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From his storage ring, Wu Qi took out another jug of wine and then drank two mouthfuls of fine liquor out of it wildly. He stared at the group of thirty-two warriors of Xiantian realm, who were gradually pressing closer towards him, and a few thousand soldiers hiding behind the tall and thick bushes around him. Suddenly, he let out a loud laugh, "I'll have to die here today? Heh, you guys have deployed an army without permission. Do you know it is a grave crime?! A heavy offense! But, something is not right, not so right!"

After letting out a few laughs, the smile on Wu Qi's face suddenly halted. Anxiously and doubtfully, he sprung and leaped forward, stepping and standing on top of a tall grass tip. He frowned his brows and ran his eyes over the approaching soldier. The over three thousand elite soldiers were divided into small groups of three to five men, interwoven into a large offensive formation within the field of ten miles in circumference. Every single one of them stood nine feet tall, filled with power and energy. Judging from the aura given off by their bodies, they had the cultivation base of peak Houtian realm.

This was an army of three thousand peak Houtian realm soldiers. Back in those days, even Little Meng City would have a hard time in assembling so many experts in a very short amount of time. Wu Qi had no knowledge about which army in Great Yan Dynasty was purely formed out of peak Houtian realm warriors. In addition to that, the armors clad by these soldiers were not the black and green armors commonly used by Great Yan Dynasty's army. They wore a crimson war-kilt on their waist, and the armors clad on their upper body were a fish-scale chain mail that took an eye-catching hue of light golden color. It was a three-layered armor, and the outermost layer was a thick and heavy armor plate forged using hardened steel. It came with an extraordinary defensive strength.

Even the strongest strike unleashed by a warrior of Xiantian realm would not be able to hurt a man clad in an armor like this.

Also, on the faces of these soldiers were metal masks of a big smiling face. The eyepieces were two prismatic crystals, covering and protecting their eyes. No one could see the changes of looks in their eyes and where they were looking at. From top to toe, the armor had tightly sealed every inch of their skin. Even their palms were entirely sealed behind a pair of gauntlets made from hardened steel.

They were not the army of Great Yan Dynasty, but a private army that belonged to some formidable power.

Wu Qi let out a rather hollow laugh and said, "Fancy that there is such a powerful force residing in Ji City! Tsk, is it really worth the effort, just for the sake of Wu Qi alone?"

The young girl, who had her face kicked by Wu Qi, had her tall and pointy nose broken. Almost all her teeth were gone, and now, with blood dripping from the corner of her lips, she suddenly shouted with a stern and fierce voice, "Cut that nonsense! You'll have to die here today! Wu Qi, oh, Wu Qi, Marquis of Tianyun, although you've just come to Ji City not long ago, do you have any idea that you've become the disturbance for many people's planning? Do you know how many people in Ji City wish to kill you? Everyone, unleash your strongest attack now. I want him to be ripped into a thousand pieces!"

Wu Qi shrugged innocently, forced out a smile and said, "Have I really committed such a serious crime? Can you please tell me how many people really want to kill me now?" Although he had said in such a manner, when Wu Qi gave it a serious thought, he realized that there were really quite a lot of people in Ji City who wished to kill him. Qin Qingshui, Haoying Clan, Taba Ao, Wei Xiaoxiao, and together with some other people who had a connection with these people, perhaps all of them had the same intention of tearing him into myriad pieces.

While Wu Qi wanted to continue provoking the young girl with words, the group of thirty-two Xiantian warriors decided not to let him speak anymore. Together, they pressed forward and tightened the encirclement. Suddenly, four sword beams sprung out from four directions, transforming into four lightning strikes and thrusting toward Wu Qi's vital parts. Meanwhile, twenty-eight sword beams flashed through the air, as they followed the path of twenty-eight stars in the sky and began spinning around Wu Qi at top speed, barring any possible retreat routes.

Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh, threw away the wine jug in his hand, shook his head helplessly and said, "Why I have a feeling that I'm the male protagonist in a novel who the author tries to torment? Of course, none of you will know what a novel is, and thus, you'll never understand that for a freaking protagonist like me, it is impossible for you to kill me!"

A loud howl of a wolf rung out, as Sword of Greedy Wolf transformed into a nearly ten feet long dark beam and thrust out while whistling. Seven shadows of wolf heads, the size of human heads, were seen wheeling and slamming before and after the dark beam, sending forth an extremely chilly breeze. The menacing sword energies dispersed and shot into all directions, slicing and cutting the surrounding tall grasses into millions of tiny green debris. As the sword energies impacted on them, they simply turned into a green tornado that soared several hundred feet high up into the sky.

A dazzling sword beam flashed through, bringing up the heads of four Xiantian warriors into the air. Their blood burst and splashed and blotted the sky. The Sword of Greedy Wolf had just chopped off the heads of four Xiantian warriors who swung their swords toward Wu Qi, absorbing all the blood essence and souls in their body, leaving nothing behind for Wu Qi. Then, a faint hue of blood suddenly emerged on the dark surface of the sword, and at the same time, a vague cry of a wolf that stirred one's souls was heard, causing all the surrounding Xiantian warriors to have their face fall.

Wu Qi controlled the sword beam and had it protecting him, while a strange four colored glint was seen blinking in his eyes. He stared at those Xiantian warriors, let out a hideous laugh and said, "Today, I'll let all of you know that even though I'm in the same Xiantian realm as you, as a cultivator who possesses a Spirit Root, how big a gap there is between me and you, a bunch of warriors!" With that, he pointed his finger forward, and the seven wolf heads wheeling around the Sword of Greedy Wolf let out a crazy howl together. They thrust towards the group of twenty-eight Xiantian warriors, bringing forth a freezing breeze.

Blood-colored light kept flashing throughout the scene. Wherever these wolf heads past, regardless it was a precious sword or a human body, all of them instantly exploded. Twenty-eight human bodies filled with abundant blood and energy were ripped apart violently, and before all the tiny fragments of blood and flesh could shoot even one foot away, the blood essence in the bodies of these men had been absorbed by the Sword of Greedy Wolf. As a result, when the broken bodies finally fell to the ground, they had become dried meat powder that took a grayish-white hue. Suddenly the Sword of Greedy Wolf let out a joyful cry, as the blood color on its body became stronger.

"Attack!" Deep, muffled battle cries that sounded like the roaring of thunder soared high up into the sky. One hundred soldiers formed a triangular offensive formation and began charging towards Wu Qi crazily. Their trampling sounded like loud thunders. Their blades glinted like the snow under the reflection of the bright sun, and their iron spears thrust forward quickly like a dense forest. Meanwhile, twelve archers were seen standing behind the charging soldiers, triggering the crossbows held in their hands and unleashing a total of 108 pure steel bolts, piercing through the air towards Wu Qi's body. The momentum of this one hundred charging soldiers could be even comparable to the killing intent given forth by an army of three thousand ordinary soldiers.

"How laughable!" A bright gleam was flashing within Wu Qi's eyes as he sneered, "I'm a cultivator, not some Xiantian warrior, and the Sword of Greedy Wolf in my hand is a lower tier magical treasure!"

Then, with a point of his finger, an innate energy was injected into the Sword of Greedy Wolf. A loud cry suddenly echoed out from the sword, together with a ball of airwave that exploded from the body of the sword. Before those pure steel bolts could come closer to Wu Qi, the faint dark airflow had impacted on them, twisting them like some dough and breaking them instantaneously. After that, the black sword beam thrust out like a great curtain of light, ripping apart the three layers armors like a thin sheet of paper, tearing the body underneath and breaking the weapons held in their hands. Broken limbs and bodies were seen scattered across the field.

In just the time of two breaths, all one hundred soldiers who came charging towards Wu Qi were killed on the spot. The Sword of Greedy Wolf, which had again absorbed a great amount of blood essence and energies, let out a joyful cry. The murderous and menacing aura unleashed from it had become stronger, and the connection between it and Wu Qi had become more intimate. Wu Qi even sensed a feeling of kinship that was coming from the sword itself. This extraordinary weapon had been lying idle in the cave of Sword Stems From The Mind for many years, and finally was able to drink fresh blood to its heart's content. Instinctively, it had regarded Wu Qi, who had been using it to slaughter the enemies, as its birth parent.

The young girl clad in white dress witnessed in shock how Wu Qi killed all the Xiantian warriors and one hundred elite soldiers easily. Her body was shivering as she cried out, "How could your ability of sword control be so strong? Sinecure Patriarchs, please help me!"

Two Human Immortals of Gold Core realm, who had been standing idle on a small earth mound a few miles away, could no longer refrain themselves from launching the attack. When Wu Qi slaughtered all thirty-two Xiantian warriors, they had begun approaching the battlefield. While Wu Qi killed one hundred elite soldiers with just one sword strike, the distance between them and the battlefield was less than two thousand feet, and they had covered Wu Qi from front and back. Both of them were throwing a stern glance over at Wu Qi while unleashing two sword beams that stretched eight feet long, one green and one white, aiming at Wu Qi from afar.

"We've made a wrong judgment!" One of the Human Immortal stared at Wu Qi and sneered. "Initially, we thought even without us, you'll be killed by them. It is a surprise for us that you're actually such a tough nut to crack, and even require us, two Human Immortals of Gold Core realm, to personally finish you, a mere junior."

Cries of swords broke out in the field. Strange signs suddenly emerged on the back of both Human Immortals at the same time. It looked like they were cultivating with the same sword technique, as a frightening forest of swords was seen appearing behind their backs. Countless tiny and razor-sharp swords were shooting into the sky, while sharp sword energies were filling the surrounding air. In an area of several thousand feet, all the tall grasses and thickets were sliced into tiny pieces by the energies.

It was true that the strange sign was violent and aggressive, yet in the eyes of Wu Qi, the sword technique cultivated by them was far inferior to the one cultivated by the Human Immortals of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect. The forest of swords on their back was rather loose and not concentrated. The sword energies unleashed by them were drifting without a proper shape. It was obvious that the source energy of their Gold Core was not truly condensed yet. Compared to those Human Immortals of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect who entered the path of Dao through sword technique, although both of these Human Immortals had the same cultivation base of Gold Core realm, their overall strength was far weaker than them.

Nevertheless, they were still Human Immortals of Gold Core realm. Although Wu Qi had formed his Gold Cores as well, he did not intend to expose his true cultivation base before these people. Always holding a trump card in his hand was the true Dao of survival in this world. For those players who had their trump card fully revealed, the only ending that awaited them was to be slaughtered by the opponent.

Casually, he fished out an Explosive Talisman and threw it into the sky. As the talisman was injected with his innate energy, it shot straight up into the sky like an arrow and reached over one thousand feet high. After that, it suddenly exploded in midair. Amidst the loud boom, Wu Qi let out a loud and stern shout, "Recently, eighty wild and fat female bears had just arrived in the Bear Garden of Imperial Palace, every single one of them is a virgin. Whoever contributes the biggest credit today, I'll have him enjoy in the Bear Garden for three whole days!"

Following the fading of Wu Qi's loud shout, roaring of wild beasts that shook the ground suddenly came from all directions.

Six wild bears, each standing twenty to thirty feet tall, their bodies fully covered with green hairs and a thick layer of dark green scales hiding underneath the green hairs, were seen springing out from within the tall grasses in a far distance. Their eyes turned bloodshot, and their mouths opened widely, drooling with white saliva. Stepping on a violent and raging wind of demon, they thrust forcefully toward the battlefield together with a loud rumble. Wherever they passed, a wild wind swept up everything, and before those elite soldiers clad in heavy armor could put up any reaction, every single one of them was coiled up into midair and then slammed heavily onto the ground.

The two Human Immortals, who moments ago were announcing Wu Qi's death sentence with a proud and arrogant manner, were greatly frightened and had their clothes soaking wet with cold sweat. Six demon bears who had formed their Demon Cores, and each possessed the cultivation base of at least middle tier Gold Core realm… That was a cultivation base at least ten times stronger than theirs! Oh heaven, six Demon Immortals! And they were demon bears, who were famous among all Demon Immortals for their violent and brutal behavior! Both Human Immortals gave out a heartrending cry together, rode on their sword beams and immediately fled scurrying away like two headless flies, ditching away their temperament of an Immortal without the slightest hesitation!

Yet, how could they make their escape from this place? Six mighty bears leaped from all directions, thrusting out twelve enormous bear palms that came together with a greenish energy flow, blocking and slapping two sword beams forcefully down into the ground. After that, six might bears jumped onto the bodies of two Human Immortals, who were now vomiting blood because of the hard fall. Then, each of these mighty bears raised their big feet and begun a round of violent trampling. *Bam!* *Boom!* The ground was shaking violently, and a great amount of blood kept bursting out from all seven apertures of this two Human Immortals. Soon, all their tendons and bones were badly mutilated, and they could hardly breathe properly.

Wu Qi became panicked upon seeing their situation, as he still had a great use for these two Human Immortals.

Hastily, he sprinted towards the battlefield, thrust his leg and kicked onto the buttock of all six demon bears and chased them far away. Then, Wu Qi leaped beside two Human Immortals, pressing both his palms tightly against their dantian and shouted out loud, "You can't die now, don't you dare die right now! Wake up, tell me who your master is. Who is behind all this? Tell me now, quickly!"

Suddenly, battle cries that shook the heavens rose from the surrounding. A large troop of elite soldiers, clad in the same blood red war-kilt and war-robe, and an armor with the same blood red hue, suddenly emerged out of nowhere. Upon their arrival, they immediately formed into an offensive formation, charging and encircling the young girl in white and the private army of three thousand soldiers.

At that instant, rumbling and crying of slaughter resounded to the skies.

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