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The young disciples of Regal Pill Palace had shot to their feet with excitement.

“Senior brother Jiang Chen, when shall we make our move?”

The martial world was full of hot-blooded people. Nobody was willing to suffer slaps to the face and be derided a loser.  Who wouldn’t want revenge after suffering such a tremendous loss? Who wouldn’t want to wash their prior shame away and watch enemies weep beneath their feet?

“Senior brother, have you set an auspicious day to begin?” Ling Hui’er asked excitedly with a cupped fist salute.

“Everyone, stay calm and stop trying to rush your senior brother! I have no doubt that he already has a plan.” Palace Head Dan Chi pressed his hands downwards to calm the crowd down. 

“Palace Head, Elder Yun Nie, Great Scarlet Mid Region has the Eternal Celestial Capital’s backing. We must take on the latter as well if we wish to seek revenge on the former.”

“Indeed.” Palace Head Dan Chi nodded. “The Eternal Celestial Capital is the true perpetrator behind all of this. However, Great Scarlet Mid Region cannot go unpunished for the sins they’ve wrought either.”

“The Eternal Celestial Capital is a first rank sect. We aren’t ready to take them on yet based on our current strength. The Capital’s citizens have finally just settled down after Emperor Peafowl’s disappearance, but our unity still has much room to improve. Moreover, we still lack the guidance of a peerless expert. Once we make our move on the Eternal Celestial Capital, they’ll surely join forces with the Empyrean River Palace and Sublime Chord Temple. They’ll cozen up to Pillfire City to present a front against us. It’s best that we avoid this situation for now.” 

The crowd nodded with agreement. Rebuilding the Regal Pill Palace was important, but it shouldn’t negatively affect Veluriyam Capital’s future. It would be most inappropriate if it did. 

“Jiang Chen, please give us your orders. You’re our greatest hope of rebuilding the sect. Anything you say, we’ll do.” Palace Head Dan Chi had a very proper attitude towards this situation.

“We’ll attack Great Scarlet Mid Region and wrest both their territory and Myriad Domain from their hands. The two will be combined. As for the Eternal Celestial Capital, I have my own plans to deal with them.”

“What plans?” The crowd was curious.

“The Eternal Celestial Captial and the Ninesuns Sky Sect had a huge falling out after the incident with Myriad Domain. The latter has contacted me privately and we’ve reconciled. My plan isn’t complicated. I’ll have the Ninesuns Sky Sect get involved in the fight. Their strength is slightly above that of the Eternal Celestial Capital.”

The Heavenly Dragon Sect, Skysword Sect, and the Ninesuns Sky Sect were widely recognized as the strongest first rank sects in the Upper Eight Regions. The Eternal Celestial Capital and Sublime Chord Temple were somewhere in the middle of the pack, while the Celestial Cicada Court, Empyrean River Palace, and the Moon God Sect were the weaker three.

Of course, there wasn’t too much of a discrepancy between the strongest and the weakest sects. They were all first rank sects after all. Their discrepancies were largely due to a moment’s difference in fortune and strength.

Palace Head Dan Chi pondered deeply. “Jiang Chen, the Ninesuns Sky Sect isn’t exactly a reputable faction either. Can we really trust them?”

Palace Head Dan Chi had seen the faction’s methods first hand. Before Myriad Domain had fallen into ruins, he’d always believed that they were the biggest threat to the domain. Everyone was widely aware of the threat they imposed. Because of that, a bigger and more well-hidden threat like the Eternal Celestial Capital had managed to slip past unnoticed.

“That’s true. The Ninesuns Sky Sect is unbridled and cruel. They tyrannized our domain back in the day as well. Surely asking them for help is like asking a tiger for its skin?” Elder Yun Nie was worried.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly. “Asking a tiger for its skin? It’s hard to say who’s a tiger and who’s a pig in the Upper Eight Regions. Don’t worry. Since I was the one who wanted to make a deal with them, I naturally have something that they can’t refuse.” His confidence eased the crowd’s minds like a calming pill.

“Great Scarlet Mid Region will be so much easier to deal with if the Eternal Celestial Capital isn’t involved.” Palace Head Dan Chi murmured. “Jiang Chen, what is your strategy?”

“Great Scarlet Mid Region’s most powerful faction is none other than the imperial family. Their abilities and heritage are comparable to second rank sects. There are also three third rank sects whose abilities are second only to the royal family, and over a dozen fourth rank sects. The army that invaded us back consisted mostly of fourth rank sects. However, I also slew most of their sectmasters and elders with native Miasma when they were hunting me. I gifted their heads to their emperor. I’ve no doubt that these fourth rank sects are still licking their wounds.”

Jiang Chen had never shared these details to them before. There were only a few who knew about the incident as the Regal Pill Palace’s disciples have been hiding all over the world.

Palace Head Dan Chi’s eyes lit up. “I heard similar rumors back in the day and thought it nonsense. To think they were actually real!”

“This is beyond wonderful!” Elder Yun Nie roared into laughter. “Now that’s karma! Jiang Chen, I’m truly astounded by you!”

However, Jiang Chen didn’t think much of it. They were mere fourth rank sects after all.

“Great Scarlet Mid Region’s fourth rank sects are a little different from our domain’s fourth rank sects. They have emperor realm experts to guide them, but only one to three at the very most. Moreover, none of them have exceeded fourth level emperor realm. Those sects won’t impose too much of a threat.”

“Mm. Especially not when you slew all of their leaders. They won’t be able to kick up too much of a storm. Our primary target will be the imperial family and the three third rank sects.” Dan Chi nodded in agreement. “I’ve briefly crossed paths with all four factions before. Every single one of them lost a group of powerful experts at Cloudshatter Mountain Range. It’s most definitely affected their strength one way or another.”

During the trip to the mountain range, the Veranda master had lured various experts into the demonic blood formation. Imperial Prince Shao and a few other experts from the third rank sects died during the battle.

“Everyone, please attend to your duties for now and await my good news. We’ll not be making our move yet, but the moment we do, we’ll obliterate them in one strike. We won’t just take back Myriad Domain, Great Scarlet Mid Region will also be our spoils of war! There can’t be any mistakes. We need to prepare a strategy, hire enough fighters, and plan for every contingency! We’ll be an unstoppable force that leaves devastation at its wake!”

“Alright, we await your good news.”

“Senior brother Jiang Chen, don’t make us wait too long alright?” Ling Hui’er was raring for a fight. 


Jiang Chen returned to his residence after the discussion with the Regal Pill Palace. The flora in his courtyard were thriving, but the person who’d planted them was now oceans away, on a foreign island at an unknown location.

Huang’er… wait for me! He roared heartrendingly.

“Young lord, Elder Luo Tianshu and the sectmaster of the Nirvana Sect have arrived and is requesting an audience.” Xue Tong suddenly arrived with news.

“The Nirvana Sect?” Jiang Chen immediately thought of the elder from the Dragon and Tiger Meet.

Have they really brought the True Heavensfall Iron? He was elated. “Have the Geng brothers escort them here.” 

The Nirvana Sect was a third rank sect. Their sectmaster was most likely just advanced realm emperor. Jiang Chen was already showing them a lot of face by sending the Geng brothers meet them.

It wasn’t long before the Geng brothers returned with the Nirvana Sect’s entourage in tow.

“Sectmaster, that man over there is the world-renowned young lord Zhen.” Luo Tianshu immediately whispered to Wei Lang when they caught sight of Jiang Chen.

Sectmaster Wei Lang was dressed very elegantly with a coronet perched on his head. He exuded a very scholarly air.

“This commoner pays his respect to young lord Zhen.” Although Wei Lang was a sectmaster of a third rank sect, his status was far below that of Jiang Chen’s. Thus, he felt a need to show great respect and reverence towards the young lord.

Jiang Chen smiled blandly. “Sectmaster Wei needn’t be too courteous. Men, show them to their seats!”

Tea was served after everyone was seated. Jiang Chen leisurely raised his tea cup. “Please have some tea. This is the best tea available in our capital.” 

“Definitely. It’s an honor for us commoners to be able to taste Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s tea.” Wei Lang was being extremely modest.

Jiang Chen raised his cup of tea and smiled without saying anything else. The atmosphere quickly became awkward. Elder Luo faked a few coughs. “Young lord Zhen, do you still remember the matter we talked about before?”

The young lord squeezed his temples, seemingly deep in thought. “Ah, yes. Your name is Luo Tianshu. If I’m not mistaken, you were here to trade your True Heavensfall Iron right?” 

“That’s correct.” Luo Tianshu was elated. He was just wondering how he should bring up the topic.

“Things will be much easier since the young lord still remembers the deal. When my sectmaster heard that you were in desperate need for the True Heavensfall Iron, he immediately decided to deliver this item to you himself.” Luo Tianshu had worded his sentence better than a song. It almost sounded like he was a son showing filial piety to his father.

Jiang Chen was mildly taken aback. “Ah? Elder Luo still remembers this?”

“Young lord Zhen, not in a million years would I dare forget about it. I’ve spent countless days and nights just pondering the matter.”

Jiang Chen smiled wryly and sighed. “Elder Luo, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve already purchased the amount of True Heavensfall Iron that I needed. I still have some use for it, but my need is no longer what it was.”

Luo Tianshu was so dumbfounded that his jaw nearly touched the ground.

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