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Chapter 126: Innocent Paradise (1)

The twin swords hovered in the air like a pair of flying dragons and respectively locked onto Xiao Cao and Hua Yue as their targets.

“Ding!” Hua Yue’s white gold crossed sword shivered. Her Flying Swallow Sword was interrupted.

Obviously, Crane Wings Twin Swords were stronger than Hua Yue’s white gold crossed sword.

“Ding!” Xiao Cao’s reforged black iron sword couldn’t block the twin swords’ attack. Even though she had tried her best to parry the twin swords with her sword’s unbroken part, it was still useless.

Crane Wings Twin Swords were superior to Hua Yue’s white gold crossed sword. It was matchless amongst all the mortal-ranked weapons.

“Ok, ok, let’s eat the butter bread together!” Yun Xi used Quicksilver Motion, instantly appearing beside Xiao Cao and Hua Yue. He divided the last piece of butter bread into three slices.

“This is yours, Xiao Cao.” Yun Xi gently put the first slice of bread to Xiao Cao’s mouth, feeding her to eat it. Xiao Cao blushed, and this made Yun Xi really feel curious.

Did she really like his butter bread so much? As far as he remembered, Hua Huo, El’phyllis, Milei and Ye Li liked his butter bread too. Did his butter bread really taste so good?

“Ah!” Hua Yue felt jealousy as she watched this scene, but her face immediately turned bright, because Yun Xi came to feed her too.

“Awwoo!” Unlike Xiao Cao, who had eaten the whole slice of bread immediately. Hua Yue first put out her small tongue and lightly licked the white cream on the bread – she even stealthily licked Yun Xi’s finger – then bit the slice of bread bit by bit with a satisfied look.

I lost! Seeing Hua Yue’s cunning behavior, Xiao Cao finally realized what a mistake she had made. She shouldn’t have eaten up Yun Xi’s bread so fast!

They were really engaged in a close battle just now. Neither Xiao Cao nor Hua Yue conceded defeat. In that case, Yun Xi’s intervention was just in time. It wouldn’t mean anything if they kept fighting. However, Xiao Cao suffered a great deal on another battlefield, and Hua Yue wasn’t the last winner, too.

“Mei, feed me!” Mumu stretched out her both hands and kissed Yun Xi’s face. She gazed at the last slice of butter bread with desire, acting like a spoiled child.

This was her privilege as a child. Neither Xiao Cao nor Hua Yue could kiss Yun Xi so easily and not be hampered.

“Ok, ok!” Looking at Mumu’s watery eyes, Yun Xi felt that his heart had melted.

He mercilessly despised Mumu’s father in his heart again. How could her father abandon such a cute child so easily?!

“Ah… wuwuwu… Mei’s bread is the best! There is Mei’s taste inside it!” Mumu licked the white cream on the bread bit by bit with a bright smile on her face.

“It’s just a slice of butter bread. Please don’t exaggerate. I can make as many as I can as long as there are still raw materials.” Yun Xi didn’t understand why Xiao Cao and Hua Yue fought for his bread.

Was his bread really so fantastic? His technique had unleashed the food’s full taste and nutrition, but they were still normal food.

“We need your bread.” Although the battle had ended in a draw, Hua Yue didn’t feel at ease at all.

Xiao Cao’s advancement speed was too fast. If Hua Yue hadn’t awakened her White Gold Rose Bloodline, nor wasn’t using her white gold crossed sword, probably she would have been defeated.

“En. Bread is good,” Xiao Cao said and nodded, looking at Mumu, who was fed by Yun Xi, with an envious look.

Yun Xi feel that as if  he had returned to that small town. He looked at the three girls with a confused look. He remembered that in the past, his childhood sweethearts often kept fighting for his bread too. However, because Hua Huo was the strongest amongst them, she had taken almost all the butter bread Yun Xi had made. Occasionally, Yun Xi would make extra butter bread and only at that time would he could stealthily share that bread with El’phyllis, Milei, and Ye Li.

At this time, the girls had all finished eating Yun Xi’s bread. They let out a sigh of relief. The battle between Hua Yue and Xiao Cao was too fierce, getting out of their breaths. They could see Hua Yue’s Heavy Flying Swallow Sword and Xiao Cao’s Flying Swallow Fourteen Fold clearly, but couldn’t understand them. Most of the girls could only understand the starting position of the two different Flying Swallow Sword, and that was due to Yun Xi’s seeds in their bodies.

“I see! So this is the Flying Swallow Sword!”

“Hua Yue won’t be defeated!”

“But Xiao Cao is strong too! Neither side got the better of the other.”

“Can we create our own Flying Swallow Sword in the future?”

Due to Yun Xi’s seeds, all the girls had a special feeling towards Flying Swallow Sword. After seeing Hua Yue and Xiao Cao’s battle, they had all learned something.

The seeds were growing fast in the girls’ bodies.

After a night, the tropical storm that had raged last night was like an unreal dream, leaving no trace on the island. The scorching sun was shining on the unknown island, making the girls feel the full power of the heat in tropical regions.

Not only the sun, the air was hot too. Soon afterwards, sweat broke out all over the girls’ bodies and trickled down their backs, wetting their tattered clothes.

“I feel so hot! The heat is killing me!”

“Is this the tropical climate? How can people live under these circumstances?”

“I can’t live with the smell on my body!”

“We need to have a bath and change our clothes!”

“No! I can’t stand it anymore!”

In the scorching sun, the girls finally couldn’t stand the current situation.

When they were stranded, they could put up with inconveniences, but it was still a cruel torture to them.

“It’s indeed very hot today…” Yun Xi wiped away his sweat from his forehead. This was his first time being on a tropical island. Fortunately, his black maid’s uniform could clean itself automatically, so he wasn’t as embarrassed as other girls.

“Mei and everyone, guess what I have found!” Ling Ling’s voice came from a side of the mountain with a cheerful tone.

“What? New supplies?”

“You found some new survivors?”

The girls chattered, but none of them guessed the right answer.

“It’s a hot spring! I found a hot spring! This is a volcanic island!” Ling Ling said loud with excitement.

This news instantly ignited these girl’s passions.

“Hot spring! There is a hot spring!”

“I will die if the situation continues like this! I’m saved!”

“Let’s go and have a relaxing time at the hot spring together!”

“Mei, come with me! Let’s enjoy the hot spring!”

Yun Xi didn’t answer. His body was as stiff as a stone now.

Wwwwww… what?!… Hhhhh… having a bath together with these girls?!

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