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Chapter 848: A Hint of the Requiem Wood

Elder Shun left the sixteen kingdom alliance a few years ago and entrusted Huang'er to Jiang Chen's care. Jiang Chen deduced that the elder had first travelled to the Regal Pill Palace, then came all the way to Veluriyam Capital, and finally visited the entirety of the Upper Eight Regions. He'd also left behind an incredibly high bounty. The bounty offered a great emperor's relic for the Requeim Wood. At the time, this bounty had sent waves throughout the entire Upper Eight Regions.

If it hadn't been for Pill King Lu Feng back then, Jiang Chen wouldn't have learned that Elder Shun had once visited the Upper Eight Regions and Veluriyam Capital before. A bounty with a great emperor's relic as reward was enough to stir the interest of everyone in the human domain. Jiang Chen thought carefully and seriously for a moment, "Ole Lu, this isn't something to joke about."

Seeing how serious his master was, Pill King Lu Feng immediately lost his irreverent attitude and answered in a rare, serious tone, "I can't guarantee this matter is one hundred percent true, master. But I do think that the source of this news is likely reliable."

"Explain it to me carefully." Jiang Chen didn't dare take this matter lightly. The Requiem Wood was tied to Huang'er's life, so naturally Jiang Chen was very concerned about it.

"A wandering cultivator came to my store yesterday. You could say that he has made quite the name for himself in the community of wandering cultivators in Veluriyam Capital for the past few years. He and I have always gotten along well, and he often does business with me too…" Pill King Lu Feng responded. The pill king didn't leave Jiang Chen hanging. He relayed everything he knew in full detail. "When he returned this time, he had an extremely bizarre wound. He sought me out immediately and even dragged me out of seclusion, asking for my help to treat his wounds. However, his wound is so strange that even I, a highly skilled first rate physician, could do nothing about it. He wasn't willing to tell me the truth at first when I asked him how he got the wound, but when he felt that he was likely to leave the world, he struggled to make arrangements for after his death. He asked me to take care of his young son. The price he's willing to pay for my aid is a piece of intel regarding the Requiem Wood. For now, only a few wandering cultivators know about this…"

"Is he dead already?" Jiang Chen was moved when he asked this.

"Not just yet, but almost. If I am not mistaken, he only has less than three days left to live. He probably knows that no one in Veluriyam Capital can treat his wound, which is why he didn't try to seek out other reputable physicians to save him. He plans to just lie at my place and wait for his death to find him."

Jiang Chen hastily said, "Take me so I can take a look."

Pill King Lu Feng looked surprised, "Master, you wish to give it a try yourself?"

"I wish to know if his claims about the Requiem Wood is true or false. If it is a lie, then this person doesn't deserve to be saved."

"A lie? Why would he lie to me?" Pill King Lu Feng shook his head. "We've known each other for tens of years, so I know how he is. He is a somewhat arrogant man, but he is not someone who speaks off-the-cuff."

"What if he told you a white lie so that you'll take care of his young son?" It wasn't that Jiang Chen thought that this wandering cultivator was a bad person, but it was better to seek confirmation since it was a matter of great importance.

Naturally, Pill King Lu Feng supported Jiang Chen. He and that wandering cultivator were good friends with each other, so he didn't want to give up on his friend's life if there was even a sliver of hope of saving it. "What are we waiting for then, master? Let's head to my place right now. I feel that he's already at the end of his rope. Every minute we delay means that he's a step closer towards death."

Jiang Chen didn't dilly dally. After briefly informing Taiyuan Tower's people and letting Huang'er know, he set out with Pill King Lu Feng immediately. No progress regarding the Requiem Wood had been made thus far, so naturally Jiang Chen wasn't going to tell Huang'er about this new discovery. If this turned out to be false news, then he would only be disappointing her.

As a ninth rank pill king, Pill King Lu Feng was a man of high status even though he had no powerful patrons in Veluriyam Capital. His home was located at a very prominent area in the Farmer God Market.

"Master, this is the first time you've come to my place," Pill King Lu Feng looked very delighted.

Jiang Chen waved his hands, "Just in case, don't let your subordinates know too much."

Pill King Lu Feng chuckled, "Don't worry, master. Of course I'll make sure they stay out of the way while you're here. We can't have them spoil your visit, can we? They are all your diehard fans now, so it will be a problem if they try to keep you here upon learning of your arrival."

Pill King Lu Feng might look the way he did, but even he didn't work without obeying a set of guidelines. At the very least, he managed to keep everything in his pill king residence neat and tidy. Jiang Chen followed the pill king inside and went straight for the private rooms.

The wandering cultivator was staying at a room at the backyard. He looked a little startled when he saw Pill King Lu Feng leading a young pill king into his temporary lodgings. He was writing a letter and put it away upon seeing an unfamiliar face. He looked at Pill King Lu Feng, "Brother Lu, who is this? Is he your new disciple or something? He sure looks like a talented person."

Pill King Lu Feng's face turned green when he heard this, "Ole He, you musn't say such careless things! This person here is my master."

This wander cultivator is called He Hongshu. Although his relationship with Pill King Lu Feng didn't run so deep that they would risk their lives for each other, it was still a pretty strong relationship. He Hongshu looked blankly at Pill King Lu Feng when he saw his expression, "Your master?" It was obvious that he didn't believe this claim, at least not at the moment.

"That's right, he's my master," Pill King Lu Feng nodded affirmatively and without any hesitation, "Hear me out, Ole He. If there's anyone left in Veluriyam Capital who can save your life, then that would be my master."

He Hongshu's complexion was ashen and ugly. Rather than looking overjoyed at Pill King Lu Feng's claims, he smiled wryly. "Ole Lu, I'm a dying man, so can you not make a joke like this? I'm writing my will right now, and I'll give an account of everything I have. Who would have thought that I, Ole He, a wandering cultivator who has moved unhindered throughout the human domain would be met with such a terrible death? In the end, you are the only person I can entrust my son to."

Pill King Lu Feng waved his hands impatiently, "Hold your horses, will you! Now that my master has arrived, allow him to inspect your condition before you say such things. You might even find yourself unable to die in his presence even if you want to."

Seeing that Pill King Lu Feng bring up his 'master' again and again, He Hongshu couldn't help but cast Jiang Chen a few extra glances. He noticed that that young pill king was smiling and showing no indications that he was going to deny Pill King Lu Feng's claims. His expression was also completely free of any reverence or restraint. He really didn't look like Pill King Lu Feng's junior.

Can this young man really be Pill King Lu Feng's master? Does he look as young as he was because he's skilled in the art of maintaining his looks? But He Hongshu had met countless people in his life. He couldn't shake the feeling that this young pill king really was as young as he looked. A moment later, he asked hesitatingly, "You really aren't making a joke at my expense, are you, Ole Lu?"

Pill King Lu Feng cried out, "Where would I find the mood to make a joke at your expense when you're about to die?! You and I may not be brothers on a battlefield, but we have known each other for more than ten years. Out of so all the people I've seen in Veluriyam Capital, you are one of the few who actually deserve my attention. I'll be frank with you, if you were anyone else I would not have purposely invited my master over and trouble him like this. You may yet survive this predicament now that you have met my master."

"H-he really is your master?" He Hongshu was finally starting to believe Pill King Lu Feng's claims a bit after hearing this emphasis over and over again.

Pill King Lu Feng might have a comical temperament that made him a stubborn old man at times, but he wouldn't lie about something that he had stressed repeatedly to be true. "Of course! Do you really think that taking masters is a joking matter?" Pill King Lu Feng responded impatiently.

"I er… may I ask your master… master's name then?" He Hongshu immediately felt less confident than before. He was equals with Pill King Lu Feng, so technically speaking he should treat Ole Lu's master as his senior.

"Ole He, you may not have heard of the recent big news in Veluriyam Capital since you're traveling outside all the time. You know about Pillfire City, right?"

"Pillfire City and Veluriyam Capital are the northern and southern powers that reign supreme in the Upper Eight Regions. Of course I've heard about them," He Hongshu answered carefully.

"Then you probably know about the challenge Pillfire City issued to Veluriyam Capital as well, right?"

He Hongshu thought for a moment and nodded, "I've just returned, but I did hear of this when I passed through the streets. It actually sounds like Veluriyam Capital had the upper hand this time, am I right?"

"What do you mean upper hand? Complete and utter domination are the words you're looking for! We destroyed Pillfire City so thoroughly that they had to run home with their tail between their legs without even a loincloth to cover their shame!" Pill King Lu Feng's tone was exaggerated, and his spittle was splattering all over He Hongshu's face. The old man was even dancing for joy with an absolutely thrilled expression on his face.

He Hongshu knew how Pill King Lu Feng was, so he simply wiped away the spit on his face wryly and didn't try to interrupt his friend's fun. "In that case, do you know what kind of character this Pill King Ji Lang of Pillfire City is, Ole He?"

"I often visit Pillfire City territory, so I do know about him. Pill King Ji Lang is Pillfire City's half-step pill emperor, and his talent is said to be second only to Emperor Danji. Emperor Danji even once proclaimed that Pill King Ji Lang's pill dao talent exceeds his, and that the reason the pill king hasn't exceeded him yet is because the latter is still too young and has yet to achieve his full potential. However, he is certain to exceed Emperor Danji one day. Although it is likely that Emperor Danji is creating some momentum for Pill King Ji Lang, it is true that Pill King Ji Lang is the nominal successor of Pillfire City. He's more important than many other important elders." He Hongshu lived an adventurous life and often travelled to a lot of places. That was why he knew the gossip happening all over the human domain very well.

"In that case, do you know how badly this Pill King Ji Lang lost to us at Sacred Peafowl Mountain?" Pill King Lu Feng asked while chuckling.

"I had heard some, but there are too many details and too many versions of the story. I'm not sure which one's the one to listen to," He Hongshu answered honestly.

"Allow me to tell you the real version then. Pill King Ji Lang was trounced by my master himself. My master crushed him so hard that Pillfire City had to capitulate before him before they ran back to their mamas while covered in dirt!" Pill King Lu Feng looked so pleased it was as if he was the one who defeated Pill King Ji Lang.

Realization flashed through He Hongshu's mind, and the wandering cultivator stared at Jiang Chen and exclaimed in astonishment, "You… you are Pill King Zhen?" The deaf aside, who in Veluriyam Capital hasn't heard of Pill King Zhen? His legendary feats were the talk of the town wherever one goes. The pill battle of Sacred Peafowl Mountain was a battle that had turned the three words 'Pill King Zhen' into a new legend, achievement and popular figure in Veluriyam Capital.

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