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A stream of very pale dark beam skimmed over the mountain peaks like a wisp of fog, so fast that those with weaker vision could never see its movement. Riding on Sword of Greedy Wolf, Wu Qi had once again returned to Meng Mountains where he just came out from. Bowing his head and paying no attention to anything, he kept flying straight into the depth of the mountains.

A cluster of seven bright beams, each about thirty to fifty feet long, were chasing at high speed behind Wu Qi while emanating an aggressive aura. Their speed was slightly faster than Wu Qi, and were getting closer to their target with every passing second. However, if they wished to catch up with Wu Qi, they would have to fly for another couple dozens of hours, as Wu Qi's flying speed was just a tiny bit slower than theirs, an insignificant fraction slower.

They continued flying several thousand miles into Meng Mountains. Suddenly a furious roar came from behind Wu Qi, "Kid at the front, stop now! How did you get the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk? You better be honest with me, and I might consider sparing your life!"

Wu Qi did not turn his head over and simply replied with a loud shout, "What bullshit are you talking about? Sparing my life? No, thank you! My life belongs to me, and if I don't want to give to anybody, no one is going to take it away! Just like Ling Wuju and his fellow stupid brothers, not only they failed in killing me, but instead, they were severely wounded by a group of demon beasts, and all their possessions are mine now!"

He gave a few loud laughs, then continued shouting, "You bastards better stop chasing me. There is no way you can catch up with me! Hahaha, there are formidable demon bests everywhere in this Meng Mountains, and they have no interest in me, a little Xiantian Daoist. But I know they must be craving for the blood, flesh, and Gold Core of Human Immortals! You are actually presenting them a delicious dish on a silver plate! So, you better stop chasing me now!"

Although Wu Qi asked them not to chase him anymore, how could these seven Human Immortals of Heavenly Spirit Sect give up so easily? Tens of their Gold Core Elders were killed by Yan Dan, and the flustered and exasperated Heavenly Spirit Sect had sent out five Gold Core Elders to hunt down the 'culprit' - Wu Qi. But in the end, none of the five Gold Core Elders returned after a few months, which was why these seven Elders were dispatched to pick them up. They had been waiting for Ling Wuju in Green Sun City for several months, where they had agreed to meet beforehand. But the wait did not bring them any news. And that was not the worst, as they actually saw Wu Qi bring out the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk and show off before them.

They would not give up so easily if they did not catch up Wu Qi, capture him and interrogate him with torture, so that they could know what exactly had happened. At any rate, they had to capture this foul little kid, mutilate him and use a mystic technique to interrogate his soul to find out the truth.

Ling Wuju and his brothers were severely wounded by a group of demon beasts? And that was the reason why Wu Qi able to take advantage out of them? This sounded logical and reasonable, but this seven Elders did not want to believe that! Ling Wuju and his brothers were five Gold Core Elders, not five ordinary apprentices or disciples. The loss was too great for them to believe. Despite whether what Wu Qi said was true or not, they had to capture him. Or else, they could not answer when they returned.

Of course, the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk was a great temptation to them as well. It was the cornerstone treasure of Heavenly Spirit Sect, and had always been held by Ling Wuju. Even the current Sect Leader could not put his hand on this extraordinary treasure. If Ling Wuju were really dead, then whoever got it back would own it!

Suddenly a hoarse voice of an old lady came from within a bright beam, "My fellow junior brothers, let's catch up this kid. We shall take revenge for senior brother Ling. The priority now is to seize back the cornerstone treasure of our sect. As I'm the oldest here, I'll be the one who will temporarily safeguard the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk."

Right after the old lady's voice went off, cold snorts could be heard coming from the other six bright beams. Abruptly, a few of them had their speed increased, emanating wisps of blood red glow as they shot in Wu Qi's direction. After these few junior brothers heard what the old lady said, they immediately exercised a mystic technique that burned their blood essence, a method that hurt their source the most, to control the talisman treasures underneath their feet. They had to chase up Wu Qi with the quickest speed possible.

The old lady snorted angrily. Without hesitation, she too spat out a mouthful of blood essence onto her talisman treasure, which increased her speed as well.

Wu Qi was flying wildly ahead, purposely headed to the direction where barren hills and dearth of water could be found. He flew for another two thousand miles, and the seven Human Immortals were now only less than one thousand feet behind him. The magical powers emanating from seven talisman treasures kept surging onto him like the fiercest tidal waves. The tremendous ripples of magical power stirred the natural energies around Wu Qi's body, causing him to face great difficulty in flying.

"Taste my magical treasures!" Suddenly, Wu Qi raised his right hand up and threw three Explosive Talismans towards his back.

Upon hearing the words of 'magical treasures', all seven bright beams halted immediately. Their talisman treasures quickly absorbed the surrounding natural energies, forming a thick layer of defensive barrier around them. Countless dazzling streams whirled in the air as runes were partly visible in the barrier, blinking and flashing. Then, three tiny flames weakly exploded on the defensive barrier, not even causing the tiniest ripples on the barrier created by talisman treasures.

For a long time, these seven Gold Core Elders of Heavenly Spirit Sect did not say a word. It was only after the time of two breaths that the old lady gave a furious roar, "How dare you deceive us? These are mere Explosive Talismans, and I could already make them when I was seven years old! I'm over seven hundred years old now, and you still use them to attack me? This is absurd, you're pissing me off!!"

The seven bright beams resumed their pursuit at an even faster speed, while Wu Qi was laughing out loud in front, "You're seven hundred years old, and yet you're still a little Gold Core cultivator? Aye, I heard that Human Immortals of Gold Core realm can only live for eight hundred years. Unless they are cultivating with some unique cultivation techniques that could prolong their life, or consume some spirit pills that could give them more years to live, they would be dead by the age of eight hundred years old! You miserable old fool, does that mean you're going to die really soon?"

The old lady was so angry that she kept making hissing sounds and cried out furiously. Her bright beam became even brighter, as she shot straight toward Wu Qi's direction like a shooting star.

Meanwhile, as the other six Gold Core Elders feared that this old lady might seize the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk, they quickly spat out a few mouthfuls of their blood essence, giving their talisman treasures a greater speed, and chased up after her. This was actually one of the weakness of the cultivation technique of Heavenly Star Positioning Disk. Although their talisman treasures possessed incredible power, the energies consumed by them were just too massive. During the pursuit, in order to catch up with Wu Qi, they had already wasted a lot of their blood essence.

Wu Qi rode on his sword beam and kept flying for several dozens of miles. Then, he realized that the seven bright beams had caught up and the distance between them was less than three hundred feet. Suddenly, he pulled out a stack of several hundred Explosive Talismans from his storage ring, then roared using the most panic-stricken, the most helpless voice, like a weak little girl who had just bumped into a group of several thousand burly sex maniacs, "I'll fight it out with you! Taste my magical treasures! Taste my magical treasures!"

While shouting "Taste my magical treasures!", Wu Qi kept throwing out stack after stack of Explosive Talismans. He had purchased many of these Explosive Talismans in Ji City and also found quite a stockpile in the storage magical items that belonged to Ling Wuju and his junior brothers. Thus, every stack he threw out contained at least one to two hundred of them, and he never felt pity for using them like this.

All Gold Core Elders laughed coldly. Although the sky was blotted with water-bucket-sized fireballs that were generated from the explosion of Explosive Talismans, how could these fireballs harm them? There were even a few of them trying to show off their skills in runes and talismans, as they pointed their finger lightly out and destroyed several hundred of these talismans at once. Before these talismans could explode, they had completely destroyed the energies flowing in them, turning them into mere waste papers.

A high-speed black beam was fleeing in front, while seven bright beams were chasing closely behind. The space between them was filled with countless fireballs, and some occasional red sparks. As the loud booming noises echoed out now and then, the group had plunged very deep into Meng Mountains.

Again, Wu Qi took out a huge amount of Explosive Talismans and threw backward, then gave a furious cry, "Taste my magical treasures! I still have countless Explosive Talismans with me. Let's see if your energies are sufficient to withstand all of them!"

His words made those Gold Core Elders laugh coldly. For them, these Explosive Talismans were the most basic offensive talismans, and they would never be hurt by them, unless there were over ten thousands of such talismans exploding together right next to them. To these Elders, Explosive Talismans were merely toys for kids, and they could not even be considered as toys. Just like what the old lady said earlier, she already knew how to produce Explosive Talismans when she was seven years old.

By the time the number of Explosive Talismans thrown out by Wu Qi reached a total of over three thousand, his voice had turned hoarse. Yet, he still continued throwing them out, but none could hurt even the skin of those Gold Core Elders.

Suddenly, Wu Qi's sword beam halted. He cried furiously, "I'll fight it out with you! Now taste the strongest magical treasures of mine, a total of thirty thousand Explosive Talismans! I'll kill you with this!"

The Gold Core Elders could no longer suppress their laughter. Thirty thousand Explosive Talismans? They had no fear at all! But instead, when they saw that Wu Qi's sword beam had finally stopped, their eyes immediately shone with bright gleams. 'This kid must have his energy depleted and can no longer keep fleeing. That's right. He had been flying on his sword for over ten thousand miles, and as a junior of Xiantian realm, it is pretty extraordinary too. His energy can be considered pretty strong."

Seven talisman treasures immediately flashed with large sheets of bright light, as all seven Gold Core Elders exercised their restraining magics respectively without prior discussion and grabbed towards Wu Qi, determined in capturing him in this golden opportunity. Not only did they not put up any defensive measures, they even placed almost all of their attention on their fellow Elders. They wanted to capture Wu Qi alive, and at the same time, prevent any other fellow Elders from capturing him first. As a result, none of them noticed a little trick performed by Wu Qi.

Soundlessly, the Cold Electric Mirror emerged from behind Wu Qi's back as several hundred tiny electric arcs pierced through the air without alarming anybody.

Then, a gold coin shot out amidst a faint light. A great number of tiny rays shot right out from the eye of the coin, hitting onto the talisman treasures carrying these seven Elders, weakening the connection between them.

After that, the gold ingot flew out with a blinding light, transforming into a little gold mountain with the circumference of several hundred feet and smashed down from the sky. It brought together a frightening weight of several tens of thousands of kilogram, and the strong wind that made the clothes of seven Elders wave violently, while pushing them and their talisman treasures several feet lower.

Then came the Sword of Greedy Wolf. Together with jarring wolf howls, seven pitch-black wolf heads opened their mouth wide and bit towards the vital spots of seven Elders.

And finally, the silver lotus made its debut, as it flew elegantly up into the air, without any noise or emanating any bright light. It wrapped Wu Qi inside its stamen and provided him a tight protection.

A soundless explosion occurred. The bright light shrouding the seven Elders suddenly shattered into pieces, as the electric arcs unleashed by the Mirror of Cold Electric ripped their defensive barrier, then exploded at their bodies and tore them into pieces. Before they could cry out or make any noise, four beginner-stage Gold Core Elders had their bodies exploded into a complete mush, leaving behind only four Gold Cores. A bright beam unleashed from the gold coin and coiled up six talisman treasures, bringing them down to the ground. Then, the gold ingot smashed heavily down, causing the other three Gold Core Elders, who only had half of their bodies torn by the explosion, give a shrill shriek together. Except for a skinny and withered old lady, the last two Gold Core Elders had their bodies smashed into pieces as well.

Together with ear-splitting noises, the Sword of Greedy Wolf thrust over, absorbed all the blood and energy of six Gold Core Elders. Six Gold Cores were then coiled up by the sword beam and fell right into Wu Qi's palm.

Only then did the attacks unleashed by the few talisman treasures fall onto Wu Qi's body. Nevertheless, they were all blocked by the silver lotus, and not even a single hair of his was hurt.

Wu Qi flew to the side of the old lady, whose body was bathed in blood and was screaming in panic. Casually, he performed an incantation gesture and completely sealed off all her cultivation base.

He waved his hand and threw all seven talisman treasures into his storage ring. After being done with all that, Wu Qi gave the old lady a round of brutal slapping on her face.

"Well, when you were hunting me just now, you didn’t look so panicked!" Wu Qi stared at this old lady coldly, whose face was ugly and gloomy, and eyes filled with an evil and sinister gleam. He shook his head, sneered and said, "I've only one question for you: Who constructed the teleportation formation that you used to come here?"

The old lady gazed straight at Wu Qi's face. At last, she breathed out a heavy sigh and said, "Spare my true soul so I can enter the reincarnation, then I'll tell you the truth."

Wu Qi pondered, nodded his head and said, "Fine! So tell me, who constructed the second set of teleportation formation in Great Yan Dynasty?"

The old lady gazed coldly at Wu Qi, kept laughing coldly and said, "Myriad Dao Alliance! If you're capable, go ahead and find them!"

Wu Qi was struck dumb. Myriad Dao Alliance? What kind of an organization was this?

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