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From a small abode behind the grapevine rack came an enchanting and seductive moan. The gentle breeze wafted waves of fragrance over, as a beautiful lady, fully naked and merely clad in a thin transparent, pink gauze veil, walked slowly over to Qin Qingshui. It seemed like this lady had just taken a bath, as beads of water could be seen clinging and dripping from her long, disheveled hair, and some were trickling down gently on her exposed breasts as well.

From Wu Qi's direction, he could not have a clear glimpse of this lady's face. What he could see was her curvy waist, as it was twisting and swaying nimbly like a snake while she walked toward Qin Qingshui. She came beside the man, then brought herself to sit right onto Qin Qingshui's lap, and intimately placed both her slim arms around his neck. She gave him a kiss on the face and said with a fairly affectionate voice, "My dear Marquis Qin, was that fat pig just now the Duke of Xian?"

With one grab, Qin Qingshui pulled away the thin veil, then moved his hands searchingly and squeezing forcefully on her body. "Stop the nonsense. Among all the hanger-ons who worked for Duke Yan Le, there are two men, Luo Kedi and Ma Liang. I suppose they were once your subordinates? Do you still have ways to order them? If you do, then we will be able to fabricate a charge against him, putting a severe crime of Yan Buji's death on him and his mother. With that, it will solve the predicament I am facing right now, and it can also spare your Lu Kingdom from being overthrown."

What Qin Qingshui said made Wu Qi immediately realize the identity of this pretty and coquettish lady. She was indeed Princess Ying Chuan from the the Lu Kingdom, the birth mother of Marquis Liu Suifeng, and the once lady master of Luo Kedi and Ma Liang. But strangely, the distance between the Lu Kingdom and Ji City was over ten thousand miles, and it was now merely one month since Lu Chengfeng inherited the title of Duke. How could she arrive at Ji City in such a short period of time?

Princess Ying Chuan sighed softly, then she complained with a voice filled with utmost enmity and hatred, "Why should we lay our hope on those two scums who betrayed their master? Lu Chengfeng had inherited the title of Duke Yan Le. He is now followed by a group of members from Imperial Clan, and in his hand lies great power. How could Ying Chuan still order them? Perhaps, they have long forgotten the look of Ying Chuan, their once Lady Master!"

While remaining sitting on Qin Qingshui's laps, she twisted and wiggled her body, then said with a seductive tone, "Marquis Di Qing, my great lord, you are the Chief Supervisor of Central Wind Guard. Can't you just pull some evidence out of your hat and push the blame of Yan Buji's death on that little man Lu Chengfeng? As long as you can prove that bitch, Tie Yuewu, is the true mastermind behind the assassination of Yan Buji, then you can just send your Scouting Officers to confiscate all Tie Clan's property, and exterminate their entire clan."

She sighed softly. Then, Princess Ying Chuan began slowly removing Qin Qingshui's cloth, bowing her head and brought her red lips to kiss his neck. Gradually and tenderly, she worked her way further down the man's body. While kissing gently on Qin Qingshui's body, Princess Ying Chuan said with a low voice, "Although Tie Yuewu is yet to arrive at the Lu Kingdom, the Tie Clan is already beaming with an air of arrogance. Currently, that old fool, Marquis Yuanyang of Tie Clan, is gathering his troops and preparing for a revolt. My lord, for so many years, the Lu Kingdom had paid you generously. No matter what, you can't let Tie Clan seize the foundation of Lu Kingdom!"

Suddenly, Princess Ying Chuan had her lips kiss onto Qin Qingshui's important part. The long wizened face of Qin Qingshui instantly turned pale, as if the blood on his face was being sucked to somewhere else. His skinny and wizened body was twitching and contracting while he ground his teeth, growled deeply and said, "Could you think I am not aware of this? However, how am I suppose to frame him? Among all vassal kingdoms of Great Yan Dynasty, Lu Kingdom is just a small third-grade kingdom. How could a mere Tie Clan possess the power to assassinate Yan Buji? If Yan Buji were really that easy to kill, it would not be only him. Even the North Supervisor, South Supervisor, East Supervisor, would have been killed more than one hundred times."

His breathing became heavier as Princess Ying Chuang continued to work hard down his body. While holding her head with both hands, he gnashed his teeth and said, "These four great supervisors hold the high supervising power in the national affairs of all vassal kingdoms under Great Yan Dynasty. You have no idea how many monarchs are having their eyes fixed on them! It would be tough for even the Duke of Xian to assassinate Yan Buji, let alone a mere Marquis Yuanyang of Lu Kingdom! The water runs deep in this matter."

Wu Qi stared at Qin Qingshui's tiny body, which seemed to tense up. Then he stuck out all ten fingers of his and began slowly crooking them one after another.

When he had the last finger crooked, most probably the time it took to finish a pot of tea, he saw Qin Qingshui's body suddenly tremble. The once pale and long horse face was now turning purple-red, and hot sweat was breaking out from his entire body. While panting, his hands were tightly clenching on Princess Ying Chuan's head, and his body was shivering unconsciously. At length, a moan that sounded like coming from a dying man was heard spewing out from his mouth, before his body turned relax slowly.

With a bright smile on her face, Princess Ying Chuan tiled her head up, and Wu Qi happened to catch a glimpse at half of her face. She indeed had an extraordinary face. Although she had given birth to Liu Suifeng and raised him up to adulthood, Princess Ying Chuan had taken a good care of her appearance. She still looked young like a beautiful teenage girl. Especially when she held the status of the daughter of Xian Kingdom's monarch at the same time, it simply made one's mind fill with endless erotic thoughts.

Affectionately, Qin Qingshui fondled Princess Ying Chuan's face and continued saying with a low voice, "Trying to push all the blame on them is just wasting time. We have to find a suitable candidate to bear the responsibility. His Majesty has placed his attention on the case of Yan Buji's death. If I still dare to commit foolish acts in this and do not come out with a solid and credible evidence, I am afraid when one day death comes to me, I'll not be aware of how I am killed."

The slender eyebrows of Princess Ying Chuan knitted into a tight frown. In the most doleful manner, she stared at Qin Qingshui, breathed out a long sigh and said, "My lord, you are the Chief Supervisor of Central Wind Guard. A tremendous power is in your hands. Why can't you just put the blame on them? If we don't get rid of that bitch, Tie Yuewu, and the Tie Clan behind her as soon as possible, Ying Chuan would soon be homeless. If the Lu Kingdom is changed to the Tie Kingdom, where shall Ying Chuan go then, my lord?"

Either intentionally or unintentionally, a tiny thread of unknown fluid was seen dripping down from the corner of her lips. It seemed she was using some kind of enchanting technique, as her current look made Wu Qi, who was lying on the crown of a tree with his stomach down, feel his heart race, and a flame was surging up from his lower abdomen. Since Wu Qi stole the enormous kidney energies from Qin Xuewen, the function of his kidneys had become extremely powerful. Whenever an erotic thought came to him, his little brother would turn as hard as a steel, which made him rather uncomfortable with his current position.

Fortunately, there was an amazing Divine Flame of Order residing in Wu Qi's Spiritual Ocean. When the erotic thought was aroused in his mind, the flame immediately emitted a dazzling purple-green gleam and brightly lit the entire Spiritual Ocean, while sending out a boiling hot stream that went three full circles around his body. The evil thought that was triggered by the unknown enchanting technique of Princess Ying Chuan was instantly put off, and Wu Qi's body quickly returned to his original state. Cold sweat was breaking out on his forehead; the seductive technique of Princess Ying Chuan was indeed powerful.

While he was praising at Princess Ying Chuan's technique of seduction, a few couple dozens of men clad in green cloak suddenly fell off from those ancient pine trees. Each of them was staring at Princess Ying Chuan with an infatuated glance. Some of them even had their face turned red, howling and about to leap toward her.

Princess Ying Chuan cried out shockingly. Her petite body suddenly shrunk as she squeezed herself in between Qin Qingshui's arms.

Qin Qingshui broke out in a raging flame of anger as he snapped, "What a bunch of useless fools! Why do you think I paid so much to keep you? Do I ask you to make a fool of yourself here? Get them out of here and punish them with three hundred strokes of wooden stick! Wait, five hundred!" A group of beast warriors from Scouting Office barged into the yard like a pack of savage tigers and wolves, grabbing and pulling all these spies who fell from the trees out from the yard. Very soon, muffled sounds of heavy strikes that hit on human body were heard coming from outside of the yard, while loud and miserable shrieks filled the air. But soon, these noises faded away, and eventually disappeared completely.

In just a very short time, a couple dozens of spies were killed by wooden sticks. Princess Ying Chuang was lying on Qin Qingshui's chest, praising his extraordinary manhood and the bearing of a true hero. Wu Qi shook his head while lying still on the tree. With such a management skill, how could this Qin Qingshui sit firmly on his position of Central Wind Guard's Chief Supervisor? If not because he was a lineage descendant of Qin Wuyang, he might long have been thrown off from his prestigious position, and could even face a risk for his life.

Regardless of how Qin Qingshui managed his subordinates, judging from the secret discussion between him and Princess Ying Chuan, and with Taba Ao earlier, Wu Qi could roughly guess what kind of role he was playing in this matter. As of Taba Ao, he was determined in fighting for the title of Duke Yan Le. However, as Lu Chengfeng was the first descendant who arrived at Ji City, he had no choice but to come to Qin Qingshui, asking him to help killing Lu Chengfeng, so Taba Muxiang could take the position. Therefore, it led to the case of Taba Qingye trying to ambush Lu Chengfeng but failing. Yet, Qin Qingshui stood out and sided with Taba Qingye and wanted to capture Lu Chengfeng on the spot.

When Lu Chengfeng inherited the title of nobility smoothly, and Yan Dan began to pay his attention to the case of Yan Buji's death, in order to disassociate himself from the case, Taba Ao quickly killed Taba Muxiang, so he could pass a message to Lu Chengfeng. At the same time, he simply turned his back at Qin Qingshui, asking the man to clean up his traces in this case.

At the same time, Princess Ying Chuan came to Qin Qingshui. Supposedly two of them were having a secret affair. As Lu Chengfeng had inherited the official post of West Supervisor as well as the title of Duke Yan Le, the clan behind Tie Yuewu began sharpening their blades, brewing the intention of replacing the current monarch of Lu Kingdom. In order to save herself, Princess Ying Chuan had to do something to Lu Chengfeng. However, with her status as the daughter of the monarch from a third-grade vassal kingdom, how could she have the ability to deal with Lu Chengfeng, who was the Duke of Yan Le?

Left with no other alternative, Princess Ying Chuan was forced to beg Qin Qingshui, asking him to fabricate a charge against Lu Chengfeng.

But as Yan Dan personally was paying his attention to the case of Yan Buji's death, even if Qin Qingshui borrowed one hundred times more courage than he had, he would not dare to frame someone without proper evidence.

Not wanting to give up, Princess Ying Chuan kept acted coquettishly and begging in Qin Qingshui's arms, using all sorts of flirtatious methods to try and convince him in agreeing to help her deal with Lu Chengfeng. Even if Qin Qingshui couldn't kill Lu Chengfeng, she would at least want Lu Chengfeng to promise her that Tie Clan would not go too far in the Lu Kingdom. In the end, she gave out her bottom line: If Tie Clan could behave themselves and not try to seize the position of Lu Kingdom's monarch, the monarch of Lu Kingdom was willing to cede half of the land to Tie Clan, allowing them to establish their own kingdom.

Yet, Qin Qingshui responded to her vaguely, dodging the request with Yan Dan as the reason. For one whole morning, both of them remained fully naked and had numerous rounds of sex on the couch. Qin Qingshui had satisfied his lust as Princess Ying Chuan exerted all her skills in pleasing him. However, in the end, she didn't win even a single promise from Qin Qingshui.

Qin Qingshui had released himself for nearly seven to eight times in Princess Ying Chuan's body, until he had lost all his energy to even lift his finger. Then, he hugged Princess Ying Chuan with his arms, smilingly giving her an idea, "Alright, alright, I am being watched by His Majesty, and Scouting Office cannot cover everything as we wish. In the hands of Vice-counselor Gao Jianli, there is a secret agent court that has the right to supervise Scouting Office."

He breathed out a long sigh, then kissed Princess Ying Chuan's face and told her with a low voice, "With those 'swallows' watching me day and night, there is no way I can fabricate a charge against Lu Chengfeng. If you wish to keep your Lu Kingdom, then just do what I tell you. Go find the Grandmaster of Imperial Family Court, Duke Yanxing, then..."

Qin Qingshui brought his mouth over to Princess Ying Chuan's ear, then using the technique of voice transmission, he told her something in secret.

Princess Ying Chuan's body stiffened, and her face turned unsightly as well. However, Qin Qingshui didn't care what was in her mind, as he continued playing with her body until he was satisfied. Then, served by two teenage girls, he put on his clothes, didn't say anything to Princess Ying Chuan and simply left. All the spies and secret agents in the mansion were leaving together with him as well. All the dead bodies of the spies were removed, leaving no trace behind.

Princess Ying Chuan said nothing but remained lying on the couch, as if she was in a trance. Suddenly, she laughed, hideously, and cursed under her breath.

"Qin Qingshui, when times come, Ying Chuan will slaughter every single member of your clan."

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