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Chapter 590: Is Jiang Chen Crazy?

Jiang Chen had the recipe and the necessary ingredients, which he had harvested in the ancient herb garden, to concoct the antidote. Put plainly, it was impossible for another antidote for this particular Miasma to be produced on this island.

Once he finished refining the antidote, it wouldn’t matter how many sky rank and earth rank herbs the other people had obtained, the final distribution would still be up to him. If they didn’t cooperate, Jiang Chen wouldn’t mind ‘accidentally’ dropping the antidote into the lake. Only the members from his sect could count on his benevolence.

It was obvious this island was full of peculiarities with restrictions seemingly all around. However, these restrictions’ only function was to scare people. Those who moved with caution and patience wouldn’t find their lives put in danger in the herb garden, since the killing power of the formations had decreased. This was also the reason the sects were able to enter the island.

However, one obviously couldn’t come and go as they pleased on this island. The formations were merely some trivial tests on the surface. The real test was this ingenious life and death scheme that was concealed exceptionally well. This island was meant to be enjoyed by pill experts, so the life and death scheme was obviously to test their pill knowledge. If they couldn’t figure out the existence of this test, or lacked the knowledge on how to overcome it, they were simply not fated to enjoy the fortunes of this island.

After all, life and death were ruled by fate.

Those who ended up poisoned by the Divine Befuddlement Miasma and perished here did not deserve any sympathy. In fact, the heavyweight who had designed this life and death scheme had left behind multiple solutions to live. A large number of ingredients necessary to create the antidote for the Miasma were planted within the spirit herb fields. If a pill king level expert noticed the Miasma only after they left the island, they could still use the herbs they previously harvested to refine the antidote.

From this it became apparent the creator of this island understood full well that whoever entered this island, they would sweep the place clean. In the process, they would obtain all the necessary herbs to concoct the antidote. This life and death scheme illustrated the concept of ‘death in life and life in death’. The key point was to see if those who entered the island possessed the necessary perception and comprehension.

It turned out that of the many who entered, only one had all these qualities, and that was Jiang Chen. He was aware of this and came up with a plan accordingly.

This was the reason he was indifferent no matter how the ‘experts’ divided up the sky and earth rank herbs. Jiang Chen didn’t feel dejected at all when that petty character Wang Han was boasting. In fact, the more earth rank herbs there were, the better it was for him. This was also the reason he was willing to continue to bet with Wang Han. Jiang Chen understood clearly, that as precious as sky rank and earth rank herbs were, they weren’t as precious as life itself.

Mu Gaoqi was very dissatisfied with the distribution method and felt that the Sacred Sword Palace was deliberately suppressing the Regal Pill Palace. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, remained calm throughout and informed Mu Gaoqi that the final distribution was still up in the air. When Wang Han showed off his earth rank herbs, Jiang Chen had casually mentioned Wang Han would be begging for him to accept them later on. At every point was it evident that everything was within Jiang Chen’s calculations. The antidote itself was not difficult to refine. The difficulty was in seeing through this life and death scheme and finding the correct herbs from the various fields.

Jiang Chen finished refining over a hundred antidote pills about four hours later. After leisurely putting the pills and pill cauldron away, he calmly walked back up to the third level. At this time, the distribution of the sky rank herbs was nearing its end. Seeing Jiang Chen ascending the stone steps, Mu Gaoqi hurriedly came over, “Brother Chen, why did you come only now?” He sighed deeply, then continued, “Sky rank herbs are really extraordinary. Every single one of them is amazing. They seem like they’re alive. That spirit power really is…”

Mu Gaoqi was unable to find the words to describe them.

Jiang Chen understood his enraptured look. Sky rank herbs were really too rare in the Myriad Domain. Once every hundred years some of them would appear. And even when they did, they wouldn’t be up for auction. They were kept by the top level experts who could obtain them. Today was an eye-opening experience for the younger generation. Of course, there was an exception. These sky rank herbs were precious to the current Jiang Chen, but in his past life, any random weed in the Celestial Palace’s rear garden was more valuable than the sky rank herbs of the secular realm.

The others were treating this as an eye-opening experience, whereas Jiang Chen was thinking about the sky rank herbs’ practical value. The distribution of the herbs went smoothly, the fifth rank sects not even daring to think of partaking. Letting them participate in the distribution of the earth rank herbs was already very generous. If they had so much as thoughts of taking the sky rank herbs, they might have to spit out the earth rank herbs they’d already obtained. Although the fifth rank sects were envious, they were quite self aware and dared not make a ruckus or show any covetous emotions.

After the group finished distributing the sky rank herbs, they didn’t seem to find anything else special around the altar.

The sun was already setting on the horizon, so everyone decided to camp on the island for the night and leave the next day. Twelve sky rank herbs, four hundred earth rank herbs and countless true saint herbs. The island’s herb harvest had far exceeded everyone’s estimates. The great sects were greatly elated. Only Elder Wu Hen didn’t share in everyone’s joy, Jiang Chen’s sky rank herb on his mind. After walking down the altar, they found a place to set up camp on the first platform. Each sect maintained their distance from the others as they were worried about any issues that might crop up.

After all, they were currently in extraordinary times as everyone possessed precious sky rank and earth rank herbs. They were all on guard against those harbouring evil thoughts.

Though Elder Wu Hen was ready to make a move against Jiang Chen, he was unable to find an opening since everyone was on high alert. He forcefully held back his urges. We still have two days left. As long as Jiang Chen doesn’t leave Mt. Rippling Mirage, I still have a chance!

Moreover, Elder Wu Hen was confident Wang Han’s claim that Jiang Chen had obtained over a thousand Sage Fledgling Grasses was true. A thousand Sage Fledgling Grass were almost comparable to a single sky rank herb. After all, in the Myriad Domain, the demand for the Heroic Sage Pill far surpassed its supply.

A calm night passed.

Early the next morning, everyone returned to the edge of the island, and they waited for the layers of mist to disperse..

“Alright, the lake’s mist has almost disappeared. Everyone, get ready to leave,” said Elder Xiang Gan from the Great Cathedral.

“Right. Let’s leave as soon as possible. I’ve always had this feeling that this island is a bit strange. If we don’t leave, my heart will always be at sixes and sevens,” Tan Lang of the Tristar Sect followed up.

“Hmm? You also feel it?” Elder Chen was slightly surprised.

The senior elders looked at each other traces of dismay. Evidently, everyone felt this vague ominous feeling, but no one had mentioned it until now since they couldn’t discern what it was. They now realized they were all sharing this feeling.

Elder Wu Hen sneered, “Who cares how strange or ominous it is. As long as we leave, what does it have to do with us? Those sky rank herbs aren’t illusions, that’s all that matters.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. “Come on, let’s go!”

As everyone turned into streaks of light traveling to the shores of the lake, Jiang Chen reluctantly looked back at the island. He was somewhat unwilling to leave the island as he still wanted to know what the connection between the divine altar and the saber on his back was!

But he could not carefully explore the altar with so many people around. He could only leave with everyone else for the time being. There were still two days left after all. Jiang Chen had decided he would find an excuse later on to come back to look for clues.

Aside from Jiang Chen, everyone was a bundle of nerves. They didn’t relax until their feet touched the shore again. After landing on the shore, Elder Xiang Gan looked around. “Alright. The ancient herb garden was a great find. From now on we will go our separate ways, so be careful of your valuables. The heart of a man is unpredictable. If an accident happens in the remaining two days, you will only have yourselves to blame.”

Elder Xiang Gan’s meaning was very obvious. Everyone should go back to their original groups. If any sect was robbed or plotted against by others, they could only resign themselves to fate and could not blame others. Everyone understood this fact and many had decided that they would immediately find a transportation matrix and crush their return talismans after leaving the ancient herb garden. They had already obtained a great harvest and could care less about the spirit herbs outside this garden. At this crucial time, they shouldn’t be penny wise and pound foolish. No one wanted to pick up sesame seeds only to lose the watermelon!

Everyone was filled with worry and about to set off, when they suddenly heard a remote voice. “Please, wait.”

This voice was unexpected as everyone was preoccupied and unwilling to waste time chatting. They turned toward the voice and saw Jiang Chen indifferently standing on the shores of the lake, seemingly looking down on them all.

Wang Han scoffed, “What now? What more nonsense does a kid like you want to fart?”

Not giving Wang Han a single glance, Jiang Chen faintly smiled and looked at each sect’s leader. “Gentlemen, isn’t it time to discuss the issue of distributing the earth and sky rank herbs?”

Jiang Chen’s question stunned everyone and their expressions represented their thoughts perfectly. Has that brat gone mad?

Elder Chen ignored Jiang Chen and instead turned toward Elder Yun Nie with a mocking smile. He coldly asked, “Yun Nie, has this kid from your Regal Pill Palace gone crazy from heartache?”

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