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Kevin, who was holding his ground in the Demon Fall Valley, passed every day as if it were a year. Lin Li, who was in the Emerald Tower, felt like time was flying by. In the blink of an eye, seven days were reduced to one day left.

Accompanied by Gerian, Lin Li walked into the level certification hall once again.

Old Grimm had just left half an hour ago. Before he left, the old man's expression was somewhat hurt. In one afternoon, Lin Li had beaten him four times in a row, and each time was done neatly and efficiently. He'd even used Magic Steal on one occasion, but still failed to avoid a defeat…

Even Gerian, who was wild with joy while watching, couldn't help but curse inwardly. Beast.

Old Grimm was a legendary mage; though he used only the power of a Magic Shooter, it was hardly justifiable to beat him over and over again…

"Go and certify your level once more. With your current strength, you should have reached the Magic Shooter realm."

At Old Grimm's reminder, Lin Li suddenly remembered that he had not gone to certify his level for a long time. He wondered how much progress he had made after this period of tempering.

Still the same empty level certification hall, still the same crystal ball protected by the mageweaths.

Under the eyes of Gerian, Lin Li once again pressed his hand on the crystal ball.

As time went by, the light on the crystal ball became more and more dazzling. Lin Li had once again broken his own record. This time, the mana output was extended by a full two minutes to become a horrifying 30 minutes in total!

"30 minutes…" Gerian's jaw was wide open, and looked as if an egg could be stuffed into it. He stared dumbfounded for long before asking incredulously, "You little bastard, are you still human?"

To Gerian, this kid was a monster in human skin. The initial 28 minutes was enough to put people in despair. To think this beast in human skin could extend the time. Gerian was even wondering if this bastard would blow up the crystal ball directly when he came back in another few years' time.

Before Gerian's dumbstruck eyes, the brightness of the crystal ball soared through level-nine without a doubt, and then went straight into the realm of a Magic Shooter. What drove Gerian completely mad was that the light still showed no signs of stopping after it had passed the realm of the Magic Shooter, and it broke through level-eleven with an irresistible force…

"Damn! Magic Shooter, it indeed is the Magic Shooter!"

When the crystal ball's brightness rested at level-twelve, Gerian's screams almost lifted the roof off. "Bloody hell, it's a level-twelve Magic Shooter at that…"

"Level-twelve? That much?" Lin Li couldn't help feeling astounded. He had been practicing with Old Grimm every day recently, and he could really feel his strength growing by leaps and bounds. But he had never expected the extent of his ascension to be so great. Not only did he enter the realm of the Magic Shooter directly, he also reached a height of a level-twelve Magic Shooter in just over ten days.

"Heck, you tell me, are you human? After practicing with Grimm Burnside for a few days, you've jumped from level-nine to level-twelve…" Gerian had gone totally insane, grabbing Lin Li's neck and shaking it with all his might. "I've fought for decades, and had 800 if not a 1000 battles in total, so why have I never got promoted so fast before?"

"How would I know…"

"F*ck, this is inhuman." Gerian was extremely indignant, and looked at Lin Li with suspicion. "If you continue practicing with Grimm Burnside for another couple of days, will you break through to the Archmage realm directly?"

"You're dreaming!" Lin Li was at a loss whether to laugh or cry hearing Gerian's whimsical words.

"Right…" Gerian chuckled embarrassedly as he wiped off the cold sweat that broke out on his forehead. To break through to the realm of an Archmage could only be said out of fun. If there was really such a good thing in the world, why did they need to study magic? They could just battle with a legendary mage like Old Grimm or Andoine, who would probably be worked to death.

In fact, Gerian knew that the root of Lin Li's achievements lay not only in his unique talent, but also in his diligence and accumulation.

It could be said that Gerian had watched this talented mage grow up. From the level-eight mage when he first came to the Guild of Magic to the level-twelve Magic Shooter he had broken through today, Gerian was perfectly clear how much sweat and effort Lin Li had put in in the process.

Not to mention the Emerald Tower, even if you looked all over Jarrosus City, there was probably no mage beyond level-eight who still practiced the basic skill of elemental sequencing every day, and more so no one would stay in the library for a whole day just to find a shorter spell.

But Lin Li could. Gerian often found this genius mage staying in the room for a whole day. When asked what he was doing, his answer was actually practicing elemental sequencing. Jarrosus was the famous City of Chaos in northern Anril. There were 18 forces here and a life full of splendor and various temptations. Even an honest guy like Kevin failed to resist the temptation and sparked off a relationship with the daughter of a wealthy businessman a few years back…

But this young man, who was several years younger than Kevin, could resist the temptation. With his status as a potion master, the wealth of over a million gold coins on the crystal card, plus the strength of a level-nine mage, there would be countless ladies willing to throw themselves on him with him just standing around in the Daylight Square. But he did not, and was instead holed up in the Emerald Tower every day, studying magic or making potions, as if these were all his amusements.

This made Gerian perplexed but pleased at the same time…

The accumulation of diligence and perseverance finally broke out at once and led him to leap directly from level-nine to level-twelve. The combat with Old Grimm was merely an inducement. Without his previous diligence and perseverance, even if the legendary mage personally guided him, he would only obtain some additional combat experience, which would not be helpful to the ascension of magic level.

For Lin Li, the fighting over the past ten days was like a key that opened the door to his dreams. Before this, he had been wandering in front of the door for a long, long time…

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