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The burglary case in Yue Mansion did not cause any upheaval in Ji City, as Yue Yi's clan could not afford to lose their dignity in the eyes of the public. Apart from a few core members of Great Yan Dynasty, nobody knew that the grand and magnificent Chief General had his mansion broken in by some thief, and got his precious treasure, the Acquired Pearl of Gold Element, stolen. The Scouting Office, Swallows, and some other secret agent organizations of Great Yan Dynasty madly performed a search in the surrounding of Ji City, yet none of them could find any traces of the thief.

In the end, all the blame went to Zhang Yi! The core members of Great Yan came to a conclusion that except him, nobody could sneak into Yue Mansion and steal the Acquired Pearl without alerting anybody. Wu Qi was very satisfied with the conclusion, though he felt a tiny bit of sorry for old mister Zhang Yi. But in any case, Zhang Yi would never be bothered by such a petty crime, for the crimes he did in the past were much more serious than this.

After completing the mission of stealing the Acquired Pearl, Wu Qi brought a group of men and left the city. He told everyone that he was going for a secluded cultivation, getting ready for the upcoming duel to be held after one month. As for what he was going to do, only he alone knew the answer.

Seven days later, at the southeast part of the Imperial Garden of Great Yan Dynasty, the Garden of Zhang Le, Wu Qi was seen panting heavily inside a secret cave located somewhere within a small hilly region. There was a large cauldron in front of him, from inside of which he scooped out a portion of dark and sticky medicinal decoction, with a layer of golden flame faintly dancing on its surface and emitting a refreshing and strange fragrance. He poured this portion of decoction that weighed about 50kg into a small urn. After that, he snapped his finger, and a bright beam shot out from the Spirit Breeding Ring. A tall and burly Long Bo man then walked out from behind the bright beam.

The nearly one hundred feet tall Long Bo man looked down at Wu Qi. There was a hostile and ferocious gleam flickering in his eyes. Reluctantly, he clasped hands at Wu Qi and cried out in a deep voice, "Long Yuan offers greetings, Master. Is there anything Master wishes Long Yuan to accomplish?"

Holding the small urn, Wu Qi raised his head, looked at Long Yuan and said in an indifferent voice, "Make your body smaller, I know you can do it. You are my slave, and you need to be aware of that. If a slave always let his Master look up at him, he will have to face a very tragic consequence."

Long Yuan gave a cold snort, rolled his eyes and made his body shorter by about ten feet, but still stood over ninety feet tall. Wearing a strange smile on his face, he looked loftily down at Wu Qi and said in the same deep voice, "Long Yuan can only shrink to this height. We, the people of Long Bo Kingdom, are the offspring of God. Our bodies can never become as small as you humans."

Wu Qi's face flickered. He grinned hideously and said, "I offer to give you some face, and you reject it? A bunch of fools who know no difference between death and life!" He brought his finger and touched the Spirit Breeding Ring. Then, with a thought of his mind, a large sheet of bright beams shot out from the ring, revealing a total of one hundred Long Bo men standing before him. Including Long Yuan, all the people from the Long Bo Kingdom were staring at Wu Qi with the same cruel and hostile expression. Some even cracked their fingers viciously and produced loud cracking noises.

Wu Qi gave a cold laugh, and with a thought of his mind, the controlling mechanism branded in the soul of these Long Bo men immediately triggered. All one hundred giants shrieked at the same time and fell heavily on their knees. Their muscles were spasming, and their bodies were shivering from top to toe. Their souls were burning, as sweat ran down like raindrops. Because of the severe pain, the once as snow-like fair skin complexion had turned a dreadful looking pale-green.

The slave traders of Great Yan Dynasty had spent a great effort to capture these Long Bo men from an island on the East Ocean. In order to control them, a very vicious mind controlling mechanism had been branded in the depth of their souls. After they were bought over by Wu Qi, he despised the mind-controlling mechanism done by the slave traders, and used a mystic technique he learned from Scroll of Stealing to further strengthen the mind-controlling mechanism in the souls of these giants.

Now, right after the mechanism was triggered, a ball of Nine-Nether Flame immediately sprung up from their feet, burning ragingly on the bodies and souls of these giants, causing them to keep howling and crying painfully. Even the most savage and boorish Long Bo men could not endure the severe pain coming from such burning, and nearly died because of the pain. However, as their souls were controlled by Wu Qi, when he did not allow them to faint, they would never be able to pass out by themselves.

He gave these giants a round of brutal torment for nearly fifteen minutes, and only then released the mechanism and said cruelly and mercilessly, "Let me remind you once more… All of you are my slaves now, and judging by the situation, this relationship will last through your entire life. If you obey me, I can guarantee a bright and limitless future to you. You will get to enjoy delicious delicacies, use the finest weapons, and if you need the company of some pretty girls, I can go to your Long Bo Kingdom and abduct a group of pretty girls."

Then he suddenly changed his tone, sneered and said, "But, if you refuse to obey me, like what you did today, you will have to suffer! And if you make me lose my patience one day, you will lose the chance to suffer, as I will kill you and disintegrate your souls into nothingness."

Shaking his head, Wu Qi said mockingly, "After all, I did not spend too much of money to buy you over, and I will not feel pity to kill you all."

A wicked person would always need to be harassed by another of his ilk. After hearing the bloody and cruel threat given out by Wu Qi, the group of wile and unyielding Long Bo men became rather well-behaved. They rose to their feet under the command of Wu Qi, then their bodies swayed. Using the mystic bloodline technique of their own, they shrunk their bodies to about ten feet tall, about the same height as the tallest and burliest man in Great Yan Dynasty. However, the Long Bo men's statures were slightly burlier.

Wu Qi handed the urn over to Long Yuan and said in a cold voice, "This is the Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup, which I had spent the last seven days in meticulously making. Drink it, and there is a very high chance that it will stimulate the bloodline of Ancient God in your body. If things go well, your cultivation base will take a great leap, leading you to become the strongest warriors in the Long Bo Kingdom."

Long Yuan took over the urn and gave Wu Qi a deep look. There was an expression of suspicion and doubt in his fierce eyes. He shook his head and said, "Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup? We know this soup, it is a divine medicine that used specifically to activate the ancient bloodline in our body. But, even the Great Divine Magus in our clan does not know its formula. How is it possible that you know how to concoct it? Someone must be cheating you. How much had you spent on the purchase of the formula?"

Wu Qi shrugged, sneered and said, "Save your breath. Drink it!"

Long Yuan snorted coldly, opened his mouth and gulped down the 50kg Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup, which Wu Qi managed to concoct after spending a few days and nights. The decoction was as thick as molten iron, yet the temperature was a few times higher than molten iron. When the liquid nearly ten thousand degrees in temperature contacted Long Yuan's mouth and throat, a loud hissing noise was immediately generated that made Wu Qi's flesh creep instantly.

Nevertheless, as these people from the Long Bo Kingdom had a very strong body by nature, although Long Yuan's body turned red because of the high temperature, and his eyes nearly popped out from his eye sockets, he still held back the pain and did not let out any cry. He kept holding his breath, clenching both fists tightly, while hissing noises could be heard spewing out from between his tightly clenched teeth. Then, he instinctively began to exercise the energy circulating technique passed down from his ancestors.

The medicinal strength of the decoction exploded within Long Yuan's body like a small nuclear warhead. Using the most violent and savage method, it instantly destroyed some body tissues and genetic structures in his bloodline, which made both his body and gene experience a tremendous transformation. Tiny golden lines began to emerge from his body, forming a very complicated yet beautiful rounded formation on his face.

The surrounding Long Bo men were stupefied. With a blank expression, they kept staring at the rounded formation on Long Yuan's face, then suddenly every one of them dropped to their knees, facing east and kept bowing and praying devoutly. The transformation of Long Yuan's body did not end there. From the center of the rounded formation the size of a child's palm on his face, a huge amount of golden lines stretched out like flower branches, crawling slowly from his face to his neck. And lastly, two tiny and long patterns stretched from his neck to both arms.

Though his divine sense, Wu Qi could clearly sense that the strength in Long Yuan's arms had skyrocketed to about five times stronger than before, while the strength of Long Yuan's divine sense had increased by three times as well. Following the blinking and flashing of the golden formation on his face, the surrounding natural energies kept surging into his body, stimulating his energies and making them rock and roll violently.

In just a blink of an eye, a large glittering Gold Core was formed in Long Yuan's dantian effortlessly, like how a toddler ate a small pea. A formation about ninety percent identical to the one on his face was flashing ceaselessly on the dantian. Both formations resonated with each other, while vast energies rushed wantonly through his body like a fierce tidal wave.

There was no bottleneck or obstacle to break through. Long Yuan had just formed his Gold Core. It showed how incredible the innate talent of these people from the Long Bo Kingdom was.

However, Long Yuan suddenly shrieked in a great terror and despair, "Oh Heavens! I just formed my Gold Core! Heaven Tribulation, Thunder Tribulation! I'm going to die! I'm going to die!!"

The innate talent of the people from the Long Bo Kingdom was too powerful. Thus, they were envied by the Heaven and Earth, making their tribulation during Gold Core, Nascent Soul, and Nascent Divinity become extremely strong, at least one hundred times stronger than those faced by human cultivators. As a matter of fact, out of one hundred thousand people from the Long Bo Kingdom, only a small percentage of them could go through all three tribulations and became a Heaven Immortal.

A chilly wind suddenly blew by, as water vapor began to surge up into the sky, and large sheets of dark clouds were seen rushing from all directions. The muffled roars of thunder struck pain to everyone in the place. The speed of these dark clouds gathering was simply frightening, as they came at least one hundred times faster than in case of a human cultivator facing his Thunder Tribulation. Almost right in the next second after these dark clouds emerged, a total of 108 purple thunderbolts with the diameter of a water bucket had struck down with loud booming noises.

These wild and raging thunderbolts did not only strike towards Long Yuan, but they also enveloped all the surrounding Long Bo men. Looking at the huge thunderbolts that struck down from the sky like the fiercest ancient beasts, Wu Qi could not help but curse out furiously, "Who exactly did your ancestors offended? I have never seen a Gold Core Tribulation like this! Damn it! What serious sin had your ancestors committed which made you have to face a total of 108 thunderbolts?"

While cursing at Long Yuan and his people, Wu Qi raised both hands high up in the air. A bright five colored gleam could be seen whirling within his palms.

All 108 thunderbolts smote whistling down and hit right onto Wu Qi's palms. Except for some wandering electric arcs that splashed out and jumped onto Long Yuan's body, helping him in tempering his body and purifying his energies, all the other thunderbolts were absorbed by Wu Qi.

Wu Qi exerted all his strength in exercising the Positive and Negative Thunder Stealing Art of Five Elements, absorbing these thunderbolts that contained the forces of creation and destruction, two opposite forces into ins body. Using them, he destroyed some impurities which could not be cleansed by his energies and divine sense, while purifying his corporeal body and energies, and changing the structure of his soul from the root.

The powerful thunderbolts rushed through Wu Qi's body, turning his muscles and bones transparent. Driven by the Thunder Stealing technique, Wu Qi's body was quickly going through a tremendous transformation. While circulating the Dragon Transformation Script, he kept digesting the thunderbolts, strengthening and toughening his corporeal body. His soul had also absorbed some tiny wisps of electric arcs, fusing the force of creation into the soul which spurred a miraculous transformation in his soul.

In an instant, all 108 thunderbolts were absorbed by Wu Qi. The people from the Long Bo Kingdom, including Long Yuan, had long dropped to their knees, bowing and kowtowing at Wu Qi and shouting, "Please forgive us for offending you earlier, Great Divine Magus! We, the people of Long Bo Kingdom, offer greetings to our master, the Great Divine Magus!"

It looked like these big foolish guys had mistaken him as their Great Divine Magus? Interesting! But upon thinking further, Wu Qi knew how to concoct the Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup, and could help them go through the Heaven Tribulation. These were the abilities that only their Great Divine Magus could have achieved!

He stuck out his chest and began to pretend what these people thought he was.

Noises of wind breaking kept coming from all directions. What happened just now had stirred up quite a bit of activity, causing the guards in Garden of Zhang Le to rush over, checking out what had happened.

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