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The strength of the Shura Rain of Blood lay not just within its brute power, but also its lethal aura and ability to erode the consciousness. Emperor Shura had reached great perfection with the technique, and it was the first time he was showing it in front of so many. The connoisseur could recognize the artistry within, while the layman simply enjoyed the show.

Emperor Pillzenith's impression of Emperor Shura improved greatly after the blade technique was performed. It seems Emperor Shura isn't a good-for-nothing after all. He may lack charisma and wit, but he makes up for it with his cultivation. Even I would have a hard time fighting against this technique. Emperor Pillzenith simulated the fight multiple times in his mind, but realized he didn't have a good answer to Emperor Shura's blade technique. 

Emperor Pillzenith was one of the strongest great emperors in the Upper Eight Regions. Like Emperor Peafowl, he was at the very top of the hierarchy. But even though the technique had startled Emperor Pillzenith, it failed to break through the youth's defenses.

Emperor Pillzenith was even more shocked. Young lord Zhen isn't even thirty yet! When did he become such a monster? Countless thoughts flooded into the great emperor's head. 

As time marched on, Emperor Shura gradually brought the technique to its limits. His inability to break Jiang Chen's defenses increasingly irked. How could someone like young Lord Zhen possibly exist?? Other than Emperor Peafowl, his technique was capable of dominating everyone in Veluriyam Capital. And yet, he was having trouble against the defenses of a brat who was still wet behind his ears? Impossible!

Time was being wasted. It didn't matter how well he manipulated his sword once the limit was up. He clearly had the advantage, yet couldn't harm a single hair on his opponent. If this were to continue, the duel would end in a draw.

A draw? Emperor Shura nearly burst a blood vessel when the idea crossed his mind. Eyes red with fury, he glared at the young lord within the formation. Veins on his neck bulged as red rimmed his eyes. "Brat! I don't care where you learned your detestable trickery! I will slice your defenses in half! All obstacles before me will be pulverized!" 

His voice was filled with madness. The purple-red glow surrounding him suddenly spiked in intensity. Pop! Pop! Pop! His joints cracked in quick succession. Emperor Shura's body grew larger and larger as the glow surrounding him intensified. This continued until he was nine meters tall.

His body was covered with purple-red plate armor, only his arms exposed. Explosive muscles glistened like they'd been carved out of bronze and metal. His eyes were the size of bells and a bloodthirsty red. His features were sharply chiseled with distinction, shocking and aweing with their terrible might.

Hmm? Emperor Shura has a body refining technique similar to my golden body?

Gao Zhan had summoned an image of a demon god during his fight with Jiang Chen, but the image had easily been defeated with the help of the Lord of the Golden Seal. However, Jiang Chen didn't dare to take the great emperor's body refining technique lightly. This was most certainly Emperor Shura's trump card.

Without any hesitation, he brought forth the golden magnetic mountain and muttered an incantation, enlarging the mountain by thirty meters. The Lord of the Golden Seal charged out from within the golden brilliance, revealing his imposing body. 

"Lord of the Golden Seal, that man is a berserker great emperor. Spar with him."

The Lord's strength was determined by the golden magnetic mountain, which was in turn affected by how much potential Jiang Chen could unearth. Its potential was almost limitless, but Jiang Chen was too young to make use of it.

The Lord was clearly no match for Emperor Shura's berserker form, but he had nothing to fear as his home was right behind him. That was his greatest advantage. He transformed into a streak of golden light and charged madly at Emperor Shura without any hesitation. A blade and a sword of energy materialized along the way and hacked towards Emperor Shura's waist.

The Lord was much larger than Emperor Shura. The great emperor snorted coldy when he saw a new enemy launching at him.

"Scram!" The emperor growled as he swung his sword nonchalantly. A sharp light sliced through the air and struck the Lord of the Golden Seal.

The purple light pierced through the Lord's body, slicing him in half. He faded into weak golden brilliance and was absorbed back into the magnetic golden mountain.

The Lord's body was different from a human's as he was made up of an amalgamation of metallic essences. Even though he'd been sliced in half, it was just his materialization that'd been destroyed. He could simply just re-form. He would never be killed as long as the magnetic golden mountain wasn't destroyed. It was the greatest advantage that spirits like him had. 

"Brat, why did you provoke such a fearsome opponent? I'll need at least seventy percent of my total strength back to have a chance against him!" The Lord complained when recalled back into the mountain.

Jiang Chen had only wanted to check how powerful a berserk Emperor Shura was in his berserker state. Unfortunately, his trump card had been sliced in half with just one strike. Even though the Lord wouldn't die from something like this, it would take some time before he could materialize again.

He was immune from death, but that didn't mean that he was unsusceptible to injury. It wouldn't be possible for him to recover in such a short time. Even if he materialized again, he'd be nowhere near his previous state. 

When the Lord of the Golden Seal went silent, Jiang Chen knew this was a lost cause. Instead of giving up, he left the golden magnetic mountain hovering high in the air while quickly shuffling through hand seals. 

One… two… three… Beams of golden light shot out from the mountain, revealing themselves as the weapon-shaped golden monsters. 

Jiang Chen was showing his hand. These golden monsters were also an amalgamation of metallic essences. They would continue to spawn and materialize as long as the mountain still existed. They were weeds that grew after a wildfire, tenacious and relentless. 

These monsters didn't even possess a hundredth of the Lord of the Golden Seal's strength, but their strength was in numbers. They attacked like an ant swarm, overwhelming their enemies and were extremely annoying to fight against.

There was simply no end to them. No matter how many Emperor Shura killed, Jiang Chen only needed to make a few hand signs to summon a few dozen more. Even an elephant could be taken down by a horde of ants.

Jiang Chen didn't expect them to kill Emperor Shura, but by summoning them in the dozens, he hoped that they could at least stall for time and hinder the great emperor's movements.

It was a very shameless tactic, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Whenever Emperor Shura cleared a wave of the monsters and tried to commit to an all-out attack on Jiang Chen, another huge swarm would lay siege on him. One or two of these monsters couldn't possibly harm the great emperor. But that was no longer the case when their numbers were in the hundreds. Emperor Shura abhorred Jiang Chen's battle tactics greatly, but he had no choice but to deal with them.

Jiang Chen also understood that the tactic wouldn't work forever. These monsters would lose their effectiveness once Emperor Shura grasped how to deal with them. Emperor Shura's berserk attack power is truly alarming. If the Eight Trigram Boulder Formation hadn't been bolstered by the Earth Bodhisattva Orb, the amount of energy I've infused into them via the spirit stones would probably be insufficient to take the full brunt of his attacks.

Jiang Chen was incredibly glad that he'd somehow gotten his hands on the earth attribute treasure. Without it, the formation would only have one third of its current power. With that defense, he might be able to take on Emperor Shura in his normal state, but against a berserk Emperor Shura? Not in a million years.

Jiang Chen meticulously scoured through his list of trump cards. He did possess something that could kill Emperor Shura, the abode heritage he'd inherited from mid rank empyrean cultivator Guo Ran in the Paramount Realm. There were two more uses to the restrictions within. Once triggered, even a great emperor would instantly perish. 

However, it wasn't something that Jiang Chen could use in broad daylight. If he killed Emperor Shura, the situation in Veluriyam Capital would turn sour very quickly. He wanted to kill the great emperor more than anyone else and put an end to things once and for all, but this wasn't the right time or place.

If the abode was ever revealed, the entire Upper Eight Regions would set their sights on him like a pig for slaughter. But other than the abode's restriction, Jiang Chen didn't possess any trump card that could possibly kill Emperor Shura.

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