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Chapter 690: The Shattered Sect

People from the various sects expressed their gratitude toward Jiang Chen and began to take their leave after the Great Cathedral group departed. They all knew that it was more dangerous to travel as a large group under present circumstances. They recognized that a calamity had befallen the Myriad Domain and they were on the brink of extermination. Fortunately, all these young geniuses possessed unyielding resolution. Even beset by astonishment and fear, they could maintain their composure. One by one, they made their decisions and tendered their farewells until finally, only the three from the Regal Pill Palace were left.

“Junior brother Jiang Chen, what do we do from here on out?” Shen Qinghong had officially accepted his position and now looked to Jiang Chen for orders.

“What plans do you have?”

Shen Qinghong contemplated for a moment. “They said that the Regal Pill Palace broke through the siege. I’m guessing that the palace head must’ve returned to the sect. I wish to go back and take a look, whatever the case may be.”

Ling Bi’er also nodded, “I also want to go back and see how things are.”

Jiang Chen didn’t object since all of them seemed to have the same idea. He definitely had to go back, especially since all of his followers were still at the Regal Pill Palace. After seeing no sign of protest from Jiang Chen, Shen Qinghong hesitantly enquired, “Then shall we leave right away?”

Jiang Chen motioned wordlessly with his hands, indicating that they should wait a while longer. Huang’er had drawn the two emperor realm experts away and would surely return to rendezvous with them. As expected, Huang’er’s voice soon transmitted through the air, “Sir Jiang, please go on ahead. Huang’er will follow shortly.”

Apparently, she didn’t want to expose herself yet. Jiang Chen gave it some thought and didn’t oppose her wish. He waved his hand, “Let’s go.”

It was as if the entire Myriad Domain had fallen into an endless inferno. There were signs of savage battle no matter where they went. Close to 20 fourth ranked sects from the Great Scarlet Mid Region had rushed in at the same time, bringing an extinction level event onto the Myriad Domain.

The trio tread carefully, avoiding certain battlefields along the way. Ling Bi’er’s countenance seemed to have iced over while the corners of Shen Qinghong’s lips spasmed repeatedly, mumbling unknown curses. The journey was not without its obstacles. The three finally arrived at the Regal Pill Palace after taking several detours.

However, only a vast field of ruins greeted the three homecoming disciples. They were completely frozen as they gazed upon the post-battle remnants of the sect from the shadows. The smoke and dust hadn’t completely settled over the ruins yet. The great protection formation to the entrance of the sect had been shattered and the entrance to Rosy Valley completely blasted apart. It was absolute devastation—residences lay collapsed in every direction while corpses of Regal Pill Palace disciples littered the area—no signs of life could be detected.

Ling Bi’er was immensely alarmed and rushed toward her residence to find only rubble with no signs of life. When Jiang Chen arrived outside his own residence, he was surprised to see that even his upgraded Nine Gates Incineration Formation had been destroyed! Jiang Chen felt as if he had plunged into an icy cavern—all his hairs stood on end. The worst case scenario had indeed happened.

He scanned the residence thoroughly with his consciousness, his heart pounding wildly. He was extremely nervous, afraid that he would see the battered corpses of his followers. Fortunately, he didn’t find any corpses. There were some signs of fighting within the residence, but not to the point of intense battle. He made some deductions after scanning the place for some time with his consciousness.

“The battle here wasn’t intense. It must’ve been a supreme expert who’d charged in after breaking the formation. They seem to have abducted Gouyu and the others. Otherwise, the battlefield would be very disordered.” Jiang Chen’s anxiety receded slightly when he didn’t find their corpses.

“I’m very sorry, Sir Jiang. Huang’er should’ve stayed back to protect this place.” Huang’er had appeared next to Jiang Chen at some unknown time, her words apologetic and remorseful.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were red as he shook his head. “This is not your fault. It’s mine… I overestimated the power of this formation.”

He was filled with remorse despite knowing that this was because the enemy was too powerful. But it was ultimately due to his own lack of power. If only he was stronger, the formation he put in place would have been more durable. Perhaps it could have even held out until he’d come back. It was too late. Anything was too late.

He punched the ground fiercely with deep emotion. He suddenly remembered something and shot swiftly towards the direction of the wood spirit spring. The sight of swordbird corpses littering the ground greeted his eyes as he arrived at the entrance to the cave, reigniting the flames of Jiang Chen’s fury. All the swordbirds had been slaughtered. They had died in a ghastly fashion with their insides blown apart in a mess of blood and gore. Jiang Chen’s chest wanted to explode after witnessing this carnage. His body began twitching continuously as his eyes grew red. He found the wood spirit spring empty on further observation. It seemed that even that had been looted by someone.

Long Xiaoxuan could no longer keep his calm at this point, to say nothing of Jiang Chen. He charged out from Jiang Chen’s body with a fast whoosh! He circled the wood spirit spring thrice while roaring furiously. Jiang Chen also flung his head back and howled at the skies, unable to contain his wrath. His eyes were so widened in his rage that they seemed on the verge of splitting apart.

“Great Scarlet Mid Region, Great Scarlet Mid Region!” Jiang Chen muttered whilst grinding his teeth. Jiang Chen had formed enmity with many factions and gained several enemies who would fight him to the death since he set foot into the unknown world, but he had never been infuriated to such a degree, not even once. It’d been at most a personal grievance previously, whether with Long Juxue or Wang Han. But the Great Scarlet Mid Region had completely crossed over his bottom line this time, drawing out two lifetimes worth of wrath.  

“Sir Jiang, it seems that sister Gouyu and the rest have been captured. We still have a chance as long as they’re alive.” Huang’er patted Jiang Chen’s shoulders in soft consolation. Huang’er was astonished to see Long Xiaoxuan emerge in his true form, but she had no time to give this further thought in this moment. She felt similarly distressed after seeing Jiang Chen’s suffering, wishing she was the one who was captured instead. She couldn’t help but feel a hint of a cruel murderous intent after witnessing this spectacle, despite her calm and tranquil nature. Not to mention, Gouyu and the others were like family to her after living here for a few years—they’d formed deep ties of friendship. Huang’er’s expression suddenly changed, “Sir Jiang, it seems we’ve fallen into a trap!”

Jiang Chen had been alerted at almost the same time. He produced several escape talismans with a grasp of his hands.

“Haha, who would’ve thought that watching a stump for a hare to to dash against it really does work!” An unpleasant voice like a broken gong tore through the air. Following that, several voices of the same repulsive quality echoed in differing volumes as well.

Countless clouds suddenly materialized around Jiang Chen’s residence, forming a grand and exquisite phantasmal palace. Jiang Chen activated his consciousness upon seeing this, but his heart immediately sank. The illusory palace had actually sealed off the area in the blink of an eye, effectively isolating the residence from the outside world. The space occupied by Jiang Chen and Huang’er shrank as layers of clouds pressed down on them. Woosh woosh woosh… figures dropped down successively like dumplings.

One, two, three…

There were a dozen in total and five leaders that were all emperor realm experts. A bald and burly man among them was at fourth level emperor realm. Jiang Chen was truly overwhelmed, no wonder that the Nine Gates Incineration Formation hadn’t held out! There was an expert amongst them who was at mid emperor realm.

The Nine Gates Incineration Formation could only hold out against experts of initial emperor realm, despite having been upgraded by Jiang Chen. It was also possible to break the formation if several such experts attacked in unison. It would be even easier to break the formation if an expert at the mid emperor realm was added to the equation.

A subordinate standing beside the bald man produced a jade token projecting Jiang Chen’s image, “Lord Gong, this brat is probably Jiang Chen.”

The bald man burst into laughter, “Who would’ve thought that the decision I made on a whim would land me such profit?”

Boundless might converged on Jiang Chen as the bald man suddenly fixed his gaze him. “You’re called Jiang Chen?”

Formidable emperor realm power surged out and tamped down on Jiang Chen’s head like a mountain. Even Jiang Chen’s breathing became distressed. Flames of fury roared in Jiang Chen’s chest as he unleashed his own aura to resist the suppressive force.

“Did you kill everyone here?” Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably cold.

The man rubbed his bald head suddenly laughed. “Interesting, interesting… A mere sage realm brat is actually able to repel my emperor realm aura?”

“Did you or did you not kill these people?” Jiang Chen ignored the bald and burly man’s attempt to act cool and solemnly repeated his question.

“Haha, why would I use a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken? There are naturally people who killed them for me. Why? Judging from your tone, it seems that you’re seeking revenge? Haha, interesting, interesting.” The bald man’s tone was filled with ridicule, amused by the struggles of his prey. He had thought this snivelling brat would be shivering in fear and begging for mercy under the circumstances. But this brat seemed to be growing increasingly bold. This surprised and excited him at the same time. After all, a compliant victim was rather boring.

“Did. You. Kill these people?” Jiang Chen’s eyes were completely red as thick killing intent shot out from his Evil Golden Eye.

The bald and burly man couldn’t help but laugh disdainfully after seeing Jiang Chen’s state. “Brat, I didn’t kill those people. But it makes no difference if you want to blame me. Remember, I am one of the holy kings of the Eternal Celestial Capital, Gong Wuji!” His entourage burst into laughter after hearing these words.

“And we are the Thunder Note Hall and Great Roc Sect of the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Brat, I’ll have you know that we exterminated the Regal Pill Palace and killed all the people here. How does a brat on the verge of death intend to deal with us?”

“Haha… Speaking of which, your Regal Pill Palace is rather fortunate. I heard the Great Cathedral and Dark North Sect were completely wiped out. But because we had some matters to ask, we sent back a batch of prisoners from here. They’ll at least live for a while longer. You, however, won’t be that fortunate…”

The bald and burly man suddenly waved his hand to stop the Thunder Note Hall and Great Roc Sect. He spoke with a slight smile, “Jiang Chen, I believe you also understand that the world of martial dao has always been one where the strong reign mighty. I feel that you have great aptitude and as such, I am willing to give you a chance. As long as you cooperate and put yourself under my control, perhaps you can survive.” The man’s words depicted his delight in being able to control the fate of others.

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