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Ying Zheng was fleeing, bringing with him the many generals and ministers of Great Qin, and the army of slightly over eighty thousand demon figurines, who now looked tattered and miserable after going through the raging flame. Apart from all the generals and ministers, some imperial servants and practitioners, there were no other people following Ying Zheng. However, the army of eighty thousand tall and burly demon figurines still looked very mighty and formidable, and could still provide sufficient deterring force for Great Qin's parade.

On the other side, the mighty army of Xiang Yu, who was chasing closely on the trail of Ying Zheng, was not merely sending forth a deterring force. They were like a group of murderers, wiping out any living beings wherever they went. The blood red war banner was seen waving violently over this mighty army, emanating a strong and intense blood energy. All the woods and forests, mountains and hills that the Chu army went by, the spirit and energy of all the flowers, grasses, insects, fishes, would be extracted and sucked out by the strong blood energy, then transformed into surging waves of energy into the bodies of Xiang Yu and the mighty army of eighty thousand soldiers.

One was chasing, while the other was fleeing, and very soon, both parties had traveled nearly ten thousand miles. At this point in time, the desire to combat and the killing intent emitting from the bodies of Chu army had become at least thirty percent stronger than before. It was especially true for Xiang Yu, as he was the owner of the blood red war banner, and over eighty percent of the energies extracted by it had been fused into his body. Currently, the bodies of Xiang Yu and the dark horse had expanded by a few times, while a layer of very dense blood energy filled with immense killing intent enveloped both of them. The energy ripples radiated from his body could even be comparable to someone like Wanying Dragon King, an expert of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm!

Wu Qi and his company had been following closely behind the two armies. They gasped along the way, astounded, as they saw all the woods, forests, and living beings throughout the entire journey dead after having their spirit and energies sucked dry. The evil technique cultivated by Xiang Yu was very frightening indeed, and the blood red war banner of his was extremely brutal and violent.

Led by the eighteen giant undead warriors, the army of twenty thousand undead warriors was following closely behind the mighty army of Great Chu in the pursuit of the Qin army. However, as the flying speed of these undead warriors was not fast enough, the gap between them and the army in front was getting larger and larger slowly. Wu Qi and his company could only follow behind these undead warriors, and dared not speed up to have a clearer look at the situation. They feared that these undead warriors might have some peculiar abilities, and once they were tangled by them, things might get messy without any reason.

The pursuit continued further for nearly ten thousand miles, then a large area of mountain ridges, with sharp peaks that looked like blades poking into the sky, emerged right before them suddenly. The mountain ridges stretched over several tens of thousands of miles, filled with rugged mountains and lofty peaks that erected straight up from the ground. It looked like a forest of sharp blades and spears, with their tips pointing straight at the sky. No rivers or streams could be found between the ridges, and no flowers, grasses, and trees were seen growing on these mountains, not even a small patch of moss. All the mountains had a pitch black hue, which looked like steel. Looking from afar, they were emanating a cold air that could make one felt restless.

Leading the army, Ying Zheng plunged himself into this mountain ridges, traveling between the mountains at top speed.

Behind him, Xiang Yu suddenly stopped their jog, and began grinning hideously. The mighty army of Chu had also halted their pursuit, and all broke out into a loud laughter. Xiang Yu retracted the waving and drifting blood energy behind his back, and the blood red war banner also disappeared without a trace. Then, using the coiling-dragon spear, he slowly knocked on the golden decoration mounted near the saddle and gave a loud shout, "Ying Zheng, you twerp! Is this all the tricks you know? Luring the enemy troops in deep? If you used this trick on me in those years, I would definitely have fallen into it, but as for now... Do you really think I'm that big an idiot that I'll follow you into this land of death?"

A few hundred miles behind this place, Wu Qi exercised the Mystic Eyes of Universe and gave the mountain ridges a look. In his eyes, the place had suddenly changed its look. The color of all the mountains had turned pale dark, and looked half-translucent, while amidst all the rugged and jagged mountain peaks, he saw countless runes and restrictive spells. They had blanketed all the several tens of thousands of mountains in the area, from their peaks right down to several hundred feet deep into the ground, reaching the underground energy veins. All of these runes and restrictive spells interlocking each other formed an enormous restrictive network.

It was an ingenious network of restrictive runes and spells. Although the power of the runes did not go beyond the boundary of the Script of Ancient Law, yet in terms of how they were applied, it had reached the highest limit which the Script of Ancient Law could have ever achieved. The person who constructed this network of restrictive runes and spells had an understanding of the knowledge of formations, restrictive spells, and runes which was at least ten times stronger than Xu Fu.

Although Wu Qi did learn the Book of Ancient God from Scroll of Stealing and the Script of Ancient Law from Xu Fu, as his cultivation in both of them was still in the early stage, his understanding towards primordial runes was actually weaker than Xu Fu. Thus, when faced with this ingeniously designed, mighty and profound restrictive formation, he could only lose himself in wonder, gasping in astonishment at the incredible cultivation of the man who constructed it.

If Wu Qi was accidentally trapped in this restrictive formation, what he could do was barely keep his life safe, and it would be extremely difficult for him to escape from it. The person who constructed this formation did not leave behind any loophole or backdoor that Wu Qi could use, as all the restrictive runes and spells had tightly interlocked into one intact unit, so there were no flaws at all. It was a perfect formation, at least within the boundary of the Dao of Primordial Talisman recorded in the Script of Ancient Law.

"I'll need either a very powerful strength, which can break apart this space and mountain ridges that stretch for several tens of thousands of miles, or my cultivation in the Dao of Primordial Runes has to be more profound than the person who constructed this formation, so that I can open up a doorway in it that allows me to leave the formation. Or else, once I am trapped in it, I'll be faced with an inevitable death!"

Taking a deep breath, Wu Qi rested his eyes on the mountain ridges with a pale face. He was deeply stunned by the formation, and it made him suddenly realize the importance of two things: his cultivation base in the dharmic powers and the realm of his Dao. Standing in front of the formation that constructed by that incredible person, Wu Qi's pride had been shattered into pieces. He felt a chill surging up into his heart, as a voice kept roaring in his mind, "There are countless almighty experts with incredible divine abilities under the heaven. Although I am fortunate to learn the Scroll of Stealing, but that only makes me stand on a slighter higher platform than the rest of the people. When faced with an absolute power, I'll still have to tuck my tail and stay low profile!"

If this person was living in Ji City, and if Yan Xianchen and Yue Yi's mansions had the restrictive formation constructed by this person, Wu Qi must have been captured alive countless times. Cold sweat was breaking out from his body, while he kept feeling lucky that this person was from Great Qin, not from Great Yan.

Meanwhile, Yan Dan and all the other people kept looking at the mountain ridges in front of them while frowning, as they too had discovered something unusual about the place.

Having already traveled one hundred miles into the mountain ridges, Ying Zheng brought all his generals and ministers, together with the army of eighty thousand steel demon figurines they regrouped, then lined up into a great formation right in an open field about several dozens of miles in circumference between the ridges. Standing inside the chariot, Ying Zheng gave a loud laugh and cried out, "Xiang Yu, you are a coward! I've laid an ambush of millions upon millions of soldiers here. Although it was intended for Yan Dan, since you jumped out yourself before him, I don't see any reason why I don’t just take the opportunity and kill you first!"

Sitting on the dark horse, Xiang Yu threw an examining look over at the mountain ridges. With an indifferent expression, he then shouted back at Ying Zheng, "Do you think I, Xiang Yu, is still the same boorish fellow in the past? Since I already know there is a trap before me, how could I step into it like an idiot? Ying Zheng, if you are a man, come out right now and fight an honorable battle with me! Don't shame yourself by using ambush and formation in dealing with me!"

He tilted his head up proudly and coldly, breathed out a deep sigh and said, "These intrigues and underhanded tricks are no longer useful in dealing with me!"

With both hands placed on the Sword of Qin Emperor, Ying Zheng rested his eyes on Xiang Yu, sighed and said, "Are they really useless now? I don't think so! Xiang Yu, oh Xiang Yu, in those years, you had defeated my Qin dynasty, and you've ruined my plan today. If I don't teach you a lesson, how could I bring justice to the five hundred thousand condemned prisoners that you killed just now?"

Xiang Yu was stunned by Ying Zheng's words, and they stunned Wu Qi and Yan Dan as well.

"What condemned prisoners?" Xiang Yu cried out angrily, "Those soldiers killed by my divine undead army? Aren't they..."

Ying Zheng let out a cold laugh proudly, "They are the condemned prisoners which I transferred here from Great Qin Dynasty with the intention to deal with Yan Dan. All of them had been fed with Mind Washing Pills, and had their mind completely wiped out, leaving only the will of fighting to their deaths. They were also fed with Dragon Saliva Energy Burning Pills, which concentrated all their blood essence together and made them explode within a few days of time. Thus, although they were just ordinary men, each of them could unleash the combative strength that was very close to Xiantian warriors."

He sighed, shook his head and continued, "No matter it is the five hundred thousand Mind Washing Pills, or the five hundred thousand Dragon Saliva Energy Burning Pills, they were the baits that I prepared to lure Yan Dan into an ambush. But, it was out of my imagination that it would be you, the treacherous traitor, who would swallow the bait!" He twitched his lips slightly, drove the chariot slowly up into the sky, shook his head and said, "Nevertheless, although I can't kill Yan Dan today, killing you will still make today a happy day for me!"

Suddenly, an altar emerged out of nowhere right on the peak of a lofty mountain about ten thousand miles behind Ying Zheng's army. An old man clad in a black robe, his face aged and possessing an elegant bearing like an immortal, was seen standing on the altar. He was holding a bamboo scroll in his hand and slowly exerting his energy. Following his moves, all the mountain ridges within the circumference of several tens of thousands of miles began to move, as if they were all living beings.

With the mountain where he stood as the center, all the underground energy veins within the area were transformed into flood dragons. Together, they let out dragon cries that shook the sky and caused the natural energies to form energy tidal waves, flashing and glinting brilliantly in the air. Although Xiang Yu and his eighty thousand mighty armies were one hundred miles away from the place, they suddenly felt their bodies become lightened, as the surrounding air suddenly transformed into a giant bubble, wrapping around them and bringing them into the depth of the mountain ridges.

Standing in the chariot, Ying Zheng threw his head back and let out a loud laugh, "You ignorant twerp, do you really think that by not entering my formation, I'll not be able to do anything on you?"

Deep, muffled battle cries that sounded like the roaring of thunder suddenly rang out. All of a sudden, the soldiers of Qin army poked their heads out from these rugged mountain ridges that filled with immense killing intent. They were in the groups of either a few soldiers, several dozens of soldiers, or even up to hundreds of soldiers, each carrying blades or spears in their hands, and with array flags mounted behind their back. Upon their appearance, these Qin soldiers immediately let out loud battle cries, emanating an intense killing intent that soared high up into the sky, and quickly stimulated the murderous aura that existed naturally in these mountain ridges.

The sky dimmed in an instant, as countless dark clouds began quickly gathering from all directions, blanketing the entire mountain ridges with layers upon layers of thick dark thunderclouds. Huge thunderbolts kept streaking down from the dark clouds, enveloping the slaughtering formation that was constructed with the aid of the mountain terrain, trapping Xiang Yu, his mighty army, and the divine undead army within the formation.

Vast and endless energies from underground energy veins were being extracted into these mountain ridges, transforming them into enormous blades and swords that towered into the sky, hacking and smashing down forcefully following the streaking of thunderbolts. Each of these gigantic blades and swords seemed capable of ripping apart the heaven and earth, and slaughtering and wiping out millions upon millions of living beings.

Peering from afar, Su Qin saw the old man who was exercising his energy and controlling the formation on the altar. Immediately, he could not control himself and had his body trembling from head to toe!

"The Hegemon-King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, is destined to be fall in this place! It is my teacher! It is actually my teacher who personally constructed the formation!"

Suddenly, Su Qin roared out at the top of his voice, "Ying Zheng, the Emperor of Great Qin, how is it possible that he managed to invite my teacher to help him personally? And how is it possible that my teacher agreed to help the Emperor of Great Qin? Damn it! F*ck you, Zhang Yi!" Su Qin cursed violently, "You rascal! I curse you to give birth to a child with eighteen assholes! Why didn't you tell me that teacher is actually in Great Qin? And he is actually providing service for Ying Zheng? How could this be possible?"

Wanying Dragon King, Xiong Wanling, He Qianqiu, and the rest of the demon kings didn’ t know who Su Qin's teacher was, and they could not care less about that old man.

But Yan Dan, Jing Ke, and all the men from Great Yan Dynasty, they were crying out loud with fear!

As for Wu Qi, cold sweat was breaking out endlessly from his body. Now he finally knew why this restrictive formation could reach such a perfection that no flaw could be found! The person who constructed it was the teacher of Su Qin and Zhang Yi, the man who only existed in the legend - Guigu'zi!

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