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Chapter 804: Jiang Chen Sets A Plan In Motion

“Clan Lord, did you see His Majesty the Great Emperor Peafowl?” Ji San asked.

“Alas, that’s why I said they prepared their scheme with meticulous care. His Majesty is in seclusion right now, he’ll only come out in another half a month. Half a month is enough to put us on the back foot.”

A gloomy Ji San asked, “Then does that mean we can only turn the other cheek and let them act as outrageously as they want? If no one reins them in, will the Capital ever know peace and order?”

The clan lord’s chuckle was cold and grim. “There’s an even more wonderful piece of news! Tomorrow, the Majestic Clan’s Taiyuan Lodge reopens for business. They chose an even more popular address and is planning on promoting the Longevity Pill as their main product!”

“What?” Ji San’s face sank even further. “Are they reopening shop while stepping on Taiyan Tower’s dead body? The Majestic Clan goes too far!”

Even Jiang Chen’s mind went blank when he heard the clan lord. This Majestic Clan was thick-faced enough to reopen Taiyuan Lodge, and still had the guts to use the word “Taiyuan!” However, thinking on it, was there anything the Majestic Clan wouldn’t do? Right now, Taiyuan Tower had been seized and become an object of ridicule. Under such circumstances, the reopening of the Majestic Clan’s Taiyuan Lodge was a declaration to the world that the ones who had the last laugh were the Majestic Clan and Taiyuan Lodge. As for Taiyuan Tower, they could only be the butt of the joke! This was where the Majestic Clan’s true scheme lay. Three birds with one stone! The reopening of Taiyuan Lodge, trampling Taiyuan Tower’s carcass, and finally giving the Coiling Dragon Clan a slap in the face in passing! One had to admit that the Majestic Clan’s maneuvers were ruthless to the extreme.

Ji San was furious. “Clan Lord, even with His Majesty Great Emperor Peafowl in seclusion, he still has four exalted emperors under him. Are they all good-for-nothings? Are they just going to watch and sit by while Great Emperor Asura’s men run wild?”

“Ole Third, quit talking nonsense! The four exalted emperors aren’t happy either. However, Emperor Asura’s men obtained so-called evidence this time. So even if they want to get involved, they can’t do so recklessly. It would be difficult even for Great Emperor Peafowl to extricate himself if they go parading around this so-called evidence. Perhaps him getting involved is precisely what Great Emperor Asura’s men are waiting for.”

Ji San spoke with a bitter smile, “Then what should we do? If we let them get away with it this time, it’s going to be even more difficult to stop it from happening again in the future. Don’t tell me Great Emperor Asura’s men can just defecate on Great Emperor Peafowl’s people whenever they like? Who gave them that right?!”

Ji San couldn’t hold back his anger. He thought that the current situation was utter bollocks. Great Emperor Peafowl was clearly the real number one power in the Capital, so why did it look like Great Emperor Asura was even more overbearing? Why was the Coiling Dragon Clan, a clan in Great Emperor Peafowl’s faction, on the defensive on every front? Why were they continuously provoked and taking one punch after another?

In the end, Ji San was full of the vigor of youth. It would have been one thing if such situations only happened once or twice, but seeing them happening in sequence left him thoroughly exasperated.

The clan lord heaved a soft sigh. “Ole Third, it’s not as simple as you think. First, His Majesty Great Emperor Peafowl is well aware of our clan’s recent straits. They’re also in a wait and see approach when it comes to our clan’s future. Second, young lord Fan, His Majesty’s most powerful disciple, unexpectedly passed away recently. This was a colossal blow for Great Emperor Peafowl. His Majesty hasn’t recovered yet from the shock of losing his disciple.”

“That’s why Great Emperor Asura took advantage of this weakness?” Ji San snorted. “This Emperor Asura rose to prominence a mere eight hundred years ago, but he already wants to challenge Great Emperor Peafowl’s position? Is it really Great Emperor Asura who’s becoming restless, or is it the curs and mongrels under him becoming restless?”

“Probably both.” The clan lord said with a sigh. “Ole Third, stay cool-headed. I will continue to think of a way to deal with this matter. House Wei is our clan’s people, it’s out of the question for us to simply sit idly by and watch.”

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen spoke up, “Since Great Emperor Asura’s side can act like this, then why can’t we reply in the same fashion?”

“What do you mean?” the clan lord blinked.

“They have the goods on my Taiyuan Tower. Even if it’s mere fabrication, they can still arrest my people. In that case, why can’t Great Emperor Peafowl give them a taste of their own medicine?”

The clan lord’s smile was wry. “It’s easy enough to say but hard to put in practice. If we use the same pretext and arrest some of their men, wouldn’t that clearly signify the beginning of open conflict? Great Emperor Peafowl might not be afraid, but it would still be beneath his dignity to do something like that, except if the pretext is foolproof enough.”

“What kind of pretext would be foolproof enough?” Jiang Chen asked.

“A reason that can’t be doubted even at a mere glance.”

“Then what should I do if I can find such a pretext?” Jiang Chen asked, his voice grave.

“Oh? Do you have a plan?” The clan lord’s eyes suddenly shone bright. If they really had such a pretext, then Great Emperor Peafowl’s people could definitely dose the other side with their own medicine. From the very beginning, an eye for an eye was a fundamental rule of the martial dao world.

If Emperor Peafowl’s faction came off worse in the exchange this time, if would be a tremendous blow to his prestige and authority, even if nothing transpired on the surface. Emperor Peafowl’s men would definitely be unwilling to accept that. The reason why they hadn’t acted yet was merely because of the great emperor’s seclusion. Without his orders, they couldn’t just take the initiative without permission. However, a pretext that was beyond doubt would be justification enough to go into action. Even without the great emperor’s nod, the four exalted emperors under Great Emperor Peafowl could still pass down the order.

Of course, the pretext needed to be rock solid, strong enough to stop the rumors and blabbering of the people. And it also had to be foolproof enough that Great Emperor Asura and his men couldn’t say anything! It was a high bar to reach. The clan lord looked at Jiang Chen expectantly, obviously waiting to hear what brilliant idea Jiang Chen had in mind. After all, this young man had brought him so many pleasant surprises in the past few days. He might very well have a solution to this issue.

With a cold smile, Jiang Chen spoke. As he spoke, the clan lord and Ji San’s eyes shone bright. Neither the old nor young man spoke for a moment after he was done. But soon enough, many emotions surged through their eyes. They contemplated for a long while before surprised delight slowly emerged on their faces.

Ji San slapped his thigh. “Not bad! This method is definitely feasible. And we’ll hit them where it hurts! This time, we must strike where they’re most vulnerable! Hit them ‘til they’re left looking for their teeth on the floor, hit them until they have nightmares as soon as they close their eyes. Until they have lingering trauma whenever as they think back on it!”

The clan lord was also beaming with delight. “This method is indeed possible. However, little friend, are you certain about this pill recipe…”

Jiang Chen interrupted with a nod. “There is no need to worry about that. There won’t be any issue whatsoever as long as it’s a pill king doing the refining. Of course, the higher the level the better!”

The clan lord let out a boisterous laugh. “You don’t need to worry about that. Would a pill king under Great Emperor Peafowl be mediocre? Also, if you gift them with this pill recipe, the great emperor and his men will definitely see you in a favorable light!”

“Time waits for no man. Should we go right now?” Jiang Chen didn’t want to wait one second longer than necessary.

The clan lord nodded. “Very well, we’ll go right now. We’ll need to hurry. The Majestic Clan’s Taiyuan Lodge is opening tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” Jiang Chen nodded.

With the clan lord leading the way, Jiang Chen arrived at the rumored Sacred Peafowl Mountain. This was the place where the great emperor imparted his teachings. As a great emperor, his teaching site was naturally not something an ordinary sect could compare to. However, Jiang Chen was in no mood to admire the mountain’s luxurious landscape. The clan lord was taking him to pay a formal visit to the four emperors.

Each of these four exalted emperors had a cultivation at ninth level emperor realm, all equally matched with the Coiling Dragon Clan’s clan lord. Only, the clan lord wasa little older and his foundations and accumulation deeper. In theory, he should be a little stronger than the four exalted emperors. However, it was difficult to tell if that would truly be the case when it came to real combat. After all, the four exalted emperors had followed Emperor Peafowl for a long time and benefited from the great emperor’s guidance. It wouldn’t be surprising if they possesses some overwhelming abilities when it came to real combat.


On the other side of the city, the Majestic Clan’s residence was brightly lit, a picture of liveliness and harmony.

At the banquet, the clan lord and a man with an aquiline nose occupied the main seats. Other guests of honor sat in front of them in the guest seats and kept them company. There were more than five lords of great clans present, to say nothing of others.

The Majestic Clan’s clan lord offered a toast and smiled, “My sworn brother, no words can express my gratitude this time. Your little brother will empty his cup first to thank his brother for helping us uphold justice. Taiyuan Lodge reopens its doors tomorrow. If you are free, I would like to invite you for a visit.”

The one he was calling brother was the man with an aquiline nose sitting at his side. This man was the Moon Monarch, one of the three emperors under Great Emperor Asura. The Moon Monarch responded with an indifferent smile, “I’m merely carrying out my duty, why talk about gratitude? As for tomorrow, I have some business elsewhere, so I won’t go personally. But I will instruct my men to stay on alert.”

The Majestic clan lord was a little disappointed, but his smile never faltered. “Brother, of course I can’t force you if you’re busy. With your fame, which hoodlum would dare stir up trouble?”

“Right, who would dare challenge the Moon Monarch?”

“Come come come, let all of us drink a cup in homage to the Moon Monarch.” These clan lords were all from clans under Emperor Asura, and all of them were Emperor Asura’s diehard followers.

In theory, the Moon Monarch’s status was about equal with these men, so he naturally couldn’t deny them face. He toasted them with a faint smile, “Let us all drink a cup together.”

Everyone’s mood turned for the better after the Moon Monarch took a drink. The atmosphere immediately became harmonious.

“Brother, how are you planning to handle the father and son pair from House Wei?” the Majestic Clan’s clan lord asked all of a sudden.

“Manufacturing fake pills and endangering the lives of cultivators in the Capital, of course this sort of miscreant has to be eliminated. After these matters are settled, I’ll report to His Majesty and personally behead those pests in Farmer God Market for all to see!” The Moon Monarch’s icy, arrogant eyebrows shot up with disdain. His words were eerie and sinister, without a hint of human warmth. Even though those present were all in the same faction, they still felt their scalps go numb.

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