand Great Chu elite soldiers that are hiding ten miles away, each of them has the cultivation base of Gold Core realm. The men who lead the army are eighteen generals with cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm. Meanwhile, among those mountain ghosts and stray deities guarding near the tent, a few of them have the cultivation base of Nascent Divinity realm."

He took a deep breath, sneered and said, "Right under the lake are hidden a large group of mountain spirits and water ghosts. Sure enough, this Great Chu has been mixing their bloodline by cross-breeding with barbarians, as they had learned the magic of controlling ghosts and deities that once could only be practiced by barbarians. There are about thirty thousand mountain spirits and water ghosts hiding under the lake, and their leaders are two foul aquatic ghosts of Nascent Divinity realm. If someone tries to launch a sudden assault at these girls, perhaps he would be caught unprepared by so many guards."

Ying Zheng grinned disdainfully and said, "Although these mountain spirits, water ghosts, stray mountain ghosts and deities, are at a rather high realm of cultivation, they usually can only bring half of their true overall strength into play. Do you still remember, back in those years when we, the Great Qin, made a clean sweep of all the barbarian tribes, how many stray mountain ghosts and deities had we killed? And now, there are merely several tens of thousands of mountain spirits and water ghosts, and several hundred stray mountain ghosts and deities. Hmph! Xu Fu, can you handle them?"

Xu Fu cupped his fist, bowed and said, "Xu Fu is skillful in capturing ghosts and slaughtering deities."

Bai Qi took a step forward and cried out in a low voice, "Let me settle that troop of several thousand elite soldiers of Great Chu! Your Majesty, you can just focus all your attention on subduing those few imperial concubines." Bai Qi lowered his voice, and congratulated with utmost respect, "We, the loyal ministers of yours, congratulate Your Majesty beforehand, for successfully absorbing the Innate Yin energy, forming the Dharma body of Heaven Immortal and attaining the fruit of Heaven Immortal, leading us, the formidable Great Qin, to rule every land under the Heaven!"

Ying Zheng chuckled, nodded and said, "If I'm fortunate enough to attain the success today, all of your credits will be remembered. Hmm, once I turn my fleshly body into a Heaven Immortal's body, possess the Dharmic powers of Heaven Immortal, I'll definitely kill that Wanying demon dragon living inside Longyuan River, seize his Prime Dragon Soul and blood essence, and complete the first stage of my Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic. I wonder, if I become Heaven Immortal first and then complete my cultivation to the first stage of Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic, would it provide me with any additional benefits?"

Bearing an unrestrainedly joyous mood, the shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent suddenly flew out from behind Ying Zheng's back, sending out an enormous pressure of flood dragon that swept across the entire area. Immediately, the winds and the clouds within an area of one thousand miles in circumference changed their color. Water vapor kept surging up from the surrounding mountain ridges, turning into fist-sized raindrops and pouring down viciously to the ground.

Ying Zheng issued a great, long cry. With the Imperial Seal of Great Qin hovering above his head and the Sword of Qin Emperor in his hand, Ying Zheng advanced straight toward the hot springs pools. Riding on the chariot pulled by dragon horses, he was accompanied by Yuyao and tens of thousands of thunderbolts, which were darting and slithering ferociously behind their back, "Excellent, excellent!! What a surprise to see such extraordinary beauties in the wilderness. Ladies, surrender yourself under me, as I'm the emperor of Great Qin! Li Yueyan, rather than letting that old fool, Huang Xie, gain such an advantage over you, why don't you offer all your energy essence to me? I'll record that as one of your great merits!"

Very quickly, the chariot had arrived above the hot springs pools. In an unscrupulous manner, Ying Zheng consumed a massive amount of his energy and about one hundred years of his life force. Using such an incredible price, he completely activated the tremendous power of the Imperial Seal. The vast, vigorous aura of Human Emperor blended with the unique force of flood dragon that was unleashed by the Nine Dragons Cauldron Grand Magic came thrusting and smashing down. It immediately pressed all seventeen hot spring pools several hundred feet into the ground.

Ying Zheng threw his head back and let out a wild laugh. He moved his glance over the grassland right next to the lake, then over the wisterias and the flowers hanging and dangling from the cliff wall. For some unknown reasons, when he saw the beautiful scenery decorated with all these wildflowers, wild grasses, wisterias and their flowers, a tyrannous air suddenly boiled and surged up from the bottom of his heart. It was a feeling that could hardly be explained with words. But, Ying Zheng felt like he just wanted to destroy something, he wanted to give vent to something. When this tyrannous air and the fire of desire in his lower abdomen merged and fused into one, Ying Zheng let out a deep, muffled roar, then ripped off the long robe he wore.

From the Imperial Seal came a seemingly endless and vast pressure which tightly restricted both Yuji and Yue Tan.

Yuji and Yue Tan raised their head, aghast, as they saw Ying Zheng and gave a shocked cry together. From Yuji's body a very pure and mysterious aura shot out, transforming into a large, jade-colored axe that one could see with naked eyes, thrusting towards the sky. But, right when this jade axe was being thrust out, it was immediately crushed to shreds by the dreadful pressure emanating from the Imperial Seal.

Yuyao gave a long cry, holding the jade flute as she sprung into the sky, then gently pointed it out. A clear and melodious phoenix cry echoed out, with which, both Yuji and Yue Tan's bodies turned stiff, and a dazed look appeared in their eyes. In this split moment of having their mind distracted, Ying Zheng had leaped out from the chariot, thrusting his heavy fist which came with all the force from eight flood dragons and a serpent, smashing fiercely onto the fair and flawless naked bodies of both ladies.

A round of several dozens of heavy punches fell and smashed into both ladies, causing them to cough blood and fall to the ground. "Yuyao, how dare you expose our weakness to an outsider!" roared Yuji in a furious voice.

Yuyao smiled coolly and said, "You can't blame me for that. After living together for over two thousand years, I know every single weakness of the cultivation technique that is practiced by the two of you like the back of my hand. It is too bad that you haven't reached the mastery of the cultivation technique, or else, you wouldn't have these as your weakness! Aye, don't get so upset. We are going to spend a long time together in the future, as all three of us have to serve one single man!"

Yuyao giggled, then gently waved the jade flute, pointing it at Yuji, Yue Tan, and the several dozens of serving ladies around them, causing them to collapse and fall to the ground. "Once His Majesty has slept with both of you, all of us will be one family!" said Yuyao in a soft voice.

A loud boom suddenly rang out, as the thirty thousand mountain spirits and water ghosts shot out from the lake several thousand feet away, rushing towards the direction while howling and yelling furiously.

However, right at the same moment, countless primordial runes came pouring down from the sky above, quickly forming a thick layer of restrictive formation above the lake. When those mountain spirits and water ghosts touched the runes that contained powerful divine forces, numerous thunderbolts immediately thrust out and hit them, charring their bodies and ripping them to shreds. Bringing with him a group of several tens of thousands of practitioners, Xu Fu hovered above the lake as he sneered and said, "What a bunch of foul and evil things! I've even lost count to how many of your kins had I killed during these years. How dare you act recklessly before me?"

On the grassland right next to the lake, Chi Bin and Lu Mei, who were sitting under the tent while sipping tea and enjoying the beautiful scenery moments ago, rose to their feet and cried out shockingly, "Qin army! Somebody, defend against the enemy!"

Suddenly, countless sword beams showed down from above, together with lofty mountain smashing down viciously one after another. Li Si brought a large group of cultivators, thrusting down from the sky, while flicking out Dharma Words one after another. He turned them into attacks that blotted out the sky and blanketed the earth, causing both Chi Bin and Lu Mei to remain busy in defending against the massive attacks. Li Si smiled coolly and said, "Are both of you the Imperial Concubines of Great Chu's Emperor? Haha, once His Majesty is done with the other two imperial concubines, he will come here and give both of you a tender care! Please be patient!"

"Dharma Word, Hold All Ghosts in Awe, execute the evils!" cried Li Si with a casual flinging of his sleeve. Immediately, countless golden beams burst out from the scroll before him, smashing and hitting onto the stray ghosts and deities that were patrolling in the vicinity. Frightful howls filled the air, as the golden beams charred their bodies and sent a large amount of white smoke rising to the sky.

The army of several thousand Great Chu's elite soldiers, who kept guard in a small valley off in a far distance, heard the commotion. They sprung together and were getting ready to go to the rescue.

But suddenly, a shadow of a white tiger flashed above them. It was Bai Qi, as he brought together several hundred captains and an army of over one hundred thousand elite Qin soldiers, charging towards this army of Great Chu.

In an instant, battle cries echoed out and filled the entire valley. The armies from both dynasty collided and a fierce battle broke out.

Inside the hot springs pool. Ying Zheng had stripped himself naked. He grabbed Yue Tan over to him, and impatiently entered her body.

"Here I come, the realm of Heaven Immortal!" Ying Zheng threw his head back and gave a pleasing laugh, while the eight flood dragons and one serpent were wheeling and slithering about, letting out loud, long cries of excitement behind his back.

Three thousand miles away, on the peak of a lofty mountain, Yan Dan and Qu Ping brought numerous generals and ministers of both dynasties with them, stealthily watching at the activities happening right in the hot springs pools. Crossing his arms, Jing Ke shook his head and said, "By bringing an army of one hundred thousand soldiers with him to rape some girls… this Ying Zheng has created a record that has never been approached and will never be approached again by anyone. It is indeed an event that startles the Heaven and shakes the earth, a glorious record that will be passed down the generations. The great reputation of Great Qin will definitely be spread across the land in no time!"

While letting out cold laughs, Yuji, Yue Tan, Chi Bin, and Lu Mei walked out from behind Qu Ping.

They looked at the images on the water screen with an unsightly expression, and stamped their feet together.

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