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Chapter 814: Fifth Level Sage Realm

Emperor Shura's words were tantamount to a declaration of concession. He was yielding not because of love of peace, nor was he taking a step back to open up easier solutions to the problem. It was, in fact, to prepare for an even more aggressive advance later on. He had painstakingly accumulated power for the past eight hundred years. He knew he was ready to strive for supremacy with Emperor Peafowl, and the upcoming Veluriyam Pagoda opening was the perfect opportunity.

Emperor Shura's compromise had effectively relinquished the House Wei father and son back to the Peafowl Guard, but not before a final episode of resistance. When the seven great emperors were seated together, Emperor Shura brought up the question as to whether the Longevity Pill indeed belonged to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain. The Peafowl Guard naturally had to present sufficient evidence before the seven great emperors. Their two pill kings refined the Longevity Pill on the spot in order to defend the legitimacy of their claim. This proved to the other imperial powers that the Majestic Clan had in fact stolen the pill recipe, invoking the unanimous opinion that even death couldn't atone for the crimes of the Majestic Clan father and son. Now even Emperor Shura could no longer protect the Majestic Clan father and son.

Moreover, the Shura Emperor wouldn't allow the Majestic clan lord to bring up the Eternal Celestial Capital. It'd serve no other purpose than to bring shame upon their own camp. It would instead give Emperor Peafowl the opportunity to confirm the Majestic Clan's collusion with external forces. This would widen the scope of damage. Emperor Shura had no choice but to sacrifice the minority to remedy the greater cause. And thus, the Wang father and son were sentenced to death. The issue regarding the House Wei father and son was relatively simple. Detailed investigation revealed several doubtful points on their peddling of fake pills. The combination of witnesses and material evidence scarcely formed a plausible explanation.

Apparently, Emperor Shura wasn't willing to be entangled with them on this. He simply played along and released Shen Trifire and the House Wei father and son. Otherwise, he was well aware that Emperor Peafowl's mad reprisals may further expand to the Majestic Clan's collusion with the Eternal Celestial Capital. The truth would truly be difficult to explain at that point. There was obviously no such thing. But there was no way to deny anything now since they were tarred most convincingly with that brush.

The seven great emperors, once gathered, shared a mutual understanding that such a matter should no longer be extended. It was the Wang father and son shared the most tragic fate. Even their execution was carried out in one of the crowded districts of Farmer God Market. There was no shortage of people who came to witness the execution. It was quite the rowdy occasion. The Majestic Clan father and son didn't put up any form of resistance and accepted their decapitation like walking corpses. Only then did the curtains fall on this sensational case.

The implicated person, however, didn't even bother to witness the execution. Jiang Chen had been undergoing closed door cultivation since the previous episodes of disruptive gatecrashing. He had Pill King Lu Feng oversee things even after Taiyuan Tower restarted for business. Jiang Chen now had a clear understanding of the general situation after all that he had experienced. Neither the Majestic Clan nor Emperor Shura was the endpoint of his martial dao path. Strength was the ultimate deciding factor. Only those with absolute strength were qualified to speak and make it so that none dare offend them.

Take this counterattack for example. There'd be no possibility of turning things around if he hadn't had the Longevity Pill Recipe or summoned intervention from the Sacred Peafowl Mountain. He wouldn't even be qualified to strike back, much less launch an effective counterattack. He could at most stir up some trouble in secret if he were to depend on his own power. There was virtually no hope for him to destroy the Majestic Clan.

Jiang Chen was different from the other sage realm cultivators. He'd obtained large amounts of Sage Fledgling Grass from the restricted area back at Mount Rippling Mirage and had refined countless Heroic Sage Pills. As such, he held the absolute advantage over other sage realm cultivators in terms of resources. He also possessed a batch of Long Xiaoxuan's dragon crystals, which were powerful supplements. Jiang Chen's closed door cultivation lasted for a mere one month but within that period, he had broken through to a level that would take others several years to accomplish.

Fifth level sage realm! However, he felt no satisfaction after sensing the changes to his body after the breakthrough. After arriving at the Upper Eight Regions, he could most acutely feel the various constraints brought about by the difference in strength.

"Break through—I have to keep breaking through! The Veluriyam Pagoda opens in less than a year's time. I have to reach seventh level sage realm before then!" This was Jiang Chen's immediate aim. It was an ambitious target, but not impossible to accomplish. He'd mostly exhausted the potential of the Heroic Sage Pills and dragon crystals, and it would normally be difficult to use such a method to break through once again. But Jiang Chen still had the Sage Smile Pills.

The Coiling Dragon Clan Lord had granted him two Sage Smile Pills. Its appeal lay in the chance to unconditionally advance one level, although it could be used only once. Jiang Chen, therefore, would never use up such a chance during his origin realm years. He would have to cultivate by himself to reach sixth level origin realm, whereupon he would use a Sage Smile Pill and catapult himself into the seventh level sage realm. As such, his ambition to reach the sky sage realm before the Veluriyam Pagoda appeared far-fetched but it was, in truth, only dependent on whether he could reach the sixth level sage realm during this period. Eight months remained until the Veluriyam Pagoda opened. If only he could use his own palace abode to cultivate, his cultivation speed would increase to reach ten times the normal rate.

"It’s worth taking some risk in order to raise my strength." Jiang Chen knew that it would be absurdly difficult to achieve two consecutive breakthroughs in one year. But things would be completely different if he trained inside the palace. Training within for a day would likely equate to tens, if not hundreds outside. This was the exceptional privilege afforded by such a place designed by empyrean cultivators.  Utilizing the palace naturally involved certain dangers. But it shouldn't pose much of a problem for Jiang Chen after setting up certain concealing formations.

Jiang Chen exited his isolation after stabilizing his newfound realm. He hadn't had time to greet Shen Trifire and the House Wei father and son since their recent release. The House Wei father and son weren't upset by their capture for they understood that it had little to do with Pill King Zhen and more to do with the enmity between House Wei and the Majestic Clan. Thus they were being apologetic instead, "Pill King Zhen, we've dragged you in with us once again."

Jiang Chen laughed, "Those of us in the same boat should share the burden. It was actually the Majestic Clan father and son who had truly gone too far. Hopefully, we can enjoy a period of peace and quiet now that they've been executed."

Jiang Chen didn't say much after meeting Shen Trifire. He merely patted the pill master's shoulder, "You've suffered a fair amount of injustice this time, but you performed handsomely and suffered no disgrace. From here on out, you're my brother."

The persistent Shen Trifire refused to undergo the humiliation of surrender even after being captured. Jiang Chen couldn't help but have a whole new level of respect for him and felt he'd not misjudged the man. Shen Trifire's eyes turned red after receiving a consoling slap on the shoulder—a torrent of emotions shook his heart—he'd been sold around and suffered numerous hardships since the destruction of the Regal Pill Palace. Now he'd finally found a backer. It wasn't the steadiest of supports, but a firm one nonetheless. Jiang Chen's clap on the shoulder was, undoubtedly, indicative of his approval and acceptance. Shen Trifire was assaulted by a host of complex emotions brought about by this overwhelming favor.

"Senior brother, I'll definitely work hard and not disappoint you." Shen Trifire gave his earnest word.

The House Wei father and son made their entrance at that moment, accompanied by young master Ji San. Ji San was extremely delighted the moment he saw Jiang Chen, "Brother, I have great news I must tell you."

"Pray tell." Jiang Chen was somewhat puzzled.

"Come, let's find a place to talk about this in leisure." Young master Ji San dragged Jiang Chen by the sleeves and headed toward a relatively isolated area.

"Have you found the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"It's not about that," Ji San shook his head. "Brother, it's a great opportunity for you! The Veluriyam Pagoda Assembly will be hosted by Emperor Peafowl this time and you're on the list of invitees."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen appeared distracted.

Ji San sighed after seeing that Jiang Chen wasn't particularly amazed, "Brother, your reaction disappoints me. Don't you know what this signifies?"

"Do elaborate." Jiang Chen was now curious.

"It implies that you've been noticed by Emperor Peafowl! You might even gain his favor if you perform well in this test."

"Oh, I see." Jiang Chen nodded. He scarcely felt the wild joy Ji San was expecting.

"You bastard. Were you born with such a zombie face? It's as if you don't ever feel extreme joy or sorrow." Young master Ji San mocked, "But thanks to you, I was also invited. You should know that apart from the clan lords, scarcely any other normal people are qualified to attend. You and I are the only two wildcards."

Jiang Chen felt it to be a good turn of events, but was obviously far from being overjoyed. After all, it wasn't such an ecstatic matter to be favored by a mere great emperor to him. His anticipation toward these great emperors were no longer as intense after learning about the Myriad Abyss Island.

But of course, Jiang Chen naturally wouldn't turn down the favor of this mysterious Emperor Peafowl who'd ruled the Veluriyam Capital for nearly three thousand years. After all, he'd never made the acquaintance of such a high level expert barring Elder Shun. Perhaps he might even profit from this meeting. Seeing Jiang Chen completely unperturbed, young master Ji San said in a gloomy tone, "Brother, can you not show some spirit? This event holds extraordinary meaning for us. You know Emperor Peafowl never truly recovered from the passing of young master Fan. Perhaps this time he'll seek a new successor! Heh Heh, I'm looking forward to it even though chances are slim at best. Brother, it's not that I'm blaming you, but you should really be more serious about this matter if you're to save your fellow sect disciples and find your father. Who in the Upper Eight Regions would dare go against you once you become Emperor Peafowl's successor? All would answer to your beck and call!"

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