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Chapter 719: Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder

Huang’er was also slightly surprised to hear that. There were treasures that could detect disguised faces, and many experts with strong consciousness could do the same without the use of treasures. But for the Eternal Celestial Capital to give out treasures capable of doing so mean that they were going all out. It would be nearly impossible for the two to pass through the gates, unless they could transform themselves in the same manner as dragons.

The two looked at each other, dejection clear in each other's eyes. Just as they were momentarily downcast, a racket started outside. It soon drew closer, and soon a group of thirty people surged inside. Most of them were dressed in warrior garb, and were led by a middle-aged man wearing a blue robe. On the whole, they resembled a butler leading a set of household guards. They exuded killing intent, and their bodies bore the marks of an intense battle. Yet their faces seemed to hold barely hidden anxiety, and the guards seemed to be protecting the hastily constructed stretcher that was being carried in the middle. They didn't seem to want to take any chances, each one on high alert. Their heads seemed to be on a swivel, their eyes never still they searched for threats.

The butler walked up to the approaching training ground associate with quite a bit of flair, "Hurry and prepare one of your good rooms; make it the best!"

The associate was obviously someone who knew how to size up the situation. He could tell from their attire alone that this group had an extraordinary background that set them apart from wandering cultivators. He immediately called out, "We have honored guests, prepare one of the sky rooms!"

The butler pulled the associate aside, "Don't bother, we'll take all of the sky rooms."

The associate was startled and laughed ruefully, "This will be difficult to do, friend. There are many reservations for the sky rooms."

This time, it was the butler's turn to start. He frowned, "Then cancel them all? We'll pay double."

The associate smiled wryly, "Honored guest, it's not a matter of money, but that no one does business this way. We wouldn't be able to explain ourselves to those customers."

The butler was thrown for a loop, but immediately thought of something and furrowed his brow, "We'll reserve all of the remaining sky rooms then."

"Understood, immediately." The associate relaxed inwardly when he saw the customer's attitude soften. He was most afraid of guests with power and authority who became stubborn. It was always a nightmare to deal with someone who just wouldn't listen to reason. After all, they were just one small training ground in Myriad Peoples City, they couldn't withstand the retribution of a major faction.

"Hold!" The butler called out again when he saw that the associate was about to leave.

"What else does the guest require?" The associate's heartstrings tightened again.

"Are there any renowned pill kings in Myriad Peoples City?"

Pill kings? The associate laughed self deprecatingly, "Honored guest, we're but a small border town. How would a true pill king bear to spend time here?"

The Myriad Peoples City was indeed a bustling city, but that was due to its advantageous geography and not the innate superiority of the city itself. No true pill king would be willing to take up long term residence in such a place.

"Not even one?" The butler's expression darkened.

"Well, we've had them come through before, but most of them were visitors. They would take up temporary residence, but there really aren't any who maintain a residence here."

"Then have there been any visiting pill kings lately?" The butler struggled to control his temper as he continued his line of questioning.

The associate shook his head, "Not according to what I know, but you can also ask around as well. I am of a lowly station and may not know of matters higher up."

News of a pill king was indeed a matter that would be best circulated among people of a higher station. Naturally, an associate didn't travel in those circles. The butler waved his hand, "Go on and prepare the room then." His face was grave as he turned back to look at the person on the stretcher. A hint of anxiety and deep worry flashed through his face. He turned back to give some orders, "Go ask around at the various pill factions in Myriad Peoples City to see if there's a pill king within the city. If there is, invite them here no matter what you have to do. If you have to…"

A particular light shone out of the butler's eyes. His men were all smart people and nodded, quickly walking out. Jiang Chen was sitting in the plaza, observing the group with no small amount of astonishment. These household guards all boasted powerful cultivations; it was clear they weren't ordinary cultivators. Moreover, while the butler was dressed in the robes of a servant, he was an emperor realm cultivator. Even the aura he unintentionally radiated was enough to make Jiang Chen treat him with wariness. This group was definitely not a hodgepodge of wandering cultivators.

He observed them carefully, uncertain of their origins and not daring to use his consciousness to scan them. What if this group was from the Ninesuns Sky Sect or Eternal Celestial Capital? Even if they weren't, attracting their attentions wouldn't be a smart thing to do. What if they were on good terms with the two sects?

The group soon sorted out their arrangements as the butler gestured to have his men take the stretcher to one of the better rooms. He remained waiting anxiously at the door to the training ground. This matter had also impacted many of the wandering cultivators present, so they were all quietly observing the situation as well. However, they soon lost interest after a while, returning to their drink and conversation. The premises soon returned to its normal hustle and bustle. Since nothing else had happened, the small interlude hadn't made too much of an impact on those present.

After half an hour, the men that the butler had sent out returned with various pill masters. Young pill masters, middle aged pill masters, even ones with long flowing beards made their appearance. Yet, not a single pill king was among their number. The butler looked a bit depressed, but he didn't say anything. He had all the pill masters go into the room, ostensibly to take a look at the injuries of the man on the stretcher.

In direct contrast to the confidence with which they'd entered, all of the pill masters exited one by one with various expressions of disgust and helplessness. Some of them also looked furious, yet didn't dare voice their feelings. It looked like they'd all been thoroughly berated. Jiang Chen's sensitive ears caught the muttering of one of the pill masters, "It'd be tough for him to live after being hit with that poison. Even the gods will find it tough to save him."

"Sigh, he's been struck with such a rare poison at such a young age. What could even a ninth level pill king do if one was here?" The pill masters didn't dare speak openly, but it was inevitable that they would grumble to themselves.

Jiang Chen grew curious as he listened in on them. What poison could be so incredible that they claimed that even the gods couldn't save the victim? Out of all the disciplines he had studied, his studies in pill dao had gone the furthest. Moreover, poisons were but a branch of pill dao. There was almost no poison that truly lacked a cure in the world. Even the strongest poison had its counter. The only limiting factor was time; whether one could find the antidote in time, or whether the patient had enough time left for the antidote to work. There were incredibly few poisons that guaranteed death.

"Let's hurry and go. As sure as tomorrow's sunrise, this group has an extraordinary background. We'll be in for it if they decide to take their anger out on us."

"That's right, let's go. Who can cure the Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder?" The invited pill masters hastily took their leave without tarrying. They absolutely couldn't afford to offend those who had invited them.

The Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder? Jiang Chen found this hilarious. If there really was a ninth level pill king present, he was certain that they would be able to cure this poison. However, the matter was nothing to do with him, so he didn't speak up to correct them. The butler was quite anxious as he called over another guard and handed him a calling card, "Go pay a visit to the city lord and see if he has any connections who can cure this poison."

"Understood." His men were very loyal and efficient. The man broke into a jog as soon as he had open space, clearly making for the city lord's manor. The butler watched him leave with a frown on his face, obviously not having a lot of hope.

Jiang Chen was speechless at seeing the fellow barking up any tree he could in his desperation. If one couldn't properly treat the Ninelaugh Golden Buddha Powder, then the victim would die after laughing nine times. However, Jiang Chen still didn't know where they were from. If these people had something to do with the Eternal Celestial Capital and was here to hunt him down, then not only would he not sympathize with the victim, he would actually applaud the situation.

The person sent to visit the city lord didn't take long to return. "Lord Seven, the city lord is also at a loss."

The butler was quite dejected and his tone quite displeased, "Since when has the city lord put on such airs? Even he can't cure it, he doesn't even bother to pay a visit after receiving our calling card? Looks like he's filled out his wings, huh!" He had a belly full of anger and nowhere to vent it on. A thick sense of displeasure suffused his tone.

His man responded, "Lord Seven, it wasn't that the city lord was putting on airs, but that there's a sacred holy king from the Eternal Celestial Capital at his place right now. He couldn't leave and said that he would come visit as soon as he gets the chance."

"As soon as he gets the chance? Everything will be over by the time he finds the chance! Eternal Celestial Capital? Sacred holy king? Hmph! When did the Eternal Celestial Capital command more face than our Veluriyam Capital!" The butler's rage flared. He clearly wasn't buying the city lord's act. He thought for a moment and gritted his teeth, murmuring to himself, "Must we really travel back to the Capital right now?"

The man hastily said, "Lord Seven, I'm afraid we can't do that The northern gate is under Eternal Celestial Capital control and is only open for four hours a day. We must pass through their screening in order to pass. They seem to be hunting down an enemy."

"Screening?" The butler arched an eyebrow, as if the rage in his belly had finally found an outlet. "Motherf*cker! Who the f*ck does the Eternal Celestial Capital think it is in the Upper Eight Regions?! When was it their turn to investigate us Veluriyam citizens?! Pack up, we leave immediately!"

"But… the young master's injuries might worsen with the journey," the man hastily spoke up.

"Will he get better if we stay in this dump?!" The butler also knew that the hardships of the road might worsen the poison, but to stay here was also to await death! How would they possibly keep on living if something happened to the young master?

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