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Chapter 609: Mysterious Cloaked Person

Cao Jin glanced at Elder Hu to his side and quirked his lips. He brandished his sleeves carelessly. “Scram!”

The angle from the flourish actually formed a terrifying whirlpool of inner energy that struck through the air like a nebula descending from the heavens. It was only when this momentum was crashing towards him that Elder Hu learnt how terrifying this blue browed youth was. He grit his teeth and punched out with his fists, simultaneously crushing two defensive talismans.


Two shields blossomed around him, but the enormous power crashed into them like dragons ripping through the void, tearing them apart.

“No!” A trace of terrified surprise flashed through Elder Hu’s eyes as he tried to retreat. But the power from the sleeve seemed to follow him like his shadow. It raced closely after Elder Hu before hurtling into his chest. He opened his mouth and spewed a great gout of blood before he dropped like a kite with cut strings.

One move, again!

Even the reclusive Elder Hu, whose strength was on par with Elder Lian Cheng, had been sent flying with one move from this young man! Everyone, including Dan Chi, sucked in a breath. The old monsters standing behind Dan Chi were even more shocked. All of them had lived for over a thousand years, but they were actually this helpless against a youth! Such dominating strength shouldn’t appear in the Myriad Domain. Even the slowest amongst them knew by now that this youth was from the Upper Eight Regions.

“Dan Chi is it? I don’t mind slaughtering you all if you send out more cannon fodder.” Cao Jin’s gaze was cold as he locked onto Dan Chi. He may have seemed cocky, but he was an exceedingly smart person. When he’d sent Elder Lian Cheng and Elder Hu flying, he’d injured them gravely but not fatally. If he’d attacked with full force, both of the two elders would’ve died just now, but he’d held back for other reasons.

His goals were the sky and earth rank herbs, and the Longevity Pill recipe. If he started killing people, he might rouse the ire of the entire Regal Pill Palace and they might very well decide to fight to the death with him. Once the other side decided to go down together, it’d be impossible for Cao Jin to gain what he wanted even if he was able to leave. Therefore, he had refrained from killing anyone, not because he couldn’t, but out of purposeful calculation. If things really escalated to the point where the entire sect was willing to put their lives on the line, then he would end up with nothing.

Dan Chi knew that if he didn’t take a stand soon, the Regal Pill Palace would teeter on the edge of destruction, and his own reputation would free fall. He nodded slowly, “Judging from your overwhelming strength, you must come from a first rank sect of the Upper Eight Regions. The geniuses from that area have lofty visions. Why have you set your sights on my Regal Pill Palace today?”

Cao Jin smiled faintly. “You want to know?”

“I wish to hear the particulars.” Although a life and death struggle was staring at him in the face, Dan Chi didn’t lose his composure.

“Alright, take three of my hits first then. If you can, I’ll leave without another word..” Cao Jin smiled slightly. “But if you can’t, then what I say goes.”

Dan Chi thought for a moment. Although he knew that there was a great gap between his strength and Cao Jin’s, there was still a thirty percent chance that he would be able to take three hits. Now that things had progressed to this, he had to fight to the death even if there was a ten percent chance, much less thirty. If he shied away from battle, then even if this youth didn’t destroy the Regal Pill Palace, the sect’s morale would be greatly affected and its strength sapped. This might even prove its undoing. Then, as sect head, he would lose all his authority and dignity, and all his hopes and ambitions would disappear like fleeting clouds. Therefore, he had to take to the battlefield no matter what. Fleeing was not an option.

“Alright, since you insist upon this matter, then I will take three of your hits.” Palace Head Dan Chi made up his mind.

“Think twice, Palace Head!”

“Palace Head, this kid is strange. Why don’t we all attack him at the same time along with the Great Protection Formation. If so, we might be able to withstand him! Then, we can then call the other sects for help and everyone can destroy this cretin together.”

“Indeed, Palace Head! All sects have the responsibility to step forth when strong enemies invade the Myriad Domain. Our Regal Pill Palace doesn’t have to face this alone!”

The old fellows behind Dan Chi were all prudent and cautious. It was apparent that they didn’t think well of Dan Chi’s chances against the blue browed youth. But with a wave of his hand, Dan Chi stoppered their protests and advice. He was the head of the Regal Pill Palace and had just participated in the Pill Battles. Naturally, he had a deeper understanding of the relationship between the six great sects of the Myriad Domain compared to these elders who didn’t usually step out of the sect. To be blunt, each of the six great sects had their own plans. Ask them for help? Apart from the Dark North Sect who would respond, none of the others were worth depending on! In particular, they’d be lucky if the Sacred Sword Palace didn’t delight in the Regal Pill Palace’s misfortune instead!

Cao Jin was slightly surprised to see Dan Chi walk out. The edges of his lips curved into a smile. “Dan Chi, it seems that I’ve underestimated your courage. Three hits…”

A faint blue air current that flowed in tune with the endless heavens had startled rippling over Cao Jin’s body as he was speaking. At that moment, Cao Jin seemed to dissolve into the void.  

“The first hit,” Cao Jin said apathetically as he pointed a finger downwards. Starlight flashed by, melting into the air before it splashed outwards like a river pouring forth from the heavens, instantly covering the surroundings with countless stars. This was one of Cao Jin’s arts, the “Milky Way Point”.

The tip of his finger was festooned with the resplendent celestial radiance of a river of stars.. Each flicker of a star held enough power to crush mountains and rivers. The stars twinkled on and off before they suddenly converged into a single point and transformed into a terrifying cloud of blinding light. It crashed towards Dan Chi like a meteor!

Dan Chi’s entire body tensed as he focused on the attack. He fully extended his consciousness as he locked onto Cao Jin’s every movement and gesture. He knew how difficult it would be to take three hits from someone as strong as Cao Jin. But he’d never thought that what looked like a careless point of a finger had such terrifying might behind it! How was this a ninth level sage realm genius? This was absolutely the peak of the sage realm, half step emperor realm! Dan Chi didn’t dare underestimate this attack. He drew a circle with his hands and quickly formed a vortex within it. Gusts of air continued to converge as the vortex spun faster and faster, becoming a glossy mirror of air currents!


The point that seemed to contain the Milky Way hurtled down and crashed into the air current mirror!


The mirror shattered as all its air currents scattered. Dan Chi gave a muffled grunt as he was caught in the wake of the attack. He stumbled a dozen steps backwards, a wave of nausea and disgust bottled in his chest. A mouthful of blood welled up in his throat, but he struggled to force it back down. Dan Chi circulated his breathing and flushed red and white, before finally settling back down after he’d circulated his qi seven or eight times.

“Hmm?” Cao Jin was taken aback. Even though he’d only use seventy to eighty percent of his power, he hadn’t thought that a sixth level sage realm fellow would be able to take on his vaunted Milky Way Point. The air current mirror that Dan Chi had formed within the vortex was clearly quite a profound technique. There was a layer to it that even Cao Jin couldn’t understand.

Dan Chi was also supremely shocked. The move he’d just used was one that Elder Shun had passed onto him before the latter had left. It was meant to be an ultimate trump card to save his life! Since Dan Chi had only practiced it for a short time, he’d only excavated ten to twenty percent of its potential. But even so, this was already his strongest defensive measure. Who would’ve thought that the other’s first blow was enough to force out his trump card? And even then, Dan Chi had still come off worse in the exchange?!

Whilst Dan Chi was stunnedCao Jin was also slightly surprised. He hadn’t anticipated either that a mere fourth rank sect would have such marvelous defensive arts!

The rest of the Regal Pill Palace were even more surprised, but also quite excited. As expected of the palace head! Although his cultivation level was theoretically not that much higher than Elder Hu and Elder Lian Cheng, the two elders had been sent flying with one blow with their lives on the line. However, Palace Head Dan Chi had taken on an even stronger blow, but had only backed up a dozen steps. There didn’t seem to be a clear winner in this exchange.

Everyone’s confidence in Palace Head Dan Chi surged in this moment. They all knew that the previous palace head had been strong, but it had been many years since he’d passed on. No matter whether they were willing, the current Regal Pill Palace had to rely on the young Dan Chi now. Now it seemed that although the young Dan Chi might not be on the previous palace head’s level yet, he was the most dependable person in this sect!

Huang’er had been observing quietly, concealed in the doorway of Jiang Chen’s residence. She’d planned on seeing how things played out, but when she saw Palace Head Dan Chi’s move, her heart leaped. “Elder Shun? Elder Shun has taught Palace Head Dan Chi before? This move,‘Vortex Looking Glass’, is one of Elder Shun’s arts!”

The highly intelligent Huang’er immediately pieced the puzzle together. Elder Shun must have passed through the Regal Pill Palace after leaving the sixteen kingdom alliance on his search for the Requiem Wood. He knew that the Regal Pill Palace had been founded on pill dao, so he wanted to come here to try his luck. He must’ve stayed briefly because he’d gotten along with Palace Head Dan Chi. Many thoughts spun through Huang’er’s mind as her body vanished with a flash.

Cao Jin was laughing heartily up in the air. “Good! This is a bit interesting. Dan Chi, you deserve your title as palace head just from being able to take that blow. Your strength isn’t below seventh or eight level sage realm. However, I’ll use my full force for my next move!”

Cao Jin didn’t care about the process, only about the results. Since he’d promised to deal three blows, he wouldn’t allow himself to use a fourth. He would grasp all initiative.

Dan Chi treated this with grave solemnity. His opponent had already seen his trump card. Although he still had another, it could only be used once. That’d still leave the other with one more move! Just as he was concentrating fiercely, the air suddenly shook violently. A crack ripped through the clouds, from which a black shadow darted out.

Without forewarning, a mysterious person in a black cloak suddenly inserted themselves between Dan Chi and Cao Jin. “The Ninesuns Sky Sect must treat you quite well to give you treasures like the Moonshatter Awl and the Milky Way Point. It looks like you’re one of ten great disciples?” The person’s voice was dry and cracked, a sign that it was obviously obscured. However, when this voice traveled into Cao Jin’s ears, it actually pierced straight through his consciousness, making it tremble uncontrollably!


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