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Chapter 529: A Crazy Ling Hui’er

Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye had long caught the hints that Ling Bi’er had betrayed with her reactions. He quickly came to the conclusion that someone related to her was afflicted with the Miasma. He naturally wouldn’t ask who, but anyone who could cause a cold, reserved beauty such as her to lose her composure would absolutely be someone she loved deeply.

Jiang Chen was a smart man and didn’t want to force the situation, so he thought for a bit and nodded. “The Miasma is hard to cure. Ah, to be more accurate, it’s not difficult to cure, but difficult to diagnose. If one can come to a precise diagnosis, then the antidote is not hard to engineer.”

A light flickered in Ling Bi’er’s eyes as her heart was awash with roiling emotions. Indeed, Elder Yun Nie had said something of that nature before, but he hadn’t been this clear about it. He’d only said that he was unable to give a proper diagnosis for the Miasma. If he could, perhaps he could come up with an antidote according to the symptoms.

Although the elder hadn’t been as straightforward as Jiang Chen, their meaning was similar in that this was hard to diagnose. Conversely, there was more hope in being able to come up with a cure if they were able to pinpoint the causes.

Ling Bi’er stared blankly for a moment. She actually didn’t know how to raise the question now that it was staring at her in the face. Beg Jiang Chen to heal her father? Pledge to marry herself to him? These were things that Ling Bi’er would be willing to swear to, but voicing such embarrassing words in front of a young man was something she’d never be able to do. One as young and handsome as Jiang Chen made it even more difficult for her to broach the subject.

It was rather Ling Hui’er with her happy obliviousness who looked at Jiang Chen up and down with a bit of an assessing gaze. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, speak honestly, do you know of the vow that my sister once swore?”

Jiang Chen was completely baffled, and had no idea what she was talking about. “What vow?”

Ling Hui’er’s jaw dropped. She wasn’t sure if Jiang Chen was acting, or that he really didn’t know. But she came up with another brilliant idea with a cock of her head. She smiled mischievously and flashed an exceedingly cute smile. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, do you think Hui’er is cute?”

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose, completely unused to Ling Hui’er’s style. Why is she suddenly asking whether she’s cute or not? Of course, he was well aware of how disastrous it’d be for him if he dared say that a girl wasn’t cute. He could only nod, “Junior sister Hui’er is innocent and cute, the epitome of a child’s heart. Naturally you are very cute.”

“Then would you smile even in your dreams if such a cute Hui’er became a maid for you to order about?” Ling Hui’er giggled but her eyes were fixed intently on Jiang Chen’s face. “You’re not allowed to change the topic; this is a very serious question! You must answer!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether to laugh and cry. “Junior sister Hui’er has immense potential and is doing just fine in the sect. Why would you want to be my maid? If I order you about as my maid, how many geniuses would come fight me to the death for doing so?”

Ling Hui’er became even prouder when she heard Jiang Chen’s words and puffed out her chest.  “What business is it of theirs? What can they do if I’m doing what I like?” She then flashed what she thought was a crafty smile. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, if you help me, Hui’er will be your maid in the future! You can have me warm the bed if you want, or ask me to serve you in bed too. You can do whatever you want~”

Ling Bi’er was aghast at these words. “Hui’er, what are you blathering on about!?”

Ling Hui’er wasn’t willing to back down. “Sister, do you think you’re the only one who’s worried about papa? Can’t Hui’er do something for papa? Being a maid for senior brother Jiang Chen is so much better than serving those gross, old bats!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t bear to listen any longer as he smiled ruefully. “Hold on, junior sister Hui’er. Please, what favor is it that you’d like of me? I’ll help you if I can, but speak no more of being a maid. I don’t want to lose years off my life!”

Please. If I have the most popular sisters in the Regal Pill Palace serve as my maids, I’d become public enemy number one!

Ling Hui’er smiled charmingly and flashed a proud smirk at her sister. “Do you see that, sis? You twisted and turned and beat around the bush so much, but none of that was as useful as Hui’er’s direct honeypot! I told you senior brother Jiang Chen is a good man and he’d help! You should’ve just spoken directly.”

Ling Bi’er sighed lightly. If this was an ordinary matter, she would’ve shut Ling Hui’er down by now for speaking like thus. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to cut straight to the heart of the matter, but that her personality destined her to be unable to speak as wildly as her younger sister, completely carefree. “Junior brother Jiang Chen, I’m sure you’ve guessed some of what’s at hand here. My father mistakenly ventured into a taboo zone when I was young and happened to be struck by the Divine Befuddlement Miasma. He slept groggily for a few days after he returned and has since been lost in a coma. More than a decade has passed now and us two sisters have been completely powerless after trying all the ideas we had. If junior brother Jiang Chen has any ideas, Bi’er will be happy to repay you even if I am to be a cow or horse for the rest of my life.”

Ling Bi’er immediately flushed crimson after speaking these words. The scarlet shade crept all the way to the back of her ears and even down to the nape of her neck.

Jiang Chen could tell that these two sisters weren’t putting on a show. One was sincere, and the other direct. He could tell from the looks in their eyes that they had indeed tried everything over these years. Jiang Chen wasn’t the sort to leave someone in the lurch, not to mention they were of his sect. “Senior sister Ling, the Miasma is indeed hard to diagnose, and I don’t dare make any guarantees. However, I will pay a visit after my seclusion to make plans after assessing your father’s condition. I promise that I will try my best as long as I am able to.”

The Divine Befuddlement Miasma wasn’t a typical poison, so Jiang Chen didn’t quite promise he’d heal the patient before seeing him.

Ling Bi’er was overjoyed at hearing these words and nodded rapidly. “Mmhmm! We will be deeply grateful as long as junior brother Jiang Chen goes to take a look, even if you cannot heal our father.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand. “Speak not so gravely; it’s but a small matter.”

Ling Bi’er knew that Jiang Chen was going into closed door cultivation and politely took her leave with her sister.

Jiang Chen was in no mood to keep entertaining guests as he’d set his goal of reaching fifth level origin realm before the Pill Battles. After all, an additional bit of strength in the Pill Battles would entail a greater chance of winning.

After seeing the Ling sisters out, he was about to turn around when he heard the patter of footsteps behind him and saw that Ling Hui’er had snuck back. Her face was red with exertion and she had a somewhat odd expression on her face. The beautiful scenery on her chest trembled as she jogged, giving others the impression of great motion. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, can I talk to you?”

Jiang Chen was puzzled as Ling Hui’er dragged him behind a patch of trees before he could open his mouth. “What is it, junior sister Hui’er?”

Ling Hui’er bit her thin lip lightly as tears swam in her large eyes, seemingly conflicted. She suddenly grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand and pressed it onto her full chest. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, take a good feel. Hui’er is the real deal! If you can cure my papa, Hui’er will let senior brother Jiang Chen feel whenever you’d like in the future.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t a sanctimonious person, but as his hand was pressed into Hui’er’s well rounded chest and he felt how springy it was, he felt that he was committing a crime as he looked into her still young face at seventeen years old. His expression shifted as he snatched his hand back like he’d stuck it into lightning. “Junior sister Hui’er, you don’t need to be thus.”

Ling Hui’er didn’t understand as a somewhat lost expression appeared on her face. She seemed to be frightened to the point of tears by Jiang Chen’s move. “Senior brother Jiang Chen, when I listened in on the other senior brothers, they all say that they like this part of a girl. Don’t you like it?”

Jiang Chen laughed ruefully. If one were to describe this girl as clever and someone to think out of the box, then alright, that was indeed her. But when she behaved naively… she was simple almost to the point of being idiotic.

“Senior brother Jiang Chen, do you think Hui’er is being too easy? It’s not like that! Apart from Hui’er, no one else has touched me here! This is just paying interest up front. Senior brother Jiang Chen will try your best to cure papa only after you’ve tried the goods. Hui’er promises that no matter who it is in the future, Hui’er won’t let anyone else touch me here…”

She then seemed to think that her words weren’t solemn enough as she then added on, “Only a senior brother Jiang Chen who’s cured my papa can do so.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t a saint. He’d had some normal reactions after Ling Hui’er had said so much, but reason still won out in the end. He paused, focused his attentions, and spoke seriously, “Since I’ve promised you, junior sister Hui’er, then I will surely try my best. Hurry and go back; don’t let senior sister Bi’er worry.” He was worried that Ling Hui’er would do more crazy things and hurriedly turned to walk away after saying thing.

Ling Hui’er hurried to catch up and spoke a bit urgently, “Senior brother Jiang Chen, do you not like Hui’er? Even if you don’t, my sister made a vow that if you can cure papa, she‘ll serve you for the rest of her life as well!”

What in absolute tarnation! Jiang Chen couldn’t hold up beneath this onslaught anymore and formed a wall of air with a sweep of his hand, blocking Ling Hui’er from advancing. “Go back first, junior sister Hui’er. Let’s talk about this in the future.” Jiang Chen was now truly afraid of this thickheaded girl. She was really willing to say just about anything!

Ling Hui’er immediately halted and cocked her head to the side, bursting out in a giggle, “What are you being shy for, senior brother? Let me tell you something, although sis isn’t as big as me there, she’s not small either. Hehe, she never let me bathe with her, but I’ve taken a peek before. Sis’ body…”

Her expression suddenly changed as her words tumbled out of her mouth, and she clapped a hand over her mouth. Her smile froze as she smiled in a way that was uglier than crying, “When did you come back, sis?”

If it’d been any ordinary time, Ling Bi’er would’ve grounded her for three months of seclusion for spouting all this crazy nonsense. But already weary from everything that’d happened, she only sighed. “Hui’er, junior brother Jiang Chen is going into closed door cultivation. Stop bothering him and come back to the residence with me.” She didn’t care if her sister had agreed or not after she spoke and grabbed Ling Hui’er’s belt, drifting away like she was picking up a chick.

It was odd. Had it been in normal times, Ling Bi’er would’ve been the personification of rage and embarrassment had she heard her younger sister speak to other young men of her chest and sneaking peeks at her bathing. But now, she was uncharacteristically calm.

She’d actually seen all of her sister’s actions, and had clearly seen Jiang Chen’s reactions. She’d borne clear witness to how he hadn’t taken advantage of the situation. In her heart of hearts, Ling Bi’er had to admit that Jiang Chen was a true gentleman. He wasn’t expecting something for his help, and wasn’t making use of the situation to scheme and lay claim to their bodies like those lecherous old men.


A woman’s personality was just so odd sometimes.

The more Jiang Chen acted thus, the more Ling Bi’er pitied herself. She only felt that despite others venerating herself and her sister, the two of them were nothing more than ordinary fellow disciples in his eyes. His promise and words had only been because they were of the same sect. It was not because of any other reason or any thoughts about them that he’d agreed to take a look at their papa.

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