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"That's right! The Manor Head had originally wanted to investigate further into the matter…" Qian Zifeng spoke until this point, before peering about his surroundings and changed into transmitting his voice, "Yet afterwards, a man from Suppressing Second Palace, said to be serving by the side of the Palace Lord, personally took a trip down to South Edict Manor. I have no idea what kind of pressure Manor head was under, but after the visit, Mano Head immediately ordered Mountain Chieftain Xiong to stop investigating. I reckon that the incident wasn't done by the upper echelons, and was instead, done by someone related to them. After being called out by someone above, Manor Head didn't dare to look into it further to avoid a ripple effect. That City Lord Huang had truly died in vain."

"Suppressing Second Palace..." Miao Yi muttered.

There were ten manors under the rule of Suppressing Second Palace and South Edict Manor was one of them. Just how was Suppressing Second Palace connected with this incident? This made Miao Yi extremely baffled, completely confused and unable to make head or tails of it no matter how much he thought about it.

Firstly, let's not mention the fact that two murderers suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Miao Yi acknowledged that he did not have any kind of relation to Suppressing Second Palace. He didn't even know where the palace gates of Suppressing Second Palace were facing, let alone finding someone to plead for him.

However, it was good that he had washed his hands off the matter. Who cares what palace it is? They were all too distant for him. Miao Yi asked for more details, "Just now, the person at Mountain Chieftain Xiong's side was Chun Xue right?"

"Correct!" Qian Zifeng nodded his head, and then questioned closely, "Are you interested in her?"

Immediately, Miao Yi winked as he said, "I'm just envying Mountain Chieftain Xiong's good taste."

"Oh...Oh…" Qian Zifeng and Zhou Liqin promptly looked at each other and snickered, revealing a look that implied that they were all men, so they understood very well and dropped the subject.

After uncovering so much news, Miao Yi was fully aware. He deeply felt that it was definitely worth spending a 'small token'. Otherwise, who would sneakily tell you about the private affairs of the upper echelons behind their back?

Xiong Xiao slowed the speed of his mount and turned to cast a backward glance. Dismounting from his dragon steed, he peered about the surroundings before giving a slight nod of his head to the two Cave Masters behind.

One of the two Cave Masters was called Fan Renfang, while the other was named Fang Ziyu. They went over to take orders at once.

Who knew Xiong Xiao would instead laugh, "I wonder if Manor Head will take out some prizes to make everyone slightly bustle with excitement this year."

Fang Ziyu laughed along with him, "It's the first year. I figure the liveliness can't be avoided."

"True." Xiong Xiao nodded his head. Soon after, his lips gave a slight twitch as he transmitted a message to the two Cave Masters under him.

Abruptly, both of their expressions changed. But when they saw Xiong Xiao's cold and stern eyes sweeping towards them, they cupped their fists together.

Xiong Xiao turned on his heels and walked towards the direction of the Grand Hall alone, as the others did not have the qualifications to enter.

After, the two Cave Masters exchanged glances with each other speechlessly, they gradually turned to look towards the direction of the mountain gates...

As Xiong Xiao predicted, after perfectly receiving the Orbs of Will from within the realm of South Edict Manor over the next two days, Yang Qing was extremely happy. So in front of all his subordinates, he announced that as prizes of good omens, he would give twenty lower grade Orbs of Will to see whoever, out of the hundred Cave Masters under his administration, would be able to snatch it away.

Behind the mountain range on the right of South Edict Manor was a prairie, but currently it was blanketed by the dense, heavy snow.

The chilling wind was biting cold. A large group of people were riding their dragon steeds, their figures standing tall from halfway up the mountain. Manor Head Yang Qing was positioned in the center, with the respective Mountain Chieftains under him at his sides.

More than a dozen dragon steeds rushed headlong onto the snowy path, their hooves quickly drawing boundaries on the snowy ground to partition it into individually distinct areas; so that each of over a hundred Cave Masters would be able to have a showdown in their respective areas to determine whose skill was greater.

There were twenty Orbs of Will acting as prizes; they would be divided into three ranks. The first rank could obtain ten Orbs of Will, while the second rank would get six orbs, and the third rank would get four orbs.

Which also meant that, only three people out of the hundred Cave Masters from South Edict Manor would be able to claim the reward, but the respective Cave Masters were still eager to get in on the action.

Because it didn't matter whether they could get the reward, as long as they could reveal their skills to overthrow a number of opponents, even if they lost in the end, it would still be a glorious defeat. They would be able to bring honor to their Mountain Chieftain. Perhaps they would also get the opportunity to be in an important position should they be highly regarded by the Manor Head.

Preparations were being made on this side, yet Yang Qing's attention was drawn by a scene unfolding from afar. He caught sight of Miao Yi, wearing a grand-looking cloak that was flashier than his, the Manor Head. He was unsure of what Miao Yi was currently conversing with Qing Ju about after he found her, looking as though he was imploring her about some matter. Qing Ju was so amused that she covered her mouth to laugh until her shoulders quivered, looking very delighted.

"What kind of joke are you two talking about? Come here to say it so I can listen too."

The moment Yang Qing's words left his mouth, he immediately attracted everyone else to follow his actions to look.

Qing Ju turned around to face him and bowed slightly, before extending out her hand to invite him as she said with a smile. "Cave Master Miao, Manor Head has summoned. It is better if you ask for a favor from the Manor Head personally."

Looking embarrassed, Miao Yi said, "Little Auntie, you should let me have some honor left. How could I bear talking about this matter in front of everyone?"

Qing Ju half-frightened him by replying, "Manor Head is waiting. If you don't go over now, you will anger Manor Head, then I'm afraid that you will really not be able to bear it!"

"I…" Miao Yi did not know how to react. He could only trail behind her with a bitter look on his face.

The reason why it had come to this was in fact because after Miao Yi had asked Zheng Jinlong what battling for good omens was all about, he immediately felt there was no need for him participate in something like this.

All the respective Cave Masters were apparently with a cultivation at White Lotus Fifth Grade and above. Earlier on, he had already experienced first-hand the kind of strength the White Lotus Fifth Grade was at from Qin Weiwei. It was definitely not something that a mere White Lotus Second Grade cultivator like him could withstand.

Although he wanted the prize, it had nothing to do with him, so why should he come out to disgrace himself?

Hence, he had thought of ways to find Qing Ju, and privately requested Qing Ju to accommodate his request so that he, the Cave Master of East Arrival Cave, would not participate. But in the end, he was targeted by Yang Qing.

After walking to before Yang Qing, Miao Yi was too ashamed to speak out so he stood there faltering. Was it wrong for him to preserve his reputation? With so many people listening attentively, how could he not be embarrassed?

Finally, Qing Ju was still the one who explained the cause of her mirth, leading every single Mountain Chieftains to instantly burst into laughter. The gazes that each one of them threw at Miao Yi seemed to be saying, 'Seems like a brat like you still has some self-awareness.'

Yang Qing also shook his head, chuckling incessantly as he finally understood why Qing Ju had been covering her mouth and laughing so jovially.

Amongst everyone on the scene, only Qin Weiwei could not bring herself to laugh. It was easy for those from the other mountains to laugh outright as they weren't the ones being disgraced. The reputation that the Great Cave Master Miao was disgracing, unfortunately, was her Mount Calming Sea's….

Qin Weiwei held an icy cold expression on her face, a cold more severe than the chilling weather. She shut her mouth tightly and avoided looking at Miao Yi, to stop herself from losing her temper should she catch sight of him!

Miao Yi was also furious. 'Am I, your father's low cultivation hilarious? Wait for me to try cultivating for a couple of hundred years like you guys and see…'

"Seems like you very much know your limitations. It's not like you can't withdraw from this either." Yang Qing looked towards him with downcast eyes, obviously hinting something.

Miao Yi raised his head to look, praying that he would by all means please not make things difficult for him...

Yang Qing then said expressionlessly, "I think you haven't forgotten about the incident where you bribed Qing Mei and Qing Ju in my presence? "

Upon hearing that, Qing Ju was unable to restrain a smile and Qing Mei, who was usually well-reserved also couldn't help smiling.

The others were shocked to find that this bastard actually had the audacity to dare commit bribery with the Manor Head's personal handmaidens in the Manor Head's presence?

"Um…" Miao Yi did not what to say.

But suddenly, Qin Weiwei turned her head to look, her cheek flushing red with anger, he hadn't just done this in front of her face, and actually had the audacity to do the same to Manor Head as well? How would she, the Mountain Chieftain of Mount Calming Sea, endure this?!

Having experienced being humiliated in succession, Qin Weiwei could not contain her anger anymore. She pointed at him and began to bellow furiously, "Miao Yi, you..."

Yang Qing seemed to have anticipated her reaction, so he gently raised his hand to stop her. His gaze locking onto Miao Yi, he asked, "Where is the present you promised me?"

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