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Chapter 679: Ling Bi’er’s Circumstances

Jiang Chen understood a couple of things from their conversation. This Emperor Featherflight had a secret on him that resulted in him being chased by the Ninesuns Sky Sect and teh Eternal Celestial Capital. When he had been gravely injured, he’d escaped to the Myriad Domain and thrown off his pursuers by entering the Paramount Realm. The two sects assumed that he was simply barely scraping by somewhere, or desperately searching for an heir to pass on his legacy and treasures. So they had broken off the chase and had spread out a net to find this successor or Featherflight himself. But they always came up empty handed. Moreover, the secret they coveted was far too high profile for them to openly search for.

“Just what secret did that Emperor Featherflight have to make these two sects continue to search for a thousand years? Perhaps,  an empyrean decree?”

Any first rank sect would have numerous Titled Great Emperors, so ordinary items wouldn’t send the first rank sects into such a frenzy. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, only an empyrean decree would offer such temptation.

What was an empyrean decree? It was a sign from the heavens left in the body of an empyrean cultivator after obtaining the acknowledgement of the heavens. Many mortal planes viewed empyrean cultivators as demigods, and the empyrean decree was viewed as a sign of divinity. It was a validation of the heavenly law’s favor, and a personal decree. When an empyrean cultivator perished, their empyrean decree could be refined by others.

This was a priceless chance for many Titled Great Emperors who were unable to obtain recognition from the heavenly dao. A chance to obtain recognition from the heavenly dao and break through to the empyrean realm. If they could manage that, their strength would go through an explosive increase, but more importantly, so would their lifespan. Therefore, Jiang Chen felt that the only resource that would cause two first rank sects to fight to the death for would be a treasure as stunning as an empyrean decree.

Just as Jiang Chen was lost in his thoughts, Lin Hai and Jun Mobai had already engaged each other in battle. The two had concealed a majority of their strength, revealing their ability as seventh level sage realm. They were even stronger than the Ding Tong that Jiang Chen had killed in Mt. Rippling Mirage.  

“The Ninesuns Sky Sect is devious alright. Planting a pawn in the Tristar Sect wasn’t enough for them; they even stretched their hands out to the Regal Pill Palace. This Jun Mobai… hid himself well.” If it hadn’t been for Palace Head Dan Chi’s warning, Jiang Chen really wouldn’t have thought that Jun Mobai was a spy. However, he was happy to sit by and watch the two tigers fight amongst themselves. This was the transcendent region after all, and unlike the outside world, they might actually team up if they were confronted in here. Life energy was scarce in here to begin with, and fighting would consume a great deal of their personal stores of life energy. Besides, Jiang Chen wasn’t going to deliberately make the situation disadvantageous for him. Hadn’t Jun Mobai himself mention it? The fisherman would benefit when the snipe and clam fought each other. Jiang Chen decided to quietly sit by and be a fisherman.

Although he was someone who’d reincarnated, his body was that of a denizen of the Myriad Domain. He still had feelings for this place. Now that he knew that both Lin Hai and Jun Mobai were spies from external powers, he really couldn’t think positively of the two anymore. Jun Mobai in particular disgusted him since he’d infiltrated his way into the Regal Pill Palace.

After all these years, Jiang Chen felt quite a deep kinship to the Regal Pill Palace. Humans weren’t grass or trees, how would they possibly feel nothing? Whether it was Dan Chi, Mu Gaoqi, Elder Yun Nie, or the Ling sisters, Jiang Chen still greatly valued all of them. In his view, Lin Hai’s strength was stronger than Jun Mobai’s, but Jun Mobai was more devious. This placed them on roughly even footing.

Lin Hai was stronger not because of his own ability, but because of the flag in his hand. Clearly an extraordinary item, its offensive and defensive abilities were praiseworthy. There were many moments where Jun Mobai was on the verge of establishing an advantage, but was rebuffed by a sweep of that flag.

Things were just as Jiang Chen thought, the exceedingly low amount of life-force in the transcendent region left the two exhausted after fifteen minutes of vicious battle.

The two were akin to two bulls, their eyes bloodshot and panting heavily, but still full of crazed fervor. They didn’t look like they would back down for anything.

“Lin Hai, you’re nothing without that flag! Is this all that the Eternal Celestial Capital can do?” Jun Mobai knew that he wouldn’t be able to win if he couldn’t get past that damned flag.

Lin Hai snorted coldly, “And you think you’re strong? You depend on devious schemes as well! Cut the bullshit, continue!”

Just as the two were furiously battling each other, Ling Bi’er actually found a place of inheritance in a remote corner of the inner region. It was very isolated, but she had just happened to stumble across it. This place of rebirth was left behind by a ninth level emperor realm cultivator!

The cultivator hadn’t lived out her days here, but was rather cultivating an art of rebirth, one that found life in death. She’d tried to ascend to a higher level in the Paramount Realm, but had ended up losing everything in the end.

This particular place of rebirth had been filled with the preparations for ascension, so it provided quite a comfortable environment for Ling Bi’er. She had been on the edge of breaking free of the spirit realm to begin with, so breaking through to the sage realm with an easy feat for her. Having received such a surprise, Ling Bi’er decided to bend her mind to breaking through to the sage realm and broke through all her shackles in one go, ascending after a full day and night’s worth of effort! Not only that, but the process seemed to have awakened something in the place of inheritance and she also received the ninth level emperor realm cultivator’s legacy.

This really gave her a surreal feeling. She’d never felt that such fortune would await her in the Paramount Realm! Although Palace Head Dan Chi had received a legacy in the Paramount Realm, the level of his inheritance was obviously inferior to hers. It was almost to the point where she wondered if such a level of inheritance had truly existed in the Paramount Realm for the last thousand years. This pseudo Titled Great Emperor had left behind many items, and the more Ling Bi’er counted, the more amazed she was. She finally understood why Jiang Chen was so strong. She guessed that junior brother Jiang Chen must’ve had some heaven defying fortune, and now Lady Luck had smiled on her as well. When she looked at all these treasures, the normally Ling Bi’er actually became a bit nervous. If the outside world knew of these treasures, a violent storm would rock the entire Myriad Domain as everyone fought over them.

“Mm, I must keep this completely secret. Senior Shao Yin was an extraordinary woman. There are far fewer female cultivators than male cultivators in the Divine Abyss Continent. As a female cultivators, I must take up the mantle for all female cultivators…” Ling Bi’er had slowly calmed down from her initial delight. The senior had indeed left behind many treasures, and any of them would be an unparalleled treasure in the Myriad Domain. She carefully put them all away and made her gestures of respect, “Senior Shao Yin, junior Ling Bi’er has received your inheritance. I will spread its glory to the world one day, and elevate the name of female cultivators for good.”

Ling Bi’er wasn’t the sort to dismantle the bridge after she’d crossed the river. She only left after paying her respects in full. She knew that she couldn’t stay long here. She’d be in great trouble if someone found her, so she destroyed anything that could possibly be a clue before she left.

“Hmm, I’ve spent six out of the nine days allotted to us. I wonder where junior brother Jiang Chen is now?” Ling Bi’er was thinking about Jiang Chen and didn’t want to leave immediately, so she decided to look around and see if she could find him.

Her instincts suddenly screamed at her, but a yell exploded out from her left just as she leaped for a hiding spot. “It’s Ling Bi’er; that’s a disciple of the Regal Pill Palace!”

Ling Bi’er’s heart thumped when she heard this voice. Why is it him? She almost thought that something was wrong with her ears. The person speaking sounded like Wang Jianyu, the palace head of the Sacred Sword Palace! Her instincts were fully roused, and she knew something had gone wrong. Her body flickered as she prepared to flash away.

However, Wang Jianyu was way too fast, and caught up to here in a mere three steps, “Where do you think you’re going, you little bitch?”

Ling Bi’er had just started to increase her speed when Wang Jianyu stopped her. He leered, “Go on, run. Why don’t you run?”

Ling Bi’er’s slender eyebrows knitted together slightly, “Palace Head Wang, how dare you sneak into the Paramount Realm? This is a blatant violation of the rules! Aren’t you afraid of inciting public anger towards the Sacred Sword Palace?”

Wang Jianyu cackled loudly. His emotional and mental state had been twisted after one shock after another, so he’d lost his customary poise of a sect head. But in that place was born a dangerous madness. “Public anger? Myriad Domain? Hahaha!! What’s public anger? They can’t even save themselves at the moment. What public anger could they summon!?”

Ling Bi’er’s expression darkened. “Palace Head Wang, what do you mean by all of these alarmist words?”

Wang Jianyu continued cackling, “What do I mean? Simple, the Myriad Domain is done for! You little bitch, I heard you have a good relationship with Jiang Chen. Does that mean we can lure him out if we use you as bait?”

Wang Han and the others had taken their time to walk over now, supercilious smiles on their faces. Behind Wang Han walked an ancient, shriveled mysterious elder. But Ling Bi’er’s instincts did something far worse than screaming at her when she saw this man. They went dead silent, as if the sky itself had caved in.

“Ling Bi’er, to think that there would be a day in which you fall into my hands!” Wang Han suddenly wanted to laugh to his heart’s content. He’d lusted after her for so long, but the fact that their sects were rivals meant that he couldn’t openly pursue her. However, he’d had many wet dreams about her, and now that he saw her, he felt a perverted sense of satisfaction rise in his heart.


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