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Compared to previous opponents, the little fatty displayed no impudence after entering the arena. Instead, he feigned weakness.

Pretending weakness, eh?

Jiang Chen was unmoved. Whether his opponent was a braggart or a wimp, his own performance wouldn’t be affected.

“I’m Lin Hui. My martial cultivation is rather shallow. After seeing your incredible skill, friend, I don’t think I can defeat you. My presence here is just for show. Please go easy on me.” The fatty spoke in a defeated tone.

Jiang Chen was completely impassive and didn’t bat an eyelid. 

And yet, the little fatty suddenly launched into motion. His body sprang up like a bouncy leather ball, propelling with rapidity that was the opposite of what his figure would suggest. Once airborne, he scattered a rain of snowflake-like throwing weapons at Jiang Chen’s head.

A remarkable sneak attack!

In response, Jiang Chen’s body flared with aureate light. In the next moment, the hail of weapons were stopped in place in a one-yard radius around him. It was as if they’d encountered resistance from the very air itself.

A layer of gold light floated above Jiang Chen’s skin, blocking the concealed weapons from proceeding. The magnetic force he projected was impossibly effective against metallic weapons. He hadn’t let down his guard from the start.

Despite the fatty’s front, Jiang Chen had been prepared for a fight all this time beneath his calm exterior. He’d long detected his opponent’s killing intent. Thus, he hadn’t been surprised by the fatty’s leap at all. Everything had been within expectations.

The fatty was surprised that his ambush hadn’t worked.

“You can have them back,” Jiang Chen smiled faintly. The snowflake-shaped weapons hovering outside the magnetic light surged back to their original owner in an umbrella formation.

Though the fatty was sizable, his evasive techniques weren’t to be underestimated. He was oddly nimble, and he caught all of the weapons in a casual motion using unknown methods.

This surprised Jiang Chen in turn. As casual as the counterattack had seemed, he had used real strength behind it. He hadn’t expected the fatty to be just as proficient in catching weapons.

His consciousness moved to detect something else. Between the fatty’s sleeves was a transparent net. The net couldn’t be seen by naked sight alone, but it was the greatest support for the fatty manipulating his concealed weapons. 

Jiang Chen braced himself. The fatty wasn’t a simple opponent to beat. If he wasn’t on his toes during battle, he would very likely be caught unawares by the net. Once caught by the net, he wouldn’t be able to use his most powerful abilities.

The competition didn’t allow heaven-defying treasures, but standard items with a personal bent were completely permitted. If the fatty was used to using the net on a regular basis, he wasn’t breaking the rules.

Jiang Chen sneered at the fatty, who was now darting about, light as a swallow, upon the arena.

“Lin Hui, was it? It’s not easy to move like that for someone of your size. Plus, you look far more honest than you actually are. I can see how people would be tricked by you.” His cool voice echoed forth. “But if you want to compare speed, let’s do it!”

As he said this, he activated his Kunpeng Meteoric Escape. His body was as swift and unpredictable as lightning in the clouds, flickering to and fro.

The fatty found it impossible to pin down his enemy’s specific location. Threats advanced from all sides. The pressure on him mounted instantly.

Still, he kept his calm. His large physique immediately plummeted. He grasped his net a bit more tightly within his sleeves, ready to launch a lethal strike at any time. Like a poisonous cobra, the fatty was waiting for a chance to strike.

“Do you think only you have a signature weapon?” Jiang Chen stated coldly. “Your giant net might fool others, but I can see it clear as day.”

He opened a hand as he said this. Nine flying swords soared out from nothingness.

The Heavenly Chalice Sword Formation, nine blades!

This was the most basic form of the formation. He didn’t need anything stronger against a great emperor.

The nine swords continually morphed into new shapes, until they finally transformed into an endless storm of golden light. A sea of blades rained down in the fatty’s direction, casting a shadow over every cardinal.

“A sword formation?” The fatty was experienced enough to take counteraction in the face of such furious, grave danger. He wove his sleeves about, using the invisible net as a defensive tool to catch most of the lights.

Jiang Chen watched the scene with impassivity. He rubbed his hands together with a twist, bringing down blast after blast of magnetic wind.

A magnetic windstorm distorted the fabric of space itself. It wasn’t just a physical attack. Regardless of how strong the fatty’s net was, it couldn’t entirely catch the storm.

After breaking through to great emperor, Jiang Chen’s magnetic windstorms were thousands of times stronger than they had been previously. It was as if he had torn space asunder, allowing a myriad of currents to escape. For a time, chaos filled the air.

The little fatty was an experienced enough genius, but this was his first encounter with magnetic windstorms such as these. He felt his entire body being sapped of its strength. His limbs refused to move, and countless razors from the storm cut at his flesh.

Many in the audience drew sharp gasps of surprise when they saw the battle proceed. They’d seen many things in their lifetime, but the fatty’s difficult situation made them instinctively wary. What could they do, if they were to trade places with the fatty, Lin Hui?

Even some of the geniuses who had won with superior strength widened their eyes. They watched the fight with weighty looks, loath to miss anything. Many hearts were disturbed by what they were witnessing.

A thought flickered into the head of every advancing genius, including those who hadn’t been eliminated. Can I beat an opponent like this?

Who knew?

Finally, the magnetic windstorm’s punishment concluded. The fatty crashed to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

The intense friction of the windstorm had apparently done a number on him. He looked a lot thinner and more elongated. Thankfully, he still had plenty of fat left, which cushioned him from falling to death.

Still, the fight had been decisive.

The fatty struggled a few times to get up, but fell back down with a huff. He had nothing to regret. There was no chance for him to win against someone like Jiang Chen in the first place.

Obviously, Jiang Chen didn’t need to be declared the winner. After walking off stage, he felt a marked increase in respect and consideration from the gazes of those around him.

He had won too easily against Wang Kui, so although everyone had taken notice that he was a tough enemy, they hadn’t actually thought of him as their greatest threat. This was no longer true now that he’d defeated Lin Hui. Ignoring the looks of those around him, Jiang Chen returned to his seat.

He was participating in this selection not to win the admiration nor fear of others. His goal remained unchanged. He wanted to get closer to the city lord and acquire more secrets, so that he could leave Winterdraw as soon as possible!

In the secret room, the advisors were heaping praise on the young man’s amazing performance.

“That youth really did hide his strength. He has extraordinary foundations and knowledge, hmm? His methods are quite varied. This kid has a lot of potential.”

“Hmm, that kid really is different from the others! I think he’ll get into the top eight, no problem. So one of the spots is decided already, eh?”

“Well, it certainly looks like it.”

“Hard to say. What if he encounters another extremely strong opponent? A match between similarly strong people is decided by the smallest of gaps.”

Most officials held a favorable view of Jiang Chen’s performance. A few doubted his potential performance, but not his absolute strength. They just couldn’t quite accept what they’d seen just yet.

Xie Wushang was beginning to have some ideas of his own. The chief warden has commanded every faction on Winterdraw to select young geniuses. What is he planning to do with them? Are the honored guests going to be able to take their pick as slaves or send them on a mission?

The city lord didn’t know what the chief warden intended, but regret was creeping in at the thought of handing the young man over. 

He saw things from a much higher vantage point than his advisors. In Jiang Chen, he saw limitless possibility.

Xie Wushang didn’t want to give up a genius like him for free. If a genius with his potential could stay at Sin City, he was sure to grow into greatness. In fact, the boy would be qualified to become his successor!

Hesitation wracked the city lord in these moments. Was he really going to give the young man up if the youth distinguished himself in the end?

He’d seen more than his fair share of geniuses, but this youth was entirely different.

“City Lord, do you think this young man can make it to the top eight?” an advisor asked his silent lord curiously.

Xie Wushang smiled smoothly. “Not only that, he is sure to take the crown!”

Such high praise astounded all of the officials present.

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