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Chapter 635: Return to Regal Pill Palace

In reality, what Elder Yin Nie said made a lot of sense. Forget Shen Qinghong, even if he were to use an earth rank spirit herb himself, he wouldn’t be able to fully absorb its effects either. After all, earth rank spirit herbs were made for emperor realm cultivators. It was considered a lavish expenditure beyond one’s rank if even a sage realm expert used it. While the effects would be splendid, wasn’t it a waste if one could only absorb ten percent of such a good spirit herb? Right now, Shen Qinghong was only at the first level sage realm. If he were to use an earth rank spirit herb, he would at best absorb ten percent of it and raise his cultivation by one level. What was the meaning in that?

One could certainly use earth rank spirit herbs, but not in such a wasteful way. After all, there was a finite amount of earth rank spirit herbs. What was the difference between using it this way and just completely wasting it?

However, in Elder Lian Cheng’s eyes, Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie were purposefully limiting and suppressing Shen Qinghong. The elder had only obtained two earth rank spirit herbs himself. He was naturally unwilling to give one to Shen Qinghong. Therefore, Elder Lian Cheng’s goal was earth rank spirit herbs that’d been labelled for public use. The reason he was making such a fuss was because he was targeting the pool of public spirit herbs. He wasn’t just aiming for the earth rank spirit herbs. He was also aiming for the sky rank ones as well.

Jiang Chen had left behind three sky rank spirit herbs for the sect. Earlier, Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie had split up the two that the sect had obtained amongst themselves. The reason for this distribution was because one of them was a palace head, and the other person was the Herbal Hall Hallmaster, who’d accomplished a great merit in the ancient herb garden. Therefore, they deserved their share, whether one looked at it from the standpoint of reason or sentiment. However, a further three sky rank spirit herbs had been provided by Jiang Chen. If it was a contribution by Jiang Chen to the sect, then why couldn’t it be shared amongst the rest?

“Forefather Qi, Elder Hu, both of you are people of great virtue and prestige in the sect. I, Lian Cheng, feel that this is quite unfair to the two of you. Are the two forefathers of the sect not qualified to obtain even one sky rank spirit herb?” Elder Lian Cheng adopted a flattering tone as he turned to them.

He was obviously voicing words they wished to hear while plotting for himself too. Forefather Qi and Elder Hu held incredible status in Regal Pill Palace. After the two elders had gotten their share, then would come Elder Lian Cheng’s turn. Coincidentally, there were only three sky rank spirit herbs in the public domain. After the two elders had taken one spirit herb each, only one would be left. No matter how one looked at it, it should go to Elder Lian Cheng.

Elder Lian Cheng had previously been injured by Cao Jin, and he’d fixated on the feeling that he’d been wounded for the sect’s sake. He believed that he had toiled hard and performed a valuable service for the sect, so there was no reason he should fail to obtain a sky rank spirit herb! If Elder Yun Nie could receive a sky rank spirit herb, then Elder Lian Cheng should also have one too! He would feel quite put out otherwise.

Forefather Qi and Elder Hu exchanged glances with each other. They would be lying to themselves if they said they weren’t tempted.

“Dan Chi, since this is for public use, then us old fellows should have first priority to use them no matter what. A sky rank spirit herb is something that one only encounters serendipitously, so in my opinion, why don’t we…” As the former palace head’s junior brother, Forefather Qi was someone who even Dan Chi had to call senior uncle. He was a person of great virtue and prestige, and his words were weighty in their own right.

“Senior uncle, the agreement regarding the public spirit herbs is a matter of public accord. There are two reasons why I haven’t distributed them. One is because Jiang Chen’s location remains a mystery. It would be doing him a disservice if we give away his spoils of war without careful consideration. Two, the method of distribution isn’t an easy choice to make. If we distributed all three sky rank spirit herbs beforehand, then the youngsters below us wouldn’t any hope at all. It is a bit unfair to them.”

In reality, Forefather Qi knew that Dan Chi was a man who lacked selfish motives. That was why Forefather Qi had no intention of targeting the palace head and didn’t shame him after these words. “Dan Chi, you are now the palace head. As the head, your word is law. I am old, and while I do have great use for a sky rank spirit herb, I am happy to leave it for the young geniuses as well.”

On the other hand, Elder Hu said, “That is not the case, ole brother. The situation in the Myriad Domain is currently quite complex, so I believe that us old fellows should continue to increase our strength. An increase in our strength will affect the sect’s fate more in critical moments than our young disciples’.”

“Elder Hu’s words make sense. After the previous incident, I too believe that our young disciples are still incapable of standing on their own for now,” Elder Lian Cheng latched onto the elder’s words. He’d seemed to unintentionally bring up the previous incident, obviously wanting to emphasize the fact that he had gotten hurt for the sect’s sake, and had rendered a valuable service for the sect.

Elder Yun Nie suddenly smiled, “Since everyone wants a share of the sky rank spirit herbs, I happen to have the perfect method that will be the best compromise.”

“What method is it?” Elder Hu’s eyes lit up.

“There are three sky rank spirit herbs left. Forefather Qi is a person of great virtue and prestige, and the eldest senior of the sect. Naturally, he deserves a sky rank spirit herb. There are no objections to this. As for the remaining two sky rank spirit herb, we can distribute one to the most influential elder based on status and prestige. The final one shall be offered as a reward to the genius with the most talented performance during the Myriad Grand Ceremony. This way, both the elder and younger generation are not neglected. This is the perfect method to satisfy both worlds.”

Elder Hu laughed heartily when Elder Yun Nie finished, “This method is wonderful. I agree!”

Palace Head Dan Chi was also laughing on the inside. Elder Yun Nie’s plan had a clear purpose. It perfectly cut off Elder Lian Cheng’s attempt to obtain a sky rank spirit herb. The elder had kicked up such a fuss for a sky rank spirit herb, but it just so happened that he wouldn’t get one through this distribution method. Since two of the sky rank spirit herbs were to be split amongst influential elders, Forefather Qi would acquire one without a doubt. As for the last remaining sky rank spirit herb, Elder Hu was even more qualified than Elder Lian Cheng. This meant that Elder Lian Cheng wouldn’t get a single sky rank spirit herb despite having argued until he was blue in the face.

If you think you’re capable, then go compete with Elder Hu for the spirit herb!

Forefather Qi cast a meaningful glance at Yun Nie and was inwardly impressed with the latter’s quick wittedness. This method might appear fair, but in reality it had split apart the tacit understanding between Elder Hu and Elder Lian Cheng. Originally, the two elders had joined forces to obtain a sky rank spirit herb each for themselves. However, this suggestion had put Elder Hu and Elder Lian Cheng in direct conflict for one sky rank spirit herb instead.

This way, the unspoken alliance between the duo had naturally fallen apart.

Most importantly, Elder Yun Nie’s suggestion appeared to be the epitome of objectivity and selflessness. It was a suggestion that took care of his old comrades and encouraged the youngsters as well. It was a perfect method that satisfied both sides. No one could criticize it.

Elder Lian Cheng pondered for a moment and immediately deduced Elder Yun Nie’s intentions. His expression instantly sank. “Elder Yun Nie, what do you mean by this? Are you targeting me on purpose?” Elder Lian Cheng couldn’t quite maintain his facade as his expression turned dark.

Elder Yun Nie was absolutely innocent, “What do you mean, Elder Lian Cheng?”

Forefather Qi smiled and interjected before Elder Lian Cheng could respond, “In my opinion, this suggestion is worth considering. The seniors should take precedence, and the youngsters shouldn’t be neglected either.”

Elder Lian Cheng didn’t dare refute Forefather Qi’s words.

Palace Head Dan Chi nodded, “If there are no objections, then the decision is made. Forefather Qi and Elder Hu are the two most qualified forefathers of the sect. They will both obtain a sky rank spirit herb each. The last sky rank spirit herb will be put up as the reward for the Myriad Grand Ceremony. Any Regal Pill Palace disciple who obtains the best result shall obtain this sky rank spirit herb.”

Forefather Qi smoothed things over while laughing, “Don’t be dejected, Lian Cheng. Your Shen Qinghong is the top talent among the younger generation. In my opinion, this sky rank spirit herb would most likely fall into your faction.”

Elder Lian Cheng opened his mouth, but wasn’t sure what to say. If he argued any further, then it would mean that he planned to fight for the sky rank spirit herb against his own direct disciple Shen Qinghong.

“Alright, let us end things here today.” Palace Head Dan Chi adjourned the meeting with a wave of his hand.

Elder Hu was all smiles as he chatted with Forefather Qi. He was naturally happy since he’d obtained the sky rank spirit herb he wanted, and thought that both Palace Head Dan Chi and Elder Yun Nie had given him much face. As for Elder Lian Cheng, Elder Hu naturally wouldn’t care what the former was thinking.

Just as Palace Head Dan Chi was about to return to his residence, a ray of light suddenly flashed into his hand and landed on his palm. It was a message glyph.

Palace Head Dan Chi opened it for a look. At first he was unconcerned, but a rapt expression instantly appeared on his face after he read its contents. The message glyph was actually from Jiang Chen! Jiang Chen! He’s emerged from Mt. Rippling Mirage?

Palace Head Dan Chi exited a side door of the sect’s formation at a certain corner of the Regal Pill Palace and was greeted by a sight for sore eyes, Jiang Chen, the boy he had not seen for two years.

“Well met, Palace Head.”

“Haha, Jiang Chen! I knew it! You were no average person, and a mere Mt. Rippling Mirage wasn’t enough to hold you. It would appear that my predictions are very much accurate!” Palace Head Dan Chi was absolutely overjoyed. Today was the happiest day of his life in the past two years.

“Palace Head, has news of the Tristar Sect’s betrayal and surrender to the Ninesuns Sky Sect already been exposed?”

“Have they truly flocked to Ninesuns Sky Sect’s banner?” Dan Chi had deduced this earlier, but had had no evidence in the end to prove his theory.

“It’s absolutely true. I learned of it just a few days after I entered Mt. Rippling Mirage. I’d simply refrained from saying so because it is a matter of the utmost importance. Tristar Sect’s Ding Tong pursued and attempted to kill me the day I entered Mt. Rippling Mirage. That kid was in fact a disciple sent by the Ninesuns Sky Sect into the Myriad Domain to set up their plans. Not only have Ninesuns Sky Sect set their eyes on the Myriad Domain, this wasn’t a plan that’d only sprung up a couple of years ago. They’ve likely prepared for this for a very long time.” Jiang Chen knew how important this matter was, so he had to report it in full to the palace head.

“Let’s head inside first before discussing anything further.” Dan Chi came to solemn attention inwardly, but didn’t panic.

He carefully asked about the relevant details once they’d returned to his residence. Jiang Chen told Dan Chi everything he’d learned from Ding Tong and some of the evidence he had discovered. Now that things had reached this point, Jiang Chen didn’t even conceal the matter of Cao Jin.

“You’re speaking of Cao Jin, that blue browed youngster?” Dan Chi’s expression changed considerably upon hearing this. “Did… did he entered the forbidden area of Mt. Rippling Mirage?”

“You know about him, Palace Head?” Jiang Chen remembered Cao Jin claiming that he had came by Regal Pill Palace before. Was that actually the truth?

“Not only do I know him, I’ve even fought against him once. This kid’s strength is unfathomable, and I barely managed to take a blow from him. If I wasn’t aided by a benefactor, I do not know if I could even block three moves from him.” Dan Chi had bowed to no one in his life, but to this day he couldn’t help but feel less capable than he would’ve liked when thinking of Cao Jin, even though the palace head was currently at seventh level sage realm.

Dan Chi immediately reiterated the story of the disturbance that Cao Jin had caused.

A mysterious cloaked person? A beautiful figure abruptly flashed across Jiang Chen’s mind. He couldn’t help but think, could that have been her? Jiang Chen might not have witnessed it with his own eyes, but the first thought that crossed his mind had to do with that mysterious Miss Huang’er.

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